God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
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OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
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We are glad that our flag is flying. If the leader dies, the flag is put at half mast. But our leader is living. So, it is flying. It is flying from beginning of creation. Even today. But this had to be removed because the world became the opposite party. People became selfish, they forgot their Lord God. So the flag was not necesssary. But today there is a group of people who believe in the Creator who acts through the Lord God. So we must know that our God is the only holy God, and then, there is no sin in Him. Nobody was created in him before - in the beginning. He was the only one created, then he created others. But they disobeyed Him as a King. So they had to go through so many changes, and today we come to tell Him that we obey him. So this flag in front of this flag means, it cannot change. So because this is an eternal flag. It is not a flag which is raised and then taken away and put by another nation. Now this is flying. It will always fly through millenium and through eternity. And this six-pointed star is our flag; it is the symbol of our flag. It is not (like) any other flag in this world. It is a heavenly flag. Hindus can call Narayana flag. We call it David's flag. But the muslims have another flag with the five pointed star; that is the heavenly bride's home. So that the star which is going to come down under the power of the Lord God. So these are all not different things. People fight because they think it is different. This time many people who are not able to come here, will be celebrating that in their own places, in their houses or as a group. Remember, this is not a denomination. This is not a group. This is gathering under the Leadership of Lord God. Or in other words, under Allah or under Narayana. Let him call his God in that name. We call our God in the name of our Lord God. It is not three different Gods. It is only the same Creator who is living today and is in every place. He is a spirit. God is a spirit. Since we have that spirit today, we can recognise that God in our hearts through the Holy Spirit. If the Spirit is not there, he doesn't belong to God at all. Today many people are false. They do not know the Scriptures. Scriptures means : Vedas, Bible, New Testament, Quoran, all included are called Scriptures. It is not one book. And all speak of the same person who created the world. Do you love Him ? If you love Him you'll love among yourselves. If anybody fights like dogs and animals, both of you don't belong to Him. And I don't hate anybody today in the whole world. But if he is on the Word, he is my own. If he is not on the word, he is outsider. He can't come into that God's inner heart. Today people think that they are also created holy. So we call him the Holy one of Israel. The bride was not inside that before creation. He created and he created all the human beings, all the creatures, and today, we need Him. We don't need a denomination, we don't need a group. You can approach Him direct today. He has come down in this earth to touch you personally and then take you to glory and those of others who don't want Him, He'll have to go through Tribulation and he has to stand for the Truth to get as an earthly man. So today He is not showing any power Even Though He has got all power. So you can't find Him. This is the Son of God. But God is all powerful. And that all-powerful God has not established His power so far. He has showed Him as a man, so that man will accept Him. But when time is over that man should accept Him. Then you can't touch Him. He is not a man. Christ Jesus is a mediator alright, He has got the bride also inside as a mediator. Bride also is getting into the place as mediator. Christ is personally a person. The man Christ Jesus He is the Mediator. - Not man means - He does not say man with the bride. Remember ! He was the only one crearted in the beginning by the unseen spirit to use Him to create. Create from already things which is there. But before that the spirit of God who has no form, He could not get into anybody but He chose Him. That we call Narayana, that we call Allah, that we call Christ Jesus. He is a judge for us. So today in front of Him, who is my father you all take a vow that you'll be true to Him under His flag that you will be true to his voice. Not your sins -- I am not bothered about your sins. But this is sin. This can never be forgiven. So 'sin' means, disobeying the commandment of God. Turn back to His commandments. Read the Vedas. Read the Quoran. Read the Books and then Obey what God has told mankind. People may say : Oh, that is not necessary. Nature is your God. -- But who created nature ? That God I worship. I have seen that God. I am His representative. Many people will say that they are representatives. But when my father shows His power, then those representatives supposed to be false, then they will be ruined but those who follow him (the false) you are also fallen people. But today decide who is the true representative ! If you can find that out, - You don't find him out with power. Eventhough He has got all the power, you will find Him by His humility. You will find Him by his 'no power'. You will find Him by His love. So God bless you. On this falg-hoisting-day in rememberance of our camp meeting I want you all to kneel down that - is you know a form of humility. Then let us humble down and confess all our sins, sins of disobedience - that is more important. That is the thing which prevents rain and everything from coming. So kneel down and sing that song. (Congregation sings the song: Through thy flood of Grace accept me Lord. - Composed by Bro. R. P.Lawrie, Amazing Grace.)

