God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
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OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
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Spiritual Discourses of Shri. Paulaseer Lawhrie Muthu Krishna to make India a 'JOTHI' for the Whole World
Thou art the ruler of the minds of the people,
Thou dispenser of India's destiny,
The name rouses the hearts of the Punjab, Sind,
Gujarat and Maratha, of Dravid, Orissa and Bengal.
It echoes in the hills of the Vindhyas and Himalayas,
mingles in the music of the Jamuna and Ganges
and is chanted by the waves of the Indian Sea.
They pray for the blessings and sing Thy praise.
The saving of all people waits in Thy hand,
Thou dispenser of India's destiny.
Victory, Victory, Victory to Thee.

Victory to our Lord Shri. Paulaseer Lawhrie Muthukrishna who holds the destiny of India.
Rabindranath Tagore
Authentic English Translation of The National Anthem of India
Rabindranath Tagore
Jaipur, Meeting, March 26, 1986
Today everybody talks about yoga and yoga exercises. I was a yogi in Ceylon for five years practicing yoga exercises and trying to attain peace of God. But many people don't understand the underlying thing. Now we have a self and that self is called I and my. And we plan our own life. We want to be a doctor or an engineer or something prosperous. But God has a different plan for us. And these two plans always clash. Suppose I want to go to Delhi. I must get a man to go to Delhi and he must stop his way and come with me. You can't follow God and man. We cannot follow God on our own thinking. If you surrender your life to God and allow Him to plan your life it will be a different plan than what you think. To follow God you must have the power from God then only you can follow His will. Suppose I follow Bhagavad Gita, then I have to leave my thinking and do what Bhagavad Gita says. Then automatically you die and the spirit of Krishna lives. But in many instances people say don't be controlled by your five senses. But we are all controlled by our five senses only. We hear the good music and appreciate it. Suppose a nice song comes everybody enjoys it. One day during the last war I was travelling in a bus. In the bus there were Chinese, there were Americans, there were English people and they were all travelling in that bus. Suddenly a fight came, we all started beating each other. The bus came to a stop at a place, there was a blind Guitarist, he was playing such beautiful music that we all jumped from the bus to listen to that music. We forgot our fightings and we were enjoying the song. And we were captivated by the music, we could not leave that. But the man playing was a blind man. Then everybody shouted and said music is an universal language.

So we have the five senses, tasting, hearing, seeing, smelling. So when God has put that sense in us it is not a sin. Now see you have got hunger, nobody blames God for hunger because it is placed by God. But your soul is put in this body to be tested whether you will follow your five senses or the voice of God. If you follow the voice of God you are to reject your own thinking. Suppose I follow Bhagavad Gita, it is no more I but Krishna in me because I follow His Word. That is why in this world we have battles between two things, following our own will or following God's (Word) will.

So there are three kinds of people. One is totally a worldly man; one is a middle way man, he wants God as well as this world; but there is a third man following totally God. The first man is worldly, he has to choose this world or God. He studies both the world and God. The world has got attachments, it has got fame, it involves your actions and the man boldly picks the world and he plans his life. One day he will become a great man in this world, they put a garland on him. He will say Namastay (a form of bowing putting the two hands together) and take the glory for himself. He suffers, he works, he plans his life and takes the glory for himself. That is totally a worldly man. But another type of man, he doesn't want the world, he chooses God but he plans his own life, he works very hard to become a religious leader. One day he becomes a big man by his own efforts. He doesn't attain greatness by God's power but by his own power. Then people bring the glory for him and he takes the glory for himself. The third man is the best man. You can be only one of these three, either a worldly man, or a compromisor, or totally for God. The first man takes the glory for himself, the second man takes the glory for himself, but the third man, he doesn't plan his life, God plans his life and he gives God all the glory. So you have to choose one of these parts. Whether you are a doctor, engineer or whoever you are, you can be only one of these three. You may be a business man, you may be a teacher, you can be only one of these three. I will talk about the Godly man; you have a self but you don't follow yourself. You are an eternal being, God has a plan for you. He has already a plan for you before the foundation of the world. You are eternal. You are not a human being. And when you plan your life, you ask God to plan your life. And when God brings you as a great man you have not planned your life, God planned your life so you put the garland on God only.

So we have our self. Just like there is a door. I go through the door easily. But some people climb over the wall by their own efforts. When there is a door why do you climb the wall? Like that in this world there is a door in God but we don't use the door we use our own efforts and climb the wall with great difficulty. Suppose you are a yogi, you want to control the five senses: have you ever tried it? Have you sincerely asked a Yogi? Meditators because they couldn't find God they just say I already achieved it and we believe that. But only through the power of God you can attain that position.

I was a man trying to improve myself. I wanted to become a minister, I wanted to be in politics, I wanted to study law. This was my thinking. But one day God met me, he came into my life, I couldn't plan my life. I surrendered my whole life to Him, "You can plan my life". And today God has met me in a wonderful way. He came into myself in 1969 and He told me what I am to do in this world. And I know I didn't do it, it is the Spirit of God in me. All glory to God who planned my life.

Are you going to be planned by God or you plan? Your plan will end in death. The plan of God will not end in death but life.

We see in this world nobody does anything without gain, even a small thing. Suppose a man is working in a firm, he daily goes to his job, he gets up in the morning, washes his face, he goes to his work and at the end of the month he expects to get a salary. At the end of the month he says, today is the salary day. I was working, that will be a happy day because one month we suffered. We didn't do our work, we did the work of another person but you are paid for that. And we say today is the salary day, when you hear the you are full of joy. And when you get the money it is a satisfaction. Every man must be satisfied, even the worldly man must be satisfied. He suffers for one monthexpecting some payment. But the end when the salary comes into his hands he forgets his pain, he forgets his working for one month. This gives him satisfaction. This is the reward for his work. Not only work, but his reward of work. Not only work, but his reward of work. He goes to his house, tells his wife I got my salary. And he takes her for the pictures, he buys a new saree and gives the children all the help and they are happy. Then he goes for work. Thirty days he works and then expects his salary. The salary is the satisfaction of the worker. If there is no salary he doesn't work. If after 30 days he doesn't get a salary he doesn't go to the job after that.

In the same way every man has to be satisfied. The father is there, he loves his son. He educates him, he makes him a big man. He expects some nice words from him. And the mother cares for the child, the child becomes a big fellow, he goes to college. The mother and father expect something in return. But suppose he doesn't study, he goes on drinking and spends all the fees on worldly pleasure, see how much it will pain. So they expect a reward. If that reward doesn't come it will kill them. But when the son studies well they are very happy and when he gets a job they are very happy. And when the son comes and brings the salary then they praise the son, "I am glad that I have birth to you". But if the son becomes a wicked fellow it will break their hearts. So satisfaction is the aim of everyone. Are you satisfied in this world?

In the same way suppose we think about a business man. He puts all his money and he works day and night to get a gain and he is trying to get gain. But if he doesn't get any gain he will even commit suicide. He goes day and night, purchases things, he doesn't have time to talk to his family. At the end of the year he takes his account of profit and loss. How much did I gain? I spent so much, I spent 60 thousand rupees. Now I got 10 thousand rupees. Ten thousand I have gained. Then he is very happy. The people who work there they have bonus and he is full of happiness. He comes home, tells his wife we have gain. Suppose he has loss in his work; he won't find happiness in his face; the workers won't get any bonus, and the family also is not happy. What is happiness for the business man? He suffers a lot but if at the end he finds a gain he is very happy. Otherwise he won't be happy and commit suicide even. Like that everything in this world is depending on satisfaction whether profit or loss. If he doesn't gain he is not happy at all.

Suppose a man plants a nice mango grove and he is waiting for the fruit. After many years of watering and putting the manure he expects the fruit and when he gets the fruit he expects the mango to be sweet for all his pains. But suppose that is not sweet, he is not happy. I remember one day I planted a mango tree. It grew out to be a big tree and the fruit was yellow; nice smell, so I put it on the table. "Daddy and Mummy, today we will cut it and eat it". We cut the fruit, you can't put that in your mouth. But it was a nice colour, mango smell was alright but you can't put that in your mouth. So my Daddy and Mummy said, "For this tree you suffered so many years to put water and manure. Useless tree, useless fruit, it doesn't give good fruit". And nobody ate that mango. It was nice looking but no taste. I slowly went out, brought a gardener, cut the tree in anger. Any tree which doesn't give good fruit will be cut off.
My dear brothers and sisters, are you giving good fruit or bad fruit? If you are giving good and fruit your Creator will be happy for you, if you are giving bad fruit the result isn't good for you. In this world everything depends upon satisfaction.

Suppose you do yoga exercise, years of yoga principles, if you do not realise God, what is the use of all this yoga exercise. Yoga exercise means you must attain peace. Today we talk about exercise, yoga. There are many people in America doing yoga but they don't get the peace. The peace doesn't come as they think; peace comes from God.

We talk about re-birth, we always think about what birth you are going to be. But the great thing is you have to cross that river of re-birth. One man is rowing the boat with difficulty. By great difficulty he is trying to cross the river. Another man sits on a boat with an engine. He doesn't row the boat he just starts the engine, sits quietly and crosses the river. And when the engine is there you don't work the engine works. So in the same way, to cross the river of re-birth many have tried by their own efforts. With your self effort you will never cross re-birth. I tried that for many years, I tried to cross that river of re-birth by my own efforts. I was trying to show I am good boy. But the secret I know I didn't use my 'self', I allowed the power of God to use me. Bhagwan (God) Spirit is the engine. You try to cross that. You can't cross it my friend it is too much, too much strain for you.

Now in the worldly condition when you are so busy where is the time for you. Today many people want to do yoga in the house. Even in the jungles they can't get it. Even in the city you close your mind and try for five minutes, you hear the noice here.... Gadung, Gadung, Ga-dhim, bim, bum, bang. All kinds of noise and you are going to do the yoga here? You just quietly sit down, there is no quiet there. Even in the jungle, it is not quiet today. Formerly jungles have been having peace but now jungles also have roads, and wherever you go you can hear the noise of cars and horn, and shouting and singing and radio and all these things. You can't go for silence there.

So I couldn't get the peace, so I was seeking God for that power. When the power came into me I sat quietly and asked the power to work for me, then it was not my working. Narayana working, His spirit working in me. Then He planned my life and He met all my needs. If you are in the centre of God's will everything will come to you. If you plan, nothing will come to you.

And one day I realized I crossed the river of re-birth. What is crossing the re-birth? If you are in Narayana you have no condemnation. Outside you have condemnation. Does your heart condemn you, does your heart feel peace? If your heart doesn't give you peace you are not in God's will. It is free so we don't ask for it. If I say from here to Kasi we have to walk, we will walk. If I tell somebody it is free they won't believe it.

In one place suddenly there was a advertisement. They said, "100 grams of gold will be sold for 1000 rupees". Nobody believed it. But one man (believed and he) was willing to take that. But one man (believed and he) was willing to take that. But because it was so cheap nobody believed that message. At 6 o' clock one man came, he said, 'Is that true?' 'Yes you pay the money I will give all the gold'. Then give it'. That was the gold he had. Then everybody said, "I want the gold, I want the gold". In the same way God gives us free but we don't appreciate it. If by our efforts we get a salary we appreciate it very much. If somebody gives free we don't appreciate it at all. So like that we have to cross the re-birth. That is the way God's Spirit can come into your heart, He will drive the car for you".

