God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
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OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
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Spiritual Discourses of Shri. Paulaseer Lawhrie Muthu Krishna to make India a 'JOTHI' for the Whole World
This message is taken from a portion of the audio recording of a series of messages given by Shriman Narayana Paulaseer Lawhrie Muthukrishna, in Jaipur. India from 23rd March 1986 to 30th March 1986 and also at Bhilai, India in June, 1986. It gives us special joy and happiness to be able to present to the true children of God the priceless words of our Creator, which will give every disturbed soul true peace and joy, enable them to receive His blessings and grace and make our country's future a glorious one. When you read and understand this Message with a humble and contrite heart you will possess the greatest treasure in the whole universe.

Victory to our Lord Shri. Paulaseer Lawhrie Muthukrishna who holds the destiny of India.
1. You can overcome death in this generation
Hindus, unite under Krishna,because he is the hope for our country in the future.
3. Imperishable, Deathless Body
4. Take the Sacrifice of Parama Purusha and you will prosper
(Our Gayathri Manthram)
Gurudev Shri Lahari Krishna alone is Holy! Holy! Holy!
Our God liveth forever and ever!
He is totally good; His mercy endureth eternally!
Praise Him!
Devotees of Shri. Lawhrie Krishna
Om Namo Lahari
Jaipur, Meeting, March 23, 1986
I take this opportunity to thank God for bringing me here. You may bewondering why we have been booking a hall and coming far away from South India. I wanted to show the love of God which can give blessings these days. We know in this world at this moment there is confusion everywhere. There is violence everywhere. When violence is on the rise then that is the end of the world, end of that Yuga. Because nobody can, no nice person, no good person can live because they are killed. So at that time, God has to come to save the world. If you study about Shri. Krishna, at that time if he didn't come to help the God's people, they would have all been destroyed. So in the same way even in India, we may not be world rulers now. But we have a message for the whole world to shine. Because in the book (Veda) it is said that the last message should go from India, from the east. That is why many of the western people are turning towards the eastern knowledge. So what does the eastern knowledge can give the west ? What they can give for India today? If you tell, that man can live without death they all are surprised. That means man has to die like a beast. So they are meditating on Karma and rebirth. But Shri. Krishna tells, that when a man attains Krishna he has no birth after that and no death after that. But people always think about death. That it because we are in this earth.

We calculate our time by the sun. Every year we say, this is 1986, that is 365 days the earth has rotated the sun. So one year has gone. So what does a man think ? That in his life time, one year has gone. So he is meditating, he is becoming old. We talk about meditation but we meditate on the sun and see our life going out. But suppose you are not on the earth, then you have no calculation. Suppose you fly by the plane, you lose many hours by the flight. If you go to the west you gain time. You go to east you loose time. People who go by plane they will know they loose hours together. That means the calculation of the time is not correct. And we also are completely under the control of the sun. We have a time and it says 9'O clock - I must sleep because it is 9'O clock. We don't think.

If you meditate you need not even sleep. That power coming into you will overcome sleep. We can meditate the whole night and at the end.... So you can meditate the whole night, and still you can overcome sleep. You should know, meditation doesn't make you weak.

Now see, God has given us the sunlight, nobody gave that. It is God who gave us. You may say it came like that. Without a cause there is no effect. In the same way, we look at the air we breathe. Every man has to live by breathing. If a man gives you a lift in the car we say thank you, thank you, thank you. But how many times we breathe for a day and we never say thanks to God. He gives water free. He gives us sunlight free. The sun doesn't belong to America or London or British or Sweden or English, it belongs to all. It is not for the rich or the poor. Anybody can enjoy the sunlight. And he gives everything free. Today every religion wants money, money, money. Anything which wants money there is no God there.

Because there are two kinds of people living today. Man can live by working with his hands. But man can also live by the mouth of God. Such thing is the Word. When God speaks a word He is true to that word. That is why if you study all the religions, these religions are only people trying to fight against each other. These people have not found out God in their lives. But God is coming for judgement today. He will destroy the whole world by His mouth. Oh! You may say that there is trouble there, there is atomic bomb, there is Cobalt bomb, Laser beams this and that. But God is not afraid of that. He wants to know in India who are the people true to Him. Like the Mahabaratha war the situation now in India is like that. He is not worried about the number of people joining together in union. He wants you.

My dear brother and sister, He wants everyone of you true to Him. And He gives shanthi. He gives overcoming power to overcome death in this generation. You may say, can man overcome death ? Originally man was not created to die. These 5 senses brought death to him. These 5 senses, because we are attached to these 5 senses and to the objects of the 5 senses in this world we are in death. But suppose you loose your hold on the 5 senses even that will not give you overcoming power. You have to get into Lord Narayana who has overcome death. This is a great thing. You know God. I'll explain to you about creation in a few days. We don't want big big numbers. We wanted people who love God whole heartedly. Not for money or fame. Bhagwan Krishna says, ' if anybody is after money and fame he is worse than death'. I need not tell that to you. You know that very much. So I have travelled all over the world. Everywhere people are after money and fame. But there are some people whom money cannot buy, whom fame cannot buy. For such people Narayana has come to you. You go home, medidate and find out whether we are telling the truth or wrong. then I'll appear to you. You sincerely seek Him, surely you'll find out. Because we are in a dangerous You can't decide after the destruction comes. You have to decide ebefore that.

And God is nor worried about community or caste or white or black. He wants your heart. That heart He wants. If you love Him, then He'll love you. If you reject Him, He has no desire on you. It doesn't matter how great you are, how big you are, whether you are small or big, whether you have got lot of money or no money. This is not a condition for God. He wants your heart. A loving heart for Him.

In1943, I was searching for God. I was a worldly man. As I was seeking God, I realised God in my life, is not reading a book, you can talk philosophy; you can talk about honey. Honey is sweet, honey is good and all. But, have you tasted honey ?

In 1943, I found out God in my life. Then I decided I will follow God fully, so my wife and children, we started studying the Bible and Quron and Bhagavad Gita and all the books. And Bible says, in the end time, one person God has to raise who has got 3 children. It tells so in the Bible like that. In the Quran, Mehdi has to come. In Bhagavad Gita it says Krishna has to come. They are not three people - one person only. That is why I am not come for Hindus or Muslims, Christians only. But I came for the whole world. (If) a godless man also can come to this. You may be a bad man. that is not the question. If you hear the voice of God, the sheep will hear the master's voice. If you hear His voice, that voice will pull you. Otherwise, you can't come near God. So in these last days, God wants you to get overcoming power over death. Death came because we left God.

If there is no sunlight the whole earth will die in half an hour. Because we have no spirit of God in us. So many people think, Oh! you have got Spirit of God in you. The Spirit of God or Spirit of Narayana cannot die. If you have that Spirit you cannot die. Don't imagine that you have that Spirit. You have to get it. That's what in the end time, when Narayana comes to the earth only He has the power to give that life to you. That is why I come to you today with life for you . You can find out from that whether you can overcome death or not. There may be many Bhagwans. But we have got only one Narayana. We got only one Christ, we got only one Mehdi.

