God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His Original Name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
Narayana Consciousness


( This is a compilation of the main incidents that happened in the personal life or SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA which clearly proves HIS TRUE IDENTITY to the world as the "ALMIGHTY LORD" ).
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Almost all the religious groups existing today expect the coming of THE GREAT PERSON ( LAHARI ) at the end of Kali Yuga ( which is now ) to be born as a normal human being ! They call that same Person by various names. For example, the present-day christians expect THE SECRET SECOND COMING OF CHRIST ! The Hindus expect THE COMING OF NARAYANA AS KALKI AVATAR. The Muslims expect THE COMING OF ALLAH AS IMAM MAHADI, etc. This does not mean that three or four gods will arrive at the same time, since there is only one GOD ( LA-HARI ). In fulfilment of all the above prophetical predictions, that great Almighty God "LAWRIE" ( LAHARI ) was born as an ordinary human-being on the 24th of February 1921 in Letchmi Tea Estate of MUNNAR ( SOUTH INDIA ) as the eldest son of Thiru. DEVARASAIAH and Thirumati. NESAMMAL ( who are the descendents of the 'Royal-Blood-Line of King David ! ). Shri. LAWRIE KRISHNA has his Birth Number "THREE" ! which means that finally ( at the finish of his mission on the earth ) He will take HIS TRUE POSITION as the KING OF THE WHOLE EARTH AND HEAVEN ! And all those who meanwhile try to usurp "That Position of His" will be totally annihiliated by Him in the Final End; Because, HE (LAWRIE) IS THE ONLY PERSON WHO WILL BE LIVING ETERNALLY WITHOUT DEATH, AS HE IS VERY LORD HIMSELF.

Shri. Paulaseer "LAWRIE" Muthukrishna (whom we shall hereafter refer as "SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA" or IYYAH) has been proving and revealing to the people HIS TRUE DIVINITY in thousands and countless of the spectacular-incidents that took place in His Personal Life. At the same time He even blinds the eyes of the False-ones by showing HUMAN WEAKNESSES by which they are made to 'stumble' and thereby fail to realise His true identity ! So, unless a person gets the "GRACE OF LORD LAHARI", he can never be able to comprehend this "Final Coming" of the Great Lord. So please ask God ( L-A-H-A-R-I ) to make you understand this present Move of His, in this Final-Age !
The Grand-Father of Shri. Lawrie Muthukrishna, Mr. Suvishesha Muthu Ponnuswamy, was a Tamil Pandit who taught the language to the foreign missionaries. He had bakery in Nagerkoil. One day, one Mr. Lawrie Muthukrishna came to the bakery with his tale of woe that some-one had picked his pocket and that he had lost all the money. He was a famous finger-print expert and chief of the Polytechnic and Government Auditors of Ceylon. He had lost all hope of returning to Ceylon. Mr. Ponnuswamy Nadar helped him out of his predicament by lending him the needed cash. It was in repayment to this act of kindness that his Government official of Ceylon took Shri. Lawrie Krishna's father, Mr. Devarasaiah over to Ceylon and took the responsibility of educating him. Mr. Rasaiah, under the aegis of Mr. Lawrie Muthukrishna became a teacher in the Polytechnic College, and a while after worked in the Golcha Co, as the Secretary to the General Manager. He was recruited into the Salvation Army and rose to the rank of a Sargent Major. On an official visit to the Company's Tea Estate in MUNNAR, SOUTH INDIA, he happened to stay with the Head-Clerk, whose daughter he married later. He took a long leave and stayed with his wife's parents till "PAULASEER" was born. The child was named after LAWRIE MUTHUKRISHNA, their great family friend. Thus the Name of that Divine Child came to be known as PAULASEER "LAWRIE" MUTHUKRISHNA.
When Shri. Lahari Krishna was born as a human child on this earth, simultaneously all THE HOSTS OF HEAVEN have also come down and act as "protective-forces" wherever the "Child" goes - Not that the Divine Child needed any protection from His own Creation, But, because He had to perfectly "ACT" the part of a normal human being. He blinds the eyes of people by making the "Nature" act ( in His stead) in times of danger, and thus protects His own human body and also His true devotees the entire nature ( the Sun, Rain, Wind, Lightening, Thunder etc., ) obey inplicitly any simple command from the Great Lord either through Word or thought ! ! That was why all the countless enemies of the Lord met with severe disaster when they "walked on the 'holy ground' where angels fear to tread" !

One day in Ceylon Mr. Rasaiah was sitting in an open place with his nine-months-old baby 'Lahari' Krishna on his lap. At this time, a Sinhalese ( native of Ceylon ) who had a long-time grievance against Mr. Rasaiah came to kill him with a knife. He advanced towards them with knife in hand saying: "I will kill both you and your child right with one stroke ! ". But as he came near them, quite unexpectedly a BRIGHT LIGHTENING ( from the cloudless sky ) struck him and he rolled on the ground screaming with fright and pain. He ran away as fast as his legs could carry him. The man who came to strike them was himself struck ! He later came to Mr. Rasaiah and begged forgiveness for intending to kill them.

Mr. Rasaiah was fairly surprised at this "Divine Intervention" that protected his child. From that incident, he understood that this child was born for some great purpose and so he planned to thereafter bring him up in the fear of God.
A most spectacular thing in the life of Shri. Lahari Krishna ( that proved His True Identity to the world ) was that, right from His childhood all the "Forces of Nature" were making the surroundings and atmosphere conducive for Him wherever He went. The "Nature" serves the wishes of Shri. Lahari Krishna, thereby acknowledging that He is their Creator-God ! No other human being on this earth has had this rare privilege. Here is an incident which will make you start thinking !

Mr. Rasaiah used to often take his son Lahari Krishna to the "Galle-Face-Green" Sea-shore in the mornings and evenings for prayer and meditation. On one such evening, while his dad was in deep meditation, the young five-year-old boy Lahari Krishna slowly got up and began walking into the sea. As He continued walking, the waves of the sea, on beholding THE DIVINE FEET of the young child moved back in fear ( without over-flowing Him ) thus permitting Him to proceed further.

When Mr. Rasaiah woke up from his meditations he was astounded to see his son walking right into the sea and the waves moving backwards ! He immediately ran and carried back his son to the shore.

This incident clearly shows that the sea-waves understood who the 'Young Boy' was and dare not over-flow Him. All the 'Laws of Nature' are subject to Shri. Lahari Krishna.
This incident happened during his school days. Once while Shri. Lahari Krishna was crossing the road in a bicycle, AN UNSEEN FORCE pushed him out and as he fell off the road with his bi-cycle, he saw a car whiz past him at break-neck speed and crashing to a stop. The 'Unseen Force' that pushed him off the road saved him at the nick of time ( and there was no one else on the scene at that time ! ).
Shri. Lahari Krishna has taken birth on this earth to prove to world as to how He alone can be God, eventhough Man ! ! ! While all the other foolish-heads try to show themselves to be gods by hook or by crook, Shri. Lahari Krishna, just by leading a normal-human life, at the same time proves that He is that Eternal, Almighty God, which no one else can do ! This is one of the spectacular characteristics of Shri. Lahari Krishna. Here is an incident which shows a normal accident; but the "Divine Cure" can never be comprehended even by the great physicians of the present day !

As a young boy, Shri. Lahari Krishna had an accident in which the ANTLERS OF A DEER, hanging at the entrance of their house dropped on his head while he was playing under it. The nail-sharp-horn drove so deeply into the skull that people thought it would certainly impair the mental balance of the boy. But what on earth can possibly harm this wonder-child ?? To the great surprise of all, there was no ill-effect whatsoever even after the wound healed.
Typhoid in those days was a dreaded disease as there was no drug to fight this infection. Strict dieting was the only prescription of doctors for this sickness and many succumbed to it. Shri. Lahari Krishna himself contracted typhoid and since he became critically ill, his dad ( Mr. Rasaiah ) had to be summoned owner by his wife.

At this time, one uncle of Shri. Lahari Krishna used to come daily and enquire about the boy's health ( though not with good intentions, for he was daily expecting the boy's death, because, according to an astrological prediction, it was said that his epileptic-fits would disappear if his nephew Lahari Krishna expired ). But to his utter disappointment this did not happen. Shri. Lahari Krishna's dad Mr. Rasaiah asked his son to surrender his life to serve God fully. When Shri. Lahari Krishna promised to do so, that night he saw a vision in which a glorious form in bright colour come down and light the lamp near him and saying, "You will live !". According to this promise, he was healed miraculously.

It may be interesting to note here that the vision of a glorious form lighting a lamp ( candle ) hear him is the fulfillment of a prophecy in the "Bible" ( spoken through the same Spirit of Lord Lahari Krishna ). Please refer Ps.18:28: "..........FOR THOU WILT LIGHT MY CANDLE: THE LORD MY GOD WILL ENLIGHTEN MY DARKNESS".
This incident will make the reader understand that God will stir up anybody whom He chooses in order to fulfil His purpose.

One day a man and his wife came to Shri. Lahari Krishna's house and asked shelter for the night. Shri. Lahari Krishna offered them his room and slept on the floor in the front room. His father slept in the adjacent room. At dead of night, his father felt as if a rat nibble his hand and felt blood oozing out. He switched on the light, but as the light did not come, on, he switched on the light in Lahari Krishna's room and saw a cobra near Lahari's head. It was about to slip away when his father managed to kill it. But the rat-bite which awoke him at the dead of night could not be explained by anybody. But we hope the reader will understand through the Spirit of the Lord.
Many people in India do not know a great secret which we are openly giving out now for the benefit of all. The people of India wrongly imagine that India gained Independence because of their mighty efforts. This is not the fact.

Gandhiji was a great man who was raised by God Himself to preach AHIMSA ( NON-VIOLENCE ) SATYAGRAHA in India. He said: "Do no violence; God will give us the victory ! ! ". He preached "Satyagraha" because he knew (vaguely) through God-given wisdom that God was already in the land of India as a "Young Man".

The Britishers granted the Indians independence not because they could not bear the trouble; But, they left the country because they knew that God had come ! ! ( Please note here that Shri. Lahari Krishna was born in 1921 and by the time of the 'Quit-India Movement' in 1942, He was a 21-years old youth ! ! ). Shri. Lahari Krishna was the One who drove back the Britishers to their mother-land ! Many do not know this great truth; because God was at that time hiding Himself among the people and fighting for His country ! God was so concerned about INDIA, because it is the only country in the world which has a high spiritual heritage; and the 'Cream' of all God's children are found only in India. So God has to protect them at all costs.

In August, 1942, when the National leaders launched the "Quit-India" Movement against the Britishers, Shri. Lahari Krishna organised a big students-strike in his college and took the leadership himself. He could not tolerate the sight of a foreigner in those days. The police got orders to shoot the leaders of the strike. But the police-officer in charge to carry out the order was a foot-ball friend of Lahari Krishna. He intervened in that crucial moment and saved him. An arrest warrant was issued instead. He was about to be clamped in Jail when he escaped to Ceylon. He was identified because he had three names and using which he was able to slip away ! He later came back to India in 1946.

We are giving these deep truths openly because the time has now come for the whole world to understand who Shri. Lahari Krishna is ! !
The 'Miraculous Marriage' of KALKI-AVATAR, Shri. Lahari Krishna had already been prophecised by Sage Veda Vyasa about 10,000 years ago in "KALKI PURANA". It would therefore be very interesting to go through the details of this marriage.

In those days, Shri. Lahari Krishna had firmly resolved in his mind that He would not marry ( though he had not taken a vow ) and so He became a "Yogi" for five years. But his parents were much concerned about the marriage problem of their son.

Shri. Lahari Krishna himself had a "Vision" in which He saw "The girl" who was to be his wife, and he was on the look-out for that girl (Ebenezer Natchathiram).

Veda Vyasa prophesied thus in Kalki Purana about the wife of "Kalki" (Please refer Chs.4 & 5 and 6 ) :
"The girl who is to become the wife of 'Kalki' is under the curse by which any man who sees her will become woman ( that is, she will dominate men and humble them ). But 'Kalki' says that he would marry that girl and see if He could be turned into a woman by her.

The prophet indicates the dominating spirit of the wife of Kalki (Mrs. Ebenezer Natchathiram) and only Kalki will subdue her, because she is to be born in the Zodiac of dominant character under NUMBER ONE. But Kalki will dominate over her because He is the very LORD HIMSELF coming as the MAN KALKI.

Exactly in fulfilment of this prophecy, the marriage of Shri. Lahari Krishna took place. In 1946, while going with his mother to a friend's house, he saw the girl ( whom he had seen earlier in his vision ) and enquired about that girl. His friend told him that she was his sister, but that she has made a vow that the first man who looks upon her should marry her at all costs--and therefore He ( Lahari Krishna ) should first agree to marry her before seeing her. Though this was a hard condition to agree Shri. Lahari Krishna consented to the marriage and a happy marriage took place in the 26th of May, 1946.

From that time, Shri. Lahari Krishna says, his wife had been trying her best not to submit her will to Him but she could never suceed; and so finally submitted herself to her husband when God Himself intervened in her life !
Shri. Lahari Krishna's first son Deva-Evu was born in the Tamil month of Chittirai ( May ) and according to astrological calculations, it was predicted that the father would die before the child walk. So his people were greatly worried ( not knowing who He really was ! ). Nothing however happened as anticipated by them and He ( Lahari Krishna ) falsified all the astrological predictions by His Super Power !

At the age of Nine months, their first child DEVA-EVU LAWRIE was suddenly taken ill of diphtheria. He was so seriously ill that both the husband and wife made a vow to God saying that they would serve Him fully for the rest of their lives. The very next day to the amazement of the doctors, the child was healed perfectly ! !
For five years, Shri. Lahari Krishna was working in the Vellore Medical College Hospital in a most lucrative post as the Secretary to the General Superintendent and his wife was working as the Dietician in the same hospital. During these days, they had completely forgotten or overlooked the "Great Vow" they had made to God to serve Him fully when all of a sudden, Shri. Lahari Krishna was taken seriously ill of Diphtheria and the doctors told his wife that there was no possible chance of her husband recovering and that he would die that very night ! Shri. Lahari Krishna's wife ( Smt. Ebenezer Nakshatram Lawrie ) was heart broken at hearing these words. She immediately went to her room and flung all her jewels and ornaments on the floor and cried to the Lord fervently saying: "Oh, Lord, please do not make me a widow at this young age ! I promise to join with my husband and serve you as we had promised you. Please give back the life of my husband !".

