God has come down to earth in Human form.  This is for real.  His Original Name is "Shri. Lahari Krishna" ( commonly called as Shreeman Narayana (or) Allah (or) Christ-Jesus )

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( Millions and millions of years ago )








Shreeman Narayana (or) Allah (or) Christ Jesus


   P R E F A C E

If (by the divine grace of the Master) you are granted a chance to read this Message, we urge you dear Reader, to please first bear in mind that GOD IS ONE although, He is worshipped by various common-names like Sreman Narayana, Allah or Christ Jesus etc. This Message contains very valuable and precious truth about that one Great God who is the Creator and Father of us all !. The Supreme Original HUMAN FORMof God Almighty - SREEMAN NARAYANA (photo) is also presented to you side by side so that you may not be misled by other people (greedy of money and fame) and who may falsely claim themselves to be gods. But all the SACRED SCRIPUTRES and VEDAS spreak only about one person - "SHRI LA-HARI" and all these Holy books (like Bhagavad-Gita, KORAN, BHAVISHYA-PURANA, BIBLE etc.,) tell us very clearly & vividly as to how we can FIND and IDENTIFY this "SUPREME MASTER" !. This Message is presented to you in a very simple manner so that everyone of us may be benefited thereby !


(Disciples and Devotees of LORD NARAYANA - Gurudev. LAHARI KRISHNA)


          The Supreme purusha SHREEMAN NARAYANA has personally visited us (on planet Earth) in His Original Human Form between 24.2.1921 and 24.2.1989 (for a very shbort period of 68 years). During this period he has personally revealed to us HIS GREAT LOVE and HIS ALMIGHTY POWERS ! Most of His sermons and Messages are recorded by us on magnetic tapes. Hence today we have the greatest previlege of hearing  GOD'S OWN VOICE directly thro' these tapes. His most Holy Original "Human-Form" is also taken on Video Cassettes (and numerous photographs) recorded during various important occasions. These tapes and photographs will be of great help to those who have not had an opportunity of meeting the "Supreme Purusha" when He was moving among us VISIBLY as an ordinary human being. The Supreme Purusha 'Shri Lahari Krishna' has now transformed Himself into a different dimension INVISIBLE to our eyes since 24.2.1989. Therefore all those who now desire to see HIM should "MEDITATE" on Him everyday with great Love and Devotion ! Gurudev Shri Lahari Krishna will immediately give His "Dharshan" to such sincere people and speak to them personally !

          Hence today we have the greatest previlege of meeting our God inour own place (in our own homes) by His Sheer Grace. No mediator is necesssary to take us to God since God Himself comes down so low (as an ordinary Human Being) and meets us in our own level. He is is all powerful and hence he can disappear or transform Himself at anytime He desires. His All powerful GLORIOUS - form cannot be seen by us and we would all perish if God appears to us in His Almighty Glorious Form. Therefore the Supreme Purusha hides all his divine powers and glories (within himself) and appears to as a normal human being so that we can approach Him without any fear ! See the Great Love of God ! He has left his Most Honourable position and has come down in search of us to relieve us from all miseries (sorrows) of this world and take us with Him to Vaihundam (Heavenly - Planet) without death !! This is the main purpose of His Final visit on planet Earth, before destrouing all the wicked people who have rejected Him. The wicked people include not only those who take Adharma and Violence (judgement) into thier own hands but also all the so-called religious people and leaders who falsely claim themselves to be "Avatars" in this age ! Hence this Message itself us a great warning to all such false man-made gods and their followers ! Beware of such false religious people and flee from their groups and organisations immediately ! Seek the True God "SHRI LAHARI KRISHNA" and meditate on Him individually in your own house. He will surely hear and answer your prayers because HE IS THE LIVING GOD !! He will take away all your fears and grant you the Great "MAHA SHANTHI" (by removing all your KARMA thro' the touch of His Powerful Hand) !! The "happiness" which He gives you cannot be explained in words but can only be experinced, personally ! If you seek for happiness and satisfation elsewhere you will only be bitterly disapppointed. Hence start meditating on Him from today onwards ! (If you need his sermons and "Messages of Life" please write to us and we shall be happy to send you the same thro' post or E-mail)


          The Difference Between "Avatars" of previous Ages and Sreeman Narayana-SHRI LAHARI KRISHNA--who has come now down in our midst in this Kali-Yuga ! ( 20 th Century )

          Firstly we should very clearly understand that "SHRI LAHARI KRISHNA" (Our dear Master and Guru) is NOT an Avatar or a prophet or a great Bhakta or Man of God. He is the ALMIGHTY GOD-LORD Narayana Himself who has directly and personally come to this earth; (in His OWN Original BODY and Form) ! He is the One who sent all the 'Avatars'and 'Prophets' in each age to preach and convey His messages to us. Finally (at the end of this Kali Yuga, NARAYANA HIMSELF has come down in "Humble human form" to redeem us totally from all the present worldly bondages (of 5 senses) and take us with Him to Vaihundam by changing our bodies into "glorious-bodies" (by which we can travel to Heaven without Death along with Him. No prophet or Avatar can take us to Vaihundam or grant us the "Glorious, Deathless-Bodies" Sreeman Narayana alone can do this since He is All powerful and absolutely Holy ! Hence He is our one and only Hope today. The age of avatars and prophets is finished. This is the Final age called Kali Yuga. According to all Sacred scriptures and vedas the Almighty Lord Himself has to be personally present among us in Humble Human form". All these prophecies have been fulfilled to the very letter today by GURUDEV SHRI LAHARI KRISHNA !!

No other person can claim this position today and if any person does so be sure that he is only an imposter and a chear. Do not be deceived by outward appearances shown by such people who poise themselves to be "Holy by wearing white robes or "Kaavi" (Saffron) - They are deceivers. They want fame and popularity and their only aim is to plunder your money through various gimmicks. So beware of such people ! Believe all the sacred scriptures given to us by various Avatars and prophets (all along the ages) sent to us by Lord Narayana. Now, Lord Narayana Himself is present among us in order to guide us personally ! We hope that you now understand the difference between an "AVATAR and LORD NARAYANA" coming in His Own body. Please note the few main differences given below:




I. An Avatar of prophet is an ordinary human being chosen and sent to us by Lord Narayana in each age. They have 1/7th of the Spirit of Lord Narayana. Shri. Lahari Krishna although appearing as a human being is not a man but GOD HIMSELF ! He is the "Sender" of all avatars and prophets.
II.  All avatars die after their time and purpose on earth are completed. Shri Lahari Krishna has no begining and no end. Therefore HE has no death (at any stage) and He can never be destroyed.
III. An avatar or prophet conveys to us the thoughts or messages of God and we have them recorded in the form of "Sacred Scriptures" like Bhagavad Gita, Quoran & Bible etc. Shri Lahari Krishna is the "Author" of all sacred scriptures. Therefore He alone can reveal to us the hidden secrets of the Vedas. No other human being has this authority.
IV. An avatar cannot remove our KARMA and grant us the Maha Shanthi (Peace) Shri Lahari Krishna removes Karma and grants to us Maha-Shanthi (Peace) and Happiness.
V. An avatar cannot grant us Eternal life (Death-lessness) The Avatars are not all powerful ! Shri Lahari Krishna is ALL-POWERFUL therefore He alone can grant us Eternal Life (Death-lessness by changing our vile bodies into glorious-bodies !