So you have to get that life. We lost that life long ago. Our forefathers lost it. So God kept that life at the end when He comes for judgement. That is why all these years people have to die. Scientist, Photographers they cannot capture that life. That life is light. But this darkness cannot catch that, light. That is why the Scientist and the people or photographers they can never catch that life (light). To catch that light you must have a shadow. But this light of life from Narayana can't be caught by a shadow. That is why, only from the heart, from the inner eye you can find out that (light), (life). Today many people all over the world who has got this life will be taken in glory very soon.

If you hear my voice, that means you are not created for the earth, you are created for heaven. That means you have a previous existence. You have come here to prove that you are true to God. When man was improving in Science so much, do you mean to say God's spiritual people won't increase equally much. The spiritual people have increased in greatness.

And now God comes to you. Man wants to reach God. Man is telling, I can become God. How can you become God when you have Karma ? Suppose I write a new account today, I can satisfy by writing a new account, but what about the past account ? who will pay for that ? And they say so many rebirths. If you ask the people, who tell about the rebirth whether they know what birth they were before... Ask them what birth they are going to be next time. You can just talk so many things.

But God comes to you today. He comes like a thief. So that you won't be bound up by the other people who wanted you to think that he belongs to a big religion. What did Tagore say? Rabindranath Tagore, the great poet, he tells in Gitanjali, he tells in some of his books. We are waiting for Him like a big King. But He is going like a stone breaker, like a coolie, like an ordinary fellow. He is going behind you or before. You can't find Him out. But those who have got the Spiritual eyes will catch Him wherever He is. Search for Him today. I am not telling you to accept me immediately. You search all over India. He is in India. If there is some body else search him and find out. He will give you life. And with this life you can overcome death in this generation.

Bhagavad Gita says this body is like a shirt. And you have to change another shirt. So this body which dies, God will give us a new shirt which will never die. That is why, in the Hindu temple they take their shirt and go into the Moolasthanam (Holy place). You can't go with the ordinary shirt, because inside the temple that it is supposed you have to get the glorious body. So that shirt, God will give you. When you are true to Him, when you are inside, He gives the glorious body.

So when God came down after 1969, God came into my heart and telling me, you go round the earth tell them and finish the Yuga. I came to finish the Kali Yuga. Every time God comes to finish the yuga, Dharma yuga. In that Dharma yuga, all the wickedness cannot be there. But before that there's going to be terrible trouble. Whole world, will come against God's people who are with Kalki. And he will destroy the whole thing. So be careful which side you are going to join . You are going to join the religious side, you are going to become an worldly man or join God's people ? I am not telling whether you are a North Indian or a South Indian whether you are a human being, whether you are an Indian come. If you are an Indian the future is yours. The future is not for the other countries it is for us. One thing I am proud about the Hindus, - a Muslim came, they destroyed every culture. And the fame of Rajputs, they are all gone. Their glory was gone. Then, many people became Muslims. But the Hindus never became Muslims. What's the matter. They are also human beings, they should have joined the Muslims. Then the British came with all the power. They captured the country. All of them did not become christians. And they are still Hindus, why ? They'll never join anything, they are waiting for their Kalki avatar. They are not ordinary people. In a tree, you know the trunk which we call very hard, many years trees, the inside will be very hard. So these Hindus who are in India now, are not ordinary people. Money cannot change them, wealth cannot change them. The great Muslim religion cannot change them. And with Ahimsa we finish off. The Hindus and ahimsa go together. And Vegetarian diet also go together. (Tape incomplete)
( Message given by Lord Lahari Krishna in Jaipur )

Jaipur, Meeting, March 24, 1986
Today I would like to relate some of the incidents in my life from 1960 (of my travels) all over the world. When I realized God, I went to United States and to other countries to find out what the people of God would be like. I was in England and there is a place called Hyde Park where you are allowed to preach. So as I was preaching there, my wife was there, and at that time a negro brother was preaching. And two English people were beating him. He was preaching but these two were beating him and blood was coming from his mouth. And more and more they were beating and they were attacking the eyes also. So I was just wondering and I asked him, 'You are like a heavy elephant why do you allow these two white people to beat you like this ?' He said, 'I am obeying what the Lord Jesus wanted me to do, show the right cheek if anybody beats you. I turn the other cheek so I am doing His commandments'. At that time the way they were beating him, as a human being I felt compassion for this black man, so I asked this black man, 'Why don't you beat them?' He said, 'then I will lose the blessings of God'. I couldn't understand ; I couldn't understand a teaching that would make one man beat another man and say that Jesus said that. I was a young man so I took my hands and beat the two fellows and put a blow on each head. And the two white men said, 'Why are you beating us ?' 'Because you are beating that black man mercilessly'. Then he said, 'He is showing the cheek and we are beating him'. So I said, 'I beat you. You show your cheek to me'. Then they said, 'the White man never shows his cheek to any others'. The black man heard what they said and then he said, 'You are not obeying Christ? He got a revelation, he went and beat those two fellows and they had to run for their lives. Then he embraced me and said, 'You opened my understanding'. Then I went away. At that time the black people were treated very badly in 1960 in London.

Seven years afterward I went to the same street, one black lady was attacking a white man. I said, 'Sister you should not attack like that'. Then she said, 'Seven years ago an Indian came, he opened our understanding and we follow him. And from that year all the coloured people became bold and fought for the independence. Still I couldn't understand this. I went to America. There was a group of Christian missionaries praying: I also went and sat there. And they were telephoning to Kennedy. At that time they wanted to attack and conquer Haiti Island. So they were telephoning Kennedy, 'Shall we go, the missionaries go earlier before the army comes?' I said, 'Why do the missionaries have to go before the army goes behind ?' 'We will say show the other cheek so the people won't attack, then the army can go and attack. 'So then I knew they were preaching christianity to make the people be enslaved.

But actually Christ did not mean that. He said if anybody beats you on the cheek then you will show your cheek. But really the meaning is you must be strong in mind and body so that nobody will beat you first. Now we have Ahimsa Dharma. Ahimsa is not to be defeated, ahimsa will always win. Why did we lose ahimsa ? Because we don't fight with God. Here you see, Krishna said, 'I will kill the people you just go'. So the attacker is not us it is God. I don't believe in ahimsa where you become a slave of another country, but I believe in ahimsa which will bring equality. Today in our country we are so much divided. We are divided by community, we are divided by state, just division and division and we try to bring a unity just like clay and iron unity. How long will this go on ? Already we are in a great terrible danger round about the country. But there are some good people in our country who are not anything like religious minded. They are godly minded and they turn to God, 'God when will we be united?'

You know when we sow a seed we scatter the seed. But when it is ripe it is the gathering time when the owner of the field comes to gather the corn. He doesn't come to gather the hay, he comes to gather the wheat. So the whole world is trying to gain the monopoly, or the control. God's people still have hope today. Now there are so many incidents. As you travel around the world you will find every where they are after money. When the money comes they are not true to Bhagavad Gita or true to any vedas. Either you can be true to God or be true to the world, you can't serve both. If you speak the true Bhagavad Gita no Hindu religion will accept you. If you speak the true Koran no muslim will take you, if you preach the true Bible no christian church will accept you. Then what is Truth? Truth is believing God's Word. All things spoken by the mouth of God were in these books but man has diluted it for his own pleasure.