The Lord heart her prayers and assured her saying : "Serve and obey your husband !". She was so overjoyed that she thanked God and rushed to the hospital to see her husband.

Meanwhile, that very night Shri. Lahari Krishna had one of the most unique experiences in His Life. Relating this incident in Shri. Lahari Krishna's own words: ..... "That night I had a vision of a great train with a countless number of carriages full of dead bodies, maimed and sick people. Carriage after carriage with dead bodies were added. My soul came out of my body and I saw ( THE LORD ) and He spoke to my soul, "Do you remember the promise you made four years ago, when your son was suffering from the same disease ?" (I said, "Yes Lord, I promised to serve you all my life with my wife in India. Then He asked me, "Have you done so?") I said "No". Then He commanded, "I require your entire life and your wife's too. Then I asked, "Lord, what about feeding my wife and three children ?" The Lord replied, "Leave that to me. I will look after you all if you will believe me." In an awe-inspiring Voice ( THE LORD ) said: "Decide between these two - your life today or your promise that you will serve me fully with your house-hold." Then I wept and said, "Heal me Lord, we will serve thee forever ! " The Lord healed me instantly. Then I saw a vision of a train with many cars and all compartments filled with living people of all colours and races; and the train was driven by a gruesome person (Satan). Compartment after compartment were being dropped off into a pit of fire. Then (THE LORD) put His arm on me and commissioned me and said: "SON, I am sending you to them. Do not bother if they listen or not. I WILL JUDGE THEM BY YOUR WORDS ! I have blessed your right hand like the rod of Moses and will take you all over the world".
Shri. Lahari Krishna was completely healed that night and was waiting for His wife:

"My wife came the next day full of happiness and filled with the Holy Spirit, ready to follow (THE LORD). We both promised again that we would leave the job as soon as I was out of the hospital ward".

Faithful to the promise Shri. Lahari Krishna resigned His most lucrative job, braving all the oppositions from his parents, friends and relatives. This happened on the 15th October, 1953 . At this juncture a most important event took place in Shri. Lahari Krishna's life which is related below.
When Shri. Lahari Krishna decided to resign his job from the Vellore Medical Hospital, he had to face a lot of opposition from his parents, friends and relatives. But his wife stood firm with Him at this time and urged him to leave the job and not hesitate. Shri. Lahari Krishna then went to his boss and told him that He wanted to resign from his job. The boss was fairly shocked at hearing this and advised him repeatedly not to do so. But Shri. Lahari Krishna was firm; And after resigning his job, as he was shaking hands with his boss, suddenly from within himself proceeded a great rumbling noice (from his stomach) like an engine and a Voice spoke from within him: "TODAY YOU HAVE BECOME MY SON, I HAVE BECOME YOUR FATHER". This is one of the greatest experiences in the life of Shri. Lahari Krishna from whence He slowly began to reveal Himself ( His true identity ) to the world ! !
Ever since resigning his job, Shri. Lahari Krishna was spending most of his time in meditations and reading the scriptures. Suddenly one day God spoke to Shri. Lahari Krishna in an audible voice and told him to take down on a piece of paper all the incidents that would take place during the next day. He told him how many visitors would come to his house and in what order. He even described the persons who would call on him and the exact moment they would turn up. Then God told him, "Finally, a lame pastor will come. He will invite you to give a message in his church. You go with him and I will bless you".

The next day all the people came to their house as predicted by the Lord and finally the lame pastor turned up and invited Shri. Lahari Krishna to speak in his church. He gladly accepted the invitation and went there. There were about 25 people gathered to hear him and most of them dozed off during the sermon. His message to them brought great rivival in their lives.

Shri. Lahari Krishna relates this incident to us so that we may understand clearly that nothing can happen in our lives without the plan of God; and only what He has planned will take place in our lives. So we have to have blind-faith on the Lord and not be looking for outward signs !
This incident will prove to the readers that no evil force can stand against the "Power of Lahari".

One man by name Chella Asan, a native of Semponvillail, was a magician who after severe fastings got the contrl of goddess 'Pathra Kaali' and was able to produce currency, flowers, etc., miraculously. He challenged the true servants of God if they could do so. He also did witchcraft in many Hindu and Christian homes and thereby wrecked many families. Shri. Lahari Krishna one day came to his village to conduct meetings there. This magician ( thinking that 'This Person' was an ordinary human being like others ) wanted to try his 'powers' on Him. He approached Shri. Lahari krishna and began to ask Him a lot of questions from the Scriptures.

That night, Shri. Lahari Krishna, along with his brother and a local pastor, went to pray for a sinking child. When it was a round twelve O' Clock in the night, as they were standing at a cross-road ( a place where three roads meet ) this magician began to send his evil force, 'Pathra Kaali' to attack Shri. Lahari Krishna. When the power came with a tremendous force to hit Him, suddenly Shri. Lahari Krishna went up six feet in the air and the two persons ( who came along with him ) were hanging on to Him on both sides. Simultaneously A GREAT FORCE from within Him attacked the evil power and defeated it; and a bright light from the Lord struck the magician. The evil force having failed in its attempt began strangulating his neck of Chella Asan and he began crying to Shri. Lahari Krishna for help. Shri. Lahari Krishna then descended, touched him and cast out the evil spirits from within him. Chella Asan, the magician was very thankful to Shri. Lahari Krishna for showing mercy on him and saving his life. Then he surrendered himself to the Lord and invited Him to his home.
During the days in Nagercoil, Shri. Lahari Krishna undertook a forty days fast. The fast was undertaken to drive a devil out of one hindu woman, Balammal. By the twenty-eighth day the devil left her. But Shri. Lahari Krishna continued the fast for the rest of the period. Soon after the fast, (when he was physically weak) while praying one night on the beach off Cape Comorin with a group, one person suddenly pounced on the then emaciate Shri. Lahari Krishna and strangled Him; but the person's attempt to kill Shri. Lahari Krishna failed when the other members of the group rushed in time and dragged him away.
This is a spectacular incident which describes the miraculous way in which Shri. Lahari Krishna made His first trip abroad. His wife had already seen two dreams of Shri. Lahari Krishna going abroad. Some days later quite unexpectedly Shri. Lahari Krishna received an invitation to attend an "International Conference on Divine Healing" scheduled to be held at Scotland. But Shri. Lahari Krishna had no money on his hands to go abroad neither did he have a passport. A Christian Organisation in India first decided to send Shri. Lahari Krishna as their representative to the Conference, but since he refused to abide by certain hard rules and stipulations laid down by the orgnisation, he was denied the chance to go and another man by name Devaraj was arranged to be sent by ship to the conference.

But Shri. Lahari Krishna ( on seeing their treachery ) told the man who was to go in his stead: "One week before you arrive at Scotland, I shall be there". He just uttered these words at random having no money in his pockets. The people laughed him to scorn. But true to his words, certain events took place immediately which paved for His miraculous trip to the conference.

It so happened that the son of the General Superintendent at the Christian Medical Hospital, Vellore ( Shri. Lahari Krishna's one time boss ) was seriously ill, suffering from a disease that caused profuse bleeding from different parts of the body. When Shri. Lahari Krishna prayed for the child, he was healed immediately. The Superintendent became very happy and said: "I will get you the pass-port; and also help book the ticket for you". Thus Shri. Lahari Krishna got an air-ticket and reached one week before the other man arrived there, exactly as He had spoken ! !

The ways of Shri. Lahari Krishna were always astounding and every second in His life is completely a "Life of Faith of God", depending on no human means whatsoever ! !
Thus Shri. Lahari Krishna travelled about to many places abroad by sheer "Faith" and He found that all His needs were being met miraculously by the power of God at the appropriate time.

While in Holland, someone invited Him to preach at a place called De Hezenberg. Just as they reached the place, the engine of the car they were driving stalled. The owner of the car leaned back aghast and repeated: "This can't be ! This can't be !". When Shri. Lahari Krishna asked him, "What can't be?", he explained that the car had no fuel to come that distance. He had forgotten to fill the tank on the way and the gas they started with could not have taken them more than 10 Kms, but they had covered nearly 50 Kms.

By this incident Shri. Lahari Krishna reveals to the world the HE HIMSELF is the "Fuel" (Life-element) in all and there is no impossibility with Him !
An unforgettable episode was Shri. Lahari Krishna's encounter with Mrs. Plug. She was the wife of a Dutch Reformed Church Minister. When Shri. Lahari Krishna called on her and said, "Sister, I come from India", she became very rude with Him and said: "Yes; lot of people come from India and they cheat us and leave. If you want to stay, you should wash all the dishes". Unquestionibly, He humbled Himself to a great extent and agreed to undertake the job. He used to clean hundreds of dishes every day, When His duty was over, He used to retire to His apartment and knelt down and prayed and was in meditation, at times all night long ! One day, Mrs. Plug hapened to spy on this peculiar activities of this person. She was firmly convinced that Shri. Lahari Krishna was indeed a "Great Man of God"; and not like the other ordinary preachers who came for money. This opened him a vast field of work. He was thereafter invited to preach at a number of Dutch Reformed Churches and many other places !

This incident should always be serve as a "Reminder" to the loyal devotees of Shri. Lahari Krishna; and they should learn to humble themselves under the mighty hand of God, to be lifted by Him in due time ! The very Lord Himself acted so humbly in order to teach us this great lesson on humility ! All praise be to Lord Lahari Krishna !
Many people today are under the false notion that "Jesus" is a white man's God and that "Christianity" originated from the West. But this is not a fact. "Jesus" is like the sun. There is no white man's sun and black man's sun. He is common for all. By this unforgettable episode in America, Shri. Lahari Krishna reveals to the world "His True Identity" as a "BLACK MAN" and proves beyond doubt that God is not present in any of the present day man-made denominations and organisations !

Once, while roaming about in the streets of New York, Shri. Lahari Krishna head some beautiful singing going on in a church, The Glad Tidings Tabernacle. Shri. Lahari Krishna walked right in and sat down to hear the music and singing. But to his surprise, no sooner had he entered in, heavy blows began falling on him and he was necked out by the white people. They said: "You black fellow ! Get out ! This is white man's church".

Shri. Lahari Krishna was greatly offended at the rude behaviour of the so-called God's people. He was greatly dejected in heart and planned within Himself that when He returned back to India He would sling stones at every white man he spotted. So in the depressed and angry mood. He came to a park and sat on a stone bench there. Then suddenly he saw an unknown person coming up to Him and sitting beside him. The man asked him politely: "Sir, you seem to be very angry". Shri. Lahari Krishna replied: "Yes, I am very angry". Then that Unknown Person replied: "Why are you angry" ? WHEN I WAS IN THIS WORLD, I WAS NOT A WHITE MAN ! !. Thus saying THE MAN began to walk away very rapidly. Shri. Lahari Krishna (suddently getting a revelation) tried to catch hold of Him but that person soon disappeared into thin air ! From that day onwards, Shri. Lahari Krishna began boldly preaching: "I am proud to be a black man, because my God is also a black man" !

A few of the readers may not quite understand the meaning of this episode. We therefore advice you to prayerfully meditate on these things and God will surely open your understanding ! !
While Shri. Lahari Krishna was in America, his wife and children were in India and they were undergoing a really hard period of poverty and training from God. At such a time Shri. Lahari Krishna was selected as the Indian Rperesentative to the world-wide Assemblies of God organisation. The Americans promised him huge amounts of money and great wealth, if He would join them. But they also made a strong stipulation that He should be under them ( that is ) under their control. ( But as we know Shri. Lahari Krishna is the 'Supreme Controller of all ! ) He was contemplating as to what decision to make, while travelling in a bus. Suddenly a 'Vision' appeared before Him. This is a "Great Incident" which Shri. Lahari Krishna has repeated over hundreds of times in his sermons all over India !

In that vision, He saw Himself naked without any cloths, trying in vain to cover His nakedness with his hands. All the people around were pointing at Him and laughing and making fun of Him. He became so desparate, not knowing what to do when suddenly He heard a Voice from Heaven which said: "My Son, BE CAREFUL THAT NO MAN TAKES AWAY YOUR GARMENT FROM YOU". The vision then disappeared. Shri. Lahari Krishna perfectly understood this vision and firmly decided not to join the "Assemblies of God" or any other man-made organisation as that would mean losing His "Garment of Righteousness" ! !
While Shri. Lahari Krishna was at Homassa Springs, Florida, the Voice of God spoke to Him in an audible voice saying: "GO AND MEET MY PROPHET WILLIAM BRANHAM" ! ! ! He was asked to meet a member of a family that was getting ready to visit the prophet and to join them. When Shri. Lahari Krishna reached the spot told by God, He found three cars getting ready to leave for Jeffersonville, Prophet Branham's place. Shri. Lahari Krishna therefore approached one of the men there ( One Mr. Henry Avacola ) and asked him: "Are you going to visit Prophet Branham ? ". He replied: "Yes". Shri. Lahari then told him: "I am coming with you. God asked me to meet Prophet Branham and told me to go along with you". Mr. Henry Avacola was surprised to hear this. He said: "What ? God spoke to you to go with us ? It is impossible ! We can't take you ! Get away". Thus saying he shook his head so vehemently that he immediately got a cramp in his shoulder and began crying with pain. They carried him inside the house and called for the doctor. Shri. Lahari Krishna asked: "Can I pray for him ? ". They replied: "Get away ! We have cancelled the trip". But Shri. Lahari Krishna was adamant. He seated Himself on a stone in front of their house and was waiting for them to take him to Prophet Branham. Meanwhile the man (with the sprain in the neck) was screaming pitiably because the pain was increasing and the doctors could not heal him. Finally unable to bear the pain any longer they called for Shri. Lahari Krishna to pray for him. When Shri. Lahari Krishna stepped in and touched the man's neck he was healed immediately.

They all became very happy and immediately consented to take Him along with them to meet the prophet.

When they reached the prophet's place, there were thousands of people waiting ( for months together ) to meet the Prophet. Since Shri. Lahari Krishna was the only black man there, people said that He had no possible chance of meeting the prophet. **Some even said: that "the prophet may not be coming today, since he is conducting a meeting elsewhere". But Shri. Lahari Krishna firmly replied: "I will definitely see him today". Unexpectedly, to the great surprise, of all, Prophet Branham turned up that day, cancelling the meeting he was to attend. All the people were crowding to see the prophet. Shri. Lahari Krishna was sitting in a corner of the tabernacle when Prophet Branham came up on the dias and called out loudly , "LA-HA-RI" ! This was a great shock to everyone since they both have never met each other before; and here the prophet was calling Shri. Lahari Krishna by Name !