(Here is a brief sketch which shows how God acted in every age or Yuga.)



(or Allah or Christ Jesus)

I. Beginning of Creations (of Heaven and Earth and all people)
II.  "AADHI-BALI" (Supreme Sacrifice performed by Lord Narayana Himself)
III. Angelic-Age (Age of avatars) (Millions of years) -Advent of Shri. Krishna, Rama etc.
IV. A great Destruction by flood (Jala-Pralayam)
V. Second Creation or re-plenishing the earth (for 6000 years)-six dispensations
VI. Final coming of LORD NARAYANA HIMSELF (and humbling Himself upto the point of death as a total human being and raising again having all-power !)
VII. Establishment of Dharma-Yuga ! (Righteous Reign)
































































          The "Secret of ADHI-BALI" is a great mystery kept hidden SINCE the foundation of the world and is now revealed to us by the Supreme-Purusha-(Shri. Lahari Krishna Himself) for our blessing and prosperity !!

          Before knowing "the secret of Adhi-Bali" we should first ask ourselves the following questions: What is the cause of all the present miseries and sorrows of mankind ? Why are we suffering so much on this earth due to various difficulties like sickness, worries, fear and death ? What is the reason for all this curse on us ? Surely God has not created us to live a life of misery and finally die and perish. Is there any "Remedy" that can uplift us from this trouble some and cursed-dirty human life ? We should first start thinking on these lines. Only then can we arrive at the right answer.

          When God Almighty created everything (or even before that) He know all that was going to happen from the beginning to the end; (thro His great fore-knowledge). He knew that we would finally "FALL" to this lowest level of beasts and get caught in the "cage of 5 senses (Human body) and miserable Human life from which we can never escape through our own efforts. (Own efforts means even by performing Yoga and severe penance etc.) Hence GOD has already prepared a "REMEDY" for all of us (by his grace and fore-knowledge) since the foundation of the world. If we can know and understand what this Remedy is and its great significance, then we can easily attain our glorious-original position (glorious-Body) in which we were originally existing before our fall ! If we do not know this secret we will all perish like beasts (one generation after another) without any hope. It is the great Love and Grace of our Master and Guru SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA that has brought Him to such a low level to be born on this earth as an ordinary human being like us. Words cannot express His Humility and Love for us! And from the time of his birth on the earth (that is from 24.2.1921) through his own life as a human being (as a living example) He has been progressively revealing to us all the hidden secrets of the Vedas and (Scriptures) by which we can attain HIM-the source of all blessings !! This "Secret of Adhi-Bali" is the great mystery revealed directly to us by the Supreme Lord Himself in the year 1986. All glory be to His Most Holy Name !


          Most of us believe that we came into existence only from the day or time of our birth on this earth. And hence we celebrate our birthday and also record the day of death. But we forget to realise the great truth that we all had a great and glorious "Pre-existence" with God even millions and millions of years before we were born on this earth. That "pre-existence" was our First beginning" when the Supreme Purusha (Shri. Lahari Krishna) created all of us through HIS MOUTH. At that time we were all existing in Glorious Bodies (not this present flesh-blood and bones body) and were living on the earth (or a place called paradise) since the foundation of the world-that is, after the foundation had been laid by the Supreme Purusha. Wer were not in existence before the FIRST BORN ! We should clearly understand this point.

          Before 'Creation' began, there was only "one person" existing by Himself and he is none else but our GOD ALMIGHTY-SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA ! He has no creator. Therefore he is called as the "SELF-EXISTENT ONE" And His "Original form" in which He exists from the very beginning is "THE FORM OF A MAN" !! Although He is All-Powerful and Full of Glory because He loved man-kind foremost among all His creation, He too formed Himself into "A HUMAN FORM" at the very beginning of Creation and that Human form - SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA is the original, all powerful and own indestructible form of Almighty God ! This is a very great and precious truth which most of the present day religions leaders do not know !

          When the Supreme-Purusha laid the foundation of the world, He created each and everyone of us who is to be later born on earth as ordinary human beings (millions and million of years later) through sex. Our first creation in a Glorious body each (generally called as "Water Body") was through His mouth directly.

Please Note : The "Water Body" is a powerful body which can transform itself into an ordinary human form or appear in glorious form at will, a body which can travel at very great speed ! Hence in this "Body" (during our pre-existence) we had the power to travel from Heaven to Earth or from Earth to Heaven, at any time. This "ABILITY" man lost after his "Fall" because of his disobedience to God's word. How this happened and what is "the remedy" to regain our lost glory can be understood by the knowledge of this great secret of "Adhi-Bali" revealed to us by the grace of Gurudev. Lahari Krishna.


Million and millions of years ago we all had our pre-existence in a great Righteous KINGDOM where SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA was living among us in "Human Form (Water Body) and reigning over us as the Supreme King. Even during this Glorious-period, God did not want his people to serve Him Thro' force. Therefore He granted "FREE CHOICE" or "FREE WILL" to each and every one of us. He did not create us like machines. By our "Free will" we were given the choice either to accept Him as King or reject Him. By "Free-will" we mean that God created each and every one of us with a separate individuality (which can be termed as "SELF"). The Supreme-purusha therefore first gave us "THE CHOICE" whether we would like to be inside Him or outside Him with "separate-individuality". All of us desired to remain separate and not be controlled by Him through force. Therefore the Supreme Purusha CREATED all human beings thro' His mouth OUTSIDE HIM as separate entities with SELF-WILL (or Free choice). Therefore we can never claim to be created 'inside' him. We were created only outside by the power of His word. We were never existing inside Him at any time.