Eternal life. One man came to Jesus one time and said, 'I want eternal life'. Even in Bhagavad Gita it says about eternal life. Eternal life means life without death. If a man is made only to eat, drink and to be merry because we die tomorrow, man is the most miserable creature in this world. Now people can live only for 50 years, before 50 years they become very weak. In 1960 I saw people living for more than 100 years. Now as civilisation increases we are also weaker. If you read the Vedas, in the early days they were living for 500 years 1000 years like that. But there is a way to get eternal life. How can you get eternal life? Eternal life only one person has, Narayana. If you are inside him you can overcome death, if you are outside him you will die. That is the great secret in this world.

So one day a man came (to Jesus) to see what is eternal life. He had a lot of money, money enough for five generations. So he was worried, 'if I could live eternally then I can enjoy all the money.' So he wanted eternal life to enjoy his money. Then the man of God said, 'You sell everything and give to the poor people and follow me". And he said, 'I don't want that eternal life'.

You don't trust God for your problems, also. You keep God just as sort of a pleasure thing. But in forty years of our life we put all your problems before Him, He solved everything. He never failed us. But we don't put our problems to God, we solve our problems ourselves but we talk about God.

One day a cart was going. A man was carrying a bag of potatoes on his head. So the man said, 'Why don't you get on the cart'. He got on the cart and kept the potatoes on his head still. Then the man said, 'Your oxen are finding it difficult in carrying me how can he carry my potatoes also'. Like that we sit on God to carry us but we put our problems on our own head. If we have 10,000 rupees on our chest, in the night we cannot sleep properly. If we put in a bank then we can rest quietly. When you surrender all your problems to God and all your difficulties then you can sleep well; and God will solve all your problems Otherwise you can't sleep, you will be full of problems.

You know sometimes when we go to buy potatoes, they will give one kilo potatoes and they will put two extra. If you say these two are free I will keep these two potatoes I don't want the one kilo he won't allow you those two free. He will say, this one kilo if you buy it, I will give you two free but if you don't take the kilo of potatoes I will take the two free also. So seeking God like the one Kilo of potatoes, the two extra are all the blessing in this world. If you seek God His blessings come extra. If you don't seek God we have no extras that will also be taken away.

What is the use of seeking God? What is the blessing of meditation? He talks to you and guides you. In my life God has talked to me many times and guided me, go here and go there like that. We don't spend much time meditating and asking God to talk to us. We are so busy in this world we have no time to give to God. God comes to us, My man give some time to me.' But he will say, 'No, no I am very busy I have to earn money'. After many years death will come to you and then you will say please give me some time to think about God. And death will tell you, I am very busy I don't have any time. Why we should seek God? This body is not our own. You stay there for a rent like a rented house. Now suppose you have a house for rent: You ask how much you have to pay. They will say monthly so much, then every month you pay the rent. You are supposed to keep the house neat and clean. But when the owner wants the house you have to quit the house, that is the condition of the rented house.

So our body, our soul lives in it and this is is a rented house of God for us. And this house we have to keep it clean. And He doesn't give any notice to you, when He wants you to go you get out. You just open the mouth, you die and fall down. That is the end of you. He doesn't give any notice. Have you paid your rent to your house? There are many people, they don't pay the rent and at last they have to go to court. But this house in which you live, this body, He paid the rent for us. What is the rent? Thank God for the house. You never thank God for this. Can any scientist make a body like this. This brain system is a terrible thing. Who gave this brain to you? If there is some defect in the brain you can't even think. How many people have bad bodies, you have a good body you are bound to thank God for that. Don't wait until your body becomes bad. When you are a young man.....young men think about God in your young days.

So the easy way to find out God is.....First of all I didn't believe in God; I said, 'I don't want this religion. 'My father used to meditate. I thought there was no God. I was fighting for Gandhi in 1942. I was studying for my B.A., I was the student leader. I was ready to die for Gandhi and country. Many of my friends were shot. And at that time my mother and father tried everything but I wanted to die for my country. Then I was under arrest, then my father came and took me to Ceylon. But there my wife and I were preaching about freedom. At that time my mind slowly became a communistic mind. I wanted to fight for the independence. And when Gandhiji was shot, then the independence came.

Then I realized God at the estate ( In Ceylon where Bro. Lawrie was employed ) I was doing yogic exercise, one night a great peace came to me, I realized God. I know there is a living God. If He comes in your heart you will be the happiest person in this world. Otherwise you won't have peace. Every man and woman can get that peace. It is not for some special people. You don't have to go to jungles and meditate for years. In your own house before you go to sleep spend about a half an hour meditating. You will realize God in your life. Get up at 5 'o' clock and sit and meditate and peace will come to you. Even if you are married don't worry, even married-people can get the peace. I am married and I have three children and have grand children. All have found that peace. My three sons they started their college and all but they left for service for God. It is wonderful. When that peace comes to you, you are the happiest man. You have a nice peace.

So from that time, when the peace came to us, I was going to every place to find out where God is in other people. I studied Muslims, I wanted to study Christians, I studied the Hindu religion. (Names several Indian religious books he had studied) All these books I studied. In the Indian people in India many mighty people have been produced. So when I travelled around the world.....

I left everything, I was in Vellore hospital in the purchasing office. Superintendant's Secretary. And after five years of working there I heard the voice of God, leave everything and follow me. My wife and I with three children, we left our jobs and went all over the place selling everything and giving to the poor people. And then we found one great truth; that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God. Whatever Narayana said it can never be a lie; whatever Bhagavad Gita said can never be a lie. If He said you come into me I will give you peace it will happen to you my friend. If you will leave free the five senses and get attached to God surely you will get that peace. But the people don't do it.

Now Buddha, he was under the tree and he said the cause of everything is lust. But he didn't find the medicine for overcoming lust. A doctor can say this disease is because of cholera germ but that doesn't mean you have overcome cholera germs. So the lust is the cause of everything he said. Now we know death comes to man but nobody seems to know why death comes. Then you can know what death is. Man says if you leave this body you will get a new body. Can you leave a house before you get a new house. If you know you are leaving this house, are you sure you get a new house. If you know you are leaving this house, are you sure you have got a new house for you. If you don't have a new house what is your position? Your soul will have no place except going through many births. So if you leave a house you must be sure you get another house which is eternal.

So what did Krishna say, 'You come into me'. How can you go into a man? That is why Arjuna got the revelation about who Krishna was. So in this world you are only like the other people. If after death there is nothing why should you lead a good life? You can eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you die. Because there is life afterwards the soul cannot be destroyed. That is very clear in the Bhagavad Gita, people have the book but they don't follow it. The only uniting factor in India is you must get that peace. Have you got the peace?

