God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
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OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
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The House of Jacob repeatedly refused "The waters of Shiloh that geoth slowly" - (V.6). Slow, because everytime we should consult through Tabernacle way to know God's guidance, and we have to wait patiently for God's move; but human impulse is to move quickly and do something fast. As the house of Jacob was moved by (quick) human impulse rather than God's (slow) guidance, God wanted to destroy them by the Assyrian who comes as the Waters of the river, strong and many - (V.7). "And the stretching out of his wings shall fill the breadth of thy land, O Immanuel" - (V.8). Immanuel means 'God with us' - (Matt. 1 : 23). The curse was such that even in foreign countries they shall be broken in pieces - that is, far outside in distant countries - even though they associate and gird themselves - (V. 9). They will counsel together, but all their counsel will come to nought; they will speak the word and it shall not stand; for God is with us - that is, with the House of David -- (V.10). The East is full of scattered Jews - (good figs - Jer. 24 : 1 - 7); but the curse will make it impossible for them to unite till the Son of David comes. The seed has shifted from the Tribe of Judah to the House of David. So Immanuel : God with us - with the House of David.
[ R. P. LAWRIE ]
The stage is set for the Coming Down of the Dragon pushed out from Heaven - (Rev. 12 : 7 - 9), and for the Son of David being caught up to the Throne of God - (Rev. 12 : 4 - 5). Jesus said, I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven - (Luke 10 : 18). Now the Dragon is before the Woman. One part of the Woman (Bride Tree) is totally on the Word of God with eyes open and clear revelation trusting the Lord. The other part of the Woman, being not totally on the word of God, will be so influenced by the Dragon causing a division among the Bride. I know that you Bride Members, are all feeling the presence of the Dragon before you to church the issue and compel you to prove whether you are totally for the Word of God, or whether for the sake of popularity and money you are only partly on the Word, and so not standing the test of loyalty. This is the time when it is much spoken of by the people asking everyone to compromise and get on with the people, spreading a false notion of LOVE; but this is LOVE without any foundation on the Word, and it is only Love for selling the truth.

O Bride of Immanuel : This UNION supposed to be a great union of the Churches is NOT OF GOD BUT IS A STAGE FOR THE DRAGON TO STEP IN SOON. YOU ARE WARNED. Let us therefore, believe God fully and follow His Word. I was very much worried about the silent oppostion meted out by the so-called believers who never regard the Word of God as final authority, and silently the Lord brought out the Confederacy - Vs. 11 - 12. "The Lord spake thus to me with a strong hand and instructed me that I should not walk in the way of this people, saying, SAY YE NOT, A CONFEDERACY, TO ALL THEM TO WHOM THIS PEOPLE SHALL SAY, A CONFEDERACY".

'Confederacy' means conspiracy. Bible dictionaries interpret it as, make a conspiracy or unlawful (unholy) alliance. Girt together for stronger work of treason against throne. Unions either big or rivals (small unions like the C.S.I., C.N.I., etc) or big unions like the World Council of Churches or the Papal stronghold are all confederies, but they won't like others to call them so. But of fear that they might be disrupted, they deny and plan all sorts of ingenious human schemes to keep themselves together and put up a show of strong and consolidated unity. But they won't stand even a single test of real unity. They talk because of fear. We should not talk about this Union as a Union at all. YES, DO NOT recognise it. It is a union like hundreds of gooseberries or lemons or apples put together and tied tight in a sack. They appear united when the sack is tight. Once the sack is loosened, all the gooseberries or lemons or apples with roll off and go their own way , each one separately - no two of them will go together. So there is no inner working of the Lord in that unity.
1. Do not own or regard this as a union at all but take it only as a collection of dead stones without life.
2. They do it with fear, but you be not afraid - (V. 12) - (Refer also to Isaiah 41 : 5 & 6).
3. Sanctify the Lord of Hosts himself and not anybody else, saying: Victory in the Blood of the Lamb - (V. 13). We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb.
4. Let the Lord of Hosts be your fear and your dread - (V.13).
5. He shall be for a Sanctuary - (V.14) (protected place - like a bird sanctuary) to the Bride.
6. He shall be for a stone of stumbling and for a rock of offence, and for a gin and for a snare for all the others - (V. 14) - (Except the Bride) - No one who come into the Holy of Holies can come out safely - Many shall stumble and be broken and shall be snared and be taken - (V. 15).
This is God's advice to those who know the Lord. Do stand boldly to the advice of the Lord. Do not flinch at the seemingly great outward opposition.

Where will this lead the people at the end ? Where will we be led ? If we are not clear about this we will also go the majority way. David was a little boy, when the Philistines came against Israel; and though King Saul was ready to stand against the multitudes of Philistines, everyone in his army is afraid of the seemingly immovable giant, Goliath, and they want to run away. But the Anointed of the Lord, that is David (secretly) comes boldly to attack the leader of the enemy of God's people; and see how God protects His seed. Wake up O! Bride of Immanuel and make other sleepy saints to wake up and get ready, because now is the time; otherwise it will be too late. God comes down at this time; and so God's people should be in His Sanctuary; they must get a revelation of the Lord of Hosts in His Sanctuary and go into it; and then they get the faith that any opposition cannot stand against the Holy of Holies and anyone coming against it will be totally destroyed unless he has a Levitical call; but for Israel and Judah, they stumble and are caught in. But, because there is no mercy to present day denominational Christians, many will fall - (V. 15).