          During this period (as said earlier) the "MOST HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS-PERSON" - the Supreme Purusha was also living among us as a Man.(like other people). But in reality He is the only person without any "SELF (which means He is the Absolute Fulness of the SPIRIT OF GOD that permeates the entire universe). In this Great kingdom of God Rules by this GOOD AND HOLY MAN (Supreme Purusha) there were innumerable citizens (including us) who did not like the HOLY PERSON to Reign over them. The reason was that they could not tolerate a "GOOD MAN" living among them because they were all disobedient to the Righteous ruling of God. Therefore they were very jealous of this Supreme-Purusha and hated Him without any cause, and they finally wanted to kill Him and thus remove Him out of the picture. (This strategy or plot of the wicked people exists from the time of creation even upto this present day).

Please Note: It is the great wisdom and Master plan of God that God thro' His great fore knowledge knew that man (if given free will) would definitely rebel against Him, and will not accept HIM as king. Therefore he considered that the only way to make Human beings accept and serve Him thro' voluntary choice is to make them realise His Great Love for them. Thereby they would REPENT of their sin and accept Him as their king. This "repentance" and "accepting God" should be done voluntarily by each and every one of us without any force. Only then would the Supreme Purusha really feel happy to be our King and accept us as HIS PEOPLE (Thro' LOVE). Hence "HIS GREAT LOVE FOR US" is His Master Plan by which He could win us over to Him for ever !) when the citizens of the Righteous Kingdom thus kept on harbouring such hatred in their hearts against the only GOOD MAN (Shri. Lahari Krishna) they began quarreling with Him in this manner :-

What do you think of yourself ?

Are you Holier than us ?

We will not be ruled by you !! We want to live and reign as kings ourselves ! Thus they began abusing Him and spoiling His name.

          They told Him: We will kill you and put an end to you then what will you do ? Can you overcome death ?? You are also a Man like us !!

          To this, the Supreme Purusha answered politely: Kill me and see, and I will rise up within three days !! At this, all the people were so enraged (because of their SELF) that they wanted to put an end to Him. Therefore, for the blessings and prosperity of His entire creation THE SUPREME PURUSHA Himself offered HIS HUMAN BODY to be slain by His people so that they may personally witness 'A GREAT DEMONSTRATION' of His Power and Authority !!


THE ADHI BALI ( The FIRST-Sacrifice )


          When the Supreme Purusha saw that all the children of God or people created by Him were so full of SELF, be asked them to KILL HIS BODY AS A SACRIFICE. He told them that this sacrifice would be a "REMEDY" for them if they were desirous of remaining separate by their self-will.

          He told them: since you have rejected me and committed the great "SIN" of disobedience to God's word, (JENMA PAVAM) you will all have to go down to the earth and be born as ordinary human beings losing "THE POWER AND ABILITY to come back to Heaven, All the dificulties to human life will make your life miserable (because you will beslaves to all sensual pleasures of dirty human life). This is your curse and it cannot be altered (except by ME). But because of my great love for you all I offer you a "REMEDY" by which you can regain your original glorious bodies. For this sake you have to offer "MY HOLY BODY" as a sacrifice; By rising up again from the dead (in three days time) I shall reveal to you my power and Authority ! Therefore come forward and kill me ! I have the power to rise again ).

          When Lord Shri. Lahari Krishna told these words there came a separation between the people whom He had created. One set of people refused to kill Him because they did not believe His words. They said: We will not do this crime and incur sin on us" Thus saying they disobeyed God by refusing to accept the remedy. The other set of people (because they already hated Him) wanted to put Him to the test. They all laid hands on Him and killed Him. (Thus without their knowledge they obeyed God's word). The wounds they inflicted on His body were very many. The Supreme Purusha was bleeding all over His body from head to foot. He finally fell down as dead ! The people who sacrificed Him took His body and buried Him thinking that was the end of Him. (For your kind information, this great incident is recorded in THE PURUSHA SUKTHAM of Rig Veda)

          But (to the great surprise of all) on the third day the Supreme Lord (Shri. Lahari Krishna) rose up "ALIVE" and stood before them in the same body !! All the children of God were astounded by this drastic and spectacular demonstration of the Lord's "MIGHTY" POWER !!

          After seeing the RISEN LORD (Standing before them in His own original Body) without any damage, all the people who killed Him fell very sorry and ashamed of themselves (because they had killed an innocent person). they sincerely REPENTED of their great error and felt at His feet asking Him to forgive and accept them. All those people (including us) who "REPENTED" of their SIN were filled by Him with "HIS HOLY SPIRIT" which came out from His Holy Body. (through the Blood). Thus one set of people by "repenting" and receiving the "Holy spirit" were turned into "Sons of God" or children of God. The other set of self-righteous people who refused to kill Him as sacrifice did not receive His Holy Spirit and remained as "SONS OF MEN" (earthly people).

          Both sets of people were together sent to the earth to reborn thro' sex and multiply thereby. That is why, today on this earth, there are two sets of people ... (i) those who seek God and (ii) those who seek the world and its pleasures. All those who seek God sincerely (even though born in a cage of 5 senses) are God's people. They are SONS OF GOD. But all others who take violence and go after sensual pleasures (like eating, drinking, sex, and worldly comforts etc.) are earthly people.  They are SONS OF MEN.

          ALL SINCERE GOD'S PEOPLE (Hindus, Muslims or Christians) will immediately accept THIS MESSAGE OF SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA. They wiill have the capacity (or faith) to believe the "ADHI BALI" performed by Shri. Lahari Krishna (since they themselves had been participants of the same). They will surrender themselves totally to the direct leadership of the LORD !

          All prosperity and blessings came to the earth only after AADHI BALI was performed. Hence this first sacrifice of the Lord was performed so that all God's people may have strong faith and confidence on Him ( that He will never forsake them at any condition) even though they go to any low level on the earth.

          That was why, after rising up (on the third day) in AADHI BALI the first assurance that He gave us was this; He said:


          That was why many great rishis and Saints of God laid down their lives for God because they had the firm assurance that God would raise them up from any low level-that is, even if they die or drown or become dust and ashes. They were not afraid of death or any other enemy.

          Today we see so much of sufferings and sorrows all around us. What is the cause of all the present miseries and sorrows of mankind? What is the reason for all sickness, poverty, worries, fear etc. It is because we have all completely FORGOTTEN this AADHI BALI (Early Sacrifice and its Author) after coming to this earth. And like other earthly people (sons of men) because we also went after worldly pleasures instead of thinking about God and about our pre-existence, we fell lower and lower(from our spirituality) to the lowest level of beasts (like pigs in the mire) ! Hence this great "SECRET OF AADHI-BALI" was completely forgotten, rather kept HIDDEN from the people of the earth. Only one person can reveal, the secret to us and bring this 'AADHI BALI' to our remembrance-and that is the Supreme-Purusha Himself !