Later, they were separately closetted for more than an hour when the prophet revealed to Shri. Lahari Krishna, His coming ministry. He said: "You know, I have been waiting for you all these years. You will have a mighty ministry in India. The whole of India will come to your feet ! Don't join any denomination but go back immediately to India".

Then at the end of the service, the "GNANA DEEKSHA" Ceremony took place. And as Shri. Lahari KRishna was hesitating to take it from a white man, God told him that He has brought Him to the prophet to fulfil His Righteousness. As Shri. Lahari Krishna entered the waters to take the "Jnana-Diksha", the Prophet made the Great Statement saying, " THE WORD MEETS THE PROPHET IN THE WATERS ... IN THE WATERS " We feel the reader may now be able to clearly understand the real identity of Shri. Lahari Krishna as THE WORD - THE AKSHARAM - THE SUPREME PURUSHA Himself ! !

PS: *** As Shri. Lahari Krishna was the Black Man, the Hotel Owners in Jeffersonville ( and also in many parts of America ), refused to give any room for him. He was forced to spend the day in a garage of an acquaintance.
As instructed by prophet Branham, Shri. Lahari Krishna was planning to return back to India. But he did not have the necessary money and above all he was very hungry and tired. So he was just sitting in a hotel lobby waiting on the Lord. At this time two girls walked in smoking and sat opposite to him. Their painted faces and dress revealed their immoral life. They blew the smoke on Shri. Lahari Krishna's face. They asked him who he was, when he objected to their smoking. He told them, "I am a miss onary from India ". They softened on hearing that reply. They then ordered him some food and in parting they gave him an envelope containing 200 dollars. That money was exactly sufficient for him to pay for his plane ticket !
On one occassion in a Californian city while Shri. Lahari Krishna was preaching out on the streets, a Muslim challenged Shri. Lahari Krishna's statement that all His needs were miraculously met by God always. The man said: "I will hold out my hand. If your God now drops 100 dollars in my hand immediately, I will accept you as my Guru ( Master ) "! Shri. Lahari Krishna made a prayer. Just then a man came running from the opposite side of the street and dropped 100 dollars into the man's outstretched hand. The Muslim fell on his knees and accepted Shri. Lahari Krishna as his Guru.

It appears that the man who gave the 100 dollars had a dream the night before in which he saw Shri. Lahari Krishna and the LORD told him to take 100 dollars and give it to him at that spot. Hence he had been waiting at that place, but on the other side of the road !
While in America with another white man, Shri. Lahari Krishna happened to witness a man performing air-tricks with a small plane. All the people who were watching him from below were applauding and cheering him. The white man who was with Shri. Lahari Krishna told him, "See Sir, what wonderful tricks that man is doing up there ! A black man can't do like that". Shri. Lahari Krishna just shook his head and said, "See, within half an hour's time that plane will crash and break to pieces"!

Exactly in fulfilment of his word, the plane had an engine trouble and right before them crashed and was burnt ! The man who came with Shri. Lahari Krishna began trembling and was very careful thereafter in moving with him. This incident clearly shows that no human being can boast in the presence of the Lord !
At one time in Shencottah, Shri. Lahari Krishna was a guest of a missionary there. As they were talking, someone came and reported that the water-pipe was blocked by something and there was no flow of water. They went out to see what could be done. Shri. Lahari Krishna took a long stick and prodded inside the pipe and felt something soft clogging the passage. As he could not pry this out, he put his hand inside to pull it out. It was something like a rubber to feel and Shri. Lahari Krishna tried repeatedly for quite some time in order to get hold of this object to pull it out but failed. The gardener who was watching this, put his hand in and dragged the object out, which turned out to be a cobra - a six footer - and it bit the gardener immediately. They killed the cobra, but the man (the gardener) died within a few hours.

The question as to why the cobra did not bite Shri. Lahari Krishna ( while he was prodding the reptile with his hand trying to catch it ) can be answered now by the reader himself. The cobra knows its Creator ! !
Although the Lord Himself has now come down as an ordinary man ( in human flesh ) He is careful to see that no harm whatsoever comes to His human body. Many people who tried to harm "This Body", had learned great lessons in their lives ( in the hard way ). That is why the Lord has already warned people through the Scriptures saying thus: ( Please refer Psalm. 105:14 - 15 ).

"He suffered no man to do them wrong: Yea, he reproved kings for their sakes; saying TOUCH NOT MINE ANOINTED, and do my prophets no harm"!

Here is an incident of a person who on trying to hurt Shri. Lahari Krishna was himself hurt and that too very badly !
On one occasion, when Shri. Lahari Krishna was preaching in a meeting a very strong and belligerent devil-possessed man came to the dais intending to beat Shri. Lahari Krishna. But only when he came closer did he realise his folly. He saw some bright form standing at the right hand of Shri. Lahari Krishna which immediately began to strike him with heavy blows. So all of a sudden the man started screaming in pain and cried: "Please, please stop beating me. I will not harm this person. Please forgive me". Thus saying he ran away as fast as his legs could carry him !

( Such incidents have occurred many times in Shri. Lahari Krishna's ministry, exhibiting His Transcendental Glories ! )
Once Shri. Lahari Krishna was called to attend an All-India Pentecost Convention and conference at Lucknow in North India. Many of the pastors who attended the conference got jealous of Shri. Lahari Krishna for the great impression He was creating among the delegates. Some of them ( especially from South India ) started to assassinate Shri. Lahari Krishna's character as a drunkard and a thief. One fellow even went to the extent of informing the police to keep a watch on Shri. Lahari Krishna's activities. From then onwards He was not given much opportunity to preach or to take part in other activities. So He walked out of the conference along with another preacher from Ceylon.

Both had no money on them, and that being a far-off place, they had no hope of getting any financial help. After a while, that friend too left Shri. Lahari Krishna telling him that he was going to join some other group to get assistance. But Shri. Lahari Krishna ( as His usual manner was ) waited for the move of the Lord. A North-Indian woman came across his way and Shri. Lahari Krishna asked her for some direction in 'Hindi' language. Since he did not know Hindi properly, he has used a wrong word which actually turned out to be a bad word. That lady got very furious and came chasing after him to beat him. Shri. Lahari Krishna kept on running and finally came and stood at a cross-road (main Highway).

Exactly at this very moment, a car came and stopped near in front of him. A foreigner at the wheel greeted him. Shri. Lahari Krishna was surprised to see a long-time acquaintance of his, at this place. He was Mr. Mark Buntain. He said that he had been looking for a chance to meet Shri. Lahari Krishna for a long time in order to give him some money and that he had not expected in the least to see Shri. Lahari Krishna here. So saying the man thrust some money into his pockets and went his way.

This great incident is related here for the devotees of Lord Lahari Krishna to clearly understand that God can provide their needs in whatever place they may be or in whatever condition ! All praise be to Lord Lahari Krishna, our Eternal Sustainer ! !
Once Shri. Lahari Krishna against HIS PERFECT WILL accepted to speak in a C.S.I. Church at Bangalore on a Christmas Day. He was flying in a plane from Madras. Soon after taking off, the plane developed engine trouble. The pilot warned the passengers of a crash landing in case he could not take them back to Madras.

A few seats away from Shri. Lahari Krishna was a German Missionary lady Mrs. Goebels, from Switzerland. She enquired of Shri. Lahari Krishna where he was going and on what business. Shri. Lahari Krishna told her of his engagement as the main speaker in a C.S.I.Church. On hearing this, the lady immediately got angry and shouted: "How can you do that ? You are not supposed to do that according to the word ( Scriptures ). The plane is in trouble because of you ! ".

Pricked in the heart by these words, Shri. Lahari Krishna immediately changed his mind not to go for the present programme and hereafter never to attend any such denominational meetings. Just as He did this, within a few moments, the intercom conveyed the message of the pilot that the trouble was under control but they were heading back to Madras for checking and refuelling.

On reaching Madras there was a radio message from Bangalore awaiting Shri. Lahari Krishna, enquiring whether He would be available for speaking or not. He declined abruptly and went His way.

This incident is one of the 'Lilas' of the Lord acted out so perfectly in order to raise the faith of His devotees to a very high standard ! Already you would have come across many 'Lilas' of this type; and there are yet many others to follow ! !
One day, God told Shri. Lahari Krishna to take 50 Gospels and catch the train bound for a certain destination. So he boarded the train carrying the gospels and did not even know where He was being sent. When the train halted at a station, a wedding party of about 50 people got into the compartment. A middle-aged woman came and sat near Shri. Lahari Krishna. As the train moved, this woman started to shiver with frenzy and screamed that she was possessed of a goddess which would be leaving her that day. When Shri. Lahari Krishna questioned her what the matter was, she again said: "I have a goddess in me and that goddess is telling me that she will be leaving me today". When she was kicking up a tantrum, Shri. Lahari Krishna commanded the demon to get out of the body ! Immediately she fell down unconscious. Everyone crowded around the woman in amazement. After a few moments, she got up completely sane. Fear fell on all the passengers, who took the gospels from him and thanked him and promised to follow God in their everyday lives !
Once, when Shri. Lahari Krishna was in Vellore, he wanted to go to Madras, but he had no money to buy the ticket. It was very important that he should go that day. With full faith that His needs would be met by God, he went to the Railway Station. There He met a paster and certain others who were also going to Madras. The pastor knowing Shri. Lahari Krishna's predicament started cracking jokes at him saying: "You say you trust God, but you have no money for train fare". They then bought third class tickets (for themselves) and got into the train. Shri. Lahari Krishna was just standing there. The train was about to push off within five minutes. A first class ticket passenger was about to board the train. Suddenly some of his relatives rushed to him and asked him to return home on some urgent business. So this passenger came near Shri .Lahari Krishna and asked, "Anyone going to Madras" ? Shri. Lahari Krishna answered, "I am going". The man hastily handed over the ticket to him and told him not to pay for it.

Shri. Lahari Krishna then looked at those who mocked at him and shouted: "Hey ! I am coming by First Class"!
Shri. Lahari Krishna and His group were once conducting a meeting at a place called Chingamputur of Kanyakumari District, South India. Temporarily they were put up in a house where they could retire late in the night after the meetings. They could not get proper sleep at this place because of a rat which frisked about here and there and disturbed the night. They tried to get his pest away but every time it returned five minutes after they went to the bed. The only thing that was left to them was to tell God, "Lord, remove this nuisance from here, as we can't sleep". Before they could finish the sentence, they saw a cat pouncing on the rat and carrying it away. From where the cat materialised is again a mystery. It just came off from the corner !
One Miss. Alexander of Madras came to Shri. Lahari Krishna with her trouble that her right leg was shorter by three inches than her left leg. Without even a hesitation, Shri. Lahari Krishna held the shorter leg in his hand and as He pulled out the bone stretched and the infirmity was healed.

Another hindu girl, Miss. S. Subbulakshmi of Peramber, Madras, had such a deformity with the imbalance of 3.5 inches between both legs, again correct by Shri. Lahari Krishna.
One of the strangest cases on record is about Mr. T. Jayavelu of Ayanavaram, Madras. This gentleman was an employee of The Southern Railways, India. While he was working in the factory, a heavy hammer accidentally fell on his head and due to the internal injury in the head, he lost the sight of both his eyes and became stone deaf. He was crippled by the nervous breakdown in such a way that he could not use either his hands or legs. He was removed from the service roster after the doctors had declared their inability to salvage this wreck.

Eighteen months he survived with these handicaps, a burden to his family. At this stage, one friend carried Jeyavelu like a bundle of rags to Perambur where Shri. Lahari Krishna was holding meetings. Since the crowd was so large, they could not enter the campus. Shri. Lahari Krishna himself was trying to escape away from the crowd by jumping over the wall. As He jumped over, there, on the other side was this Jeyavelu, the physical wreck. Shri. Lahari Krishna in a great hurry just TOUCHED this man and went away. Immediately Jeyavelu felt a great power entering his body and his senses returning marvellously. For the first time after one year and six months he could look at people and converse with them. He would jump up and walk. Jeyavelu went before a Medical Board and was declared fit. He was re-instated in his old job !
Here is an incident in Shri. Lahari Krishna's own life which serves as a great reminder, to the people of God to always be mindful of the vows (or) covenants they make with God. Otherwise it is much better not to make a vow at all.

Once the Laharis promised God that they would not talk anymore about a sister-in-law of Shri. Lahari Krishna. The reason for this was this lady always created trouble and dissensions within the family and made life bitter for every one. As a self-assumed penance they promised God that they would not talk about her.

They slipped one day in observing this promise as they were driving in a cab to Cape Comorin and by mistake talked about her. As a consequence, Dayavu, their youngest son was thrown out of the moving car by an (unseen) hand which opened the door and pushed him out. The little boy was picked up cold and lifeless. After some time, his life came back. But he was bleeding profusely from a gash in the head and the skull had fractured. That night Shri. Lahari Krishna was to preach in a church in Nagerkoil. As they entered the town, people had already started going to the church. With full faith in God's power of healing, they did not take their son to any doctor. Instead they took him to the meeting. While Shri. Lahari Krishna was preaching He could see his son's face brightening up. When the last healing prayer was said, he could stand up. And as the meeting was over, he came running to his father, "Daddy, I am completely healed". There was not even the trace of the wound nor the scar. This four year old youngster was a great testimony at that time in a number of meetings !
Shri. Lahari Krishna and his son, Devadayavu were riding a scooter one day along the highway. They were in haste as there was an important meeting the next day. As they were speeding fast, a girl carrying a big bundle of hay suddenly lurched and dropped her load in front of the scooter. In order to avoid a collision Shri. Lahari Krishna applied the break suddenly. They were both thrown out. Shri. Lahari Krishna sustained a fracture on his leg. They somehow managed to reach home. As the people had started gathering, everyone was anxious about Shri. Lahari Krishna. He asked them to allow him to sleep for two hours, after the bone was set. And to the surprise of all after two hours' rest, he got up completely healed. It was miracle done on Himself !
In Trichirapalli, Shri. Lahari Krishna once arranged an open-air meeting in the little town of Pudukottai. Lots of people, both Christians and non-Christians flocked in thousands to hear the 'Divine Words' of Shri. Lahari Krishna and be healed physically and spiritually.

But certain evil-minded people did not like this popularity that Shri. Lahari Krishna was gaining among the people. So in order to divert the crowd from the meeting, these people surreptitiously arranged with a circus company to pitch their tents close-by. As planned by these people, the circus did attract many people away; so there was a feeling in Shri. Lahari Krishna's Camp that the meeting would be a failure. So they all joined together and cried out to God for help.