Now again I want to tell you: You confess all your sins. All our sins which is done in this body and God forgives that Our God is a merciful God. Then, the worst sin is disobeying God's commandments. What God has told is in the scriptures in the Bible, and What He tells face to face or by voice that is very important. If you disobey that, then curse comes to you. So these kind of disobedience is disobedience against the great king who is living today. He is living today. That glory nobody can see. If you see you die. That is why God is going to give you the glorious body. That is why we become flesh and bones. There is no blood in that. When this body is dissolved we have a body. Don't forget we should get a body. We have a body. Not for those who disobey God's commandments and have caste feelings, this feelings, and community feelings. They don't have it. They only form groups and denominations. They only bring divisions among people. Our connection is directly to God. You may be in London. You may be in Persia. You may be in Malaya. You may be in Newyork or you may be in any part of America any Islands or S. America, S. Africa, or Russia, Moscow or China. If you just think with your heart, God touches you straight away. So no group is neccssary. You gather here today just to remember the great sacrifice He made in the beginning. Some times people become too holy that God expected, and these people say, Oh we never sinned and we never took part in the Sacrifice. If you had never taken part in this Sacrifice, you are never an Israel of God, then how can you be inside Christ? Because thay say, we were not so bad and we had no eternal - You never had eternal life. But now they think they are equal to God which is another false doctrine. Remember, God created Son of God. At that time we were not inside. No man was inside. Then He spoke and created the world. And when they came out, they were in - they were selected for God. But they never wanted to come into God. So they had to come down to the earth and God's people have to be true to God by suffering for Him on the word. Others enjoy the world. They have everything in this world. They eat, make merry and they think God has accepted them by their thinking. But remember, you are going to tribulation. But the bride will be in her home. I'll meet you in tribulation. Then you will see what is your doctrine then. God bless you. Be true to God and under this flag, you make a determination - under this flag : Lord I'll be true to that Holy one. We are all sinners. There is only one Holy one. And we got our holiness through Him. We didn't get God. God came to us. He is coming to us. Every Avatar He came to us. Man can never reach God. But God has reached us. Hallelujah ! He has reached us. He is going to take us. But be true to Him. You make your determination, - as the band plays along this song - (Kalamo selluthae - composed by Bro. R. P. Lawrie) - Let us pray : Loving saviour, our Father, we thank for this precious hour. your children under the flag have promised and dedicated their lives today. Your are a prayer hearing God. You forgive sins in these days. You have said you'll think about their sins no more. Thank you Lord. Forgive the sins of all the people who come to the camp meeting. Let the power of God fall on the people today. Let the terrific power of God Let the cleansing power of God make them completely holy. Father I pray that if this message is true, if these pople have really confessed their sin, give us a terrrific shower (rain) these days before the camp meetings these days. To prove that you sent me Lord ! I thank you for that in the name of the Supreme Sacrifice which was done before the foundation of the world for the blessing of the created human beings by you holy one alone. Others are not holy. They become sinful by disobeidence but that Sacrifice gave us 100% holiness and we also get that holiness through that. Thank you heavenly father. Bless us and confirm us and give us a token Lord. Thank you Jesus. Let's praise - (Congregation praises) - Procession : Each and everybody's mouth should be telling : Praise the Lord for He is good, His mercy endureth forever. That is our chant . That is the blessing we get through the Supreme Sacrifice. - Our Lord God is Holy Holy Holy, Praise Him for He is good for His mercy endureth for ever. (Note : In the year 1988, because of no rain the places in and around Ashram were undergoing severe drought. the situation was such, that if the Camp Meetings were held they would have been affected because of no water. There never is a possibility for rain clouds to rise from the eastern side because the west winds had already set in. At this juncture, when Iyyah prayed: To prove that you have sent me and to prove that this message is true, give us a Token Lord before the Camp Meetings, give us a terrific shower.., as a proof, a few days before the Camp Meetings, a terrific rain came from the eastern side and filled the wells in the Ashram. We who heard the messages directly on that day, are eye witnesses to this). He is the one who is to go before us and we must know that. Proclaim to everyone that our God is Holy. And He is the Holy One of Israel. And also He is God of Gentiles. And