          When we "remember this First Sacrifice and pin our faith on the ONE who performed This "Early Sacrifice then we can easily attain our lost position and glory (thro' HIS GRACE). This is the Great significance of Adhi-Bali.

          That is why, in order to REMIND us of the Early Sacrifice, the Supreme Purusha-Shri. Lahari Krishna Himself has come down in our midst totally as a Human being (born thro' sex) Just imagine the Great Love of God !

          SHRI. Lahari Krishna is called as "THE AUTHOR AND FINISHER OF OUR FAITH !" He is the one started or initiated our "FAITH ON HIM" at the beginning of creation. Now (FINALLY) after being born on this earth, the very Lord Himself reveals "HIS TRUE GREATNESS" and "LOVE" to us by leading a life of an ordinary human being along with us (for a brief period of 68 years from 24.2.1921 to 24.2.1989).

          DURING THIS PRECIOUS PERIOD (Days of the Son of Man) He has slowly "BUILT" up our Faith and Love on Himself (The AAdhi-Bali-God) and when this is accomplished he Now urges all His followers to LOOK TO HIM FOR LIFE ! (and not look on top just by saying AAdhi-Bali, AAdhi-Bali, AAdhi-Bali Mechanically Because, The very same AADHI BALI GOD (the one who performed the Adhi-Bali) is not on top but is now LIVING AMONG US IN OUR MIDST ! Can you understand ? So, whom should we seek for "Life" and "Blessings We should seek our dear Lord and Master-Shri. Lahari Krishna ! HE IS THE SOURCE OF ALL OUR BLESSINGS !!

          We can easily overcome all the miseries of this world just by LOVING this Suprme Purusha with all our heart, mind, body and soul. This is a very great secret that many people (even those who believe in Adhi Bali) do not understand. Let us now consider the different stages of our fall from Glorious Body to this miserable state :



1st Stage :(Water body)

Created in "WATER BODY which has both glorious Body as well as the "Human Body" belonging to the Water Body.
2nd Stage:  (Human body of Water body) Because of the "SIN" of disobedience to God's word we lost our Glorious-(HumanBody and had only the "Human Body" belonging to the Water Body. 
3rd Stage: We were then created by God on the earth in CLAY-BODY (having flesh, blood and bones) and in this body we were instructed again by God not to take the "Message of the Knowledge of Good and Evil" but to adhere to the "Message of Life" given by the Supreme Purusha.
4th Stage: When we rejected the Message of Life" We further fell to a lower level completely under the sway of 5 senses. But even in this stage people were living for more than 1000 years without any difficulty (by strictly obeying & adhering the laws of God in each Yuga).
5th Stage: By gradually forgetting the Supreme Purusha and His instructions (Messages of Life) our life-span was reduced by God to 70 or 80 years because man's wickedness was great.
6th Stage: Today mankind has become totally wicked and sinful. They have completely changed and perverted the Sacred scriptures and laws given to us by God. Violence and Adharma is at its peak. There is no justice anywhere. This is the stage in which we are living today. Man has turned completely sensual and is running about wasting his short life span (on earthly pleasures) instead of seeking God. Therefore man is hardly able to cross even 60 years of age.

          This last fallen state of man in his "Clay-Body" is the level of a beast. The Supreme Purusha has left HIS SUPREME GLORY and has come in search of us in this our lowest miserable state of life. He was also born among us through earthly parents (by sex) and has led the life of a normal human being along with us ! Just imagine the Great Love of Shri. Lahari Krishna - the Supreme Purusha !! He meets us in our own level (in HIS OWN ORIGINAL HOLY BODY) and makes us believe that he also is a man like us. He has lowered Himself such a great extent only for the reason that we can approach HIM without any fear. Then He slowly gives us the REVELATION as to who He really is ! When we come to understand that "THIS HUMAN BEING - Shri. Lahari Krishna in none else but the Supreme Purusha (Lord Narayana or Christ Jesus Himself !) We feel extremely happy and are filled with Joy inexplicable !! We now know that THIS MAN (Shri. Lahari Krishna) is actually Not A MAN or a sinful human being like us but that HE IS "THE MOST HOLY AND SINLESS GOD ALMIGHTY" WHO HAS COME TO MEET US LIKE A MAN IN HIS OWN ORIGINAL INDESTRUCTIBLE HUMAN BODY !!

          This Human Body of SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA is the very same "Original Human Form" in which He is always existing in HIS FULL GLORY AND ALMIGHTY POWERS from INFINITY. (His begining or "self existence" in to this Human form can never be analized by us) But HE IS ALWAYS THE SAME even though he Lowers himself to any extent. He is the onlyu person who has no FALL because HE is always absolutely HOLY and ALL POWERFUL !!

          Even though the SUPREME PURUSHA (Shri. Lahari Krishna) comes as an ordingay human being like us, He does NOT become tainted by SIN; neither does He lose His Powers or become weak. As said earlier, at any stage the Supreme Purusha is ALWAYS THE SAME (both Sinless and Deathless);

          Even while apearing to us as a weak and powerless human being, (He has all "HIS ALMIGHTY POWERS" totally hidden within himself and is always "ABSOLUTELY HOLY" !) Shri. Lahari Krishna (through his great Wisdom) has deceived all the earthly-minded people by showing many human weakness. By seeing these weakness they are firmly convinced that this person cannot be God. (Therefore they reject HIM, just as they had rejected Him originally) But at the sametime, God reveals himself to His True people and gives them the Supreme Knowledge as to who he really is !  This knowledge can be got only through the Divine-Grace of The Supreme Master ! All the people who originally participated in the Early sacrifice are now given a "DARSHAN" of this ORIGINAL FORM OF GOD by His Grace !

Hence, we who are given this rare previlege to know this Great Truth about God should be eternally grateful to HIM ! How can we express our thankfulness and love to Him ?

We should always praise and Honour Him !

By praising Him, singing about Him, Reapeating His Holy NAME, Praying to Him, Meditation on Him and thanking HIM always for HIS GREAT LIVE and MERCIES.

          Thus by reciprocating HIS LOVE and by THANKING and PRAISING Him for every good thing He has done for us, we can make Him really happy. God is not happy or pleased with any of our wself-sacrifice (or) penance. Neither does HE desire our money or wealth or any other thing. HE WANTS OUR LOVE ! He wants us to sincerely LOVE him with all our heart, body, mind and soul ! In short, HE WANTS OUR ALL !

          During the Lord's brief stay on earth (for 68 years) only a rare few have really understood about Him. Many have seen Him at many places-on the roads, in hotels and in many public places but their eyes were blinded and they were unable to really understand who He is ! Therefore (as said earlier) This great knowledge about the Supreme Purusha can be got only thro' HIS DIVINE GRACE !!