That very night a terrific cyclone came and ripped up the circus tent and all canvas to shreds. The damage was so great that the circus company was put out of action for more than a month. Without this distraction, the meeting was a great success !

This incident will convince the readers that all nature (wind, storm, rain etc.) is under the Supreme control of the Supreme Lord ( Lahari ) and will always obey Him implicitly when commanded to do so !
One day, in a close-by village, an American missionary had arranged a healing meeting for Shri. Lahari Krishna. His wife and father-in-law were also present there at the meeting at that time. As He began to pray for the sick, all of a sudden a hefty man came, straight to the stage (where Shri. Lahari Krishna was preaching). He was making an uncouth noice: "G-h-u-rr, G-h-u-rr ! He asked: Do you know who I am ? I am LUCIFER ( KALI) ! I am going to blow your teeth out." All the people (including his wife and father-in-law were watching the scene in fright, not knowing what will happen.

Shri. Lahari Krishna was trying to put his hands in front of His face ( as though ) in a boxing-posture in order to protect Himself from the blows he may receive from the man.

As the man came closer, a Pillar of Fire, from the right-side of Shri. Lahari Krishna suddenly struck him. The man ( who called himself 'Lucifer') began shouting: Don't beat me ! Don't beat me ! I won't come near you." Thus shouting he ran away never to return again.

Many suich incidents have taken place in Shri. Lahari Krishna's life and no one could harm his body even in the least manner. All those who came to beat Him were themselves beaten by "that Unseen Light" which always stands guard at His right side !
A very touching incident is narrated by a widowed mother who is a refugee from Burma. On return to India, this woman's youngest daughter developed gangrene in one of her legs. The doctors decided to amputate the leg, ankle down, to save her life. Though the mother agreed with the doctors, her daughter, Suganthy stubbornly resisted. "The day my leg is cut off, I will take poison, Shw warned them all. However she was taken by force to the operation theatre. But the girl's pathetic appeals was too much for the mother to bear. She stopped the nurses who were applying some medicine on the would and took her daughter home even though the doctors warned that the child would not live beyond a few days.

When they reached home, Suganthy found at the doorstep a copy of "NAMBIKKAYIN THOOTHAN" -- a Tamil bi-monthly published by Shri. Lahari Krishna ! After reading it, she placed the sheets of this journal on her gangrenous ankle and prayed with full faith. Suddenly she felt the surge, of the "Divine Power" ( of Shri. Lahari Krishna ) within her. From then on, to the amazement of the doctors, the wound started healing and new flesh covered the necrosis. By the time the grateful mother wrote to thank Shri. Lahari Krishna, and ( according to her letter ) there were signs of new toes growing in the place of the rotten ones. The mother ebullient in her conclusion of the letter wrote that she firmly believed that she and her daughter would one day "walk" to the Ashram where He stayed.

All praise be to Lord Lahari Krishna, the Divine Healer !
Once Shri. Lahari Krishna went for meetings in Kanyakumari District. But the people who put up the stage had made a surreptitious plot in order to kill Shri. Lahari Krishna. The stage was set over a pit and the place where Shri. Lahari Krishna was to stand and speak was made up of a thin plank of wood ( which would break immediately on being stepped over ).

Having done this dirty trick they were all anxiously waiting for Shri. Lahari Krishna to step over the plank and fall. Shri. Lahari Krishna and his son came over to the stage and began addressing the people. As they were preaching, the plank beneath them broke; but to the surprise of all, Shri. Lahari Krishna did not fall down. He was standing on the air and preaching for some-time. Then when the people brought to his notice that the plank under him was broken, he neatly stepped aside. The plotters were astonished beyond measure on seeing this wonder !
Once, Shri. Lahari Krishna was to attend a conference at London. So he was booked to go by plane through Paris, via. Zurich. It was a Jumbo-jet plane. As there was about ten minutes for the plane to start, Shri. Lahari Krishna was waiting in the lobby. There were many young boys and girls and students who were to go by the same plane.

A young Tamil-boy ( native of Tamil-Nadu ) came up to Shri. Lahari Krishna and began speaking cordially with him. Then he took Him aside for a cup of tea. Being so engrossed in conversation with this stranger (Tamilian) Shri. Lahari Krishna forgot about the scheduled flight-time and the 'Jumbo-Jet' Plane had already taken-off.

Within a short time after its take-off, an inter-com message conveyed a very distressing news that the plane ( in which Shri. Lahari Krishna should have gone ) had crashed on Mount Alps and all the young students ( both boys and girls ) about 400 people were dead.

Shri. Lahari Krishna was shocked to hear this news and He immediately came back running to search for the 'Tamil-boy' who had been talking with him while the plane left. That boy was no where to be found; and on enquiry the people told him that there was no such 'Tamil boy' at all in the aerodrome ! ( which seemed a great surprise to Him ).

Shri. Lahari Krishna, one hour later, went in the next plane and while flying over the Alps He could see all the dead-bodies of the young people strewn across the Mount !

This incident clearly shows that 'Judgement' takes place wherever Shri. Lahari Krishna is present, because ( at the end of this Kali-Yuga ) He has verily come as the Great Judge -- THE KALKI-MAHA-AVATAR !
Yet another time, while Shri. Lahari Krishna was flying from Trinidad to Venezuella along with a friend of His, the plane met with another accident.

As they were journeying, Shri. Lahari Krishna's friend told him: "Come on sir, let us go to the tail-part". So they shifted from the front and seated themselves at the tail-end of the place. Then suddenly, within a short while, the plane went and fell right into the sea with only its tail-end up above the water ! The rescue party then came along and took them to the main land.
One day a Collector met Shri. Lahari Krishna and told him: "We hear a lot of bad reports about you. You are drinking and falling on the streets."

Shri. Lahari Krishna told him: "Sir, I have RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD ! Don't condemn that. It is beyond condemnation. If you falsely condemn me, you are apt for punishment." Then immediately the Collector haughtily replied: "What Righteousness man?? I am a Collector !". No sooner had he uttered those words, he began to vomit blood. Immediately they carried him away to the Coimbatore Hospital. Then, after some time, a Superintendent of Police came to Shri. Lahari Krishna. He said: "I am now acting for the Collector. I've got many bad evil reports about you. You are going with girls in the streets of Tirunelveli town. And you are drinking !". Then Shri. Lahari Krishna replied: "RIGHTEOUSNES OF GOD, I am having !" He said: "You must know that I am a Supt. of Police !" Shri. Lahari Krishna told him: "I know that, but be careful. Don't condemn me without any fault".

Within a short time an orderly came and said: "Sir, your son was sleeping in the bed. A cobra came on the bed and stung him." Then the Supt. of Police realising his fault begged of Shri. Lahari Krishna saying :
"Please, pray for my son. He must live. I won't condemn you !"
No person can prosper by speaking lies to Shri. Lahari Krishna ! Once, a man, fully-drunk came into Shri. Lahari Krishna's house while he was fasting. As he came in it was smelling very bad. Shri. Lahari Krishna questioned him, ' Did you drink today?' He immediately denied saying, "No, No, I have not taken any hard drinks". Then suddenly he started screaming with pain, (and) looking on the right hand side of Shri. Lahari Krishna he said: " Stop beating me ! I am sorry I told lies ! Please stop beating me !" So saying he ran away. Turning to His right-side Shri. Lahari Krishna saw a great pillar of light which had scared away the man who spoke lies !
There is a very popular proverb in Tamil which says: "DHARMAM THALAI KAKKUM". which means "Charity will protect your life" ! The following incident, in the life of Shri. Lahari Krishna, more than proves the above statement !

When Shri. Lahari Krishna and his family were in Ceylon, there was a great mutiny between the Sinhalese (natives of Ceylon) and the Indians. During such a time, one day a great procession of Sinhalese ( about 2000 people ) were marching along the road and cutting ( rather, slaughtering ) all the Indians ! The former Prime Minister Premadasa ( of Ceylon ) was also in the procession at that time, as a young boy ( a pick-pocket ). Seeing this great procession, a girl-friend of Shri. Lahari Krishna came running to him and warned him of the on-coming danger. He asked her if she could conceal him and his family in her relations house. She consented and took them to the house.

As the procession was approaching their house, killing all the Indians in the way, Shri. Lahari Krishna ran hurriedly and put all his children and wife under the bed and was himself standing alone to face death ! Suddenly the procession came into the house. The leader asked: Who are you ? He replied: I am in India. They immediately shouted, "Cut him! Kill him!" The leader came to strike him with a knife. As he came nearer he scrutinized Shri. Lahari Krishna's face more closely. Then all of a sudden he began crying and fell at his feet ! The leader asked: "Are you Mr. Rasiah's son ?" to which Shri. Lahari Krishna said, "Yes". The leader then said: "Oh my !, Your father was such a nice man. He has helped us so much in times of troubles. He spent all his money on us, without even properly caring for his own family ! And have I now raised my hands to kill his son ? Oh, please forgive us ! !

He then asked: Where are your wife and children ? Shri. Lahari Krishna brought them out from under the bed. The leader said: "You are not safe here. We will put you on the train !". And the whole procession escorted him and his family to the railway station and gave them body-guards up to a place called 'Thalai-Munnar'. They then came via Dhanaskodi and reached home safely. Shri. Lahari Krishna while relating this incident states that it was His father's charity, that saved his life. From that time onwards He had firmly decided not to collect any money for his children or himself but to spend it all for other poor people !
Words would not suffice to tell of all the miraculous incidents that took place in the ministry of the Great Lord. The blind saw ! the lame walked ! the lepers were cleansed and innumerable incurable diseases were all healed perfectly just by a Divine command from Shri. Lahari Krishna's lips. No"devil" or evil-force, or witch-craft could stand in the presence of Shri. Lahari Krishna. All the devils were burnt by His Presence ! People received great 'Peace' and 'Joy' as they listened to the Messages given by Shri. Lahari Krishna. Huge gatherings of people began following him from all over India. He was very popular all over. At this time he could not go alone on the streets since people would crowd upon him. He could not go to the barber or give his shirt to the laundry. The people would immediately carry away his hairs and also his clothes etc., They would cut it into bits and distribute them because many were healed just by placing these 'cloth-pieces' on their bodies !

Lakhs and lakhs of people began flocking to Shri. Lahari Krishna's meetings to have a Dharshan of the Supreme Lord !

But the Lord was not much pleased just by having a large crowd; because he found that many flocked around Him just for the sake of healing and other carnal things. Shri. Lahari Krishna wanted for himself a small but true set of loyal-people who would stand firm with him till the end ! So he decided to hide within himself His powers: and just deliver the plain "Truth of God" for that age to the people. Even though He foreknew that such a change in his ministry would cause Him great dispopularity among the people, he was firm. The reason for this change, Shri. Lahari Krishna states was that, ( while he was in the peak of popularity ) one day the LORD spoke to him in an audible voice saying: "You are still not my child ! You want only a great name. I am not pleased with your ways. If you want to be my child, preach "The Truth" as it is, to the people without minding the opposition." Shri. Lahari Krishna that very night made his decision to always preach the truth and nothing but the truth !
This happened during the year 1962 when Shri. Lahari Krishna was conducting the largest spiritual Campaign in the history of India with an attendance of about 1 million people ( at the S.I.A.A. grounds, Madras ). The meetings were conducted for about a month. Many miraculous healings took place during these meetings and great-powers of God was manifested. During the final days of the meeting Shri. Lahari Krishna told his family members that He was going to tell out "The Truth" that God had been revealing to him all these days. His wife then told him: Think well and do this; because as you very well know you will become extremely unpopular if you give out "the truth"! But Shri. Lahari Krishna was firm. On the last day of the meetings he came up on the stage and said: "Dear brothers and sisters ! Today I want to tell you certain deep truths that I had learnt in my travels all over the world. Firstly, THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD and secondly NARAYANA, ALLAH AND JESUS ALL MEAN THAT ONE GREAT GOD AND NOT THREE GODS ! ! Thirdly THERE ARE NO CASTE DIFFERENCES. ! " No sooner had he said these words, he began to receive a rain of chappals and stones ( from the Christians in the crowd ) who shouted at him saying. "You treacherous fellow ! You thief ! You anti-Christ!" etc. etc. Just leaving the crowd in this chaotic condition, Shri. Lahari Krishna immediately drove off in his car as fast he could ! That was the end of his great spiritual campaigns among the Christians ! After being turned out by the Christians, Shri. Lahari Krishna turned towards the Hindus and Muslims and people of other religions who gladly received him with open arms and accepted the "Great-truths" that He preached to them from their own scriptures !
From May 6, 1964, for three weeks, Shri. Lahari Krishna went North to such far-flung places as Nagpur, Bhilai, Durg. etc. At one of the meetings he held in the industrial centre at Bhilai, ( which is considered to be a communist cell ) the "against party" planned to do away with Him. So, to carry out this nefarious act, they hired a man to board the train in which Shri. Lahari Krishna was booked, and do away with him at night. In another compartment an American, Dr. Miller, his wife and their small daughter were travelling. An Army Major, Mukundan, bristling with his moustache was also booked in the same compartment.

At night Dr. Miller's little daughter wouldn't sleep as she was frightened of the Major, that the major volunteered to go to some other compartment; and walked into the cabin where Shri. Lahari Krishna was sleeping alone. It was the same moment that this hired killer had chosen to assault and was about to attack Shri. Lahari Krishna with a long knife, when the Major pounced and overpowered him !

During the year 1969, Shri. Lahari Krishna made His third tour abroad. It was only in this trip that many spectacular incidents transpired, which will undoubtedly raise the question in everyone's heart as to who really is this Great and Mysterious Person Shri. Lahari Krishna ???

Shri. Lahari Krishna undertook this trip when He received an invitation to attend the Kanuga Conference at Handersonville, North Carolina arranged by a group of Branham followers. Shri. Lahari Krishna's name was included as one of the speakers in the series.

When the meetings were over Mr. Dale and his daughter Mrs. Susie Baker took Shri. Lahari Krishna over to their place, Troy, Ohio. It is here that one of the greatest events in the Life of Shri. Lahari Krishna took place !

One evening He was invited to address a small gathering held at the basement of Bro. and Sis. Yingst's home on JUNE 18, 1969 in a new manner and the anointing was great that night. One Mr. Clarence Holsinger, one of those invited had gone out for a smoke, while the meeting was going on. He came back to the basement and was listening as Shri. Lahari Krishna expounded the scriptures. He found to his surprise that Shri. Lahari Krishna's gaze was fixed on him most of the time while preaching !