Now this heart......The electricity, everybody talks about it but nobody has seen electricity, you ask anybody. 'Do you know what electricity is?' ; they will say it is energy. But when you see the light, when you see the mike, when you see the loudspeaker, when you see the fan, who is going all these? It is that energy in everything. So that energy, that unseen, you have to get it. No use of cleaning the bulb. You may clean the bulb but you won't get light. So if your heart is like a bulb, unless you touch the current properly your heart will never have light. If you have sickness, if you are diseased, the doctor will say incurable but suppose you have a repairable car you don't take it to God you take it to the car hospital. If you have a motorcycle you don't take it to the radiation hospital you go to the auto hospital and he puts a new part and he makes it alright. If your body is under repair you take it to the maker of that body. He has got all parts to fix it up and make it a new part.

I have been meeting so many people all these years. I can say that God can heal any disease. There is nothing incurable but we don't go to the proper person. Even meditation gives you a lot of health; and feeling sorry for all what you have done. God blesses that. So God wants a clean life. What can you do? For that we have to come to God and then He will give you the peace.

This conscience, you know we have a conscience, it will always talk to us. When you are a small person, when you are a boy, even if you take a small thing your heart will talk to you but when you become big, you have killed it and after that it doesn't talk to you. Now suppose you have an alarm time piece, that alarm time piece if you put it at five o' clock, first day you will hear it ring and then you will stop it. After sometime it is ringing but you won't hear it. The conscience when it talks, then you can overcome many things.

There was a man going to hunt for gold and he took his dog also. And he went into a place and got the gold. Very happily he was coming, he had to stay at a lodge, at that time the dog was watching him. He put the gold under his head and he was sleeping. In the night a thief came, then the dog said, Rurr, Rurr. And immediately the thief went away and the man got very angry because the dog was interrupting his sleep. Then the thief came again and he came very near, the dog said, 'Rurr-ruh-rurr, Rurr-ruh-rurr, like that. And he said, 'Shut up, don't disturb me'. And the thief went away. After about a half an hour he came again. And this fellow said, 'The next time you bark I will shoot you and when the dog said, 'Rurr-ruh-rurr', 'he took his gun and shot him because he was sure he would take the gold home. And the dog died, the very warning was lost. Then the thief came and killed him and took away the gold.

So the conscience is like the dog, it warns us, it talks to us but instead of keeping watch we kill the dog. Everybody has got this thing called conscience and we have to be very careful. That will guide us. The conscience is given by God and we have to follow that.

So in this life God has given every good thing to us to find Him. If you look at the nature everywhere you can find God. People say, there is no God. If you see the nature, it is all moving harmoniously because there is a Creator.

Everything has got a beginning. Man because he lost God death came to him. That is why he said he is our life. That life is light for us. And usually scientists and all the great people are trying to find out life. Because everything can be photographed by a shadow but life cannot be controlled by a shadow. It passes through the shadow without the shadow noticing it. (It can go) inside the shadow without the shadow finding out. So that life cannot be photographed by scientists. That life comes from God. If the life goes everything dies. Eternal life means you can never die. That means this body will be changed into a glorious body and that body can never die. And there is a people of God....now people to be sons of God. To be sons of God you must be born in God's family. If you are born in God's family you won't touch the five senses. People who touch the five senses are children of men, you are born to a man and a woman. But if you don't touch the five senses you become sons of God. That means you had a previous existence, and you are not belonging to this earth, you are a heavenly being. That is why Krishna was trying to take the people from earth to heaven. That is why He told don't touch the five senses. What you see is not eternal, what you don't see is eternal. All what you see will pass away, but there are things which won't pass away which you don't see with your eyes. That is why without our eyesight there are so many things in this world. Those are eternal. All what you see will pass away, but there are things which won't pass away which you don't see with your eyes. That is why without our eyesight there are so many things in this world. Those are eternal. What you see is not eternal. So this body we have is not dying and going because this time He has come. This body will put on the glory and go. That is why the last avatar comes because He has got eternal life and He cannot die. All those who are in Him cannot die. I can show you this from all the vedas. But the people because they are certain about their death, they cannot believe that.

There is going to be terrible trouble in this world because you can see from the papers how the enemies are coming on God's people. The Hindus are God's people they are not ordinary people. Every Hindu will think about God only; If you go to other countries there is no thinking of God. They will always think about earning money and making money. If you see the Hindus, early morning they get up and think about God. So you can find people seeking God(more) in our country than the whole world. And they are always waiting for something (Godly man) to come. People see that many die and go away. So they think that everybody has to die. But Narayana comes and not only He doesn't die, all those who believe in Him will also get Eternal life. Not only that, the power of God has to destroy them ( their enemies ) by the word of God.

I was talking to you yesterday. See Pakistan. America comes to (help) Pakistan. China comes to (help) Ceylon. Any moment they may come and crush us, but before you can think anything God knows about it. You will see the world is going to get it's greatest surpeise very soon. Why? With all the military power if they try to crush India, India will not be lost. Then only you will know the Krishna power. One word will destroy the whole army. That is why I tell the Hindus to unite under Krishna because He is the hope for this country in the future. Because (above) any atomic weapons or anything there is the power of the Word of God. You will see this in our own country in India. The fire from the mouth comes and consumes the people. That day is coming So I tell the Hindus not to be afraid. LORD NARAYANA will flight for you. You are to stand quietly and be completely in Him and see the salvation of our God. But be united. Forget your differences, forget your community feelings and state feelings, all these feelings. Come under Him you will see what enemy will come and destroy us. And you will see the future power to show the world the proper way. So may God make you to come into that light.

Jaipur, Meeting, March 25, 1986
If a man loses his soul there is no use of his living in this world. He may gain the whole world and be the chief man of the world but if he loses his soul he is nothing. The eternal soul is put in a body of clay of five senses; so the body wants to live like a worldly person, but the soul wants to live eternally. This is a battle for everyone. The five senses pulls him down to the earth, but the soul pulls him to heaven. And if you win the five senses you are qualified for heaven and eternal life. But many people because they die they cannot believe that man can live without death. They think that man has to die and then his soul has to go into re-birth. Now we can put a seed into the ground. First of all the leaves come, then the flowers come, then the small seed just like the original comes. The one seed becomes hundreds of seeds exactly like the one you put in the ground, like the one that went in the ground. So that one seed brought hundreds of seeds.

So if a man could trust God he also becomes one of the seeds. If God cannot die, you cannot die. But the thing is we have got five senses. Everybody will say if you do Yogic exercises you can control the five senses. They want to go to the jungles; they go to a place where is no sound, trouble and they want to meditate with the idea that they can overcome the five senses. Even Buddha said the whole reason is lust. You know he said he was under a tree and got this revelation. Any ordinary man can say all the troubles is because of this lust, but who can give the remedy to overcome that. A doctor can tell this (disease) is because of typhoid germ. But we must find out a remedy. Many years ago there was no medicine for typhoid, so if a man gets typhoid he has to suffer for three months. Many people died. I also had an attack of typhoid and my mother lost hope. I had a relapse, I thought I could never live; one of my friends collapsed and he died. But somehow or other I escaped with great difficulty. But today, they have found out a medicine, chloromycin, if you inject that or take the pills, the disease will be entirely healed. Suppose someone came about 20 years ago and said that you had typhoid the doctor will say you have to be between life and death, many people don't live in this world, he will say. But at that time chloromycin was not found out, there was no medicine called chloromycin, but today no one is afraid of typhoid. How did the fear go away? Because we found out there is a medicine. I was afraid of typhoid once but today even if a child gets typhoid we are not afraid. That child cannot die of typhoid because of the remedy.