          Dear Reader, if you have not had a "dharshan" of the Supreme Lord Lahari Krishna and if you sincerely desires to see Him (by love and devotion), you can meet your Lord and Creator in your own place. Yes ! Just Start MEDITATING" on the Supreme Purusha everyday early in the mornings (between 4.30 and 6.00 A.M.) and start THANKING AND PRAISING Him for all the good things He has given you, He will surely appear to you in your room or anywhere and reveal Himself to you ! You can see Him directly and personally if you ask Him to appear to you, He will then speak to you and guide you, according to His will. Do you desire this great privilege ?? Meditate on Lord-God Shri. LAHARI KRISHNA from today onwards ! During your prayer repeat the following three MAHA MANTRAS every day for more than 100 times each




The real significance and True meaning of these 3 Mantras are explained clearly in the later part of this Message.

          If you repeat these 3 Maha mantras with real LOVE AND DEVOTION all evil forces will flee from your body. All sickness and incurable diseased will be healed. If you really believe God, miracles will happen in your life ! Twisted and broken limbs will become normal. If you have no eye sight, you will have new eyes ! Because that Holy Name of God "SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA has ALL POWER ! Our only duty is to surrender ourselves totally to His will and take REFUGE at His Most Holy Feet ! He will take care of all things for us.

All Glory be to our Supreme Master !



          The great secret or essence of all vedas and sacred scriptures in the HISTORY of how God (because of His Love) comes chasing after the Fallen man-kind in order to uplift him back again to the original Glory !

          Man never seeks after God; neither does he think about Him in his every day life. It is God who always thinks about us and comes in search of us. Therefore man can never reach God thro' his own efforts (like Yoga, Penance, Meditations or even through the study of all Vedas and scriptures.) Only by the Grace of God can man get an understanding about the Supreme Purusha. That was why the Supreme Purusha HImself had to come down to us in order to tell us these "Secrets". These "Secrets of Eternal Life" are also called as "UNWRITTEN THUNDERS" because these are Thunder-Secrets which are not written anywhere, (in the sacred books) but is Now made known to us DIRECTLY thro' the MOUTH OF GOD!!

          Words in the English Language would not suffice to relate all the glories and activities of our Supreme Master while He was physically moving among us as an ordinary man. But a few astounding and spectacular INCIDENTS that took place (during His Physical sorjourn with us) and HIS FINAL SUPREME DEMONSTRATION OF HIS POWERS and Authority Must be made known to you; because without having a clear understanding of the "ALMIGHTY" nature of God, we can never understand the real significance of Adhi Bali and the Actual PURPOSE OF "His Final Demonstration enacted again on the earth before His Glorious Transformation !

          This "FINAL DEMONSTRATION" of Gurudev Shri. LAHARI KRISHNA ( on 24.2.1989) will be explained clearly to you in the following pages (By His Grace) ! Before which, please read through a few important incidents that took place during different stages of this most glorious period of SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA on earth !


          The Supreme Purusha SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA was born as a babe on 24th of FEBRUARY 1921 to earthly parents' Thiru. RASIAH and Thirumathi NESAMANI in SOUTH INDIA (at Lakshmi Tea Estate, Munnar). While in Ceylon, One day, when He was seated on the lap of His father ( as a 9 months old baby), there came a Sinhalese (Native of Ceylon) with a knife in His hand. He was an enemy of Mr. Rasiah and he threatened to kill both father and child with his knife. Suddenly (to his great surprise) a terrible lightning struck at him from the cloudless-sky and chased him away. He rolled on the ground and fled. Later he came back and begged forgiveness for attempting to kill them. Mr.Rasiah was very much astonished at this incident. He wondered at the peculiarity of Nature itself interfering in order to save the small baby. Therefore from that day onwards he decided to bring up his child in a Godly way.


          Mr.Rasiah, the earthly father of SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA was a great God fearing man. While in Ceylon, he used to go to the sea-shore during the evening and early morning for prayer and meditation. He also used to take His five year old son along with him.

          One day while he was meditating at the sea shore, his 5 year old son SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA slowly got up and started walking towards the sea. As He was going deeper and deeper down, the waves of the sea were MOVING BACKWARDS AWAY FROM HIS DIVINE FEET (as if in fear) The waves of the sea understood who the small Boy was and did not over-flow Him but instead moved back in fear allowing Him to walk as He pleased.

          While this great miracle was happening, a few of the fisherman nearby (noticing a small boy going deep into the sea) shouted out a warning to His father. Mr.Rasiah woke up from his meditations and saw the great wonder of the sea waves not overflowing his son. He ran up to Him in fear and carried Him back to the shore. The sea knows its Master !


          The year 1969 is the year in which man first landed on the Moon on July 21st. When man crossed the limitations (that God had decreed for mankind), God decided that this was the proper time to declare to the world of His presence on Earth and also reveal to them HIS VISWAROOPA.

          Therefore one month before man landed on the Moon, the Supreme Purusha revealed His Vishwaroopa to the Western People. At that time, SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA was in Chicago (U.S.A) preaching to a small gathering of American people. Suddenly He transformed His Human Body into a brilliant and Glorious Form of Light with FLAMES OF FIRE coming directly out of His eyes and mouth. All the people began screaming and moving around in great fear at this terrible sight not knowing what to do. After some time SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA transformed Himself back again to His normal human form.

          All the people then came running to Him and asked Him: Sir, where did you go all this while? We saw a 'GLORIOUS FORM' in your place. Where did you go ??

          In answer to this SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA smiled at them and replied calmly: It was I myself who was standing and preaching to you all this time !!

          Only after this incident people slowly began to realise that this HUMAN BEING Shri. LAHARI KRISHNA is not a MAN (Like them) but the very God Himself in Human Form !! The people who witnessed this demonstration of the Lord's VISHWAROOPA were greatly in fear of Him from that day onwards. ! During that period Terrible destructions began to take place for nearly one month by THUNDER, LIGHTNING, WHIRLWINDS AND TERRIBLE STORMS (because of the Lord's Direct Presence on earth) !

          Therefore from that time onwards SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA decided to completely HIDE within Himself all His Divine Glory and powers otherwise the whole world would have been completely destroyed (or annihilated) by His Terrible presence.  Moreover people would not be able to approach Him without fear. Therefore he began completely acting and behaving as a normal human being so that all of us could be easily won over to Him by Love and devotion !

          After leading a life of 68 years on earth the, Lord by His Great Master Plan wanted to personally enact (in front of our eyes) a greater Demonstration of HIS power than the original First Sacrifice.