Now see who was the driver of Arjuna. If he (Arjuna) was driving the chariot he would be doing something dangerous. It was not Arjuna that was important the driver was important. Otherwise Arjuna would have driven the chariot and run away. But the driving was in the hands of Krishna. So he could not run, has listened to Krishna and changed his mind and did the will of Krishna. When he did the will of Krishna, the glory goes to Krishna not to Arjuna.

In the same way, are you living for yourself or for God? If you are living for God you will do what He says. If you are living for yourself you will plan your life for this world's goods. So in this world you are waiting only for the results and the benefits. Suppose you are a football player, you want to win the match you are happy, if you lose the match you can't sleep. In the same way, in every walk of life you have to win the race.

I was a famous athelete in Ceylon, every year one man will win the race. When I was in Ceylon I practised. One day we had to run. All big fellows and tall fellows, they were doing exercises. My father came, "Are you also going to run?" "Yes daddy, wait and see". He told me, "How can you run with these people?" So when I started running, I defeated them and came first, then my father was very happy; all my friends were happy. When I came first my daddy told me, "I never knew you'll win son, I really love you because you defeated the champion". That is how I made him happy, that is the blessing for a son.
Now you are in this world. Who created you? You didn't come like this. There are many people born in this world, some people are born by God, some people are just born by desire, some people are born by test tubes, but there are people born by God. But there are some people born by lust and going to bad houses. Some people are born in marriage. So like that some people are born by God. Their desires will always be.... they won't be happy in this world.

From my small age I was not happy in this world. My father used to blame me, "I don't know what is wrong with you, you are not interested in anything, you are not interested in eating, you are not interested in putting a nice dress, you are not interested in Cinema, you have to be interested in something". But I was interested in seeking God. I used to go with my daddy to pray in the morning at 5-O' clock near the sea shore and I was five years old then. And I learned to pray with my daddy and very soon my thirst for God came and I read about Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. I read about all the saints of God in India, Ramana Maharishi, Aurobindo Ghosh. All the Yogas and all I studied, it was only His knowledge. But I could never come to that realization. My dear friends, I cannot tell you about honey, I can't by any thought tell honey is good, honey is this. I can only tell taste and see. TASTE GOD AND SEE.

Don't come to the conclusion there is no God. Because you say there is no God it doesn't mean there is no God. I couldn't accept that saying, there is no God, but at that time the power of God came into my life. For 45 years, I am roaming all over the world, my whole family is dedicated for that and brought many people to the life. For 45 years I am roaming all over the world, my whole family is dedicated for that and brought many people to the life. We could have settled down in some foreign country, but I love my country. My dear countryman, why so much of split in this country? Because you have not realized that God Narayana. Three thousand years ago it was only scattering the seed, He scattered the seed and divided. But now we have to come to the harvest time. Every seed has to be harvested. At the harvest time the owner will be there.

That is why Narayana came down because the harvest is there. So He can gather all the seed. He won't gather the hay, He will keep it outside. But the grain He is taking home, that is why He came. Today in India there is a grain. He is not worried about the hay; He is not worried about those who go after the five senses. They are going only after death. But there is life in the seed. One seed dies and hundreds of seeds come. And today, if you are seds that is why you are seeking God these days. So there are two sets of people, one seeks God, other seeks the world. They enjoy the world and perish like a beast, but we are not going to perish like a beast. God comes down, you don't go to God.

I am telling about Narayana who comes to see you, not you go to Narayana. He comes to see you in these last days. We are worried when will He come. You hear the song "When will He come, you said you are coming". But He came but how many people could recognize Him. Many thousand years ago Jews were singing, "Oh God come", and they killed the very God Jesus. But that was those days. And today when Narayana with a big white face and a glorious man like a king. And today He doesn't come as you think. He doesn't come to religious leaders. He is going on the roads of India today. Do you recognize Him my friends? I ask you to go to your room and meditate, "Are you here in this world or are you going to come? If you have come tell me". Surely He will appear to you. Today it is not only big (People) even small children can understand.

I know a small girl 10 years old and is the father's pet. One day she had a desire and she told her daddy, "I want to go to Brother Lawrie's Ashram". The father could not leave her. One morning as this man was sitting in the house, suddenly I appeared to him, "That girl is not your girl, send her to Narayana". Early morning the mother brought her. I said, "What is wrong with you?" (She replied) "You take your child".

Why I am telling this, He was not talking to the big people always, to the small people also He is talking. If you have been existing with Him before the foundation of the world, God will reveal it to you. According to Krishna this body will disappear but your soul is not disappearing. The soul came from Him and you have to go to Him. So if you are in Him there is no re-birth after that. So how to go into Him? By doing what He said. Many people say, "I want to completely surrender myself. Don't touch the five senses". Have you ever tried that?

It is not easy my friend to control your five senses. You may say I am controlling it but mentally you cannot control, mentally you will always be thinking about the objects. Always that will be in your thoughts then you are a hypocrite. You control your senses but you cannot control your mind. So this body, it says one thing to do but your mind says another thing to do. It is always a battle within you. But if you surrender yourself into the hands of Narayana, His Spirit will control you. The five senses have no power, He alone can control you.

Man says man is immortal. Man is not immortal. Narayana is immortal. All those who are in Him are immortal. If you are not in Him you were never immortal. So today you find out whether you are in Him or outside.

Everybody is a tree, all of you are planted by God and God manured you, God gave you water, what does He expect? He expects fruit from you. So God comes at tht end of the age, "Is there any fruit?" Are you giving any fruit? Remember if anybody doesn't give fruit you are cut off and put into the fire. So what fruit are you giving today? He planted you, He manured you, He watered you all these years and He comes expecting to get fruit from you. WHAT FRUIT ARE YOU GIVING TODAY?

You may say, I am a weak man. Did not all these make you strong? You can overcome by that power. How to satisfy him? By doing the will of God, you can satisfy Him.

Suppose I say, "Oh I am doing a good work". Suppose I ask a man to white wash this place, if he comes and cleans the lavatory I don't pay his salary. You have to do what I say, then I give you salary. It is not what actions you do, it is whether you do the actions of God, what He has planned for you. Then you get a reward. If you do something and say, "Oh I am doing for God's sake, "God won't pay for that. Today many people are doing God's work, without His will you must find out the will of God and do His work then you can't perish.

That is why Bhagavad-Gita may appear as a small boook, Bible may appear as a small book, Koran may appear as a small book. But no Muslim, no Christian, and no Hindu is following the books. You don't read that even. I have seen many Christians, they don't do what the Bible says. They talk something, Bible tells something (else), but what do they say? They just become slaves of some thinking. Muslims don't do what the Koran says, but if you do like that then you have got eternal life. But through that (Holy Books) only you can find out Narayana.

Now Tagore is there. We know Tagore. We have a Tagore school, public school, but how many know about Tagore? If you read his books..... this national anthem Jana-gana-mana adhinayaka jaya he. (English translation. "Thou art the ruler of the minds of all people".) Jaya he (English trans. Victory to thee). Victory to whom? Victory to the one who holds the destiny of India. So I asked a man, "Who sang this song?" "Tagore". Who is it about? "Queen Victoria". Queen Victoria is come and gone and that kingdom is dead and gone. Are they holding our destiny? NARAYANA IS HOLDING THE DESTINY OF OUR INDIA.

Don't think lightly of India. America may come (to attack) Pakistan may come. Ceylon may come. Israel may come. But India will not be given into the hands of men. With all their armies the destiny is in the hands of Narayana who has come down.

If anybody tries to destroy us they will be destroyed as a nation. SO I AM WARNING ALL NATIONS TODAY, DON'T TOUCH INDIA.

India may be divided. India may be divided into pieces but Narayana will unite them one day. That is why He has come down. And when the people realize that, we have to teach the world. You are not teaching the world a religion today. I am not teaching a religion today, I am not teaching Hinduism or Christianity or Muslim religion, I am teaching the way for your life. Don't change your religion. No use of changing your name. You can't do anything. You get into Narayana, He will do the work for you. Let His power come into you and do His will. He will unite India. He will destroy the enemies without any weapon. God bless you.
( Message given by Lord Lahari Krishna in Jaipur )
Jana-gana-mana-adhinayaka jaya he






Tava subha name jage,

Tava subha asisa mage,

Gahe tava jaya-gatha,

Jana-gana-mangala-dayaka jaya he


Jaya he, jaya he, jaya he,

Jaya jaya jaya, jaya he.
Jaipur, Meeting, March 27, 1986
In this world people cannot understand God in full. You just talk some philosophies what some person has written. Actually Bhagavad Gita cannot be explained even by some of the great people. He who wrote it, He has come down and explains it. Man's nature is, he will believe only someone, if he comes from his own religion or his own race. Two months before 1969 I was asked to talk to some Americans in Ohio. As I was preaching there, they were just ordinary people. They had cigarattes and whisky bottles and all these things and they were just having a good time and they asked me to talk. It was a function, as I was preaching suddenly many of them saw me disappear from the crowd. But I was preaching but they saw Jesus standing there. And immediately they got afraid and started running here and there. And there was fire coming from my eyes. But I was standing there they didn't see me. So after the meeting was finished they slowly came and asked me where did you go? I said, I was standing here. "No, no, no we saw somebody else". And then God spoke to me that on (July) 21st when man lands on the moon, then Narayana will come into my body. So I was taken by car to Chicago, and as we were in Chicago, one hour before man landed on the moon, the powerful Spirit of Narayana came into my body. And the first thing He said was "I have come down, anyone who believes in me shall never die". I was thinking all the while that we had to die and go. But He shouted in me and said, "Those who believe on me shall never die". As I came out of the building, the building caught fire and burned. Then I came to India. And when I came back to India I was coming like a different man. The clouds were there, the clouds which appeared to me in Chicago, they followed me up to India dnd came to my place where I stayed. And there was lightning there. And my wife did not believe anything. But she saw the cloud on the top of the roof. So we were going to the mother-in-law's house. So she said, "If this cloud follows us and then comes back to the same place I will believe your message". YOu know it is very hard to make my wife believe. As we were going about 15 miles this cloud rotated and came with the car. We stayed for about 1 hour in that house and when we came back that cloud with lightning came back to the same house where we stayed. Then she said, "I believe that".

It is up to you to believe. But you must understand, whether Bible, or Koran, or Bhagavad Gita or Bhagavatham, you cannot understand the real meaning without the help of Narayana. I was in the big meeting and I was the speaker there, and there was a main speaker there also. And when I went there to preach the main speaker had some trouble in his neck, he could not bend his neck. So he could not preach. So I told him I can touch you and your pain will go. As I touched him the pain went and the man was alright, but immediately the wife came and got angry because the whole crowd came after me. Then they told me, "Get out of this place because we are all white people, you pray for the black people. In fifteen minutes you leave the place". Then I came back. So you can understand ini every country when a nation conquers a country, first they destroy the culture of the country. Now our Indian culture is a supreme culture. But what happened when the British came, they changed the name of the places to destroy the culture. Some became Muslims, some became Christians. But the cream of the Hindus they never went to that, because those religions they can never give them their culture. When I travelled around the world nine times I used to challenge the people, come to India and see our culture. You have guns but we have the culture, and we are waiting for the last days.