How did death come to us? That word Narayana means he didn't come by sex, he came by water. Nara means water, and because he came from water he is called Narayana. And he is Holy without death. But see we are all born as a dying person, so how can we attain deathlessness? When the five senses attack us, we have no faith on God. We believe a post man, we believe the doctor, but we don't believe God that way. Suppose a postman comes and tells, we got a money order for 100 rupees. First you believe it, secondly you sign. You do not sign, I am going to receive it, I will receive it, I may receive it, you sign "received". But you have not got the money in the hand. You can't tell the postman first I get the money and then I will believe you. You don't sign the money order, I have not seen the money, I don't believe the postman, I am signing it thinking that I may receive it. He won't give you the money. When he shows the money order you sign "received". Then the money comes. If you believe God like that everybody will be healed of all their diseases. We don't trust God even as a postman. We talk philosophy. "Oh God is like that, God is like that"; what do you know about God my friends. People don't believe God today. They talk hundreds of things about God but you must taste God and see. Just like a postman if you believe what God says, you will get it. That is why you must become a child of God or a son of God.

Because you prayers are answered don't think that you are a son of God. I go on the road, one beggar comes, "Please, please, Please, please, Please"; I give 50 c. He can't say, "Oh, Mr. Lawrie is my father". Because I gave him money I don't become his father. But when a son comes, born in my family, he will say "Daddy". I will give him 10 rupees, 50 rupees or more. But today people say, I want healing. Healing can be gotton in many ways, even by magic they get healing; by injection they get healing. You know I was in Orissa one day. Because I was in Vellore hospital I know what the doctors will give as medicine ; what medicine the doctors will give, what kind of medicine. So a rich man came, "Brother Lawrie I am going to Vellore hospital to check my son, he is having some brain trouble. "So I told, I checked him and said I will give a medicine and wrote and gave. Phenobarbital .. Sodium Phenylethyl. But he said "Oh, I will go to Vellore. " I said, "This is what they will give you." "No, I am going to the great hospital Vellore." I said, "I worked under the very doctor. " How can we believe you?" So he went to the hospital, paid 10,000 rupees for the medical examination, at the end ten thousand rupees. For the examination 10,000 rupees. He came after one month, he met me, "When you gave the same medicine I thought of no value, but now I had to pay 10,000 rupees to get the same medicine. In all the examination I got only that prescription Mr. Lawrie." He had to believe the doctor, pay 10,000 rupees and come to my belief.

Faith is different thing, everybody will believe. "I believe." Believing is not faith. Faith has got legs, belief has no legs. Faith can rest on something, belief cannot rest on anything. Now my son comes; one day he wanted some money. I told my son, "Don't disturb me until 9 'o' clock. I want 200 rupees. "I said, " Come at 9 'o' clock and I will give you," and I forgot it. And on that day this fellow told all his friends, "Wait, at 9 'o' clock I will get the money". I forgot it and when I am praying nobody should disturb me. It was 9 'o' clock, he was banging on the door. I said, "Don't you have sense man, why do you want to disturb me". A voice comes, "It is 9 'o' clock now". "What is 9 'o' clock? "You told me you would give me my rupees at 9 'o' clock. Then I remembered my promise, opened the door and gave the money. Because I promised he got faith. If I didn't promise him he will have only belief. And when he asked me I had to give him (the 200 rupees).

In the same way we must find out from the Vedas and the Scriptures what God has promised His people. What does Krishna say? If you lose all the attachments, and also the objects of attachments, then you can come into me. If you do that it is a promise for you. But you don't leave the attachments but still you want to get the blessings.

You don't need to go the jungles, in your very home you can bring heaven to you. One day I thought being a bachelor I can get more of God. I was a sadhu in a saffron robe and growing a beard and was going in the jungles there thinking that I was going to heaven that way. I never knew that God could be found out in the very house. You don't find God in the jungles you don't find him in the churches... Now you can't see the sunlight in here, so we are putting artificial light. You don't feel the breeze here, so we put artificial fan. If you want the real thing you have to get out and enjoy the breeze. If you want real light you can go out and get the sunlight or moon light. In the same way, God is not a respecter of persons. He is not only for rich people, but also for poor people. He is not for Americans and rich people but for Indians also. So if you go out you can meet God outside (denominations). I have been trying to find out God in all the temples. I was entering into the Muslim temple. You know the great Akbar, the great Moghul. The muslims have a five pointed star, but when I went to the Bombay Museum I saw the Akbar shield. In that shield he has put the 12 Zodiac signs. In that place he put the six pointed star where the Pisces is. So when that star was there, the Muslim, the great King, believed in the star and believed in the number 6 ( 2+4 = 6 -- 24 is the birth day of Kalki Avatar ) and also believed in the sign of Pisces. What is the meaning of that? That is the sign of the last Avatar that has to come down. His birth number is number 6, and he is to be born in Pisces. Thinking that only he was winning the battles.

So many people all over the ages, they knew what is going to happen. The Muslims do not have the six pointed star but Akbar had it. And in this Zodiac sign... you know the people have lost the key. They start the Astrology from Goat. But they must start from Virgo, that means Virgin. Because, if you go to a place you find a statue called sphinx. The head is a lady but the body is a lion. That is the key of astrology. Why they lost the key is because they started from the goat. That is why they cannot get the message of God which was put in the stars. You see a man holding a balance, that is judgement. You see a man drinking water, that is Spirit of God. Every sign is an important thing. So you can see from all over the place, early days there have been wise people following these things.

You know when the British came, many of the blessings were lost in India. About 40 years ago we had the whole Saturday as holiday. When the British came they changed the Saturday (to Sunday) as holiday. When the British came they changed the Saturday to Sunday, they made Saturday was called Sani day. That means it is a very bad day, it is called Sani Baghwan, so they stayed inside the house. They poured oil on the body; only at 6 O' clock they will go out. And that is one of the reasons we lost power. Because on Saturday we roamed about and got all the influence of Sani. But thank God, Rajiv Gandhi made Saturday also a holiday. That is a sign we have hope today. You better see that. If you stay at home on Saturday most of your problems will go away. Because that is a great secret. God's people lost power because of certain things.

You may be a Hindu, but you must understand your soul is important. These five senses will tell you, you are going to die, you are going to die. Suppose you have a pain in the stomach, God will say get yourself prayed or touched. But the five senses will say pain here, pain there, pain there. What side will you take? When you turn towards God you shoult not believe the five senses. So you must believe in God, your pain will go away. But if you turn to the five senses you call God a liar. That is why many people unknowingly call God a liar believing the five senses.

Krishna said you must control the five senses then only you can overcome re-birth. You must get into him. That is why He said I am the door you can come in. All people in this world are not doors. Only Narayana gives us the door. And He is the medicine for everything, if you want to take the Karma away, only He can do that.