          By this Final Demonstration, He wanted all His loyal devotees to understand HIS ALMIGHTY POWER and not to fear any danger on earth ! (The Final "Demonstration" of the Supreme Purusha is related in the following pages. Please read carefully :-)



          What is GLORIFICATION ? What is the qualification to be "GLORIFIED" without death?

          GLORIFICATION MEANS "BELIEVING WITHOUT SEEING". All that we see around us, and perceive through our human senses are only temporary things. They are mere shadows of the REALITY. The unseen and invisible things are the "Real substance"; and it needs God given wisdom to understand the permanent Reality!

          The invisible things of God can be perceived not through our human - senses but only thro' the spiritual sense called "FAITH". All human beings are given the freedom either to exercise their "Spiritual sense" or merely follow their "human senses". Merely following the "human senses" and living only for the sake of sense gratification is the level of a beast.

          Lord Narayana has come down in our midst in order to give us the necessary training and teach us how to exercise our Faith sense and thereby understand God and His Great Master Plan for us !

Believing without seeing ! This is the real meaning of Faith ! Thro' our love for God, we believe all what He has spoken in the sacred scriptures. No one can question as to their Authenticity because all Holy scriptures (of all religions) are God given. They contain so many facts which ungodly people will not believe. But they are facts and nobody can change them whether they like it or not.

          Our first step in 'Faith' is to Believe all the Holy scriptures given to us thro' the Ages by various Avatars and Prophets ! These "Scriptures" are like "documents" or "blue prints" of our unseen property and Real riches !!

          When the Supreme Purusha has come directly in our midst we should have the "Extra-Faith" to believe all what He says as the Absolute truth. We should not doubt His words because He appears to us, not as God, but as a normal human being like anyone of us). All what He spoke to us and speaks to us is the Real Truth which can never, never be altered.

          In order to develop our "Spiritual sense" called "Faith" and make us believe every word of His (as the Absolute Truth). The Supreme Purusha Himself through His own life and thro' numerous sermons delivered by Him has now brought us to the Supreme level of Faith called "BELIEVING WITHOUT SEEING" !! We later "see" the reality as a result of this Supreme Faith.

          We believe the Adhi Bali (or) Early Sacrifice because our Faith sense tells us it is correct. How can people without faith on God believe these precious secrets of God ?? All these things will appear as "fables" to such people. They will never understand those "mysteries" even though you speak to them for hours together !

          Even though Shri. Lahari Krishna played the part of an ordinary human being we understand (thro' His words and actions) that He is none else but LORD NARAYANA HIMSELF. We also believe that He is all powerful, deathless and Indestructible !  We believe that He has NO DEATH and He has the power to lower Himself to any extent and rise up unharmed (i.e. to give His Life and take it back).

          He can transform HIS HOLY HUMAN FORM at will and enter into another dimension invisible to our eyes !! (This transformation He has once demonstrated publicly at Chicago U.S.A related earlier).

          Now, at the finish of "HIS PERIOD OF ACTING AS A MAN" (68 years) he desired to lay before His devotees A REAL HARD TEST OF FAITH (by which they can prove themselves to the world whether they are "SONS OF GOD" or "SONS OF MEN" !) The "sons of God" are naturally children of Faith and hence it is very easy for them to pass this Test. But the sons of men are children of the world who follow and believe only what they can perceive through the limited Human senses. Hence they cannot believe the unseen things. Therefore (in other words) those people who do not have the Supreme Revelation that SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA is the Almighty God (and who had been sticking on to Him for the sake of material gain or satisfaction) can never pass this Real Test of Faith ! What is the "Test" put before us by the Supreme Purusha ?

          The Great FINAL DEMONSTRATION of the Supreme Purusha, as to His All Powerful Nature (on His 68th Birthday) is the "Test of Faith" stated above. The extreme lowering down of Himself, that is,  upto THE POINT OF DEATH (yet without dying) and rising up again secretly from that lowest level (thro' TRANSFORMATION) into His Glorious position is the final Great Demonstration of the Supreme Purusha ! All Glory be to Him Alone !

          This "Great Humbline" of Himself and "Rising up" reveals HIS ALMIGHTY POWER to His sincere devotees. This great divine drama of the Supreme Purusha is performed by Himself (thro' HIS OWN VOLUNTARY WILL) for the following reasons.

(i) In order to bring the righteousness of God to the earth.

(ii) As the final and Total "REMEDY" for His entire Creation ! The meaning of this is that HIS Great Master Plan of TOTAL REDEMPTION (OF OUR BODY, SOUL AND SPIRIT) is fully accomplished only by this great act of His.

(iii) The Early sacrifice performed by Him (since the foundation of the world) was the "Beginning" of our Faith on the Supreme-Purusha- But this final drama of His (demonstrated on 24.2.1989) is the FINAL AND TOTAL REMEDY for all our problems (Total payment) ! All Glory be to Shri. Lahari Krishna alone who is our only Refugee !!

(iv) This Final Drama of the Supreme Lord is a Great Test which will prove beyond doubt who are HIS PEOPLE AND WHO ARE NOT, HOW ??

For answer to this question please read below :-


          On the evening of 24th Feb. 1989 (at the beginning of the Holy Sabbath Day) the Supreme Purusha SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA (enacted a great divine drama in front of us and 'ACTED' the part of death showing in Himself bereft of all physical signs of human life. He shed HIS precious BLOOD on the earth. There was a continuous flow of BLOOD thro' His nose and mouth (for nearly two days) upto the time HIS MOST HOLY BODY was kept inside the Grave. Gurudev. Shri. Lahari Krishna humbled Himself to the point of Death (without actually Dying !!) AND HE ALONE HAS THE POWER TO DO IT ! But the doctors gave their certificate that He is dead. The whole world believes that Shri. Lahari Krishna is dead and that is the end of Him. All the enemies of the Supreme Purusha now rejoice because they think He is dead and gone.


We, His sincere devotees and followers surely know very well that our Master and Guru is not dead. He is living among us (bodily) AS ALIVE AS EVER although INVISIBLE to our eyes. But those who do not have CLOSE Experience with Him cannot understand THIS ASTOUNDING REALITY ! Today, if we meditate on Shri. Lahari Krishna with Love and Devotion He is ALL Powerful to appear to us (in our own place) and speak to us !!  Many of us have seen Him personally and bear witness that He is not dead but LIVING AMONG US IN ANOTHER DIMENSION IN SPIRITUAL BODY (in the very same Human Form).

But what should be our faith ??