First of all we must know how to get God into our lives. Our heart is the door to God , not your mind. This mind will have so many things and reasonings to understand. You can talk about love in the mind and brain. When a girl and boy love they talk from the heart not from the brain. When there are two friends they don't have friendship through the brain but through the heart. So we must be attached to God in the heart. God is touching the heart, you have to open the heart. Many years He has been talking to you, many times you are in danger.

I remember one time I was going in a car in Ceylon, as I was going... then I got on a cycle. As I was going suddenly a car came behind me, an unseen hand pushed me. I fell down; I just got up and I said, "Who pushed me?" But there was no man. But just behind me a car went and knocked against a post. You may be in the military, how many times you must have escaped danger. Those are times when God is talking to your heart. And with all our karma we are not able to reach God. The only thing is, we cannot reach God because of our karma. So this karma does not allow us to get Gnaanam (knowledge of God). So we have to go with the five senses. We are put in a body of five senses which blocks our way to the knowledge of God. If you are living only for the things of this world without thinking about God why should you lead a good life? You can eat and drink and be merry because tomorrow you die as a beast. There is a difference between us and the beasts. We are able to attain God but the beasts cannot do that. We have got a soul which is for the other world.

In an egg there is a chicken. It has got two legs, it has a beak, it has got eyes, it has got a wing. All this doesn't belong for inside the egg. But once that egg breaks all this is useful for the other world. There are so many things in our hearts which the world cannot satisfy. The pleasures of the world cannot satisfy you. God has put something in our hearts which cannot be satisfied with any of the things in this world. That place can be satisfied only by God himself. That is why God knocks at your door. He may talk through some saint, and the people don't understand. So He comes down and talks to you; and whether you can find out?

There was a mother who had a daughter. She can't hear, she can't speak, she can't see and that body can't walk, she can't move her hands. And the mother was trying to make that child understand. But the child could not understand. So the mother was telling, I would give anything if this baby could understand me; So we are like that with the five senses of this world, we can't understand God. But to understand God we must hear His voice, we must study the scriptures. Then only you can understand God. Today there are many temples and many churches but they don't do what Bhagavad Gita says. If you study Bhagavad Gita well then you can understand God very clearly. That is why God knocks at your door. We must know who is knocking at our hearts, then only we will open the door. My dear friends, you must know who is knocking at your door then you open the heart suddenly. Till then you won't open the door. It may be a thief, it may be a murderer, it may be a rogue, but you must know who is knocking at your door. God wants to come into your heart. God wants to have fellowship with man. But He cannot have fellowship because man doesn't understand God.

So this mother tried to talk with this girl, "my darling child". But she can't see, she can't talk, but the mother comes at a particular time to give food. And like this it went on for sometime. One day the mother went somewhere, at 12 o' clock she will give the food. But the mother came a little late. She came running to the baby, as the mother came, when she touched the body this little baby started shaking the body. Then the mother said, "Oh my daughter understands me, I can see from the shaking of the body that she is hungry". Like that my friends, you are not able to understand God. Atleast you can shake your body like that baby. How happy the mother was. If you only just give a signal that you want God how happy God will be. He doesn't want to force you, He wants you to open, out of love.

There was a mother who had a nice beautiful girl born. After sometime suddenly the house caught fire and nobody could save that child and the mother was crying and the fire was catching them. The mother escaped but nobody could save that baby. Then a young boy ran into the house, put the blanket covered the baby and came running out. The young man's face was all burned, he gave the child to the mother and fainted. His face became like a monkey's face. He was in the hospital for two years and after that he was healed, he was able to walk but the face was like a monkey's face. By that time the child was able to to walk and run about, she was a beautiful child. One day this man came, knocked at the door and the servant came and opened the door. And the child was there. And the boy said... he touched the child. The child ran to the mother, "Mummy a monkey is calling me, there is a monkey in the house". So the mother went there, she saw the man and she said, "My boy come". Then she called the girl, "My sweet girl, your beautiful face is because of him, because of saving you he got a monkey face. And he came to knock at your door, are you calling him a monkey?" The girl fell down and cried, "I am sorry mother". And the girl went and touched the face, "You are my God because of me you got this bad face. I have a beautiful face because of you, I love you, forgive me for closing the door". Then the man was happy.

In the same way, Narayana, He saved you. All through the ages He has done so many things for you, for your forefathers. But you people, you have so many things in this world, and today He comes and knocks at your door. Are you opening the door or closing the door? My dear friends, He comes like a man, when you open your heart you must recognize Him when He comes to your house. It is a fellowship with God. "God is in heaven", every christian will say. They will look up. But when God comes to your house they don't understand. That is why today we are conducting the meetings here to tell you that God is great; He wants you to open your heart by your will not by force. Do you hear His voice? Do you hear the power of His voice? It is life for you.

For forty five years my wife and my three children, all the family are depending on God, trusting God all these years. And Narayana never failed us, He always blessed us. For (You to get) that blessing we have come to you. And the whole India will be blessed because the light has come. Either you will follow the light or follow the darkness. I don't care for the crowd, I don't care for the bulk of the army. Are you loving God? God wants a set of people. My dear Hindu friends, what is your hope today? What is the state of your country today? It is divided and divided, and divided. Even the Hindu religion is divided. The Christians have got Rome, Muslims have Mecca, where will the Hindus go? My dear friends, think for a minute, you are crying, "Oh my country". You are converting to muslim religion, you are going to Christianity, but there is no hope in those religions. So you have to have hope on something. What is your hope today? Narayana is your hope, He has got all the power in this world to destroy. Bhagavad Gita says that. Do you know the Vishwarupa of Krishna? That is why He was able to destroy everything. With that destructive power God came through Krishna . But He never used it. In the last days when He comes He will use it. What is the power of the voice of God? Narayana is the voice of God, unseen God. God whom you cannot see, He is everywhere. He is in the stone, He is in the fire, He is in the chicken.

You know when I got that realization...... I don't know how people can eat meat. You have no power to cut any animal or any beast. God has given enough vegetables for you to eat. The original diet for the Indians, they were all vegetarians. If you realize God inall the animals, birds, and chickens, and all you won't touch it. When I got that realization I stopped that. Today I am very happy. My blood pressure has gone; if you have blood pressure, if you become vegeratian it will be much better for you. If you have piles, if you stop eating meat most of the piles will go away. That is my experience. Otherwise I would have been dead and gone. But after 1969 when Narayana came into my body I know I can't die until my mission is accomplished in India. Because I know God sent me for India to save the Hindu people. I am your hope today. There are many Bhagwans... I am man but may God open your eyes to make you understand who I am.

One day a Police man came, he was trying to scold me. "What is this you are talking?" We were sitting in front of each other, sudenly he saw a terrible light in my face, he just fell down. "I am sorry". I said, "Why do you say you are sorry?" "You are not Mr. Lawrie, but you are somebody else". Why I am telling you this .... first of all you must understand the Word of God.

Now suppose I am the director of a firm.... I have got the power, if I speak something the firm obeys me. If I am a military commander I have a voice, if I say shoot they have to shoot. That is the power of a commander. Like that everybody has got some power in the voice. In the same way, President Reagan is the voice of America, Rajiv Gandhi is the voice of India, Russian Prime Minister is the voice of Russia, Thatcher is the voice of England. Like that Zia is the voice of Pakistan. What is the voice of God? They have power. Today (it) Reagan starts a war it will start, nobody can stop that. Today if Russia says, start a war they will start it. The whole Russian army is there. The voice of Reagan, all the weapons of America is at his back. Suppose I am doing an agency business, I may be a poor man. I may get a salary, but if I have a guarantee for a certain thing I can tell the company, this is under repair, change the thing and give me, the company obeys me. I was in Vellore hospital for five years. I was in charge of purchase and all. I was a great power there. I had so many people under me, if I tell something they have to obey. Like that every man is a voice of something. But Narayana is the voice of God. If He tells something the whole thing will act. The creation took place like that. That is why whatever He spoke has got power. He spoke through Mohammad in the Koran. He spoke through Jesus in the Bible, He spoke through Krishna in Bhagavad Gita. But these three don't clash, but the people clash. They want to enslave another people. But now see, never in the Muslim Koran does it say, go and attack and convert people, it never says in the Koran go and attack the people and convert them. But see the conversions. They brought the sword and made the people convert. But that is not in Koran. It says never attack but when somebody comes to attack, you can defend. But people who don't believe the Koran did all kinds of dirty things.

What is the hope of hindus today? Even Bhagavad Gita they cannot understand. The Christians don't understand the Bible. One morning at 12 o' clock God woke me up. He said take the Vedas and He explained to me. So I challenged the Christians and they got angry. You are doing something against the Bible, all your culture is wrong. But see the Hindus the practicing the Bible but you don't practice the Bible. They (Hindus) are the people who do what the Bible says. But they don't have the Bible. You (Christians) have the Bible and do all atrocities. How can you be God's people? I don't want that religion and today I love the Hindus. But the Hindus are divided today. What are they waiting for today? They have no Mecca, they have no Rome. They brought that Pope here, why did you bring the pope here ? Because that does not mean that India needs a pope. India doesn't need a pope because the religion here is Hinduism which is far superior to western countries.

What is our hope today? There is a group of Hindus in India they won't be gathered under anything. They will be gathered under Narayana only. They have been waiting all these years. Why didn't they put Gandhiji, because that is not the remedy. Ahimsa is not getting a beating. If I sit quietly and get a beating and say ahimsa, that is not ahimsa. I wait till somebody comes to attack. If you keep quiet He will attack. So in our country in the future we have to teach the nations. Before that God wants to gather under Narayana. If you know the Bhagavad Gita, if you understand Bhagavad Gita, one thing I want to tell you, Shri. Krishna was standing there. Every Avatar, they give some hint for the coming Avatar. So if you read Bhagavad Gita this secret the people do not know. Narayana when He spoke through Krishna He also gave a hint for the coming Avatar. And as a man while He is speaking He gives a revelation about Himself. Otherwise you won't trust Him as a man.

Arjuna said, 'Show me your form". He showed the Vishwaroopa, that is a terrible form. Then secondly he said, "Please show me the Vishnu form. Then He showed that. Then He showed the gentle form (B. Gita 11:51 - 55). That gentle form was not Krishna's form, it was the next Avatar's form. Then Krishna says, "If you go into Him you have no death, you can overcome your re-birth. What form Shri. Krishna was showing as the gentle form is not His own form. But how can the other people know it. It is only Narayana we know that. He shows the same form that will come back after centuries. that form He showed to Arjuna. And when He believed that form he got redemption.