I have God in my heart; In 1943 I realized God in my life, and I want to serve God. But in 1969 moon-landing day the Spirit of the Lord came into me, Lord Narayana came into me and from that day I know the future of India is in our hands. That is why we are bold today; we are boldly proclaiming this truth. Today people will say if I will be like a Sanyasi, grow a beard and wear a saffron robe....they will say you are a sadhu. But God told me I must be in a normal way to the people, so I am coming like a normal man. It is up to you to get the revelation of God. When you get the revelation of God and when your spiritual eye is openeed, then you will know who I am. That God.....that great God who created the whole world is living in me. You may say don't you think God is living in all of us. You can tell that, but today he has come to save the people who truly love Him. Let others say, let them prove that, but I am telling you, let them prove (if I am wrong) because you can tell anything in the mouth but God must vindicate it.

You know one day I was in Los Angeles, America. A muslim came. I was just preaching giving a lecture on the road. This muslim was from Iran, he got very angry. Many Americans were there. He said, "You Indian, I put my hand like this, if your God is true, pray for a $100 let it fall into my hand." It was an open challenge on the road, all the Americans were laughing. But one man came and stood there; the previous night God told him, a muslim will challenge a man, you just drop $100 in his hand. So he has been waiting since the morning sitting on a stone. When this muslim challenged me I told the muslim you say you have got Allah, I have got God. If God drops $ 100 in my hand this will prove God is not with you. God is with me. "Yes". Suddenly one man jumps in the crowd looking to the people, "That man Lawrie is guided by God, God told me to drop these dollars in his hand". "Then he told me, "I am from Iran, I was criticizing everybody who comes here, so today I got caught badly." It was a great day. Then many people took me into their homes. I didn't go to America to get money, I refused to join any religion there. But I brought God to many people there. Today people are all over the countries.

And I want to spend more time in India; I won't be happy with just the other people coming to God, I want the Indians to come to God. I have not much to give you,money or anything but I can give you what God has given into my hands which no other man or anybody can give that to you. I am not going to convert you, I don't believe in conversion. I have not come to change your name. I want to bring that peace to you. How can you have peace if you don't have peace in your heart? How can you bring peace to your country without your having peace? One hundred and forty four thousand will have peace very soon and they will overcome death. In this generation there are one hundred and forty four thousand people of the Indians who will go in glory without death very soon. May be you are one of them. That is why today we spend a lot of money here to come to you. The people who got the blessings here, they have spent the money and called me here. We will be leaving on the 30th. But I can give you peace and go, so that the whole India will be shaken by that peace. This world cannot give you peace my friends. Drinking will not give you peace; women cannot give you peace; wealth cannot give you peace; enjoyment will not give you peace. I am a man who tried all these things to get the peace. I was even ready to commit suicide. But one day in Ceylon as I was meditating in the jungle the peace came to me. and I have been preaching all over. But on 1969 the very Narayana came and I have come with a mission here. I am not a missionary of the Americans, I am a missionary of God, sent by God to the people of India.

Suppose there is a friend. I want to come to his house, he scolds me. Many times I try to come to his house. He says get out, get out, get out. I want to talk to him, he doesn't want to talk to me, he doesn't turn to me. Suppose any friendship should happen who talk first? I want to talk to him but that man doesn't talk to me. I want to talk to him everyday, he doesn't want to talk to me. How can we have friendship? I am always willing to talk to him. But one day that man wants my friendship, then he calls me, "Hello Lawrie". then I am waiting to catch him because I want to talk to him. God has been talking to you very often. Many times you had accidents, you escaped by hair breath. Many times you are about to die, God wants to tell you. "Come on child come to me". you say you are a busy man you don't have time for God. Many times He talks to you. When you are on your sick bed, when you have financial problems, he is talking to you, but you never turned your face. And He is calling you. But that friendship will never come between God and you. He has been talking for centuries.... He has been talking to you for years, but you have no time to give to God. And today He is calling you, My dear friends, can't you hear the voice of God calling you. But that friendship will not come unless you call Him. Otherwise the friendship will never come between God and you. He calls you, it is your turn to call Him. Then immediately He will catch you. "Yes boy I have been waiting for you to call me". Call like that. Because you have been refusing Him he can't talk to you. So today go to your room, "Lord come into my life". You don't imagine a God, you don't know what God is. Ask the Creator to come into you... "You created me, you are my Father, I want to see you." Then He will touch your life. When I did that He touched my life. When my wife did that God touched her; He touched my children. He has touched hundreds of people. He will touch you today. That is why my friend, it is not my voice...

You know when a man has no self that is not his soul. A man who is unselfish he has a selfless soul... that is. God has to live in him. If you have self you are living. If you have no self and God fills you it is God living in you. That is why today I come herewith God; If you hear His voice open your heart, go to your room, "Lord I will never be satisfied until you come into my heart. That is something great. My dear friends, we don't give God any money. We have not come to ask any money from you. God never wants any money. The sunlight is not for money, the air you breath is not for money, the rain water is not for money, even this peace is not for money, it is free. If there is no value for anything you don't respect it. This is your life. It takes your karma away, it is your life. But still you don't want it because it is free. If somebody comes tomorrow and gives you a gift of a car, you will say thank you, thank you, thank you. But for God who has done everything for you, your very life is depending on him; you never said one thank you. Early morning get up, thank him, you will see that great light will come into your heart. That is what we as a family do, get up at four o'clock in the morning... till six o'clock thanking and singing praises to God. Our heart is full of light and the whole day nothing wrong happens to us, not even an accident, not even any trouble. But today man begins the day not with God but with his own self. He runs to prepare coffee first, and you will be like coffee only. Man wants to do something for his stomach.

Now if God had not created a stomach for us there won't be any business in this world. Tooth paste is for the body, hotel (restaurant) is for the body; all over the world big ships and tanks and big, big lorries and everything all for the stomach. If God didn't create the stomach I don't think there would be any business or any boat or hotels or this or that, or automobile workshop or this or that; nothing would be there.

But we have nothing for our soul. This meeting is for your soul. That is why I tell you in the beginning it is a bit difficult for you. You spend half an hour with God, gradually you will get more and more power, you will increase that meditation. Then it will become your life. And God will tell you what is going to happen to you. Nobody can do anything against you. As I was travelling many accidents came and you know with all the accidents God saved us. One day we were flying to Venezuela, suddenly our plane fell into the sea and the nose went down and the tail was on top and we were on top of the thing, and they came and saved us. So many places there were difficulties, so many accidents. God can save you from all these things. Man's life is not stationary; Are you sure you can live tomorrow? God never tells the time of your dying; if God tells that in one week you will die, all your activities will stop. That is why God doesn't tell the time of your death. But we are not sure when the death will come. If we are so frail, one heart attack you go away. Today many people are dying of heart attack.