Bind up the Testimony and seal the law among my disciples - (V.16). The disciples of Jesus and others in His time did not get the full revelation of many things, as they were sealed; even the secret of crucifixion was hidden. Though some had a clear idea, they were asked to seal it, like John the Revelator, for nearly 2000 years. The Seed has withdrawn the substance from the House of David. The Spirit of Truth in the prophet cannot see the seed and says "I will wait upon the Lord that hideth his face from the house of Jacob and I will look for him" - (V.17). The royal seed of David is hidden for a while. We must believe the prophets as they see everything as far as the Lord God allows it. The prophet says that he and those who stand with him - (V.18) - actually it is the Spirit of the Lord God which speaks - I and the children whom the Lord has given me (that is the Bride and Bridegroom) are for signs and wonders in Israel from the Lord of Hosts which dwelleth in Mount Zion - (V.18); Mount Zion is Mount of God's Righteousness. Wherever they are, they are for people as signs of what they believe; but at this time the Lord of Hosts is dwelling in zion - after the first-moonlanding day.

The so-called great unions will be under a delusion at this time and will talk about great gospel campaigns without paying the spiritual price of the Word but under the lemon or gooseberry or apple union. They do not know what they are haunted with; See what the Bible says in 2 Thes. 2 : 10 - 12: "They received not the love of the truth (Truth has already come) that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie that they all might be damned who believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness".

These deceived people in this union, they think they are filled with the Holy Spirit - (Charismatic move - but the Holy Spirit falls on sanctified souls only). Remember that the Son of God's Spirit is the Holy Spirit, making them call 'Father' but will not make them come against the Son of God himself and that is the sign. If they are not blind, they will not curse their King and their God - (V.21); but they will tell others in their union. "When they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter, should not a people seek unto their God" - (V.19). They do not have the real Spirit of God. For the living and the real Spirit will not come under their union. This Catholic and Protestant Unity will bring about all the "Fowls of the Air" under them, which they will call the great move of God. DO NOT BE DECEIVED. They cannot gather the corn but will gather only the tares. Now they are bundling up the tares.

The Lord is telling His Bride to go to the law and to the testimony - (V. 20). If they (the Unionists) speak not according to the Law, it is because there is no light in them - (V. 20). What a Pity !!! If you visit a Mental Hospital, the inmates behind the bars will call and ask the visitor, Are you mad ? Just like that, these Unionists call us mad, because we do not go with them against the Word; and by calling us mad, they prove that they are behind the prison bars of Satan. We preach now to the souls in Prison. If anyone does not speak according to the Word of God, he has no light in him. They are to be pitied rather than condemned. Even though they gather great crowds, they will have no strength as we will have bcause, unlike them, we stand for the Word. Watch closely the moves of the so-called unionists or world council of churches and others affiliated with them, even pentecostals and so-called "saved groups".

This is a very important hour for the "eyes - opened" people, but they have no light to see even though they pass through the land. They have no spiritual food and they starve, When they starve to the extreme they get a fretting nature to attack everybody with every weapon they have, like literature and magazines; and because their blindness has come to the full stature of "total eclipse", they curse their King and their God - He is come down and dwells with them (Immanuel) but they will now look upward saying, shouting and singing sweetly, He is coming soon in the Air. They have missed the whole thing; and now they curse their king and their God inside the King and sin the unforgivable sin against the Throne - Sin against the Holy Ghost and according to Jude 1 : 14 - 16, by "All their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him" - Judgement falls on them for this only and there is no remedy.

All these people were once proclaiming about the secret of Second Coming but now very nicely they have omitted it. So they will look up certainly for the Second Coming, which is in fact the Third Coming on Mount Olives. There are three comings, but now the Christians have swallowed the Second Secret Coming. First, Jesus comes for the Bride, secondly He comes to take the Bride and thirdly He comes with the Bride. The Christians do not know what coming they are talking about; they are blinded like whitewashed sepulchres. The mystery of glorification is always sealed. When they are looking up for the Second or Third Coming, actually the Second Coming is about to be finished and the Bride is ready for the take off. There is a great commotion as the Second Coming is finished, and when they hear something glorious has been finished they look down. Between the first look upward and then "they look unto earth" (downward), something has happened for the Bride which the others (unionists) have missed.

What do these "tares" see ? They see "trouble (burning the tares and chaff) and darkness, dimness of anguish : and THEY SHALL BE DRIVEN TO DARKNESS" - (V. 22). SEE their end. They are actually driven. This is the Tribulation (Second Tribulation at the end-time). The first tribulation (Martyrdom) of the disciples after the crucifixion was for standing for Jesus and for His truth; but now the tribulation is for rejecting Jesus by the Tares. They miss the 1000 years reign and have no blood as cover for their sins. The High Priest has finished his work and now he is the King & Priest according to the Order of Melchisedec.
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