So in the day as I put my hands on you and pray, it is not just praying and putting my hand on you. Don't think I am pushing you. I don't push anybody and I have no strength to push you also. When I put my hand it goes up through your nerves and body and blood and pulls out all what is not good in you. Many people don't believe in spirits. Some people die on the road, that spirit can come into you. A man may have drowned in Thames river and that spirit may come into you in India. It wants a body until that time when God's time comes so they can take re-birth. When this comes into you, doctors can never find out. If you are a TB patient the doctor will put all the tests and say you got TB. One day there was a woman, who was a patient to die within 15 days and the doctors said she would die. We went and touched her and the spirit in her went away. She just got up and walked and got completely healed. Don't think I am pushing, the spirit when it goes it makes you fall down. It makes a noise and goes. Don't be afraid. I come to you in love. I want you to be free of all this because when I put my hand on you, your karma goes away. Now who can take your karma? Now I am a man, I appear to you as an old man. But when I put my hand on you, your karma goes and shanti comes to you. That shanti(peace) no Bhagwan can give you.

All the Bhagwans who meditate on that name Lahari then only they get some relief. So if you go and ask them they say don't utter that name. Now some people divide that name, they say LA, LA, LA. they say HARI, HARI, HARI. So that name will not be told. That is why God's name is cut into two and said Hari, Hari, Hari; In that name (Lahari) there is power. If there is power in that name don't you think there is power in Him who possesses that name. So when I touch you, your inner heart will say... your karma goes away, peace comes to you. Then you will know God is in me.

So my dear countrymen, you may be whoever it is, especially Hindus, you come closer to God. Everybody may go to Rome and Mecca but you go to God. God has come down to help you. And if I was not sure I won't boldly say that. From 1969 He is gathering the people. There are many people in America, many in Germany, many in Malaysia. But you must understand India is a famous country. The British came and blacked it out. They changed the names, that is why we do not know who we are. People they conquer a country and change the names. So we do not know who we are. But I read a book some time ago about the history. One man wrote that many people in India, they can overcome death. If you believe our message this body will change and you will put on Narayana's body. You will go into Him and you can overcome death and also all re-birth. This is a great hope for the Indian people. First the Hindus, then the others. The Hindu people are a special people. You do not know who you are. You are thinking that you are worldly people. Every country must learn Bhakthi only from the Indians. Bhakthi is not enough. Bhakthi on whom?

Now suppose I put a picture and do puja. When I go there and my wife is there, she is putting a picture of mine and doing pooja. I come from another country after sometime to see my wife. She won't say foe me go and do pooja to the picture and come and see me. She won't tell me that because she will know that I am her husband. How can I do pooja to my own picture? So all the worship finishes in this ministry. Now come on and rise up! You will not only save your country but you will teach the whole world. GOD BLESS YOU!
Jaipur, Meeting, March 28, 1986
Today in this world everywhere they talk about love. If there is no love there won't be any Cinema shows. And now many people run after the objects. But there are many forms of love. Love of an animan towards the master, love of a bird, and love of a lover, and love of God. And today people make big songs and sing great songs about love. And there are many people who have left their kingdoms for the sake of love. And if you see the Taj Mahal, such an expensive building was put for the sake of a woman called Mumtaz Mahal Rani. If a man could put such a big building for the sake of love, we must just imagine how much God can do that for you.

First of all we think that man's love is very important. I was in the British Museum, I saw mummy there three thousand years old. And it was about a man who loved a girl. So he put a mummy so that in the mummy you can see the body's face and everything. Life has left the body but the form is there, this love has also left. Suppose you study the animal's love, the bird's love, you will be surprised to see the love will make them forego any fear.

I know one day a small squirrel fell in front of us and it could not move and we were waiting there to see if the mother squirrel will come and take the small one. We love the animals and birds and we don't allow anybody to kill any of the animals and birds or anything, in our Ashram. But this squirrel, this small one fell down. So one of my sons, told me, what shall we do with this, shall we take it to our house. I told him, suppose you are lost, where would you like to go? He said, "I would like to go to the father and mother". So I told him "Don't you think it is right to take this small one of the father and mother". Then my small son said, "How can we do that, we don't know the father and mother?". Then the small one made a sound. We couldn't see anything in the neighbourhood. Just in front of us after sometime the mother squirrel and the father squirrel came on the top of the roof and slowly came near us; They came to us it was not even afraid to die. It came near us, put the small squirrel under the stomach and the small one put the legs and hands right on the mother and they went up. When there is perfect love there is no fear. Who put this love in that squirrel?

Love is of God you say and true love never gives up hope. But for the sake of love a man will go to any extent. Even in Shakespeare we know the story of Romeo and Juliet. There are many love stories. Every story unless there is a love story it won't take any place anywhere. But you must understand how far this love should go. After sometime they will go lack, they don't even want to love. At the time of the marriage they will say, "My darling, my darling". After two or three months they will say, you get out, you go to your house, I will go to my house. Then divorce comes. How far can you go with the human love? God says, never to trust man whose breath is in his nostrils.

So, today many people are running after 'prem' (love) and they think that it is permanent love. You don't even have a love like an animal. I know of a story of a forest, the bamboo trees caught fire. There was a bird's nest. The small ones were there but the mother was trying to save them. She couldn't save them, she flew round and round and fell into that nest and died with the birds.

Today man talks about man attaining God. But Bhagavad Gita says, if 1000 people do yoga rarely one will attain the peace. Today everybody will say yoga, yoga and they say peace will come to them. Sometimes people say if you are married you have no God, but see what they have done. Even if a man knows Bhagavad Gita he will know that what is said is true, but today people don't read it. Now the Koran, Mohammed said there is nobody after him. That is a terrible lie. But he established a religion on that. Today everybody after them they want to close the door. They will say after me there is nobody coming. But a true prophet or a true avatar, he will tell who is going to come after him.

He will prepare for the other man. Today who is telling the religion, it is the religious leaders. They not only have no God they don't want others to come to God also. But if you study the Bhagavad Gita, if you study the Koran, if you study the Bible, if you study the Vedas yoj don't find any disagreement there. I have spent 25 years studying that and all followers who are thorough with those books they don't find any contradiction. Then why so much of contradiction? Because of the leaders, they have some interpretation to make the believers trust them. The christians do not know the Bible, the hindus do not know the Vedas of the Bhagavad Gita or Bhagavatham, the muslims do not know the Koran. That is why we are divided. There is only one God but see today how many gods have come up. There is only one God who created all of us. We are all one family.

Today in our family who can join the family together? The father can unite the family. After the death of the father the family is divided. The children and the grandchildren divide the family still. And there is no unity after that. So who can bring that unity? Only the father and the mother.

So today we find everywhere divisions. Because we don't study Bhagavad Gita we don't know who is the culprit today. Because I studied Bhagavad Gita I know who the culprit is today. They twist the Sanskrit meaning also. But if anybody gives the translation exactly that man is a great man, but all the leaders are twisting the Bhagavad Gita so you do not know to understand the Bhagavad Gita even. Shri. Krishna says, the unseen God is everywhere and it says to find Him is a terrific strain. But you can find out from the manifested God, otherwise it is very hard to find the Unseen God. It is easier to find out Narayana than the Unseen Spirit. To find out God, you must have God's Spirit then only you can find out. Today people are not worried about the Spirit of God. God can give the Spirit to everyone who seeks Him. So if you love Him then you will get the Spirit. Today people don't love God. They love business, they love their jobs more than God, they love their children more than God, they love their houses and properties more than God. That is why they can never find God.

Suppose there is a wife, she depends upon the husband. When will thehusband get angry? Not when she breaks a pot, breaks a tumbler. Suppose she breaks the tape recorder, the husband won't get very angry. But when the wife is unfaithful he will even kill her because she has to give the love to the husband fully. Any woman who does not love the husband fully but loves the other men is called a prostitute. But the world will not only say prostitute, but the husband will chase her away. If God is our husband all of us should seek Him like a wife. And we must never be unfaithful to Him.

You know all these religions are not formed by God, Don't get angry with me, it is not formed by God, it is formed to take away love from God. That is why people in religions cannot find God. You can seek Him alone, you don't want any mediator to go to God. If you seek Him like silver and gold, if you seek Him like a scholarship, if you seek Him like sugar, if you seek Him with all your heart, you can find Him in your home. That is how we have been practicing God. Meditation is a very powerful thing. I used to think meditation would weaken us, but I found out it gives double energy. People do not know the power in meditation. They will say meditate on what? They will put a dot and say meditate on that. What can you get meditating on a dot. You must meditate on God. You don't imagine a God, you ask your Creator to show Himself to you. Then He will talk to you.

You know Sanadhana Dharma says, that means you can find God in everything. These big leaders... But afterwards they started worshipping shakti. But shakti comes from Narayana, through Narayana only shakti comes. But because these leaders do not want another leader after them they brought this shakti doctrine. Because life is only from Narayana. Even the Bride members, the shakti, with Him only they can get life.

Narayana is the reservoir of life. He can never die, He has no sin, He is eternal. His Spirit is eternal means He is eternal and the Spirit will come to you to make you eternal. But He doesn't come to everybody unless you seek HYim or ask Him. He doesn't throw it out. It is precious life. Those who love Him with all their heart, with all their mind, with all their soul, with all their body, they get that life. By doing that how can we live in this world? We have been living for forty five years trusting Him and we found out if you trust God, God meets your needs.

If you join the military all allowances are given to you; Wife allowance, children allowance, hospital allowance, everything comes to you. If you are in God's military all your needs are met. Because you can't trust God so much, you think God cannot support you. A man can live by working with his two hands but he can live better by trusting God. If a man trusts God, God gives them protection.

There are so many beings that we cannot see. One day as I was preaching suddenly one man came to beat me from the crowd. I didn't know that was the first time I was preaching there. And he came shouting. "Today I will beat you and break your teeth and break your leg" and he came with a big stick. My friends were all round about me, that was test in my life; Can God save me there? Should I have Ahimsa, Should I get the beating and go? My dear friends, if you love God, God will never allow one thing to touch you. That is ahimsa. You don't fight but He fights for you. I don't believe in ahimsa where you get a beating. I believe in ahimsa where God fights for you. So this man came near, my wife was close by, my father-in-law was there, all my friends were there. This fellow comes to beat me. So I was a Karate fighter, I was waving my hands like this, thinking that he will beat. He came to beat me with a stick. Suddenly there was a light from my right side, it struck him. He fell down and cried looking to my right side, "I won't touch your servant, I am sorry I came here". Again he got a beating and he ran far away. He looked at me, again the Angel of God touched him and he ran for his life. And then I turned to see who was there, and there was a voice, "I am with you always, don't be afraid". And I know that God's power is there. From that time fear left me. My dear friends, everybody who loves God will have angelic protection. If an ordinary minister in this world, or an ordinary M.L.A. or M.P. or a big chief minister, when he goes, see the police and all the people covering him. You mean to say if you are a child of God that the heavenly police won't go around you. We are protected and we have been fully armed by God. If you really seek God nothing can by any means hurt you. I want all the Indian people today to be armed by God. What you see is not eternal, what you don't see is eternal. One day God opened my eyes and made me see the power that God's people are protected by God's mighty army. One angel can kill millions of people. Such power God gives His people.