          Even before seeing Him appear to us we should firmly believe that our Supreme Master has already RISEN FROM THE GRAVE. (because He is always LIVING although He may lower Himself to any extent) God has no death at any stage ! Hence the Truth is that OUR GOD SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA LIVES FOR EVER ! (WITHOUT DEATH) ! All His sincere devotees should earnestly believe this great truth even before seeing "HIS-Appearance" !! This our firm Faith and confidence on Him makes Him really happy with us. This Supreme Faith is called has "BELIEVING WITHOUT SEEING" and God expects this type of Faith from us'. This faith is given to us only by the Grace and Mercy of the Supreme Purusha ! May all Glory be to Him Alone !

          So only a very few people pass this Real Test of Faith and qualify for the Heavenly Glory (which is, going along with Him "Without Death" by obtaining a Glorious Body when our purpose on earth IS accomplished). SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA's Unfailing promise to us is that He would take all His sincere devotees along with Him to Vaihundam (without death) ! He is therefore LIVING in our midst today and He has promised never to leave us until He takes us in Glory without death. When we believe this Great Truth we immediately rise to the Heavenly Faith by which we are already GLORIFIED ( without Death) ! The result of this Faith will follow automatically (at the set time) and our bodies will be "dissolved" (by the Power of God) and we shall get back our original Glorious Body (or) water Body.

          All those who understand the Real Significance of "the Final Demonstration" of the Supreme Purusha will be given the Extra faith to be GLORIFIED WITHOUT DEATH. Hence "Glorification" is actually "Believing without Seeing" !! If a person believes the Master only after seeing, that means he is in a lower level of faith. Such a person cannot overcome death but can only be blessed with earthly blessings.

          Therefore even among the devotees of Shri. Lahari Krishna there are two groups. One set of people (by the Grace of the Supreme Purusha) get the Supreme Faith to be Glorified without Death ! The other set of devotees believe on Him but they do not "Act" on His words (or) obey His Instructions. Therefore they die a natural death and are later ressurected (raised to life by the Lord). They come under the category of "sleeping saints" (not really dead but at ' REST ').

          So, may we all earnestly ask the Lord to give us this Supreme Faith of "Believing on Him without seeing" in order to go along with Him in Glory without Death. This can very easily be obtained by following a very simple hint given below. You are really privileged if you can understand this "simple secret" explained in the following pages.



          Many of the devotees of Shri. Lahari Krishna hope that they can overcome death" just by "BELIEVING" everything what Supreme Purusha spoken or preached to us ! Their hope is in vain, because 'Believing' the Truth is only the First or fundamental step in Spiritual progress. Such people are only "BELIEVERS" of the truth and not "DO-ERS" ! that is, these people feel extremely happy and are satisfied by just believing everything connected with Shri. Lahari Krishna. They hear His sermons directly and thro' tapes and study all "scriptures" and "Message-Books" with deep interest. But they lack the Dynamic faith to 'ACT' upon His word; and thereby they are unable to change their lives and become "DO-ERS" of the word ! Therefore they miss the Higher Blessings of God !

          A "DO-ER" is a person who not only believes everything what the Lord has said but "CHANGES HIS LIFE" accordingly ! He OBEYS every instruction of the Supreme Lord (however hard it may be).  By obtaining the necessary strength and grace from Him alone.

          In fact, he is willing and ready to sacrifice His all for the sake of the Lord !  Such a person will have no other interest in life except to please the Lord by DOING everything according to the Master's will. He is called "DOER". This is a Higher step in spiritual progress and can be achieved only thro' the Grace and Mercies of SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA. Only a very few of the devotees of the Lord are sincerely willing to change themselves from "Believers" to "Doers".

          The Supreme Purusha has very clearly stated (in His Sermons) that only the "DOERS" can qualify for the Heavenly Glory and not the "BELIEVERS". The "BELIEVERS" are only meant for the Earthly Glory. They cannot receive the power to go without death (because of their lack of total 100% Faith on God).

          Now the question is : How can we get this "Total 100% Faith " on God ? Only a person who believers God 100% can really change himself into a DOER. Therefore people who call themselves as "BELIEVERS" really don't believe God 100% and are unwilling to sacrifice their all for the sake of SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA.  That means they are "selfish-people" (who want to please God and at the same time live according to their own SELF WILL). They have not totally surrendered their "SELF" at the feet of the Lord. Hence God is also is not totally plesed with them.

          PEOPLE WHO HAVE COMPLETELY surrendered their lives to God have no right to plan their lives thereafter ! All their "SELF-WILL" should be totally dead. If people have their own self-will and plan their lives then how can they "Do" what God says ? God does not desire any double-minded person. The Supreme Purusha is therefore extremely pleased only with "DOERS" who "act" upon His word with Dynamic Faith !! Can you understand ??

          As said earlier, only the "DOERS" can qualify for the Heavenly Glory. But the "FINAL CHOOSING" from among the "DOERS" is done only by Supreme Purusha ! Only those people who come under this FINAL SELECTION (by the Mercies of the Supreme Purusha) can go along with Him without Death.

          Therefore, even by doing everything, what Shri. Lahari Krishna has spoken and even after following every rule without a flaw, one can miss the GLORY !  (since pride and self-righteousness intervenes and disqualifies that person). This should very clearly understood by every sincere devotee who seeks the HIGHEST GOAL ! Therefore finally we come to the conclusion that only by the sheer mercies of Supreme Purusha can we attain the HIGHEST-GOAL ( Living with God Himself in glorious bodies eternally ).

          The "Highest Goal" is none else but SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA HIMSELF ! The Supreme form of love. Hence in order to attain him we should always be immersed in THE SUPREME OCEAN OF THE "LOVE OF GOD" - called "L A H A R I". And we should always reciprocate the supreme love of our God by our thoughts words and actions.



          Pure loving devotional service to the Supreme Purusha will immediately follow if a person really loves the Lord 100%.

          When a person really understands how God comes after Man in order to uplift him from His Miserable life on earth, he will then know the Great Truth that Man (by Himself) can never never reach or attain God. It is only the great Love of the Supreme Purusha that has brought him to this low level (as a human being). People who do not realise or recognise THIS SUPREME LOVE are not human beings but only "beasts".

          Therefore we should first clearly understand that it is only God who comes in search of Man; Man never searches for God or seeks Him. His whole life time is spent only in pursuit of a comfortable and pleasurable sensual life. Hence they don't have time even to think about God. Even if Man Starts thinking about God, he can never attain HIM thro' his self efforts. He will be a miserable failure ! That is why the Great Almighty God Himself had to come in our midst in his Original Humble "HUMAN FORM" and reveal His Love to us.