The people gathered there were not able to understand what was going on. And since Shri. Lahari Krishna's human form had disappeared ( or rather, transformed ) into a "Glorious-Form", they were all screaming with fright ! They began opening the cupboards and throwing out the whisky bottles and cigarette packets etc., After sometime, the normal human-form of Shri. Lahari Krishna re-appeared on the stage. The people who witnessed this spectacular change, immediately flocked round Him asking, "Where did you go ?" Where did you disappear ? We saw only a Form of Light in your place !" To this Shri. Lahari Krishna replied: It was I who was standing and preaching here all this while !

The readers are left to decide for themselves the meaning of this incident.

Right from His Divine Birth on this earth upto this date ( i.e. June 18th 1969 ) Shri. Lahari Krishna had been exhibiting here and there His Divinity in numerous miraculous ways. But June 18th 1969 is the Day from which he began to totally reveal HIS TRUE IDENTITY as the "ALMIGHTY-GOD" to the world, openly and that HE (Lord) has indeed come down to the earth in Human Form ! !
Wherever Shri. Lahari Krishna went, a special cloud usually followed him, and thunders and lightnings vindicated the truth of his statements ! Once, while he was addressing a great crowd in America, sudenly A TERRIBLE THUNDER struck the earth ! ( as if vindicating all what He spoke as the truth.) It clave the earth and came right up to the place where Shri. Lahari Krishna was preaching and stopped right at HIS TOE in surrender ! ! The people who witnessed this miracle were astounded and began to wonder as to who 'The Great Person' could be to whom even nature bows down in surrender !
This day ( July 21st 1969 ) sets the greatest 'epoch' in history of the entire creation; since this is the day from which GOD HIMSELF decided to start revealing Himself as GOD and began to exhibit a tiny fraction of His infinite Powers to Mankind ! ! In others words this very day serves as the only foot-hold for God Himself to act out "His Great Master Plan" of blinding a set of people by His Human Garb ( form of a man ) and at the same time revealing His True Self to His Beloved Ones ! !

This day (i.e.) July 21st 1969, as we all know is the first Moon-Landing day, or the Day in which the Americans first landed on the moon !

'Earth' is the place created by God ( La-ha-ri ) for Man to live and flourish. But when Man wanted to explore and find some other better place of habitation ( or to leave the earth in order to escape destruction ), that was the time Man was interfering ( or going against ) with the ways of God, and crossing his limitations ( boundaries ). The Great God had already known thro' fore-knowledge that such a thing would happen, and He ( thro' His Great Master Plan ) and already decided that on the Day when Man lands on the Moon, He Himself would be on the earth ( as a human being ) to witness this so-called great event, personally !

This great incident of God Himself being on the earth on Moon-landing Day. God has already prophesised in thro' Sage Veda Vyasa in "SHREEMAD BHAGAVATAM" which clearly indicates to the world the exact time of the appearance of God ( KALKI-AVATAR ) on this earth. The text is given below for your perusal.

(Please refer "BHAGAVATHAM", Canto-2, Chapter : 7, Text : 37 ).

"When the atheists, after being well versed in the Vedic Scientific knowledge, annihilate inhabitants of different planets, flying unseen in the sky on well-built rockets prepared by the great scientist Maya, THE LORD WILL BEWILDER THEIR MINDS, BY DRESSING HIMSELF ( IN HUMAN FORM ) ATTRACTIVELY AND WILL PREACH ON SUBRELIGIOUS PRINCIPLES !"

Here it is said that when scientists fly in rockets, the Lord will be on the earth AS A MAN, preaching His Own Doctrine ( "Aupa Dharmyam" ) and NOT the doctrines of the present-day religious groups founded by human-intelligence !

This ( prophesy ) was exactly fulfilled on the First Moon-landing Day--on the 21st of July 1969, when Shri. Lahari Krishna ( as an ordinary human-being ) was preaching to a great crowd in CHICAGO-CITY OF AMERICA ! ! As said earlier THIS DAY ( July 21st 1969 ) was 'the Day' already chosen by God when He would start boldly proclaiming "His Divine Presence" on the earth ! !

In incident No.49 we have already seen how the LORD showed to the people "His Glorious Form" on JUNE 18TH 1969 with "FLAMES OF FIRE" coming from His Eyes ! ! Since the time of this incident the 'heavenly vindications' were great and a special cloud used to always follow the Lord (Shri. Lahari Krishna) wherever He went. It ( the cloud ) did not travel along the road, but it cut across the road and went and stood above the place where He should go.

On July 1969, Shri. Lahari Krishna was preaching in THE LIFE TABERNACLE IN CHICAGO for three days and three nights ! On the Moon-Landing day ( i.e. ) 20th July in America whereas it is 21st July in India ! ). Shri. Lahari Krishna had a small television set in front of Him and as He was preaching to the people. The T.V. announced saying: "Now, in one hours time the greatest event in the history of Mankind is about to be accomplished ! ! Man would be setting his foot on the Moon !". The satellite was giving a live-relay of the incident. Read the following in Shri. Lahari Krishna's own words: "As man was about to land on the moon one hour before, according to their accouncement, I could see the sky open and a terrific power come into my heart ! ! "

Immediately Shri. Lahari Krishna began to shout out: "GOD IS ON THIS EARTH ! GOD HAS COME DOWN! ! and then He began thundering in a loud voice. "I WILL NOT DIE" ! "I WILL NOT DIE ! ! "

This is the most spectacular moment in Shri. Lahari Krishna life when He openly declared Himself to the world as the "DEATH-LESS" ONE by saying "I WILL NOT DIE ! ! No human-being other than the IMMORTAL ONE ( the Supreme Purusha Himself ) can make such a bold statement and this He did onthat First Moon-Landing-Day ( July 21st 1969 )

From that day onwards He started to reveal His Divine Powers to the people in thousand different ways to prove to the people of the earth that HE ( GOD ) HAD REALLY COME DOWN ! !

Below are related a few of those extraordinary powers exhibited by Shri. Lahari Krishna in different occasions !
After the Moon-Landing-day incident, for about a month, Shri. Lahari Krishna began exhibiting "Super-natural-powers" to such an extent that people just began perishing in large numbers in His Divine Presence ! !

Whenever Shri. Lahari Krishna opened His Mouth to utter a few words, TERRIBLE THUNDERS AND LIGHTNINGS would strike and thousands of people would die.

Once, as He was preaching, a great thunder-storm struck that city and nearly 50,000 people died ! Even if He opened His mouth to speak on the telephone, many would perish or great judgements (disasters) would take place ! ! So His devotees requested him not to open His mouth, since they were all trembling with fight in His presence ! !

All what He spoke happened exactly and immediately ! While walking on the roads, "angels of God were seen going in front of him in the form of whirl-winds, on either side of the road for about 20 yards in front of Him. They went forward like body-guards of a Great King ! ! Thunders, lightnings, storms, whirl-winds and thick-dark clouds always followed or surrounded Him wherever He went ! This strange phenomenon of "Nature surrendering to its creator and obeying Him" was never before witnessed on this earth, in such a manner ! ! It proves who Shri. Lahari Krishna is in reality !

For about one month, the Lord manifested openly to the world a few of His transcendental Glories ! He then concealed His divine Powers within Himself and moved about just like an ordinary man and came back to India, because He wanted to Reveal His True Attributes only to His True People ( Loyal & faithful Ones ) a majority of whom are found only in INDIA !
People in the West on seeing the powers of Shri. Lahari Krishna and the terrible destructions that took place wanted to extract from him, the Deep Secrets of God and the 'Revelations', which Shri. Lahari Krishna was hiding from them ! So they began following Him and even planned to kill Him.

One night ( in America ) Shri. Lahari Krishna was lying in a cot in an apartment alloted to him. Knowing the place where He was resting, that night a few Americans came with Guns to shoot Him. Suddenly Shri. Lahari Krishna ( for no reason at all ) got up, went to the next room and laid Himself down on the bed there. Another person who had just come in went to sleep on the bed which Shri. Lahari Krishna had just vacated. As he ( the other person ) was lying there the Americans mistook Him for Shri. Lahari Krishna and shot him dead ! !
This incident is related here to make the readers clearly understand the real "Transcendental Nature" of Shri. Lahari Krishna's body, though Human.

In Western countries like America there are single-line Railway Tracks carrying an enormous high-voltage of electricity thro' them. Once, while in America Shri. Lahari Krishna happened to pass by one such single-LIVE-track. There was a caution put up to warn the common people of the dangerous area. But without noticing the "Caution" Shri. Lahari Krishna, wanting to cross over to the other side, stepped right over the LIVE-LINE !

The people who happened to spot him walking over the Live-line screamed in fright saying : "You are dead ! You are dead ! " Shri. Lahari Krishna hearing their cries, crossed the lines immediately and ran to the other side. Shri. Lahari Krishna himself believed he should be dead. But to the great astonishment of all, He had felt no harm whatsoever while stepping over the LIVE-LINE ! !

The 'Electricity' could do no harm to the Body of Shri. Lahari Krishna since He was its Creator Himself !
This life incident happened during Shri. Lahari Krishna's American tour in the year 1984. While He was in Ohio at Sis. Susie Baker's place, He had certain important letters kept in Sis. Susie's private room. They then on another engagement flew from Ohio to a place many hundreds of kilometers away. Only on reaching there, they suddenly realised that they had forgotton to bring the letters along with them, ( which was very vital ).

Shri. Lahari Krishna immediately made a prayer about the matter and went to their destination. On reaching there, they found to their great surprise the letters and the envelopes right on the table in front of them. How these letters could have travelled hundreds of kilometers all by themselves is a question only Shri. Lahari Krishna could answer !
On another occasion, while Shri. Lahari Krishna was travelling by bus from Tirunelveli; he had removed his shoes and placed them down below his seat. He was then reading a book intently. A co-passenger who was sitting next to Shri. Lahari Krishna asked for the book. But Shri. Lahari Krishna, knowing by experience how books disappear, put the book into his suit-case.

This man ( out of spite ) took one of the shoes of Shri. Lahari Krishna and threw it away somewhere out of sight !
When Shri. Lahari Krishna looked for his shoes there was only one shoe there and the other one was missing. He began searching for the lost shoe for quite some time all over the place ( in vain ). That shoe was nowhere to be found. He went back to his seat and said: "I MUST GET BACK THE OTHER SHOE RIGHT NOW ! ". No sooner had he said this, on looking down again, both the shoes were right there beneath him. How this missing shoe came back to its original place is nothing but a miracle. The wind and all nature obeys the orders of the Lord implicitly ! If the wind could by its force shatter down even a concrete building, why cannot it ( the wind ) bring back 'a shoe' and place it in its right place ( in obedience to the Lord's command ! ! ) ? ?
This happened in the year 1987. Shri. Lahari Krishna had misplaced his pass-port somewhere and could not trace it back even though he enquired many people about the pass-port. Shri. Lahari Krishna very well knew that if his pass-port gets into the hands of any Christian, he would immediately destroy it. So He was very anxious to get back the same at all costs. So He just said; "I MUST GET THE PASS-PORT BY 6.00 P.M.! It should not get into the hands of any Christian ! ".

In implicit obedience to His words, the pass-port immediately 'FLEW thro' the air and fell in a wilderness - area; a hunter ( a gipsy ) who happened to pass by that way saw the pass-port being carried by the air and dropped there. He immediately picked it up and on seeing the photograph there, recognised Shri. Lahari Krishna's face and keeping it safe wanted to return it to Him when he comes to that place ( Gandhinagar ). But within this period of time certain Christians had asked the gypsy for the Pass-port; but he firmly denied them and wanted to hand it over to Shri. Lahari Krishna personally !

At about 6.00 P.M. Shri. Lahari Krishna came there and the hunter ran over to him and gave him the pass-port Shri. Lahari Krishna thanked the gypsy for his help. The time was exactly 6.00 P.M. when he got back his pass-port !
Shri. Lahari Krishna ( as we all now understand ) is the only Person who can transcend both Time and space and make all impossibilities possible !

Once, while Shri. Lahari Krishna was in Madras he realised that he had forgotten to bring a hindi-book along with him from the Ashram ( which is about 600 miles from Madras ) He wanted the Hindi-book immediately and on opening the suitcase. He found the book there. This hindi-book had travelled about 600 miles in split-seconds time, in order to fulfil the wishes of Shri. Lahari Krishna ! !
Shri. Lahari Krishna has revealed His Transcendental Nature to his true devotees in many occasions. A few such incidents are given below:

(a) Once, while Shri. Lahari Krishna was in His Ashram, at the same time "His Form" was seen in Kashmir, many thousands of miles away ! A prayer group in Kashmir ( North India ), all of them devotees of Shri. Lahari Krishna were praying earnestly. They had placed an empty chair in front of them and prayed the Lord to personally conduct the meeting. To the surprise of all, suddenly the "FORM" of Shri. Lahari Krishna appeared there in their midst, and after conducting their meeting ( as desired by them ), from the beginning to the end, he vanished out of sight !

(b) A God-fearing couple came to the Ashram to pay their obeisances to Shri. Lahari Krishna. They had brought their two daughters along with them with the intention of dedicating the elder daughter for the Lord's work. But Shri. Lahari Krishna desired to have the younger daughter whom the parents loved very much ! They were not desirous to give up the little girl, so they returned back home with her. From that day onwards the younger girl fell sick. The parents were worried. They had a photograph of Shri. Lahari Krishna put up in their room. One day, as the child's father came into the room, a dazzling bright GLORIOUS FORM of Shri. Lahari Krishna Himself came down from the photograph and stood before him and asked him for his child. The man was greatly frightened and astonished. The couple then decided to give their younger daughter for the Lord's service.

(c) Even in foreign countries and elsewhere people who seek God sincerely get a vision of the "FORM" of Shri. Lahari Krishna or hear "HIS VOICE" and they come to him directly accepting Him as their LORD without any doubt whatsoever !

The "Supreme Purusha" has the power to take 100s ( or ) 1000s of forms at the same time ! ! As a human-being He ( Shri. Lahari Krishna ) is present in one place, but as God Almighty ( Allah, Narayana or Christ Jesus ) He is present everywhere, permeating the entire universe in Spirit form !
Once Shri. Lahari Krishna was travelling by a bus from Madras to Tirunelveli. He was seated in front row of the bus. Before the bus started, the 'driver' and the 'conductor' asked Shri. Lahari Krishna to pray for their safety. They offered Him fruits and drinks in order to please Him. Shri. Lahari Krishna prayed and the bus started.

As they were going mid-way, at a great speed, the bus collided headlong with an oncoming lorry, and the front portion of the bus was smashed entirely. By the grace of Shri. Lahari Krishna, the driver and conductor were saved. The driver escaped miraculously by jumping out !

