God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
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1. These Scripture-Study-Classes are being conducted ENTIRELY FREE OF COST, made AVAILABLE TO ALL people who are interested in it, and is COMMON for people of all faiths and all walks of life irrespective of any difference in caste, creed, religion, language, age, sex or nationality.

2. Genuine interested and great Spiritual thirst and love for the true knowledge of God ( for the only purpose of 'GOD-REALISATION') is the only qualification needed for attending these classes.

3. The student or bhakta should always be REGULAR and PUNCTUAL for the classes at the alloted time and place which will be informed in advance.

4. 'LIVE AND LET-LIVE' is our policy. DO NOT ENSLAVE ANYONE AND DO NOT BE ENSLAVED BY ANYONE is our Motto. There will be no COMPULSION made whatsoever to accept the 'TRUTH OF GOD' given in the Study-Classes.

5. Vain-pride, Caste-pride, Religions-pride, Pride of money, Education, Fame and all Self - ego, Selfishness, etc., should be utterly forsaken and forgotten in this sincere search for 'God-Realisation'.

6. No student should have any dealings whatsoever with other co-students without the permission or instruction given by the disciple-in-charge. Teasing, Ragging or Bossing attitude, showing off nature, etc., should strictly be avoided. Strict disciplinary behaviour should be followed during the classes. In case of any misbehaviour, the student concerned will be dismissed from the class and will have to forfeit this rare opportunity.

7. Priceless and invaluable REAL WISDOM OF GOD and great Spiritual-experiences will be given out and shared during these classes progressively, step by step in each class according to the Spiritual-Progress of the groups concerned. This will be a real PRECIOUS TREASURE for any real and sincere seeker of God. Therefore the students are asked not to miss any of the classes but follow every class regularly.

8. Students can ask any of their doubts or questions freely without any inhibition whatsoever and all questions and doubts will be answered and cleared either during the class or after the class.

Please Note:

In case of any confidential-doubt or question, the student can contact the disciple-in-charge after Class-hours. Such matters will be kept strictly confidential by the disciple-in-charge. Special Prarthana will also be made for certain intricate problems and entanglement in life.

a) Classes will be conducted ORALLY by the disciple or full-time worker concerned, and study-notes will be provided. Personal individual attention will be given to assess the Spiritual-Progress of each student.

b) You should come prepared with your note books ( or diary ), pen and relevant Vedas.

c) Vedas like Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavatham, Bhavishya-Purana, Upanishads, Bible and Koran will be referred upon frequently.

d) Short tests and quiz programmes will also be conducted as and when necessary.

e) Place of study: There will be no fixed or permanent place of study since we have to cater to the facility of students all over the city. Therefore a suitable 'place of study' will be selected according to the necessity of the group concerned. Mostly the classes will be conducted as:

i) OPEN-AIR-CLASSES in natural surroundings in any convenient common place of gathering without disturbance ( like Dr. Natesan Park, Thiru V.K. Park, Gandhi Mandapam, Anna Nagar Tower, Children's Park - Guindy, Vandalur Zoo, Marina Beach, terrace of any Bhakta where accomodation and the apt atmosphere is available.

The place of study will be determined and fixed by the full-time worker concerned ( as situation permits ) - and will be informed to the students during the classes.

The students will adapt themselves to this common way of living comfortably within a few days.

If any of the students' group require better accomodation and facility, all members of that group ( on permission of the disciple-in-charge ) can get together and arrange for a rented room at any suitable place of gathering.

9. No student should leave the class in-between or before time without permission from the disciple-in-charge. And no outsider will be allowed to intrude or disturb the concentration or the students during class hours.

10. Common and community-way of living ( in the true spirit of love for all God's creation ) should be adopted by the students and no selfishness should be exhibited in any way.

11. The students should voluntarily submit themselves totally under the CARE and GUIDANCE of the disciple-in-charge exhibiting good-manners, humility and implicit obedience ( thro' Love of God ).
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