And many people do not know what a spirit is. When a man dies, a suicide, that spirit will be loitering. It can come into any man or woman. One day an English lady was in the Ashram. She said she was on the road, a Punjabi died oand his spirit was in her. And when we prayed. God in this world there are so many evil things. If you are not spiritual all these things will attack you. Today the doctors say there are no evil spirits, that doctor himself is an evil spirited man. There are evil spirits, it can come and possession you and give you endless trouble. And no doctor can heal that. You will go to a doctor he will say etiology unknown. I was in the Vellore hospital, the doctors will say this man will die; we will pray and the next day that fellow will be healed. The doctor will say your brain must be cut, after prayer that brain will be alright. Do you think medical science has got all the answers? You may be a big doctor but you may be blind for these evil spirits. Some people are called mad but it is the evil spirit. So there are so many things in a man.

So my friends, when I pray, you may say what is the use of your praying? I lay my hands on you. When I lay my hands on you, it sucks everything evil in your bloos; in five minutes you are delivered. You can feel it. And your heart is empty, second time I pray asking God to fill you with His spirit, then you get the Shanthi (Peace). You don't have to pay any money to me. I don't care what religion you are, what community you are. You are my own brothers, my countrymen, I am giving you what I have. God gave it to me. All praise and honour be to the Great God. I love him and I want you to love Him. Anybody who loves this God can never be sick or without peace. That is why in every age, God sends His messenger. But there are false messengers also. You can see false currency, because there is false currency you don't throw out the good currency. Because there is false currency that means there should be good currency. If there are false people that means there must be correct good one. Anybody who collects money cannot have God. Today everywhere collecting money, collecting money for God as if God is a beggar.

But God leads you, for forty five years my wife and three children and grand children and their wives, we have been living trusting God. We never ask anybody any money, but everywhere all our needs are marvellously met. Why I am telling this? God knows what we need more than your telling Him. Today about 300 people are in the Ashram all trusting God, and so many people in India. They came to the realization that God can support people. Man shall not live by working alone ... but he can live by trusting God for his needs. That is not laziness. And today we have found out that God meets all your needs.

One day I was in Holland and those people never trust a black man. So as I went there the leader said, "Mr. Lawrie we want you to wash all the plates here," they didn't know who I am, so I was washing the plates. As I was washing the plates, one man came to commit suicide. The man said this man wants to commit suicide Mr. Lawrie, talk to him. They were trying to test me. But I am cleaning the plates, hundreds of plates I had to wash every day. So I was wondering, "Why God do I have to wash other people's plates?" That night I was praying in the night, at 2 o' clock I was meditating. There were looking through the keyhole. The next day they called me, "Lawrie forgive us we thought you were an ordinary many, you are a praying and meditating man". So they told me please forgive us. Then they said this man wants to commit suicide. I took him to the room. After sometime, we prayed. Great peace came into his heart. And many people did not know that he was a rich man. And he was the man called Mr. Frankalow. You can see his toffees in all the places in foreign countries. (After I prayed for him) he got up and said, "I got this shanthi. God bless you." After 20 years he wrote to me I am still living. So I went to see him. That man has become a very, very rich man. He said, "Brother Lawrie I live today because of you. You gave me the peace, Today I am very happy, I believe this message."

He doesn't care who you are, white or black or yellow or anybody, everybody should have this peace. A Brahmin or Shathriya or Sutra, it doesn't matter. Everybody who gets this peace becomes a high caste. He becomes a son of God, child of God. So I am showing the way to become a child of God. All these people giving testimonies, once they had peacelessness, and today they have peace. And they are anxious to tell you what God has done for them.

And that peace Narayana can give you. That is why today, the time is running. There is violence everywhere. When violence is in the ascent the judgment is going to fall. When violence is too much then God has to judge the people. Democracy cannot do anything. They can take a gun and shoot anybody. Indira Gandhi was shot dead. Today man has no value for the soul. What does God say? If a man has lost his soul there is no use of gaining the whole world for him. He values the soul more than the world. What does man value in the soul. For a gun he kills the soul. Man has no value but God has a value for your soul.

Suppose I have a ring in a cardboard box, I don't throw the ring and keep the cardboard box. This body is a clay body and we spend much time in polishing it and making it beautiful. But nobody does anything for the costly ring inside. Your soul is very important. God can come into your soul. If God comes into your soul you can't die. Man lost that life, that is why you have to die. But in the last days, when Narayana comes into His own body He brings that eternal life with Him. And also He has got the medicine for karma. So that is why... you many not believe me, but when I touch you, believe that karma is going. Then when karma goes and you get that life which man has lost. That is called eternal life. Eternal life means you live forever. Not in your soul but in your spiritual body. If you don't have that spiritual body you are a naked man. So suddenly God will change that body and give that glorious body. A sinless body and a deathless body. That He will do now very soon.

So let us all get ready to get that body. If anobody is sick today open your heart widely. Now see, if somebody knocks at your door, you open the door he will come in. So God is waiting to come into your heart. Open your heart, say Paramathma come into my heart, my Creator come into my heart. You will see that He comes into you, you will be the happiest man in the world. And there is a time coming for us. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Bhilai Meeting, June 1986
And today, I came from Kanyakumari corner. According to Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavatham and so many books the last Avatar should come from a place where river Tambraparani will be flowing. I have not come here to get a name because I know who I am. My God who sent me has sent to you. I am not sent to the Christians. I am sent to the Hindus only. That is why when you come to the world, you are not interested in anything of this world. The worldly people will fool you. But God loves you because you are selected before the foundation of the world. We have come here to prove that God's selection is not wrong. So you have natural love for God even though you are not perfect.

And if you listen to me carefully, I am giving you some cream from all the books which I have read for 45 years. You'll find it very valuable. If you go to a Christian, he'll talk only about Bible and nothing else. He'll simply say, you'll go to hell, that they'll go in glory. But God knows the thoughts of the people. He kept so many secrets hidden, to be revealed this time. That is why, what Christians know all these years, most of them are wrong now. In the same way, if you study Quoran, the people don't do what the Quoran says. It doesn't talk about converting by force. Many people in India were converted by force to Muslim religion. But Quoran never approves that. It says, never go to fight, but if somebody comes to attack you, you defend and in the defence if somebody dies, God will forgive you. And even in Christianity, people don't understand what Jesus said. What do the British do? He said, turn that one cheek if somebody beats you and show the other cheek. So we make Christians, they were showing the others cheeks and they became slaves.

Today, we, even though India is free, we are not free from the religious slavery. We are afraid of any religious leader and to disobey him, because he'll create trouble. So there is a religious slavery. In the western countries also there is religious slavery. Man is not free to think as he likes. Man is not free to think the truth. That is why we come to give you the truth. So, other people get angry because they dilute the truth. We wanted, you know, by telling the truth, we are not blessed by the other people, but you get a blessing (from God). If we tell something wrong, you can point that to us. But today, now suppose I go to the Christians and say "OM NARAYANA" they'll throw stones at me. If I go to a Hindu and say "ALLAH-HO' AKBAR", they get angry. That means all these people are only carnal people.

We have got five senses. Bhagavad Gita clearly tells that you should not get in touch with the five sense organs, sense objects. We have got all kinds of desires in this life. Suppose you go to buy sarees, the merchant puts so many sarees in front of you. That doesn't mean that you should buy everything. But when you say, I want this saree, you have to pay for it. Like that, so many bad thoughts will come in our lives. You should not be afraid of the thoughts. Because that is our human nature. But when you put your hand on that, you have to pay for it.