By the impact of the clash, Shri. Lahari Krishna ( who was seated in the front ) was jolted out his seat and was LIFTED UP IN THE AIR ( by some unseen hands ), and after the bus came to a stand-still, HE (Shri. Lahari Krishna) WAS SLOWLY BROUGHT DOWN BY THE UNSEEN FORCE AND WAS MADE TO SIT ON A SEAT BEHIND WITHOUT GETTING HURT OR EVEN A SCRATCH ON HIS BODY !

But those people who were seated at the back of the bus were hurt badly and were bleeding all over ! Some of the men shouted from the back: "Look for the man who prayed for this bus ! " He should be dead somewhere in the front !". But to the extreme surprise of all, Shri. Lahari Krishna without any hurt on His body took His suit-case and got down from the bus !

This incident is a fulfilment of one of the prophecies in the Bible that the "Angels of God" would carry the "Son of Man" in their hands and bear him up lest he dash ( or hurt ) his foot against a stone ! !
Many people do not realise that the entire creation is subject to its Creator ! If there is Person on this earth to whom 'Nature' surrenders in submission then that Person could be none else but God Almighty Himself ! ! Such powers were never revealed in any of the past ages except by Shri. Lahari Krishna. And it was only by the use of His Secret Name ( Lahari ) could 'Avatars' and 'Prophets' work out great miracles in order to vindicate their message for that age.

A few years ago there was much water scarcity in South India and no crops could be cultivated. Even in Manujothi Ashram ( the abode of Shri. Lahari Krishna ) the condition was the same and all the three wells there were completely dry. The inmates of the Ashram were suffering very much due to lack of water. They prayed their Guru, to solve their problem ! Shri. Lahari Krishna then went over to one of the wells ( a newly dug well ) and commanded the rock to cleave and give water.

Implicitly obeying His command, a rock at the top portion of the well split open and water began gushing out from it, ( like water coming from a tap ). The well was filled within a few days and crops were cultivated using that water.

That new well was then named as "BEER-LAHAROI" which means "The Well of the Living God who seest me" !
Once in the Ashram a few of the inmates ( including one Mr. Solomon ) were bringing in a few cart-loads of sand. Shri. Lahari Krishna had specifically told them to bring three cart-loads only. But out of over-enthusiasm, these people wanted to bring in one more extra cart-load of sand. So they asked their Guru for permission. Shri. Lahari Krishna unwillingly said 'alright'. But as they were going on their fourth trip ( against their Guru's will ) suddenly the bullocks got unsteady and one of the bullocks kicked at the lantern that was in Mr. Solomon's hands, which shattered to pieces and the person holding it was badly hurt. Since the light had gone out and the cart was broken, nothing could be done and they returned to the Ashram in a very bad state and reported the happenings to their Guru. Shri. Lahari Krishna then pointed out their mistake saying that if they had stopped after three cart-loads, none of these unpleasant-ness would have transpired.
There are many squirrels in Manujothi Ashram. One day, in the presence of Shri. Lahari Krishna, a Cat caught hold of a squirrel and ran away with it. The poor squirrel was squeaking pitiably. The Lord on seeing this was moved with compassion and immediately command the cat to release the squirrel. Implicitly obeying Shri. Lahari Krishna's words, the cat came back to the same spot and dropped the squirrel and went away. The cat knew very well it could not resist its Creator's Command.
Once Shri. Lahari Krishna was called to pray for a devil possessed woman. When he reached the place, he found that already many pastors were praying for that lady. So He quitely sat down on a bench in a corner of the room. All the so-called pastors were trying to cast out the "demon" with all their mighty, but failed. The devil in the woman began mocking them. It told them: " I will not obey any one of you. I will go only when that Person ( who is sitting on the corner of the room ) commands me to go !". The pastors were shocked to hear this. But as they were unable to accomplish the job, they requested Shri. Lahari Krishna to help them. The Lord came up immediately and asked the devil to leave the woman's body. It bowed before him and left.
This is a very spectacular indicent which proves the Spoken Word Power of the Almighty Lord. Pandara Nadar is an ardent devotee of Shri. Lahari Krishna. His eldest son, although he had attained marriageable age, was enable to find a suitable bride for a long time. Meanwhile, the younger son's marriage was fixed at an appointed date. All arrangements were made for the younger son's marriage. The elder son unable to bear the same was greatly dejected and wanted to commit suicide.

In this extremely depressed state of mind, he came to Shri. Lahari Krishna and told him his problem. Shri. Lahari Krishna told him: "Don't worry ! Your marriage will definitely take place one hour before your younger brother's marriage; and in your case the bride will be brought to your house in a car will all jewels etc."

The boy was greatly overjoyed to hear these words and he went home believing the Lord. The day of marriage finally arrived and exactly as Shri. Lahari Krishna had told, the bride for the elder son was brought in a car and her parents made the necessary arrangements for the marriage. Exactly one hour before the younger son's marriage the elder son was married happily. Such is the power in Shri. Lahari Krishna's words ! !
Shri. Lahari Krishna had once been to a Bible-School. He stayed over there for about a week trying to study "Theology". But He could not continue his study there even for a week. The LORD's voice told him audibly: "Have I sent you here to study the Bible ? Go back home immediately ! ". Shri. Lahari Krishna at once rushed back home. Here he found that his family was in an immense danger and had it not been for his timely arrival they would all have been destroyed. See the infinite wisdom of the Lord !
Once while Shri. Lahari Krishna was lying down in a place, there came a man who had been bitten by a cobra. He had a knife in his hand and he stealthily approached Shri. Lahari Krishna with the intention of killing him. But Shri. Lahari Krishna saw the entire thing in 'a vision' and caught the man's hand as he came to pierce Him. This incident clearly reveals to us that the Lord is fully awake even in sleep ! He never sleeps !
Shri. Lahari Krishna has subjected Himself to all the normal sufferings of any ordinary mortal human being. He has been a victim of the following diseases namely small-pox, typhoid, pnemonia, dyptheria, fever, blood-pressure, heart-attack etc. But the astonishing factor is that he was always the 'overcomer' and none of these diseases could ever enslave or overcome him. He has come out of all such sufferings back to full-vigour and vitality in numerous miraculous ways.
Many incidents have taken place in Shri. Lahari Krishna's life which shows beyond doubt that He is none else but the Supreme Lord and the slave of none. Once a man asked Shri. Lahari Krishna to join one of the organised religious groups ( to be its representative ). He gave Rs.1,000/- when Shri. Lahari Krishna took it, that very night he became unconscious and his eye-sight was gone. Only when the amount was returned back to the man did he become normal again ! Lord Lahari Krishna is the Supreme Master and the slave of none ! !
One Mr. Berchmans of Pondicherry was a devotee of Shri. Lahari Krishna. He had a small wound on his right-thumb and requested the Lord to pray for him. The wound was quite a small one and Shri. Lahari Krishna asked him to apply ointment over the same. But instead of obeying these words, Mr. Berchmans placed a lemon over the wound as adviced by some other person. This slight disobedience to the Lord's word itself turned very grave and the whole hand became gangrenous and the flesh started falling off ! The doctors thought that the hand should be removed. Mr. Berchmans realising his error pleaded with the Lord to heal him. Shri. Lahari Krishna, who is always merciful to his devotees, granted his request and his hand gradually began to be healed to its normal condition.
71. "GO BY BUS"
Sis. Priscilla was an inmate of Manujothi Ashram. Once she had to travel to a certain place Shri. Lawrie Krishna asked her to go by bus at 6.00 P.M. that day. But she said: No I'll go by train at 3.00 P.M." But when she reached the railway station, the train would not go and she lost her purse. Greatly perturbed by these happenings she began her fervent search for her purse. After a very long time she retrieved back her purse and when she aboarded the bus it was exactly 6.00 P.M (as the Lord God had already uttered). !
Once Shri. Lahari Krishna and his Orchestra had gone to Bhilai ( Madhya Pradesh ) to conduct "Spiritual Campaigns" for a few days there. Certain Christians in that area did not approve of this. So they gathered some bad-elements ( about a group of 50 people )to disturb the meetings. So, as the meetings were going on these people come along with iron rods and sticks to harm the devotees of Shri. Lahari Krishna, who had no arms whatsoever. There was a fierce struggle between the two parties; but to the surprise of all, none of the devotees of Shri. Lahari Krishna were hurt. Shri. Lahari Krishna just starred at His foes and immediately they were all bleeding between their eyebrows (as if struck by a 'thiru-sulam' (Triple-pointed instrument). The people who carried iron rods and sticks were utterly defeated whereas those who trusted Lord. Lahari Krishna were preserved safe and sound Jai Lahari Krishna !
During an All-India Camp Meetings conducted by the Lord Himself in the year 1987 all the needs were miraculously met ( in quite extraordinary manner ). As for the expenses of these large meetings no money had been collected previously in the banks nor were any funds gathered from the people. Each day was a miracle. During one of the days of these meetings Shri. Lahari Krishna's son Bro. Deva Dayavu was in need of Rs. 1,750/- for the purchase of groceries and vegetables etc. He came over to the Lord and told him the matter. Shri. Lahari Krishna did not have any money on his hands at that time. He asked his son to wait a while. But since his son was in a hurry the amount had to be given immediately. It was really a very trying moment ! Just at this exact moment, a person came running to Shri. Lahari Krishna and placed some money in his hands and went away quietly. When the money was counted, it came to Rs.1,760/-; the exact amount which was needed at that moment; that is Rs.1,750/- for groceries plus Rs.10/- for miscellaneous Tea-expenses of the person who went on the job. The devotees of the Lord were greatly moved by the incident which proved beyond doubt that "LORD LAHARI NEVER FAILS" ! and He certainly fulfilled all the needs of His people !
During the All-India Spiritual conference conducted by Shri. Lahari Krishna in 1983 ( at Manujothi Ashram ) thousands of people from all over India flocked to these meetings. They all received the inexplicable "Maha-Shanthi" from Shri. Lahari Krishna. But nearly one week before the meetings commenced ' a big pandhal ' had to be put up in order to accommodate the crowds that were pouring in . But the climatic conditions were not suitable for this. The month of July is called the WINDY SEASON and according to a tamil 'saying', during this 'windy season' even the grinding-stone will fly ! So, this being the condition, the hired-labourers wer finding it very difficult to put up the 'pandhal' (a temporary thatched-roof made of coconut-leaves ). The wind was so strong that no work could be done. At this difficult situation, the Great Lord Shri. Lahari Krishna came over and COMMANDED the Wind to cease. No sooner had he said that, the great rushing wind quietened down immediately and there was not even a small shaking or rustling of the leaves. The wind stopped completely until the pandhal was erected and all the people there were astonished beyond measure to see 'the Wind' obeying the commands of an ordinary Man. Then they understood clearly 'Who' this 'Person' really was.

Yet another spectacular incident took place during the same Camp Meetings. On one particular day all the people were sitting under the Pandhal and having their meals; when all of a suddent rain started pouring and it seeped thro' the 'Pandhal' and was drenching the people. Nobody could do anything about it. Then all of a sudden Shri. Lahari Krishna came over to the stage and COMMANDED the Rain to stop immediately. The sky cleared immediately and the rain stopped. All the people were overjoyed and exuberent in spirits to personally visit this great wonder !

The reader should therefore clearly understand that all nature ( wind, rain, clouds, lightning, thunder etc., ) are all under the control of the Supreme Lord Lahari and they will just obey even the slightest command that comes from His mouth. All praise to Lord Lahari, the Creator of all 'Nature' !
This incident happened in South America as a great sign of warning to the Whole World.

In the recent past, while Shri. Lahari Krishna was in America, He was guarded on all sides by Unseen Forces or angels ( just like the body-guards of a Governor or President ) going with all security forces around him ! ! The car in which Shri. Lahari Krishna and his devotees were travelling used to go straight and angels would see that no man or vehicle comes within 20 yards of that car. Once by chance one car came opposite to them within the 20-yard boundary. It was at once pushed out of the way by a great force and it smashed against a tree and all the people who were travelling in it could be seen dying before their eyes !

As Shri. Lahari Krishna's car went on further, there were lights behind and before the car and special lightning was continually striking above the car always. At one place, sudenly the lightning came down and lit a fire in the forests and a great wind from the Lord began spreading the fire in all directions !

The fire became so great that the Americans were quite unable to stop the fire and it went spreading on and on rapidly and consumed more than thousands of acres of forest area. This news has come out in all American papers with photographs. ( Even recently a Newspaper report conveyed the news that the fire that had started in the forests of South America was still going on unquenched i.e. the fire started by Shri. LAHARI KRISHNA during his trip to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ).
One day, Shri. Lahari Krishna went to a Cool-Drinks-Bar to have some drinks. But the shop-keeper ( on the instruction of some of the enemies of the Lord ) had mixed some poison in the drink and gave it to Him. He expected Shri. Lahari Krishna to drink the contents and fall down dead. But to his great surprise this did not happen. As Shri. Lahari Krishna lifted the glass-tumbler and was about to drink, the round bottom of the glass-tumbler broke away and all the drink was spilt on the ground, while the upper part of the tumbler was still in His hands. This was a great wonder to all because glass-tumblers do not usually break that way. It was the Lord's power that broke it just in time.
In 1977, Shri. Lahari Krishna had arranged a three-days meeting in the city of Madras. Shri. Lahari Krishna, along with His Orchestra Team, were travelling by a van from Manujothi Ashram, Tirunelveli, to Madras. As they were going mid-way, one of the tyres of the van broke loose and was rolling away in front of the van at a great speed ! Shri. Lahari Krishna asked the driver, 'What sir, Our tyre is going in front ! '; Noticing the dangerous predicament they were in ( and how miraculously the van had not toppled all this while ) the driver brought the van to a stop. They then searched for the lost tyre and brought it back. There were no casualities.
There was a Assemblies of God Missionery by name Edwards. This man had not been reading the 'Holy Scriptures' for about more than three months. He had severe heart trouble and the doctors said that his condition was so precarious that he could not even cross-over and go to America ( by flight ).

When Shri. Lahari Krishna prayed for this person, He immediately knew his ( the man's ) mistake i.e. not reading the 'Scriptures for three, months ( and asked the man to start reading them as they were Life ! )

After 'prarthana' ( prayer ), all the blood that had accumulated; ( in the chest ) was pumped away, and he became normal again. He was then declared fit enough for the flight.
Once a person came to Shri. Lahari Krishna with the complaint that his stomach was swollen to such an extent, that he was finding it very difficult. After Shri. Lahari Krishna touched him and prayed, the swollen stomach reduced in size, and became normal again. The Great Lord then said to the man: 'GO HOME BELIEVING THAT YOU ARE HEALED !'