I still believe that India will win the whole world. Do you believe that my friend? You may think that there are many other nations. There are many nations but I will tell you, God has given power to His people. That is why I want the hindus to unite in the name of God; There is one God Narayana. You may say so many things. If you want to come together, come together under Narayana and you are protected and He will fight for you. And nobody can win that war. We are are not coming here to get defeated. Even all your diseases He can heal you. God never sends any sickness to man, God is a good God. God loves you. But if a sickness comes you have to get the resistance from inside. Suppose your daughter... somebody comes and pulls (her) you don't have ahimsa there. You don't say, God let your will be done, let them pull my daughter and go. You get the police and fight against him. Where is the ahimsa there? So like that any sickness is not sent by God, you have to resist it. If you resist it, it will go. Don't say I have got a headache I am going to have it for many years. You get God's power to drive out your sickness. You may say the doctors say you have cancer. The doctors may say you have got TB, doctors may say it is incurable, but all things are possible with God.

One day we went to a jungle, a man full of leprosy came. You can't even touch him. As I was going he came and fell at my feet, I touched him and went away. After two months I was passing that way in a meeting, the very man came there bringing me a bottle of honey from the jungle. I said, "Who are you?". "I am the same leper who was healed". I couldn't believe that. (He was) Perfectly normal. He got all his fingers back. And he was not a rich man, he brought the bottle of honey and two daughters telling, "Brother Lawrie, I give these daughters to you, take them home and educate them. I will serve God in Orissa state". Today he is not a leper, he is a servant of God, working among the hill tribes. How many of you are there to serve God today? You may give money, you can love Him, but He wants you to serve Him. That is love. My dear friends, in this world if you love God ultimately you will serve Him. So I left my family, my wife and children, we left our very big jobs in Ceylon. Then in Vellore we both left our jobs and found out God so wonderfully in our lives. As we are travelling around the world, never one day without meansl never one day without anything because all our needs were met by God.

One day in America one lady was paralyzed for 7 years and as I was travelling she had a vision that an Indian had come in a green coat. And one of my friends was interested in her, so she took me there. Then the girl asked, "Is that man an Indian?" "Yes". "Is he wearing a green coat?" "Yes". So as I went and touched her and she got up and walked immediately. They started jumping. Her husband took the car and took me all over America.

Today every religion is closing the door. Where do you find out God? If Allah comes today the muslims won't open the door for Him, if Jesus comes today christians won't open the door for Him. The hindus talk so much about Krishna, if Krishna comes today there is no place for Him. As I was going there, when I was in America I thought I would study the religions. So I went to every religious worship and what did I find? I got beatings only, I didn't find God there. But one day I went to some drinking bars I saw some drunkards there. I just went there, the drunkards have more love than these chirstians. They have no colourbar. So I went to the bar, some drunkards came "Hello Johnnie, where are you from?" "I am from India". "Won't you come to our house?" The house was open to me. As I prayed the habits go from them and that home was a welcome home for me. I found more God in the drunkards homes than all the christian preachers homes.

My dear friends, you are very busy alright but who holds your life today? Every breath comes from Him. It is in you, it is coming out. But do you ever think about God? He gives us water. He gives us the sunlight, God never charges anything. He doesn't take offerings. For the last forty five years we never took offerings from any places, because God gives free, we give everything free. If anybody takes money that means it is not God. Today religion has become a money collecting center, but God is not there. Today God is or the roads. Where will you find Him today? You can find Him in ordinary places. That is why today where is the love of God? Do you love God? How to show Him love? Not by offerings, He wants your heart. You can love Him, serve Him, you may say what can I do. You go to Him; He will call you. Nobody goes and joins a military without their calling you. You ask God, "I want to serve you". And He will call you. Have you ever heard the voice of God? Aurobindo Ghosh said he heard the voice of God in the jail. Gandhi said he heard the voice of God. Every man can hear the voice of God. If you are a human being, if a child is there he likes to know the father. Don't you like to know who created you? He is your father. He searches for you. He is waiting, when my children will call me. But you are catching the ordinary things.

Suppose your own child gets a doll and calls it "My dear daddy," and kisses the doll, "You are my daddy". What will you do? YOu will go and beat him, "That doll did not give birth to you, I gave birth to you". If you call this wooden thing as your daddy hisheart will pain. But whe He created you, why are you catching the things of this world and calling it "Daddy?" How much pain He will get. Don't you think it pains God so much? He loves you and the father has given everything free to you, but you don't look at Him. All these things don't came automatically. Because He knew what you needed, so He gave all these things to you. See the animals, the animals love, that nature of love is there. There is a bird when it becomes very old the children carry the bird when flying. In the season they go from one place to another, when the father and mother are old the birds will put the neck on the body and the birds will carry them. The birds have love for their parents. Where is the love fot the parents? You love them, that is one of the commandments of God. Love the mother and father for the lengthening of your days. Where will you find that in western countries? You will find (it) only in our country. You know our country practices what God told. We are the doers of God's Word and we are very close to God. Only thing is we have to get a touch from Him.

There are so many things I can tell you about the animals. Are you faithful to God? One day a manager had a dog and he will go everywhere with him. One day he was going around his estate, he put his coat down and told the dog you take care of the coat. And after visiting he took the car and went away. He went about 100 miles; after he went 100 miles after 10 days he remembered that he left the coat there. But he thought that the coat would have been eaten by the ants. When he remembered that, he came these hundred miles, trying to find out his dog and the coat. He went to his house, his wife said the dog did not come here. Then he said, "I will go to the place where I put my coat". As he went to the place he saw the dog starving for 10 days, he did not move from that place even for water. And as he came there he saw the coat and the dog biting the coat in the mouth because he was weak he thought someone will come and take the coat and go away. And when this man went there the dog was nearly dying and he saw the coat and the dog biting the coat in the mouth because he was weak he thought someone will come and take the coat and go away. And when this man went there the dog was nearly dying and he saw the coat safe there, and the coat in the mouth of the dog. Then he cried, "O dog, if I could love my master God like you what a wonderful man I would have been. You love me for the make of the food I give you and you never miss my words. Ten days you are starving to take care of this coat". It changed his whole life. If a dog could love a man like that, he said I can love God like that.

Do you love God like that? You talk about God, you talk about God as if you know. If anybody talks about God, you are a very good talker as if you know something about God. But I tell you, you know nothing about God. If you know a little about God you will run behind Him. Our whole family have been running behind God. Why? Because He is so faithful like a dog. Man will fail, mother and father will fail.
Do you know what this world is? When I left my job, when I had nothing in my hand and gave the poor people everything, I knew the world then, When you have money you don't know the world. When you have everything you don't know the world. When you have everything you don't know the world, you will have a lot of friends. When I left everything, when I didn't have even a single penny I lost all my friends. My father and mother chased me, my wife's father and mother chased her (out). And we had the three boys in our hands, we were just going on the road. As I went to house, 8 rupees for rent, we found out, suddenly Narayana came and appeared to us and touched my head like this, "My son don't worry I am with you". Immediately all our hunger left us. You want to find out God in all your comfort. You do not know the world. If you want to know the world, you know Him only after forsaking this world. What a loving God we have, He never fails you, He meets your needs. He fights for you.

And when I left everything we had no money, one man came running, "Brother Lawrie, so and so is dead, one lady is dead, they want you to pray for that lady". So I toldmy wife they want me to pray for a dead woman, she said, "You better go". I had no faith. I trusted God but God was teaching me faith. Then my wife had better faith, she said, "I trust Gid I am going to the market to buy". So I said, "Where is the money for you?" (She replied) "God will never fail, Narayana never fails". So as she went, one lady came running, "God told me to give so much money to you" ...She went and bought things and came. And I said, "God, my wife has faith, I have no faith". then they asked me to come and pray for the dead lady. That was a wedding day, I went to the home, she came from the mortuary, doctors said she was completely dead. As I went there the husband said, "This is a wedding day for my son, my wife is dead, please pray". He didn't think that his wife would live, as I put my hand, in about 10 minutes that lady's eyes opened, she got up fell at my feet, "I am sure I was dead, now I am living". From that day we have been travelling all over the world. Many miracles happened. That we can't write it in a book. So many places. That is why as we went there, even though religion closed (the door) to us, people did not close (the door to) us. And we found out many homes. Today, I went all over the world.But we never sold our country, we never sold our country for money. I am proud about telling I am an Indian. Many people for the religion's sake they go and sell the country. My dear friends, God cannot be sold. You can't join a religion for God, it is an experience. You are to experience God in your lives. So today we are not afraid of anything in this world, because we know God is always at our side to help us. All those who support us, you will also have that protection in your homes.

So this love it will always happen between two people only. You can't love the air, you can't love the unseen God. Narayana is the seen God, manifested God. How can you love God? Love always exists between two people, one man gives the love, other person receives the love. The one who receives the love is the wife, one who loves is the man. And this love is mutual. And when it grows it cannot be separated. But human love can be separated, dog's love can be separated, birds love can be separated, any love can be separated. But you cannot destroy the love in God. Today people think, love is loving somebody whom they like. That is not perfect love. Why? Because God loves even people who are unthankful. He gives rain to the good and the bad. So we also must be like that; love the good and the bad. We don't love just because they give love to us. We love them for the sake of God. That is called Sanadhana Dharma, you find God in every place. That is divine love. Today we have a sectarian love. "I am a muslim". "I am a christian". "I am a hindu". But nobody says, I belong to God. That is called denominational love, religious love. If you have God's love we have no division. I love you today because you are all created by my God. So for love, (it) requires all surrender. What has God done for you? But today what are you giving in return to God? He has done everything for you, what have you given in exchange to God? Suppose you go to your wife and give her chocolates and flowers and ice cream, nice gulabjamuns and rasagullas and in the night you go away with another women, your wife will never be satisfied with the chocolates and gulabjamuns. She wants your heart. In the same way, God is not worried about your offerings. God doesn't want your showy prayers, He wants your love from the heart. That is the thing today I found out from God. Do you love with your heart?

If you love God today all sickness goes away, when the light comes in, darkness goes away. Suppose you have a darkness, you can't bring the whole Indian military and shoot and drive the darkness out. You can't bring all military and say get out darkness otherwise I will shoot you. You can't drive the darkness out. But you bring a little light or torch light, the darkness goes away. With all your karma, with all your past sins, our forefather's sins our heart is full of darkness.

In those days they had this yajnam 'aswadedha yagam' where animals were sacrificed. When did this animal sacrifice stop? The secret of that is, the animal dies for you, you get the life. There is nothing to do with our good life. If you are able to live 100% good life then God can accept you. But we can't live 100% good life. When we put one step up we fall two steps back. But outwardly we show that we are good people. If God would tell your inner life today and show all the inner life I don't think tomorrow any of you would come to the meeting. But God doesn't show that. Why? Because He loves you, He wants you to hear the message and He wants you to touch His life. So this love of God. He loves you, He wants to come into your life. But He is patiently waiting for when you will accept Him.

Suppose a man has fallen into a well. I put a rope and tell him to catch it and I will take him out. Do you know what the man says? "I will go to Ganges and have a dip and come". "I will go to the temple". He can't come out. He says, "I will give God my offerings". First of all you must realize you must have a saviour. What do the people outside say? "Why did you fall down?" "Can't you see and go?" "We will put you on the committee", "Our religious council will decide about you. When the council decides we will come and take you". By that time that fellow dies. The religion cannot be saved and you also cannot be saved even though the rope is there.