He has proved it today that He doesn't remember our sins anymore even though we are gentiles, because we are of the original stock of the Israel, scattered because of the sins of our forefathers. Today is a repentance day, specially for our forefather's sins. And on this Sabbath day, God has promised that if we keep the Sabbath, He will restore to us the Kingdom. And thank God because He has restored our Kingdom back and we got the Kingdom both in heaven and in the earth today. Let us loudly praise God for the earth to sing with his praises. And let this Camp Meetings be a blessed Camp Meeting for whole India and the world. And heaven is watching us and let us be careful to give the glory to our father and today I want to tell you that our God is a Holy God and He is all over the world. He can touch everybody and everything in this world by His Spirit and we can not reach that Spirit except through the Lord God. And He is the only one created Holy and that holiness He imparts to the creation of the human bride. Thereby He is uniting the earthly bride with the heavenly bridegroom. Now as we go around this Ashram land, we know that His angels are already encamped here round about and we are asking His protection in these meetings. And also for the climate to be good in those days. That we must need (get) rain before that, so that the ground will be wet. And then real thunder message will be revealed in these meetings. So I want everyone of you to pray fast or do anything, so the thunders will be completely revealed, to give the glory to all the dead saints to rise up in their places. Thank God and be grateful to God for revealing His thunders to us. Let us be thankful for that most merciful God. Everybody take away your pride. Be humble. Humble people only get everything from God. Proud people are rejected by God. Pride about your community, pride about your family, pride about your religion and pride about every thing God hates. And today God has revealed the bible to us more than anybody, anywhere, anything. Not because I am good. Not because I am a special man. But I come in the David's line. People think that only white people come in the David's line. But we come directly in the Nathan's line. So let us thank God for remembering the promise to our forefathers, and eventhough we are small, He has given every power to us. All power in heaven and earth has been bestowed on us. So above us there is a God - the unseen Spirit. He is our creator. Let us bow down and worship Him. And Let us all think that I am not God. I also worship God like you. But specially in me that great Unseen Spirit dwells in me. And in you also the Spirit of the Holy Ghost is in you. You are not made holy. So don't think you were holy before the foundation of the world. Through the Holy Ghost God doesn't think our sins anymore; and Because of the Spirit of the Lord God, completely He doesn't count sins anymore. So Let us all be thankful always. That is the purpose of this great procession. We are all people who know the message. Let us cooperate together. Let us not fight with each other. Let us love everybody. Let us have that unfeigned love. Everybody throughout the world who is celebrating the Kalki Jayanthi and this 21st July of God coming down; it is not my birthday. It is the day of God coming down. It is the birthday of him who has no birthday. So that is our consolation. So let us all who celebrate throughout the world rejoice. We may be small but the Bible says and the scriptures and the vedas say : The future is ours. Not by weapons, but by the Lord God and His army. So let us all call the army of the Lord God. Let us pray that Heavenly Hosts, that they come and be among our devotees all over the world. And God will really grant that. If anybody aims anything at us - and we don't fight for that. God will fight. Our angels are always looking sharp at our enemies. You don't want (have) to see them. Because Gad has promised that He'll be encamping around us and all over the place wherever we are. One angel is enough to destroy the whole India. He is more powerful than atomic bombs or any other bombs or any inventions in this world. So forget your fear and believe Him. And believe that Lord God is everything for us. And inside Him the unseen spirit - He created you, He created me, He created everything. So let us all worship and kneel down and say: Thank you Lord, at the flag and make a new determination. God bless you. God bless you.
This flag is the heavenly King’s flag, bigger than all the earthly King’s flags.  The meaning of the Flag is: Saffron colour means the supreme sacrifice (Aadhi Bali), and the two stripes, one is white and one is green. That is: White is righteousness of God, green is truth and peace. When there is truth only, peace is there. Then the circle of the rainbow denotes eternity, no beginning and no ending.  And the Star of David is called ‘Vishnu Chakra’.  You can see in the pictures that this Vishnu Chakra rotates and kills everybody just by cutting their head.  It is a rotating star.  And the white light inside that star denotes purity.  It is gathering everybody.  So this is the symbol of our heavenly King.
Bhagawan Shri Lahari Krishna explains the meaning of the Love Flag !