The man started his car and as he was going half-way, he started disbelieving, and began to look at his stomach. The stomach immediately began swelling again. Then man got worried. He then came back to Shri. Lahari Krishna and showed Him the stomach. The Great Lord again prayed and the stomach became alright. He then sent the man away. As the man covered three-fourths of the distance, he again ( due to unbelief ) looked at his stomach. It became even bigger than before !

He rushed immediately back to Shri. Lahari Krishna and told his plight. Yet again Shri. Lahari Krishna prayed and made him normal and said: GO BELIEVING ! The man believed the words of the Great Lord and reached home without any more trouble.
The Words uttered from the Divine-Lips of Shri. Lahari Krishna never came back void at any time. What He spoke happened exactly, and any disobedience to His Word by the people brought immediate punishment on them. Even today such is the case and even words casually spoken by Him has great meaning behind them !

A few examples to illustrate the Power of the "Spoken Word" of Shri. Lahari Krishna, are given below: ( also see section-13 )

Incident-1 : Once, about two years back, two disciples of Shri. Lahari Krishna wrote to Him stating that they were coming to His Ashram. Shri. Lahari Krishna told them: "Don't come to the Ashram now but go to other places as full-time workers.' Without heeding to his words they came to the Ashram, as a result of which both their small children died within a few days !

Incident-2 : On another occasion, two persons wanted to see Shri. Lahari Krishna and He told one of them to come at 8:00 A.M. and the other at 9:00 A.M. They were of the same family. But the one who was to come at 9:00 A.M. came at 8:00 A.M. and as the person entered the room, suddenly she got an attack of pounding of the head with fever of 104 degrees and went home saying: Sorry: It took some time for her to recover.

Incident-3 : 'YOU WILL GET A SEAT": One college student by name Advani Saras, after finishing his Intermediate course, wanted to try for a seat in the Medical College for the M.B.B.S. course. Before going for interview on the scheduled date, he met Shri. Lahari Krishna and asked him to pray for his seat ( since there was a lot of competition and only people of 'influence' and money could possible have a chance. ) Shri. Lahari Krishna casually said: "YOU WILL GET A SEAT" ! This student, believing His word, went for the interview and returned. Exactly as Shri. Lahari Krishna had spoken, this student was selected and given a seat in the M.B.B.S. Course !
Recently, certain photographs of Shri. Lahari Krishna was taken during the various Spiritual Campaigns that he had conducted all over India. These negatives, when they were developed revealed FIRE and DAZZLING LIGHTS surrounding Shri. Lahari Krishna's body in front and behind. In one photograph Shri. Lahari Krishna is seen walking over the FIRE ! The eyes of the photographer had failed to notice the Fire; but the 'eyes' of the Camera had filmed the same so wonderfully ! This is a proof of how the Great Almighty Lord has so cleverly hidden all his transcendental powers and glories in his Humble Human Form and is living the Life of an Ordinary Man along with his loyal devotees ( to fulfil his Great Purpose as the Redeemer' of body, soul, and spirit of His Beloved ones ).
During one of His foreign trips, once Shri. Lahari Krishna was travelling in a car along with Bro. Reichle and Bro. Mengel. On the way, Shri. Lahari Krishna was desirous of buying a favourite record which was to his liking. Since he was short of funds ( at that time ) he asked Bro. Mengel whether he could give him three marks to buy that record. But Bro. Mengel and his friend Bro. Reichle, out of pride ( because they were white men ) replied arrogantly saying: 'You Indians are always like this ! You are always after money' -- and he refused to give him the money. Shri. Lahari Krishna just kept quiet. Then later on, all three of them were going by car and Bro. Mengel was at the wheel. Suddenly they were stopped by the police and Bro. Mengel was asked to pay a fine of 100 Marks for exceeding the speed limit. Mengel replied: My dial shows that I have not exceeded the speed limit. -- But the police replied - Our television shows like this. So you have to pay. Mengel and Reichle paid the money and then proceeded now a bit more careful than before.

They were stopped the second time because the television again showed that they were travelling faster that the speed-limit, even though they were driving slowly. So they were forced to pay another 100 Marks as fine. Then they were again on their way. This time Mengel was taking special care to go very slow indeed. But yet they were caught by the traffic-police for the third time because the television again showed that they were exceeding the speed-limit. Mengel told them: I am driving very slowly and my dial also shows no increase in speed. Then how do you say we are at fault ? But the Police replied: We don't know about that. Our television shows that you have exceeded the limited-speed. So you have to pay 100 Marks fine. Quite unable to do anything, they paid for the third time - So they had totally paid 300 Marks as fine. But they had refused to give Shri. Lahari Krishna just 3 Marks to buy the record which He desired. This strange phenomenon made both Mengel and Reichle start thinking. They understood that this bitter experience had happened to them, as a great lesson, for treating Shri. Lahari Krishna so badly. Both of them understood that the One travelling along with them was no ordinary person ( and it was He who had altered the television recordings to make them fools ). So they repented for being so proud and when they reached the destination, both Mengel and Reichle volunteered to carry Shri. Lahari Krishna's suit-case. They said: "Come on SIR ! We will help you SIR ! ' etc. They were now putting many 'Sirs'. Shri. Lahari Krishna said: 'I'll carry my suit-cases'. But they were adamant and said: No ! No ! SIR, you should not do it. We will carry them for you. Thus they gave Him good honour and treatment.

This incident clearly shows that no one on earth can treat the Lord badly and get away with it.
When Shri. Lahari Krishna was in America a few years back, a strange thing happened there which has a great significance for us. Shri. Lahari Krishna was talking to a small group of his devotees at a house. At that time he was wearing a pair of socks. And as he was speaking to the people the left sock slowly started slipping out of his leg on its own accord. Shri. Lahari Krishna pulled it up. Then again after some time it started slipping out. Shri. Lahari Krishna again pulled it up the second time. He looked up at the people and said: Do you notice this strange thing ? They answered: Yes ! we were also watching this unusual thing. Then again they began talking and discussing. The left sock again slowly slipped out of the Lord's left leg the third time: and this time it completely came out and jumped over the Lord's right leg and it came over His leg by itself. All the people were fairly shocked to witness this incident.

The significance of the above incident is as follows: In olden days, there was a custom in which if a person wants to redeem an article from another person he has to receive one of the shoes of that person. That man has to remove his SHOE and hand it over to him, as a sign that the whole article or property is redeemed by the other. This was a popular custom of ancient people and it was instituted by God (during biblical-days).

In the same way, This removal of the 'left-sock' from the left-leg and itself covering the Lord's right leg is an OPEN SIGN to show the worldly people, that HE ( Shri. Lahari Krishna ) has completely CLAIMED AND REDEEMED the whole earth along with the "BRIDE" whom he had selected from among the earthly people !
Once Shri. Lahari Krishna went out preaching at a place called Naranamozhi in Kerala. After a great evening of preaching and praising Shri. Lahari Krishna and a pastor K.J. Thomas, a strong man were coming down the mountain side late in the night by a foot track. When they came to a place where the tracks branched, Shri. Lahari Krishna, who was in the lead, was about to take the wrong track when pastor Thomas from behind pushed him on to the proper track. In so doing the Pastor stepped on a cobra and was bitten. Had he not pushed Shri. Lahari Krishna, He would have been bitten by the reptile. The Pastor died that night of that snake bite.
This happened at that time when Shri. Lahari Krishna and His brother were conducting Spiritual Campaign at Vaigai Dam, about 150 miles away from the Ashram; During this time, suddenly Shri. Lahari Krishna FORE-KNEW that His dad would pass away the next day. So they wanted to rush home. On the way they came to the Ashram to collect money for the funeral ceremony. That day being a Sunday, there was no chance for realising any money. While they were still in a dilemma, -- just then a gentleman walked into the Ashram to repay a loan which he had taken from Shri. Lahari Krishna three years back. Thus, because they foreknew the death of Shri. Lahari Krishna's dad one day earlier, they could reach Nazareth in time to give their father a respectable funeral.
Once, in the Ashram, Bro. Aseer (Second son of Shri. Lahari Krishna) wanted to go out on some work and he consulted Shri. Lahari Krishna about it. Shri. Lahari Krishna asked him to take the van and go. But Bro. Aseer thought it better to take the car, against the Lord's wish. And when he was travelling in the car, ( within a short time ), as he was going on a stony road, all of a sudden, the car tyre sunk into the road and wouldn't budge an inch-although Bro. Aseer tried his best to take it out. He then came back to the Ashram and took the van and resumed his travel. This time he had no problem whatsoever. ( This incident is a type of an episode that happened at the Kurukshethra - battle field. When Karna aimed and sent his bow - "Naga-Astram" at Arjuna's head. But Shri. Krishna who was the chariot rider at that time pressed the chariot down with his foot and the wheel went one span into the ground thus making the bow miss Arjuna's head by a hair-breadth, in nick of time ) All praises to Lord Lahari whose words can never be disobeyed ! ! !
In the year 1979 there was a marrige arranged at Madras for one Mr. Rajkumar ( an ardent devotee of Shri. Lahari Krishna ). The bride's father was a friend of Shri. Lahari Krishna. And Shri. Lahari Krishna was invited for the marriage. But the people of the bride's home and all relatives and friends were denominational Christians who has also invited certain pastors for the marriage. These pastors were very hostile towards Shri. Lahari Krishna and did not honour him as they should. They took the prominent positions and completely ignored Shri. Lahari Krishna. Shri. Lahari Krishna never interfered in their function. But 'the nature' could not tolerate this injustice done to their Creator. -- So as the function was going on ( in the open grounds ) thick clouds started covering the place and a heavy shower of rain poured down on the people and scattered them all in different directions. All the sweets and savouries that they had prepared for the occasion were all washed away by the heavy rain. The whole function was a failure, because they neglected to honour the Great King, Shri. Lahari Krishna.
Once there was a meeting arranged by certain devotees of Shri. Lahari Krishna at a place called Koodankulam. But certain 'bad elements' in that area were against this idea and they had planned to disturb the meetings. So, during one of the days of the meeting, as one Mr. Thangadurai was speaking on the stage, a devil-possessed man ran up the dias and challenged Mr. Thangadurai abusing him very badly. At this moment Shri. Lahari Krishna went right up to the dias and caught hold of the devil-possessed man's hand. This slight touch of the Lord's hand, drove away all the evil spirits from him and he became a calm man. He lost his sense and he himself asked Shri. Lahari Krishna : "What must I do now ? ", to which Shri. Lahari Krishna pointed to him the road and asked him to go that way. That man implicitly obeyed and walked off in that direction without any further protest. He never came back again. In this manner, the Lord Himself prevented a great commotion and the meeting was a great success.
About 20 years back a man was acquainted with Shri. Lahari Krishna. He had a very large gathering at that time and was very popular with plenty of money, whereas Shri. Lahari Krishna was like an ordinary person without any gathering and without any money. He was spending his time only in reading the Holy-Scriptures and in Meditation. At this time this person used to mock at him saying: 'You are useless ! See my gathering and my wealth ! -- At this time Shri. Lahari had a vision in which he saw that 16 years later that fellow who mocked him would be in a very deplorable state. So He ( Shri. Lahari Krishna ) told him: We'll see 16 years later. At that time I'll laugh at you and that will be the death of you. The man took the challenge and went away. 16 years passed by. Shri. Lahari Krishna had by then become very popular and immensely blessed. And one day they both met each other at a marriage function. Shri. Lahari Krishna recognised that man and asked about his welfare. He said: I have lost all my riches and popularity and now I am working under a woman who is giving me a meagre salary. What you said has come true in my life. " Shri. Lahari Krishna just laughed at him. Within one week that man died as foretold by the Lord. All praise to Lord Lahari Krishna.
During one of his foreign trips in the early 'sixties, Shri. Lahari Krishna had an unique experience in America. At that time there was much colour-bar among the Americans and they never tolerated any black man to have prominence. Once, as Shri. Lahari Krishna was travelling on the streets he found two or three white men beating a negro. The Negro was a tall and hefty fellow but he was patiently bearing all the blows of the white men. He was bleeding all over and was about to faint when Shri. Lahari Krishna interfered and asked the Negro: "Why are you suffering like this ? " Why don't you beat these people back ? You are so strong. " The Negro replied: Do not prevent my blessings. The Lord Jesus has asked us to show the other cheek to the one who smites you on one cheek. I am obeying the Lord's command." Shri. Lahari Krishna said: You are a fool ! You have not properly understood the Lord's command. Now watch me.' So saying Shri. Lahari Krishna gave one punch to each of the white men and told them: Now you show me your other cheek. The white men replied: What is this new doctrine ? White man will never show his cheek to a black man. But Shri. Lahari Krishna told them: You have to show me your cheek because I beat you first.' So saying he thrashed them severely. The Negro who was bleeding all over witnessed this incident. His 'spiritual eyes' then suddenly opened and he realised the truth in Shri. Lahari Krishna's words. He immediately picked up courage and started to beat and chase away all the white men who ill-treated him. He then expressed his thanks to Shri. Lahari Krishna and worshipped Him.

Six years later, Shri. Lahari Krishna again visited the same place and there he was surprised to find a Negro-woman beating a white man with a chappal. He went and asked her: "Lady, why are you doing this ?". She replied : "Our Guru has taught us that this is the only way to overcome oppression. His Guru is an Indian ( by name LAHARI ) who opened our Guru's eyes to the truth while he was here six years back".