In the same way, you have to find God. No one can help you. Suppose a seed is put there, a mango seed is put in the ground. Hundreds of mangoes come. That one seeds contains hundred seeds. In the seed of Narayana we are all inside Him. That is why we have come today. We have come to the fruit season and the owner has come to find out whether you have got the fruit. And if you have fruit then He is happy. If you don't give good fruit, if there is no fruit, He will cut you and throw you away. That is why today God wants to know whether you have good fruit. He has manured you, He did everything for you. It is your duty to accept what the blessings are. But you are so busy in this world, we don't turn our ear to God. Even if He talks to us we don't listen to that voice. We have become deaf to His voice. How can you spurn the love of God. He is coming near you. If a man says he must seek God... how can man in this five senses world, how can he seek God. He has no time to seek God. But man doesn't know that He came to you. He is at the door, He is near your home. If you just open your hearts He will come into you and give you peace. This peace He can give you, no one else can give you; no Bhagwan can give you. You may have 100,000 followers, unless you use that name LAHARI you can't get the peace. You ask a Bhagwan what name he uses then you will know in that name there is power.

So today the very person who has that name has come to you. And today it all depends on how you treat him. Otherwise you go to your room and pray. I don't come just to show that I am a big man. Narayana came into me in 1969. He told me to go to India. We were travelling all over the world. "I send you with my power to India, and tell them that I have come and I will speak to you. I will reveal the Vedas". All the Vedas they have twisted it. Bhagavad Gita they have twisted the things. Bible they have twisted it and writing and new Bible. Koran they have twisted it. Where is the hope of the people today? You cannot find God in a twisted version. You find out and translate from Sanskrit and detect from the translation of Sanskrit. There it is clear. Man's mind is not there and then you will find the truth.

I know today India has no hope in anything because the violence has come, the time of the end has come. If the violence has come, our Narayana will come. No government can stop it today, no protector can stop it today, things are going on. But God's people who trust God, their's is the day. That is why He sent me here. We come boldly here; Rajkumar family arranged this meeting. Brother Sashikant is a Gujarathi man, he was 15 years in the ashram. We trained him and sent him to you. Why did we want to do this? Very soon we are coming to the close of the age. I have to finish this Kali Yuga and introduce the Dharma Yuga to you. All the other ages are finished. Christians have no hope today. Muslims have no hope today, you are the only people who are having hope on God. Why? You are waiting for the King. Your songs say about Him, the Puranas say about Him, many prophets God raised up all over India and they are telling the thing.

Two hundred years ago God raised a Tamil man (called Muthukitty Swamy) He raised a Telugu man called Veerabrahman; He raised from Shahaj Marg, Swami Ramachandraji. They have told every thing very clearly. But today all the people are dead and gone but their prophecies remain today. You go all over the country, theives are there, false people are their but the correct people are also there. But there is no hope for the false people. So I am calling the whole Indians today whether you are black or white or yellow or anything like that. God has given you the clear guidance and you are the grown up person in spiritual life, because you have overcome the seeing and believing. Western people are seeing and believing people, they go after the five senses. People who go after the five senses are children, people who overcome the five senses are grown up people. Through Bhagavad Gita many of you are grown up people today. You know God has to come down as a man. The muslims and christians don't know that. Why? Because you are able to accept the message today that Narayana can walk on the earth and talk to you. All your books say that.

I have not come to tell you to please believe on me. I know my mission for India, it is up to you to find out. Go to your room and ask God, "Parameshwara, Narayana, tell me if you are in this world". Then He will reveal that to you because God is pouring His Spirit to all the Indian people to make you know where He is. If he reveals to you, come, don't come because I say.

He has given you protection today. The world has gone very bad these days but God came down on moon landing day. Do you know what He told me? "Within a month all the kings of the world will have to put down their crowns because I have come. Where are the Maharajas of India? They all put their crown down because Narayana came down. All the other kings are puppet kings. Even Kerala Maharaja put the crown down. Do you know what the prophet said there? "I will put your crown down and come in Tiruchendur". You can't escape because you have prophets in all your states. Don't think Narayana will comein North India in Sambalpur. Sambalpur is a place where leopards are. He is not coming in the Himalayas. It is clearly given in Bhagavad Gita where He will come. Then you will believe. What He speaks in His mouth, He has to be true to that. If you study Bhagavad Gita, if you study the Bible and other books you can know clearly where He will come. Two Hundred and fifty years ago God raised prophets in every state in India to tell what is happening today. So after Narayana came down on Moon Landing Day, show me a king today; because the great king (Lord Narayana) has come. All glory be to Him; the unseen God through Narayana, He created the whole world. All glory be to the unseen God. May God bless you !
Jaipur, Meeting, March 29, 1986
Om Narayana. In the Mahabaratha war we find two parties there. For the people who see and believe, the kauravas party was the stronger because they have power. They had good fighting people, they had armaments, they had everything. But in Arjuna's side they had nothing much but the party was united and they had Krishna there. So in those days He was like a chariot driver. There was nothing to see that there was any victory for them. And today also people rush to places where there is a majority. If there is no majority they think it is a weak place. If you see the civilization... I have done a lot of research work there.

India has been ruling from Indo-China up to Ethiopia and we had a glorious past but now we are divided and divided and cut into pieces, even our India is cut into pieces. Ceylon is taken away, Burma is taken away, Malaysia is taken away, Indo-China is taken away, Tibet is taken away. If you go on like that very soon in India also, everything will be taken away. But the country is made of the people. Why do the people and the governments change? Whenever they do harm to the poor people, when the poor people find no protection, when God's people don't have any protection, suddenly Narayana changes the government. You may say, "Oh Russia changed, this changed, that changed," but above that there is a controlling power. Any government can be changed in a short time. So if a government doesn't do the right things and forgets God that government will perish. Today if the country is not doing something good for the poor people and for God's people that country will fall one day.

So if you travel all over the world, there were days when England was ruling. England is a small island, they were conquering India, Russia and they were a big power. It was alright, for some time. One day they were singing a song like this, "Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves". Britannia is ruling the waves it seems. "And never, never (we) will be slaves". When that thought came out of the mouth the country fell. When they think that they are somebody great, they fall, Where is the Persian government? Where is Greece? All the people then were ruled under Greece. There was Alexander, Nepoleon, there was Hilter, they were trying to make a world rule of millennium. Everybody wanted to make a world rule called millennium because in the Vedas it is said there is a time coming called Dharma Yuga. So they wanted to establish Dharma Yuga and they fell. Where is Hitler today? It doesn't mean he had power, but when they went to Russia they fell. Nepoleon went, he met the same fate. They were trying to establish a world government but Dharma Yuga is not left for them it is left for Narayana.

There is a time coming where the whole world will be under the control of God, and God's control for a thousand years. Even the Pope is trying to establish a world government; and even some of the Hindus are joining the Pope. They think this unity will bring the millennium, but God will never allow that and all the governments are fallen.

Today if anybody goes to England, you ask the children, "Oh children of England, do you believe that England was ruling India and all over the place" they won't believe it. But when I went to see the museum I saw the Indian glory. Until that I didn't know that India was so great. My wife and I went to the Tower of London and to the Thames river. As we were going there we just wanted to see the glories of India. We saw the Kohinoor Diamond, and I told the people, "you are thieves, you stole from my country all the best things. You stole the Kohinoor Diamond and the throne and did all sorts of dirty things. Do you know what they said, "Alright we are thieves, don't you think the thieves are greater than the people who allowed them to steal". You are fools, you allowed us to steal. "I said, "Yes we are fools". When I saw these glories of India, I saw the Tippu Sultan's throne, I saw they made an emblem of Shivaji there. They are all being taught we are the enemies of the British empire.

So, when I studied about them when I saw that, when I saw their spirit, they were really fighting for the country. Today people don't have love for India, they think they have to earn here and live that is all. But if you don't stand for India you culture will perish. You go to America, what culture do they have? You can marry anybody today and tomorrow you can leave her and go away with another woman. And there is no life, they have the Bible but they don't know the Bible. And today if you go around America it is very difficult for you to come back safe home without getting contaminated.

What is a sin today? People do not know what sin is. They say, "He is a sinner, he is a drunkard, he does this and that", that is what you call a sinner. Now suppose there is a big King, the king is not worried about what you are eating, what you are drinking; but if you don't obey his commandments he can even kill you. Suppose an order is passed in India, if you don't obey that order you are liable to be killed. You are called a traitor. But see that is the country's order. If you don't obey the king's order you are liable to be killed. Narayana is a great King. His Bhagavad Gita must be obeyed. If you don't even read it you can't say I don't know. You are to read it and find out what He has told, what will bring a curse to you. But many of the leaders they want to become famous, they started preaching this and that to get more money. I have not come here to collect money. I have not come here to convert anybody, I have not come to change your name. I am an Indian; I am proud about it; I am proud about my country's success. And even though we can get money from outside going to other countries, I and my family dedicated our lives for the country. That is why we are here today. If I were travelling around the world I could get millions. What made me do this? My dear friends, the Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita, it came through the prophets. Narayana's Spirit spoke through Krishna. That cannot be changed. It is true, it cannot be changed. But if you change it you are in danger.

..... I was then meditating, suddenly I contacted God. In 1943, a great peace came to me and that was wonderful. I asked everybody, "Have you got shanthi?" (They answered) "What shanthi man, eating and drinking that is called shanthi". From 1943 I went all over, I thought God would be in every reigion. So I was asking everybody. I went to Jewish synagogue. As I went there, "Have you got peace?" "What peace man, we go to the temple that is all". Then I went to some christian churches they also don't have peace. Whether I am wrong or they are wrong. But they go to church, they pray but there is nothing. They have not realized God in their lives. Then I studied the lives of Gandhi and other people. When they got peace, but when they went to the christians they found out their lives were not correct. If you are a religious man show by your life God, not by your actions.

As I was travelling every place I went walking here and there. I went to the Caribbean Islands, I went to Trinidad, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Haiti, I went to British Guyana, then Venezuela, like that I have been travelling, travelling. My wife and children were in India they didn't know what happened to me. I had no money to come back, so I wrote to my wife I don't have anybody here, they are all worldly. My wife wrote to me, do not come back without winning people to God. So I got more courage. I was in Florida I didn't know what to do. I met the religious leaders. Everybody called, me, "Brother Lawrie you are a good man for India, will you be our agent in India?' Big preachers like Billy Graham, all the people called me, "You be our agent, we will give you a lot of money and you can fight against communism. We will put a big building for you, we will give you cars". They were throwing dollars. "But you must be under us". I said, "I am not prepared to sell India, I can be your friend, I am an Indian but I can never sell for money or anything". Immediately they said, "Get out," andnobody was friendly. My life was a very hard life. If I had got money (from them) I would have been a Maharaja here. Because of my love for the country I won't be satisfied until every man in this country gets the peace. Through Yoga you cannot get the peace but through laying on of my hands you can get it. Because Narayana is coming close to you to give that peace because you need peace. Not only shanthi (peace) He can heal your body because He knows the difficulty in our country. So God has visited His people. Are you not happy for that? I am not preaching a religion to you.

