God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
This Great-Good-News is for ALL TRUE HINDUS IN INDIA who worship the one and only Almighty-God as "SHRIMAN NARAYANA" and through many other "THATHUVAM FORMS" and who sincerely await God's personal coming in this terrible period of Adharma and Violence !
The Almighty-God, who is called and worshipped by various names like NARAYANA or ALLAH or CHRIST-JESUS or GANAPATHY etc., has already come down in His Original Human Form and has been revealing Himself to His true people ( since July 21st 1969 - the First Moon Landing Day ).
The Almighty God Himself has come down in SOUTH-INDIA in His Own Personal name "LAHARI" and in His Own Human Form as an ordinary Man. ( Birth : 24th of February, 1921. Native Place: Nazareth, Tirunelveli District ).
For the past 20 years ( from the First Moon Landing Day, i.e. from 1969 - 1989 ) He has secretly REVEALED HIMSELF to His people through all the VEDAS and SCRIPTURES given by HIM in all religions. He has also corrected all the false-additions, changes and interpolations made in the Vedas by the false people and enemies of God ( all through the Ages ) in order to surreptitiously BLACK-OUT this Great Truth of GOD COMING IN HUMAN FORM !
On 3rd of October, 1987, LORD LAHARI KRISHNA has personally established THE DHARMA YUGA on earth by raising HIS LOVE-FLAG ( the Vishnu Chakra ) as His Royal Symbol.
On 24th February, 1989, Lord Lahari Krishna after enacting a Great-Divine feat on earth, has entered into HIS SPIRITUAL DIMENSION assuming HIS FULL POWER and POSITION as ALMIGHTY GOD (Deathless NARAYANA) !
MEDITATE ON LORD LAHARI KRISHNA - the Almighty God - our Creator - and repeat His Most Holy Name "LAHARI" every morning between 4:30 & 6:00 a.m. and ask for HIS PERSONAL DHARSHAN which He gives NOW to every sincere Bhakta in your own house or room !
LORD LAHARI KRISHNA removes "the KARMA" of all who surrender themselves totally at HIS FEET and He grants MAHA-SHANTHI and HAPPINESS in life which He alone can do.
The Life-Giving-Messages and Teachings of LORD LAHARI KRISHNA given direcly IN HIS VOICE will enlighten your understanding and prepare you for JEEVAN-MUKTHI ( Life without Death ) which the Lord grants NOW to all his sincere devotees, before the terrible destruction that is to fall on all the wicked people of this earth !
Leave all your own thinking and imaginations about God and forsake all man-made dharmas, traditions, rituals etc., and surrender yourself heart and soul totally at the feet of the One-True-God "LORD LAHARI KRISHNA" who has NOW come in search of YOU -- YOU SPECIALLY ! The true people of God will not identify themselves with any particular religion, caste or community. COME OUT OF ALL RELIGIOUS AND CASTE-BARRIERS ! and fail not to realise your Creator-God who appears as an ordinary man hiding WITHIN HIMSELF all His Power and Glories !
Do not be deceived by any of the present day false religious heads and so called holy-people ( who have no scriptural foundation ) whose main aim is to attract a crowd of people and deceiving them through 'cheap-tricks by evil-spirits' for the sake of fame, money and other luxuries of the perishable world.

There are many such imposters of "The Kalki Maha Avatar " who falsely claim themselves as GOD. All such false-leaders and all their groups will soon be totally destroyed direcly through the FIRE from the Mouth of LORD LAHARI KRISHNA ! Don't get caught in any such deceptions but realize the TRUE GOD - "LAHARI" in your life and PLEASE DON'T MISS HIM AT ANY COST ! !
This message is declared openly by : "LAHARI-KRISHNA-PEOPLE" ( Bhaktas and Devotees of Lord Lahari Krishna all over the world )
OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
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