Shri. Lahari Krishna then remembered the incident and understood that the negro whom he had saved from the hands of the white men had become a great leader there acting on the words of Shri. Lahari Krishna. In this manner the blacks in America received great liberty and boldness by the timely intervention of Shri. Lahari Krishna.
When Shri. Lahari Krishna was working in the Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore, he was also in the part-time service of God. At this time he had an experience of God's protection. He used to go out on the streets of Vellore as early as four in the morning with his family and friends, singing and shouting. This annoyed many irreligious people in general and their champion 'Tiger' in particular. This 'Tiger' was a bad character and a dangerous man to confront. This man sent a warning to Shri. Lahari Krishna that he must not disturb him in the morning or else he would have to meet with the consequences. But Shri. Lahari Krishna and his group never paid the least attention to the threat but boldly went right up to his house, singing and praising God. His anger roused. Mr. Tiger came out screaming death and destruction, but was stopped by God's hand and he ran back into his house. It was through his son that they learnt later that his father Tiger went mad since that day and he was to be taken to the Mental Hospital in Kilpauk, Madras. The son accepted Shri. Lahari Krishna as his Guru and received "Guru-Deeksha" from him.
During one of Shri. Lahari Krishna's trip to the United States, he had the opportunity of mingling with certain rough elements in a place called Columbus. About forty negroes, ( all condemned criminals ) heard about Shri. Lahari Krishna and wanted to have a "darshan" of him. They always used to carry guns and shoot at any person who provoked them in the least. Their food mainly consisted of pig-meat and intoxicating drinks and cigarretes. Each negro was six feet tall and weighed nearly 200 pounds. When they invited Shri. Lahari Krishna to their place, His people were hesitant and they told him: "Be careful of these people ! They are notorious characters who wil do great harm even if slightly provoked". Then they went over to their place. Here they found that they were enjoying a feast of pig-meat and whisky and they welcomed Shri. Lahari Krishna enthusiastically. Then their leader told him: "Sir, we are all condemned criminals. We shoot people. We murder. Is there any hope for us ? Can we get the "Great Peace" which God gives ?". Shri. Lahari Krishna said: "Why not?" and He blessed them one by one by laying his hand on their heads. No sooner had he laid his hand on them, all the forty hefty negroes fell flat on the ground like dead corpses and were lying down in that manner for more than one hour. All the people who witnessed this incident became greatly afraid. Then after an hour, each one got up and were blessed again by Shri. Lahari Krishna. They immediately received the Great Joy and inexplicable shanti ( peace ) and they started jumping and singing like small children. A great peace had entered their hearts and they immediately threw away all their guns and surrendered themselves totally to Shri. Lahari Krishna and if any white people created trouble, they immediately came to his aid and warned the white men saying: "Shri. Lahari Krishna is the one who changed our lives and made us drop our guns. Now if you try to harm him, we will take back our guns and leave none of you alive ! So be careful" !

Then later they invited Shri. Lahari Krishna for a great feast of enjoyment to celebrate the "Great Peace" they had received; and all the forty Negroes received "Guru-Deeksha" from Shri. Lahari Krishna and became his ardent devotees. They are now very busy in the work of the Lord and are helping to spread the Great News that God is on the earth throughout the world ! All praises be to Lord Lahari Krishna for his eternal grace !
While in America, once, when Shri. Lahari Krishna and a few of his devotee were travelling by car, suddenly a commotion took place in that area and police surrounded the area and were stopping all the cars and vehicles for checking. A bank-robbery had taken place in that area and the police were busily engaged in tracing the culprits. Shri. Lahari Krishna's car was on the opposite side of the road and all the other vehicles and police were on the other side. The police tried their best to reach his car, but were not able to do so because a line of angels ( in the form of whirl-winds ) had surrounded Shri. Lahari Krishna's car and none of the police could cross the barrier which the "Whirlwinds" had set up between them.
Once certain business men came to Shri. Lahari Krishna for some transaction. They considered Shri. Lahari Krishna to be an ordinary man like them and thought of cheating him. They increased the cost of their materials and sold it. Shri. Lahari Krishna knew their cunningness and told his son: "I think that they are cheating us". These business people were then going back to their place in their car. But suddenly a strange thing happened to their car. It started some trouble and then the car began breaking and falling away part by part. The people inside began to get panicky and they realised their fault. They knew that God was punishing them for what they had done to Shri. Lahari Krishna. They came back to the Ashram to receive the blessings of Shri. Lahari Krishna and related to him their woeful experience begging his pardon. They presented him with jack-fruits and thanked him for showing mercy on them. And they returned the money that they had cheated from Him.
Once, a man ( of the 'Devar caste' ) being in a very poverty-stricken condition came to Shri. Lahari Krishna's house and asked for some help. Shri. Lahari Krishna took pity on him and gave him some grapes and said, "Eat this and prosper". The man took those fruits and went away thankfully. Many years later ( through the grace of the Lord ) this person became very rich and prosperous. Recently he met Shri. Lahari Krishna in a hotel and said: "Through your blessings I am now a great man". He then invited Shri. Lahari Krishna to this house. All his people were "Shakthi worshippers" ( i.e. those who worship the femaly deity ) and they were having a 'pooja' for Shakthi on that day. So they invited Shri. Lahari Krishna to participate in the pooja. He consented. Then at the end of ceremony, they gave the 'Kunkumam' ( Red powder ) to Shri. Lahari Krishna and asked him to place the 'Red Dot' on everyone's forehead. There is significance in giving this Kunkumam, because placing kunkumam on one's forehead means giving them 'Life'. So, Shri. Lahari Krishna blessed all these "Shakthi" people, by placing kunkumam on their foreheads and said: "OM SHAKTHI" ! OM' denotes the Supreme Lord who is Shri. Lahari Krishna Himself and only through him the Bride's people ( those who follow Shakthi's - the wife of the Lord ) are blessed. So OM is No.1 which is OM if placed in front of any number of zeros, the value of the number of zeros increase. In the same way, these people by repeating 'OM SHAKTHI' invoke the Supreme Lord to grant them the earthly blessings which they seek. All praise to Shri. Lahari Krishna who is OM.
As said earlier, the year 1969 was the time when Shri. Lahari Krishna began to openly proclaim Himself to the world as the King of the entire Universe. Since that time all the thrones of the kings have been overturned all of a sudden and every one who cnosidered themselves great lost their positions and were put to shame. There is no king as such ( with real power ) in any country now since 1969 ( except a few minor ones who have no real power ). This is an open sign to the people of the world to understand that the great King of kings and Lord of lords ( God Almighty Himself ) is present on this earth as an ordinary man ! And even today, we can find that anybody who exalts Himself to "that position" is immediately brought low by the hand of God. See the plight of all the present-day so-called religious and political leaders who claimed themselves to be Avatars of God. They all were made to lick the dust of Shri. Lahari Krishna's feet and most of them lost their lives even when they opposed Him or challenged Him. All praise to Shri. Lahari Krishna - the one who has truly come as the Supreme Judge - The Kalki Avatar !
This incident will inspire any people and put the fear of God into their hearts. Aong the many places that Shri. Lahari Krishna went to visit during his tour abroad, Mexico was one of them. But the Mexican Government did not permit Shri. Lahari Krishna to preach there. They put some restrictions so that he could not do much work there. Shri. Lahari Krishna just returned back and before doing so, he removed his shoes and wiped off the dust of his feet for the sake of judgement. After he reached homeland, it was known through the news broadcast that a terrible volcanoe had erupted in Mexico and consumed about 50,000 people in no time ! Such is God's judgement !
This is one of the acts of the Supreme Lord which no human being dare imitate. During the 1987 Spiritual Conference at Manujothi Ashram, India, Shri. Lahari Krishna HOISTED the KINGDOM FLAG ( also called as LOVE FLAG ) as a sign to the whole world that the Kingdom of God ( Dharma-Yuga ) has come ! It is also a warning to the enemies of God to be very careful and humble themselves left they be destroyed ( rather totally annihiliated ) by thr FIRE of His mouth.

The Royal Flag is in saffron bearing the VISHNU-CHAKRAM ( The six-pointed star ) in the centre with a rainbow around it; there is also a white strip on the top ( which denotes heaven or vaikuntam) and a green strip at the bottom ( which denotes the Truth which springs from the earth ). The six-pointed star denotes Heaven and earth joining together in NARAYANA ( Shri. Lahari Krishna ). Wherever this Flag of the King of kings is hoisted , there is prosperity and all blessings. No enemy dare oppose the devotees of Lord Lahari Krishna who have hoisted this Great Flag in their homes.

By hoisting this Flag on the earth, Shri. Lahari Krishna has established the DHARMA YUGA ( MILLENIUM OR REIGN OF PEACE ) on the earth ! So from now onwards Judgement has started striking all those who oppose this ministry of the Supreme Lord ( either directly or indirectly ) and they are removed from the scene in no time.
So, we, the devotees of the Supreme Lord ( Lahari ) urge all God's people all over the world to unite under the Royal Flag ( hoisted by the Supreme Lord Himself ) and seek refuge at His Most Holy Feet !
This incident happened in order to greatly increase the faith of the devotees of Shri. Lahari Krishna.

Once Shri. Lahari Krishna went to Tirunelveli from the Ashram in order to pay some bills and also to buy newspapers for the Ashram. But after paying all the bills, he found that he had no money for the newspapers. He needed about Rs.50/- to buy the newspapers, as well as other articles. But he had no money in his pockets and it was a very crucial moment. Shri. Lahari Krishna was sitting in a shop wondering what to do. He could not borrow any money from others because that was against his principle.

So, at this very moment, suddenly a very strange thing happened which had never happened so far. All of a sudden, a 50-Rs. currency note materialised into his hands from thin air ! ! A moment ago it was not there but was suddenly created out of nothing ! Shri. Lahari Krishna took the note of currency and purchased the necessary articles. This incident is a small thing to show to the devotees of the Supreme Lord ( in a small measure ) that He has the power to create things out of nothing and can perform any impossibility !
( a ) Earlier in his life, one morning a man came running to Shri. Lahari Krishna and cried saying: "Ayyah, my wife is dead and there is a wedding in the house this evening. Please come and pray". Shri. Lahari Krishna went to the house of mourning and as he touched the body with HIS HAND, "LIFE" from Him entered the woman and she sat up ALIVE the began to speak !

( b ) Rev. Jothipackiam, an inmate of Manujothi Ashram, aged around 75 years fell preaching one day in the meeting on July 26, 1983. He was dead and the body was so cold. There were many people in the Service witnessing this. Shri. Lahari Krishna touched him and felt the coldness of the dead body. Everyone including Dr. Oliver ( a famous doctor ) declared that he was dead. But the Great Lord immediately rebuked the death, placing HIS HAND over the body. Immediately the Life came back into the body of Rev. Jothipackiam and he slowly got up and praised God.

( c ) Recently, an old man Paulayya from Vijayawada was in the Ashram. One day, while he was near a well, because of some heart trouble, he suddenly fell dead and was lying near the well. The near-by people saw his corpse and informed Shri. Lahari Krishna that the old man was dead. The Paramatma Shri. Lahari Krishna walked up to the well about two furlongs from the main building. He touched the dead body and commanded life to enter the body and came back. After about 20 minutes, Paulayya the dead man got up completely restored and came walking to the main building to meet Shri. Lahari Krishna and to thank him for raising him from the dead !

For all these incidents there are many eye-witnesses ! These incidents of raising the dead are a type ( or a sample ) of how the Lord will soon bring to life all the true saints of God who all along the ages had been standing true and loyal to Him and who were faithful to Him till the very end. All those who sacrificed their lives for the cause of Truth ( from the time of creation, which is not 6000 years ago but millions and millions of years ago ) will be brought to life again to attain the "Glorious Liberty" promised to the "Children of God". -- Eternal Life !
( a ) Bro. Solomon is a prominent member of the Manujothi Ashram. He is the one who purchases the rations needed for the Ashramites. So one day, while he was discussing with Shri. Lahari Krishna regarding buying of rice, Shri. Lahari Krishna told him not to buy the rice that day from the ration shop, ( but to buy it some other time elsewhere ). But Bro. Solomon instead of heeding to these words, because the cost of the rice was cheaper ( in the ration shop ) went boldly and purchased the rice. He was on his way back to the Ashram carrying the rice bag on his bi-cycle.

At this time, the Lord wanted to teach him a good lesson. So he worked out a way. Two persons ( among whom one was lame in one hand ) were going by a bi-cycle to see a cinema show ( at Mukkudal ). They were coming in the opposite direction and since it was dark in the night, they were unable to spot Bro. Solomon who was coming from the other side with the great load of rice. Within a short time they banged headlong into him, bringing down, Bro. Solomon and injured his nose very badly and left him wounded all over and in a bleeding condition. He was lying in this condition for quite some time when a bullock cart from Manujothi Ashram passed by that way. They spotted him there and carried him immediately to the hospital for treatment. Bro. Solomon's nose took quite some time to heal !


Shri. Lahari Krishna had once purchased certain horses for the Ashram and also a horse-cart. Bro. Dayavu used to sometimes ride these horses and train them. They were then attached to the cart and was made to go to and fro. Once while Bro. Dayavu was getting ready to go for one such trip Shri. Lahari Krishna casually told him to be careful lest the horse-cart dismantles. Bro. Dayavu went along his business without paying much attention to these words.

But exactly as Shri. Lahari Krishna told him, suddenly ( on the way to Maranthai -- a nearby village ) the horse became excited and the cart dismantled and toppled over throwing out the occupants headlong. They fell down heavily bruised. Only then they remembered the words of Shri. Lahari Krishna and realised that every little word of the Lord is not simply said casually but with a definite reason and purpose.
In Manujothi Ashram, which is the 'abode' of Shri. Lahari Krishna a young boy by name Lechanna was bitten by a viper ( a very poisonous snake ). Within half an hour, his body became ice-cold and he was frothing at the mouth. He was carried to the hospital immediately. But the doctors on seeing his condition gave up all hopes of recovery and said that he would die immediately. Shri. Lahari Krishna was at the side of the boy. The boy looked up and said : 'If you are with me, I don't fear anything'. The Lord placed 'HIS HAND' on the ice-cold body, on the chest. Within a few moments, that particular part of the body began getting warm. On seeing this miracle, the doctors gaining courage at once attached all necessary gadgets to the body, and the boy, within a few hours became quite normal again !
We, the devotees of the Almighty Lord, "LAHARI KRISHNA", are presenting these selected episodes ( from the earthly life of the Supreme Lord ) to all the people of the whole world - especially to all God's people who are earnestly waiting for the "KALKI MAHA AVATAR" ( or Second Coming of JESUS or the coming of IMAM MAHADI ) to appear on the scene at this time ( End of Kali Yuga ). We, therefore, boldly proclaim to the whole world that the Great Supreme Lord ( Narayana Himself ) has really come down to the earth in Humble Human Form, leading the life of an ordinary man since 24-2-1921.

A few of the main incidents in His Life are highlighted for the people of God to understand the purpose of HIS VISIT to this earth. Shri. Lahari Krishna has truly come as the Judge of the World and is the Redeemer of His chosen and Beloved people all over the world.

So, do not delay any further, but respond to This CALL of God and surrender at His Most Holy Feet ! Receive the inexplicable Shanti ! and have your KARMA removed by the TOUCH of His Divine Hand. Attain Jeevan Mukthi ( Life Without Death ) by surrendering yourselves totally to Him. For further details and information please click on "Contact details" available at the top / bottom portion of every web page.