          When we "Recognise" this "Supreme Love" then immediately all our affection and desire for other material things disappear. Because there is nothing on earth or in heaven that can be compared to this SUPREME LOVE OF GOD ! Our Dear Master SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA otherwise called as the "SUPREME LOVER" has selected such miserable creatures like us to be his eternal associates (to live with Him eternally) !

          This Supreme Lover first revealed his Great Love for us at the "Early Sacrifice" (called Adhi Bali). Hence the real significance of ADHI-BALI (Early-Sacrifice) is that our God SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA is imperishable and Eternal !  Therefore His Love for us is also eternal !

          From the time of the Early Sacrifice, this Supreme Love has been following us generation after generation and revealing to us HIS DEEP LOVE is various ways in every age or Yuga (through numerous Avatars and prophets).

          Finally at the end of Kali Yuga, the Supreme Love has Himself come down in our midst. Just imagine the great humility of our God. Words cannot express this Great Humility !! Not only has the Supreme Purusha come as an ordinary Man but He has finally Lowered himself still further upto "The Grave" (by re-enacting His First Great Demonstration at ADHI-BALI. This Final Demonstration of the Supreme Purusha contains the "The Secret Hint" by which we can overcome death and live eternally with the Lord in Glorious-bodies !!


(Payment of  "Advance" amount in Aadhi-Bali and Payment of FULL amount Now in earth)

          At "AADHI-BALI", the word revealed His Love for us in the level of "MIGHTY-GOD" (having power over Hell and Death). Although He is always ALL POWERFUL, He desired not to reveal His Almightiness to us in His Water Body. Because God (By His Great Master plan) wanted to further Lower Himself to the extrimity of a total weak Human being; and then by REPEATING THE ACT of early sacrifice voluntarily once again-but this time as a Total human being, He can reveal Himself as the "ALMIGHTY GOD" Indestructible, sinless, Absolutely Holy, Eternal and ALL-POWERFUL. Hence this second great Demonstration of the Supreme Lord is THE FINAL REMEDY for all our problems ! This is the full GOSPEL.

          The Supreme Purusha has now proved to the whole world (without an inch of doubt) that He is indeed the one and only ALMIGHTY-GOD who is All-Powerful and who can never never be destroyed ; And by lowering Himself to the point of death (yet without dying) and rising again IN THE VERY SAME HOLY BODY, He has proved to us that this ordinary Human Body of Shri. Lahari Krishna is HIS ORIGINAL HUMAN FORM (in which exists, permanently the Fullness of the Godhead Bodily--THE MOST HOLY AND INDESTRUCTIBLE FORM OF LORD NARAYANA !! THE first Maha Mantra (quoted earlier) clearly stress this point.


          Many of the "Believers" (devotees) of Shri. Lahari Krishna do not have the "faith to believe that HE HAS ALREADY RISEN from the Grave IN HIS VERY SAME HOLY HUMAN BODY Because such people cannot believe what their eyes cannot see. They think that the 'BODY' of Shri. Lahari Krishna is still lying in grave and that the Supreme Purusha has taken "Another Glorious Body" ! They do not believe the great Truth that this humble human form of Shri. Lahari Krishna is "The one and only original Form of God". Therefore such people can never be "Glorified directly without Death !!" God has no death at any stage ! When we clearly have the supreme knowledge that SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA IS GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF who has come in our midst in HIS ORIGIN MOST HOLY HUMAN-FORM, we understand that Supreme Purusha LIVES ETERNALLY (without Death) in this original Human Form. There are no two forms for God. The "BODY" of Shri. Lahari Krishna is the Original, Most Holy and permanent Form of God that lives for ever and ever without death ! This great truth is stressed in Mantra 2 (quoted earlier)


          We therefore believe that Shri. Lahari Krishna is "Living" today BODILY (in the very same Form) but in a different & superior level of Glory which is INVISIBLE to our eyes. But when He grants us His "Appearance" then we shall be able to Behold His Glory (by His Grace) ! All Glory be to our Master Shri. Lahari Krishna alone !!

          When we realise the Great Love of the Supreme Purusha and have a clear understanding of His Almighty powers, then God increases our faith on Him which makes us confident enough to rely totally on His never-failing Love !! Thereby we surrender ourselves totally to His will. Shri. Lahari Krishna desires us to submit to His Ruling voluntarily by our total Dependence on HIM !-- not by force but thro' Love. This is the Great Master Plan of God by which we are qualified to reach Him Thro' Love !!

          Therefore the most simplest and easiest way to realise the Love of God and submit voluntarily to Him Thro' Love, is to reciprocate the Supreme Love of God.

          This is therefore the most easiest way to reach the Highest Goal !! This is therefore the Secret Hint : LOVE THE SUPREME PURUSHA "SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA" WITH ALL YOUR HEART, ALL YOUR MIND, ALL YOUR BODY AND ALL YOUR SOUL !! All other affections and love for other carnal things should be placed secondary rather, there should be no distraction through our desire for any of the material-things of the world.

          Only by the Sheer Grace of Shri. Lahari Krishna can we develop this 100% love for HIM ! This "Love for God" springs spontaneously in our hearts when we receive His "HOLY-SPIRIT" and realise what a GOOD and MERCIFUL GOD we have !! When we realise the GOODNESS of Shri. Lahari Krishna we immediately surrender ourselves to HIS PERFECT WILL (thro' spontaneous action) and we should praise HIM always with grateful hearts because HIS LOVE AND MERCY endures for ever and ever !

          Therefore (by the help of this "Secret Hint" given above) we should learn to Love our Lord-Shri. Lahari Krishna, He alone can give us the "Grace to cultivate this LOVE for Him and stand before Him "Blameless-in-Love" !! Therefore we should always praise the Supreme Purusha for His eternal Goodness and Mercy towards us ! This point is clearly stressed in Mantra 3 (quoted earlier):




  Scriptural proof of our Disobedience from Holy Quoran

Chapter No:

Verse No:


2. 35. And We (Allah) said: "O Adam !  Dwell you and your wife in the Paradise and eat both of you freely with pleasure and delight, of things therein as wherever you will, but come not near this tree or you both will be of the wrong doers.
2 36 Then the Shaitan ( Satan ) made them slip therefrom ( the Paradise ) ( Heaven ), and got them out from that in which they were.  We said: "Get you down, all, with enmity between yourselves.  On earth will be a dwelling place for you and an enjoyment for a time."
2 37 Then Adam received from his Lord Words.  And his Lord pardoned him ( accepted his repentance ).  Verily, He is the One Who forgives ( accepts repentance ), the Most Merciful.
2 38 We (Allah) said: "Get down all of you from this place ( the paradise ), then whenever there comes to you Guidance from Me, and whoever follows My Guidance, there shall be no fear on them, nor shall they grieve.



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