Now see, Allah is not a name. If you study the meaning of that, Allah means a big tree. What do the people say? "Allah, Allah, Big Tree, Big Tree," what is the meaning of that? It is only a common name, Jehovah, self-existent one, it is also a common name. Muruga - beautiful, it is another common name. Narayana is also a common name. People do not know the name of God. There is a name for Him. All the years He was revealing His character. Even Jesus means Saviour. So every name is a common name of the character of God. So what is the person's name? That we can only know at the end time. Now the muslims know one name, they said, don't pronounce His name easily. He said God will punish you for mentioning that name. So the saints of God did not tell the name correctly. Today I am telling that name to you.

The Unseen God is everywhere. Everywhere, in the stone, in the light, in an animal, in a chicken, in a fish, int he air, all over it is permeated by God. The Spirit of God is in you but we can't speak to the Spirit of God. I can't speak to the air, "Oh God!" Why do you look up?

The earth is round. I want to tell you something funny here. I am looking up, (saying), "God". The fellow in America will look that way and say "God". Because the earth is round if I am calling God here, "God". The man on the other side of the world is calling God downward. And in the east he will call God this side, And the man here (in the west) will call God on this side. So is God only up? No! The people who worship God, they don't know. They are standing on one side of the earth.

Now when God was coming down on the earth it was on the 21st day of July. But in America it was twentieth (July). That is why nobody could say the correct time also. A man, he looks up and says, "Son of God, God, Oh God". But where is God? The Spirit of God is here. You look up and think He is somewhere at the top, but what about the man down (on the other side of the world) he is looking somewhere down, he searches God down. You (the man on top side of the world) search God up. He searches God this side. Where will it end? Suppose I take a foot ball I can't say there is air in the ball. I will take a foot ball pump the air and say this is a foot ball, there is air inside the ball. Then I can say there is air in one place. There is air outside. So from the football I can know the shape of the air. But inside there is not anything except the air.

So when God wants to select the First Born, Narayana.... We think Narayana is somebody far away. But see every Veda and every books says.. Allah is God, the Christians say, in the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God, the Word was God. How can you understand that? All things were made by the Word. It is not simply a voice. A voice doesn't come simply without a mouth. They'll say "Akashawani" as if coming from the air. The unseen God cannot speak within a mouth. So for that purpose He created the first person, that is called Narayana. And that form, in the Bible it is said it is Christ, the hinduism says Narayana, in muslim He is called Allah. If you go to a muslim and say Narayana he will take a stone and throw. If you go to a Christian and say 'Narayana' he will say 'Get out'. If you go to hindu and say 'Christ' he will get angry. That shows that these three people don't understand God.

God is only one, God is not three. But today many people want many gods. If you are a five senses earthly man, everything you will make it a god. You make eagle a god; you make cow a god because the Spirit of God is there. But all these things are created only by one person, by His mouth. Now see when I speak, I speak my thoughts. I give a form to my thoughts so when I speak you will know my thought. My thought you cannot see. So the thought of God you cannot see. But when He speaks through Narayana then you can see. That is why when He created Him, He created Him without death, without sin, eternal. And He has no beginning and no end.

And today how to get the power into your heart. If you touch Narayana you can get eternal life. But in between the five senses are blocking us. We want to enjoy this world, we believe what the eyes see, we belive what the small is, we believe what the ear hears. But what we see is Maya, it is not eternal. Within a hundred years none of you will be here you will all pass into eternity.

I went to see a palace. There was a king with a big body, his dress is there but the man is gone. And the guide was telling me, "Mr. Lawrie, do you know what happened to this man? He was a very strong man, he died at the age of 39, very young. But if he would have lived he would have done something great", he said. But three people can put on his dress. They are all gone.

So what is the nature of this earth. If we are all to eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die, why should we lead a good life? If your life is short you can just do what you like but there is trouble. Every action will have a reaction. If there is no reaction you can do anything. That is where Karma comes. What is sin then? Sin is not drinking. God has put in us some desire. We feel desire to eat. God has given you a body to eat and do you think it is a sin? He has given us a body with all kinds of failures and man says I want to lead a good life. You try and see you can't do it, you always fail. With this body you fail and what is your hope?

Unless God does something for you, you cannot change. That is why in Ceylon when the peace came to me I had terrific joy and power. I was satisfied. Then in 1969 when the power of God Narayana came to me He said, "Yourself must go I must take charge of you fully". So myself went away, the fulness of Narayana came. So what I speak is not Brother Lawrie, it is Narayana. So what happens, when I touch you it is Narayana touching you. Now you may say what a bold claim. I am not claiming this for myself.

When I was in Florida, I didn't know many people in America. They hated me. Suddenly a voice came, "Go and see so and so". And that man was a prophet. From there this voice has been leading us. Same voice told me to go to India and the whole India, people who believe in God they will break all their forms and come to you. I don't want to take you to my place. Very soon there will be trouble in India. Early morning get up at five o' clock, from five o' clock to six o' clock, wherever you are, remember me and meditate. Then you will see power of God in your life. You better try and see. That is what Sahaj Marg, Ramachandrajee says, "He is here in this earth. If you want to find out meditate near Kanyakumari. Early morning you will see His power touching you". They are people who sacrificed their lives and they are telling the truth.

But sin is our only problem. What goes in your mouth is not sin, what is coming out is sin. So if there is a wrong thing in us... suppose I have another man's suitcase in my house, he can come to my house at any time. If you have Satan's property in your home you can't chase the devil out. He has got a right to stay in your home. Throw out all the devil's activities then you will have complete healing. Today you do all kinds of things. You don't know the difference between evil and good. We are like small children; some sickness comes you want to go and do some magic which is eveil. Why can't you go to God, and see that He will heal you. In these days He can give you a new part, He can give you a new eye. Why? Because Narayana is able to do that. And today...

We will be leaving tomorrow but I want to tell you one thing. First of all get up in the morning, put a prayer for India, and then before you finish (say) "God bless our motherland and give us unity". It is your duty to pray for the country because there are so many evil forces and they take violence. When the violence comes that is the end of the Yuga. That is why God comes down, to destroy the violence. So what can Brother Lawrie do? I cannot do, but Narayana can destroy the world. He showed me some power of His recently.

You know one big group was in America, He told me you speak the Word the whole group will be destroyed. Within one week the whole thing was destroyed. With 90 Crores (90 million). Why I am telling this, the Word of God is very powerful so that India has hope today. I know what will happen to India. The ministers don't know, the people in charge of the country won't know, but God's people should know. If you read Bhagavad Gita you will know the last Avatar is not an Avatar; it is Narayana coming in His own body. It is the same form in which He is. That is why when He comes He is able to destroy. He came to create, He has come to destroy the evil forces.

In the mean time you get His blessings today. When I put my hand on you immediately there will be some stir in your heart. The evil forces live in the blood. Surrender yourself completely to God. You don't resist when I put my hands on you, allow the evil spirit to get out. You will see immediately the deliverance. It may be any disease, after it goes you will know it. Secondly our sins, don't sin. You must leave that. What God shows as wrong you must leave that, that will hasten the healing. And be in contact with us. In the morning 4 to 6 A.M. we meditate for the whole world from America to Malaya, all over the place and people get marvellous healings there.

So I am going to pray for you, as I pray if you have any disease you go to God, as I touch you this power will give you peace, shanthi. Millions of dollars cannot give you shanthi. You can go to the Kailash you can't get peace. When I put my hand then you will know God's name. Because 'HARI', 'LAWHRIE', 'LAHARI' is the name of God. It is His own personal name. Because it should not be pronounced they made it HARI and LA. That is why you are not able to find out. But by telling this name you get the peace, by telling the name thousands get the peace, don't you think by (my) touching you will get the peace. MAY THE LORD'S NAME NARAYANA BE PRAISED.
Jaipur, Meeting, March 30, 1986
Gulab Nagar, Vichar Manch
I consider it is a great privilege to be able to talk to you this great evening. I am an ardent lover of my country India. And as usual like other people I studied in college. I have read all patriot's books and I know (about) Veera Savakar and many other people. And suddenly when the Gandhi movement came and Gandhi ordered the Civil Disobedient Movement I was a student leader in south India. That time my blood boiled and I was prepared even to die for my country. Many of my friends were shot by the police. But we were brave. At that time we had no fear and the students were held like magnet. And whatever I say they'll do it. But suddenly I was dismissed from college. So I left my studies. I wanted to study law and become a minister and serve the country. At that time I had to come to Ceylon by my father who was a big man there. He was an editor and he called be there to study. Since I lost my B.A., I was very much discouraged. But my love for Gandhi was so great. For five years I was studying all the political books. But suddenly when I heard that India was partitioned I said, a real patriot will not allow India to be partitioned. So I couldn't .... I couldn't ... I was not happy that Gandhiji... You know that division I was very unhappy. At that time, I was meditating because I know yoga. (I was) doing yogic exercises. In the jungles we went for meditation. There I got the realization of God. Then I left my job and came to India again. At that time India got independence. And all the people were very happy. At this time I was employed in the Vellore Medical College Hospital as the administrative Secretary. And my wife was dietician there. And they wanted to send me to America to study administration in a higher way. But in the hospital one day I was very seriously sick. And five years ago I promised God to serve Him fully, when my son was sick. But now I became sick. And the doctors said, you'll live only for 2 days because you are suffering from diphtheria. My wife was not interested in politics and she lived like a worldly woman. So we thought we may even separate. But when I was about to die my Spirit left the body and met God and He told me that He has got a great work in this world. And that night God met my wife also, a voice came to her and said, "You obey your husband and follow him where ever he goes". She was changed completely. So we left our jobs and started travelling from place to place with the three small children. As we left the job I found out God had blessed my right hand. Many people started getting healing. At that time I had a very big meeting in Madras where about one and a half million people were crowded there. And all the hindus came, "You are an avatar of God and we wanted to see you". But at that time I was only politically minded I couldn't even receive these religious people.

Then I was asked to come for a world conference in Glasgow. Many people came there. I was called to represent India. As I gave my lecture there, I was invited all over the world. So in 1959 I was travelling all over the world. Every country invited me. But I didn't know that the western countries would always want to enslave us. But I had a strong desire that I would never sell India or that I would never be a slave of anybody. So as I was going from place to place, they would call me nicely, take me in the car, and they will say, "Will you be our representative in India?" I said, "I am a representative of God, why should I be representative of western people?" Immediately they won't like you, they will chase you out.

So I met many people. So one day in America I just went in a church because there was good singing. It was a white man's church. As I went in I was enjoying the music, suddenly some five or six goondas (thugs) came and beat me; beat me and put me out. And with pain all over the body I went to a bench and sat there. Then I was very angry, I said I wil go to India and see that every white man is out of India. At that time on my bench God was sitting there. He said, "Why are you angry? I am not in that church. When they put you out they put me out also. I am sitting with you outside on the road. Tell the people not to see me in the church, I will be always on the road."

In 1960 black people were treated very badly. Even the buses will have black people, white people seats. So when I sat in a white man's seat the conductor and the driver of the bus beat me there. But I went to other people also, they always secretly called me and say, "You be our agent." And they will trow money to you, dollars and dollars. I said, "I don't want money, I just wanted you to treat me as a human being with respect". Because I didn't join them I had no place in any place, I had to just walk on the roads. So I only used to meet these poor people like drunkards and all. They were friendly with me. I had many bad experience like that. But always in my heart even though I travelled all over. I saw Sadhu Yoganandha's people, the self realization society. They all formed trusts there, they registered their groups. And they put the white man or woman as a leader. So when I moved closely with them they said, "White man always leads". But somehow or other I knew our culture was great and I used to tell them our Indians are practicing the Bible, you have the Bible but you don't practice the Bible, I would say.

So the people wanted us to settle in western countries but my wife and I said, our children have no future in the western countries they must be in India; there only the culture is good. Like that I was travelling all over the world. Ten times I travelled, I never left out any country, we went to all the countries. For 45 years I have been travelling and meeting people and trying to understand them. But at this time (1969) I was a speaker in a world conference in America. At that time I was talking to a group like this. As I was preaching suddenly God showed the Vishwaroopa of Narayana. Then suddenly all the people saw fire coming from my eyes, they all started screaming. Then that day in my room as all were sleeping a terrible light came into my room and God was telling me in a voice, "I am concerned about India". I was very happy, at least God is concerned about India. And within one month in 1969 before man lands on the moon I must come into you and show you how to deliver India". Then I said, "I am a poor man, I have nothing here and everybody hates me and rejects me, how can I deliver India". Then in the night He explained the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita. He said, get up in the morning 12 o' clock (mid-night) He would ask me to get up. He said take the Bhagavad Gita, this is the meaning of Bhagavad Gita but all the people have changed the meaning. Then He'd take Koran, this is the rean thing but they added here, they have done mischief here. And He said take the Bible, the western people to enslave people, they have done all twisting work but this is the meaning of Bible. Then I published a book, immediately the western people got very angry.

So at this time I was in Chicago; God told me, go to Chicago, I must come down in you. At that time there was terrible thunder, lightning as God came into me, I could see I was protected. Then as I was travelling, the Americans wanted to kill me there. As I was sleeping, they arranged to shoot me in the middle of the night. Then the voice of God came and told me there is a car waiting for you outside. Run and jump into the car, they will take you to Canada. Somebody slept in my place, they shot him thinking it was me. And not finding me they chased me upto Canada, four or five people with revolvers. There the Canadian police caught them and I escaped. Then a rich man took me in the car and dropped me off at the plane in New York and I came to India.

Then I started studying these books, Vedas and all very carefully. And you know I became a vegetarian long time ago. Because that is our Indian culture; I found that was healthy also. I had blood pressure and piles and all, and after vegetarian diet all the blood pressure left me. Then as I was coming here, God brought me to India; I never left my political mind. When Jansangh people come here I used to give them money to help them attend meetings here from Tirunelveli from the South. Some people would say, "I want to attend this Jansangh meeting I have no money". I used to give them money because they are the only people fighting for the culture of India. Then I found in India that they give a lot of money for the Indians and then they want them to preach the religion of foreign countries in a different way. When I refused to join them they paid a lot of money to the people in the south to tell bad things about me. If anybody tells bad things about me they get 500 rupees a month. So everywhere they started telling bad about me, all the christians. As I was there one day some christians came to beat me. There were some RSS friends they jumped and warned the christian people, don't touch him. I had a meeting in the RSS hall there. People used to tell that the RSS are creating trouble, they shot Mahatma Gandhi. Then later on I understood that when this partition came, that the real Indian people could not tolerate that. I don't think of India as a partitioned India, even today I think that India means Indonesia, Pakistan, Ceylon, Malaya, Indo-China, and all over the place, I think it is India. Because even though they are separated.... but my heart never separates from them, it is my country and one day it will come to us. Because, God told me, the future is in the hands of the hindus and I raised you for them. Then I didn't know, I studied all the Bhagavad Gita and everything, but I didn't have friends there because most of the time I spent in the world countries. Then I studied very hard all the books, the Vedas of India and all the states. Then my wife and I dedicated our lives for the Indian people. India cannot be divided by states or anything, the Indian heart is one.

And this ahimsa came. Usually people think ahimsa is getting a kicking from other people. One day in England some two white people were beating a black man and they were beating so much, blood was coming from his mouth. So I asked the black man, I went and stood near him and said, "Why are you getting a beating from two small fellows, you are a huge fellow like an elephant, why are they beating you?" "Oh our masterJesus said that we must show the other cheek". He said, "That is what Jesus said". "If Jesus said that I don't want that Jesus, you are thinking in a different way. Our India was enslaved because of their teaching only". Because the white fellows were beating the black man I got so angry I went and beat the two fellows. So then those two people started attacking me and said, "Why are you beating us?" "Because you are beating that fellow". Then they said, "He is showing the cheek so we are beating him". So I said, "I beat you first why don't you show your cheek". Then they said, "White people will never show their cheek". And from this black man got a revelation; "That means because you beat me I should show my cheek, now Brother Lawrie beat you why don't you show your cheek?" They he went and attacked them. Seven years afterwards I went to London. There was a black lady, she was attacking a white man. Then I went and told her. "Sister, why do you want to beat a white man". Seven years ago a man came from India and opened the understanding of our leader, from that time we give the first blow. I said, "What is his name?" "He is one Lawrie". "Sister I am here standing in front of you". She fell down at my feet and said, "You brought deliverence to the black people, you gave the understanding about Jesus Word". So I told him, "If you are showing the cheek, did Jesus really mean that?"

Now ahimsa without God helping us, there is no use. Then only I found out; After moon landing day I went to a place, some people came to beat me. Then suddenly a mysterious power beat the people, I kept quiet. Then God gave me a revelation about ahimsa. Ahimsa doesn't mean a weakness, ahimsa means power from God to attack the enemy. And we keep quiet and the power from God beats them, not to just get a beating; We don't attack them but God attacks these people.

Now this Mahabaratha war, 'Duryodhana' had all the armies but the Pandavas were small in number. But they had Krishna with them and nobody could destroy them. So I believe... many people simply talk, "God, God!" When we realize God we get His power to attack. So in India we are divided so much, every state thinks in their own way. So one man was telling, "Is there no hope for India?" Many people have been fighting for India. Subbash Chandra Bose has fought, many people fought, many people died. But the people who never fought they enjoy. So when you study all their lives, God never leaves us like this forever, because the avatar comes when the Dharma goes down. So when God came down on moon landing day, then He said, "You have got a great work in India". I was very happy because I love my country, I wanted to be in India. I never joined any foreign denomination, I could never believe that we people in India can also guide the whole world. Then after I studied these religious books I could find out where they have failed. Everybody tried. Now Indira Gandhi was there suddenly she was shot; And every where we are in tension today. And democracy we think it is going on like this but suddenly somebody is shot. When violence is in the increase God has to come down and then when you see all the different nations have an eye on India. But God has told me India will ultimately win.

So today India cannot be united in the name of these religions. It can be united under Narayana and also the power of God in you. Because every religion is divided here. The muslims have Koran, but they don't do what Koran says, the christians have the Bible, they don't do what the Bible says. The hindus don't do what Bhagavad Gita says. If you read Bhagavad Gita surely the way Krishna won the war we also can win with Krishna. If five Pandavas could win the whole Duryodhanas, with one group of devoted, undivided people, India can be set free in everything.

Then I knew, these RSS and all these people are only fighting for Indian culture. Without that, Indian culture would have gone to pieces. And my dear friends, British cannot convert all the people, muslims cannot convert the whole thing. They ruled the country for 200 years. Some people here, some people there were convereted but the real cream is in India. They were not enemored by the foreign religions. The muslims look to Mecca, the christians look to Rome and America; Where will the true hindus look to? This is their country, they can look only to God. And God has promised them that He would come down and help them. The only thing is we must know the proper time when He will come down. When He comes down then the victory is ours, if we strike earlier we won't have victory. All the martyrs and saints of God they struck earlier. But now is the time, so let all the hindus come as one people. I know what is in your heart. When the Pope came to India who opposed that? Everybody wanted the Pope but only RSS and other people opposed it. Why? They had guts. And today if India is to come up very high, hindus will have to become one nation and they will really win because with all the country's Vedas they know that something great is coming from India.

The national anthem of Jews says, "Look to the east, from there the light will come". It is true it is their national anthem. "So long as you look to the east you will never perish". So something is coming from the East. No religion started from the west, every religion started only like a sunrise from the east. Even Christ is an easterner, Mohammad is an easterner, Buddha is an easterner; all came from the east. The only thing is we didn't get power to overcome the world by Sathvig means, that means by Satyagraha. If you see the Koran it doesn't say you must convert by the sword. It clearly says, "You don't attack anybody by the sword to convert".

You know one day I was in America, a group of people called missionaries, they were praying. I suddenly went into that building and sat there. They didn't know that I had come. So the missionaries to Haiti before you invade that island; because before the military goes they send the missionaries. So after telephoning Kennedy I was there. So I asked the missionary, "What is wrong with you, why should the missionaries go before the military goes? Why should you telephone Kennedy for sending missionaries?" "That is what we do. We send the missionaries and tell them to show the cheek and then the military comes". Then I knew their trick. "Oh this is how they are using the Word of Jesus as a weapon to subdue other nations. So when I travelled all over the world when I studied them, I said, nobody should be converted to Christianity because you need not change your name Find out God in your own life. Then many hindus came, muslims came to the ashram and we made them make a vow never to join any christian church. So the christians are telling, after Brother Lawrie, nobody becomes a christian.

They slowly go and ask his name, "Did you change your name?" "No". "Yes we are hindus". "But What is Lawrie?" "He is also a hindu". Then immediately trouble came from the christians. In the ashram round about there are all protestants and catholics. They started attacking us and we also stood firm. And we couldn't get electricity, we couldn't get a road, no letters would come properly. And today God has delivered us from all.

And with a great love for the hindus I have come. You may not understand me because I am talking in English, not that I don't love Hindi. I can read Hindi but the main thing is I am from the south, I can't speak it. I have been preaching in English for 45 years so you have to forgive me for that. I don't know properly my own mother tongue also but I am determined to study Hindi in a few months. Next time I want to talk to you in Hindi because it is only will power. Now I am in India I must learn it. Reading is easy, speaking is a little bit difficult for us. But that also we can do, for the sake of the country I will do that also.

So I am at your service here, whatever you want to use me I am ready to do. But you know I am loyal to India. India must not be like this, India must be a world power in the future. Since Narayana has come down I know it will happen.

According to Bhagavad Gita God has to come in which place we know. There is Ramachandrajee of Sahaj-Marg, he tells it. Our Indian national anthem, "Victory to you, victory to the one who has the destiny of India". Somebody has the destiny of India in hand, that is the one who has to come. So I asked some people "Tagore has given that national anthem," ... I studied Tagore's books Geethanjali and other books. I am telling he was not meaning British Government. People say, "Oh tagore was singing about Queen Victoria. They are not holding the destiny of India today; their time is gone. So who has the destiny of India? God has to come down like Pandavas to us. I still believe that the true hindus were not converted to christianity or muslim religion. They are the true Pandavas. You may be discouraged. You may say, we have no future. But God knows your heart. Surely God will help you and one day you'll be able to teach the other nations. With the help of God the hindus will surely win the whole world. That is my ambition.
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