You know, this house we live in, is given by God. My brother and sister, this body which God has given you is a very precious body. Another man can't make this. But see the nature, the beautiful eyes and the body, so nicely done, very minute work. No man can do this.

Today, many people say, there is no God. They say,nature is God. But suppose you take a chicken, where did the egg come from and, hen or egg came first? One Atheist was there. A child asked him a question. Which came first, egg or hen? He said, hen came first. From which egg that hen came? He was caught. He could not say anything. then the girl said, "Do you believe that there should have been a hen first or egg first? The one who made that is God".

So today, many people have a wrong idea about God. God knows who you are. His eyes are seeing from thousands of years who you are and what nature you have, what family you come. He knows it. That is why the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. So, the worldly force wants to destroy that fear. But the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Teach your children the fear of God. Don't allow them to go as they like in this world, then you will find it difficult to bring the children back.

So while we are travelling like this....We didn't come to form a religion. Our religion is in the books. We are telling what the books say. If you find that we are telling a wrong thing, we challenge you to come and ask us. But you may not understand because your eyes are blind. But today, Narayana when He came down, He opened our understanding. This knowledge which we have today is not my knowledge. It is that Parama Purusha's knowledge. That is why I am challenging you. There are many avatars in India. After he dies, even then he is an avatar. Today, most religions are based on the people who are dead already. It starts from the grave. How can when a man dies have a religion? God is eternal. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. what he was before. He'll be tomorrow. He never changes. All things are possible to Him. You may say, can my bent hand become normal? I'll tell you, all things are possible to God.

Many miracles have happened in our lives. In 1953, we left the Vellore Medical College Hospital. And according to God, we sold everything and gave it to the poor people. I am not telling you to do that. My wife, I and three small children, we sold everything and gave it to the poor people and we had five rupees in the hand. Because God told us to do, we did that. So for 14 days none of us had food. So I had my certificates. My children were crying and I tore my certificates thinking I might go for the job again. Because God called us, we wanted to follow Him fully. After 14 days, my small son, third son, 9 months old, he sang like a 48 years old man, that Eternal God will never fail. After 14 days of starvation we got a new courage. And then early morning my wife went to the market. I said, why are you going, were is the money? she replied "God never fails". As she went, "Aakashawani", that voice spoke to a lady, 'Go and give this lady all money'. She came back home with all the food stuffs. That evening I had no money to take a shave. I had no money to buy anything. I had a torn shirt. At this time one man came running. "Bro. Lawrie, my wife died". And it is about six hours, and she had come from the hospital. The body is there. My whole house is in sorrow. Today is our wedding day. We want you to come and pray and bury here". I said, "Alright". So when I went there, I saw the body. As I was keeping my hand, within 5 minutes that lady opened her eyes. I got so afraid. This dead woman has come to life. Is it possible? That lady lives today.

From that day we have travelled all over the world, miracles hapened. That is before Narayana came down. Now He has come like a thief. Thief doesn't come to steal old pots. He comes to steal 'Bangaru'-gold. People of golden character, strong people of God. That is why He has come secretly. Today people say, "Brother, show some miracle, bring vibuthi, do some miracles so that we can believe you". I have not come here to do miracle and show stunts. I came only to give you peace. And when that peace comes, light comes, darkness will go away. That is why, even if you open your heart to God you will get peace while you are standing.

So from that day, we have been preaching the truth to all the nations. Many people said don't preach the truth, you'll get lot of money and you'll be very rich. So we didn't want money. We didn't want position and fame. That is why we wanted to be simple and tell you the truth and go. Please don't mistake. We have not come to convert you. We have not come to change your name. We love you because you are Indians. I can't see India divided like this and fighting like this in the name of religion. So, even though we had great blessings in other countries, against their wish we came to India. This truth is for the poor people. You may be a very bad man, doesn't matter.

In the Bhagavad Gita, before that I want to tell you.. God has given a house, this house is God given house. This is not your own. This is a rented house. And God has put the soul into this body. And usually we have to give one month notice for vacating a house. And we have to pay the rent. But, we stay in this house and talk so many dirty things against our owner. I want you to just think about it. This body is not your own. This is a rented house. Now in Bhilai, if you are in a rented house, you can't make it your own. And you have to pay the rent. Have you any time paid the rent? What is the rent for this house? Thank God for giving this house. If you don't even thank Him, what a great wicked person you are! Oh, Parameshwara! Thank you for this nice house you have given me. Then what blessing can you get from God? You have not paid the rent. And if you want to quit this house, He won't give one month notice. If He says, 'Get out', you open your mouth and you fall down dead. Will you leave a house without getting another house? Have you found out another house? It is not made by hands but by God. In this age, this body will be suddenly changed into a glorious body. That is why, man originally lost it. Suppose man went to moon and he cannot come back, he can't be an earthly man. He must be a moon man. In the same way, we (I) came from heaven and now I have settled down in the earth. We are not able to go back to our own country. Suppose I am an American, I won't be happy in India. One day or other I will go to America. You are a heavenly person, how can you settle down in this country? These people who have five senses belong to the earth. People who don't believe five senses belong to heaven. For them Shri. Narayana comes to take him in that glory. So have you paid the rent? Have you found out a good house before you can vacate this house?

So my friends, if you have this body as a house, you'll be very careful. Suppose you got a ring in a cardboard box, you won't keep the cardboard box and throw the ring away. This soul is like a ring, this body is like a cardboard box. Why you are so interested in the cardboard box and not in the soul which is like ring? So see that, the ring is preserved. That is why today I want to tell you, for those who seek Narayana, you have a glory very soon. That is why He went...(Tape not clear).

In this last days, according to Bhagavad Gita, according to Bhagavatham, according to vedas, according to Bible, according to Quoran. He has to come. That's why I tell you, He doesn't come as people think. He has to come according to as it is written in the books of God. So, the people who believe the books of God will believe and they'll see His coming.

And today we must understand about God. Many people say, there are 3 gods and 32 crores of gods. But there is only one God whom we can worship. That God - form is a man, but inside is not His 'self'- inside is the glory of God. That is why the Bible says and Bhagavad Gita says we must worship God in spirit and truth. So spirit is called Shakthi. We must worship God in Shakthi and in truth. And the spirit is unseen God. The form is a man. That is called Parama Purusha. So what comes from His mouth is God's. Because His own self is not there. He cannot die. What comes from His mouth is truth. That's the only person who can be called God. So, God made this Parama Purusha. But before He became Parama Purusha, He has to be sacrificed in Human body, that is why He was holy without sin. And that body, the Spirit was taken out and God occupied Him. That was called Word. And that Word has power to get into any "Body". It has got power to create. It has power to destroy. And this spirit in Him can be taken and be put into any man and He will be a Prophet. And that is God coming in the flesh. He'll come to the earth and talk the truth and after His period he'll go away. That is not Narayana. Narayana's spirit comes into people. But when God selected the Parama Purusha, He was a man who has to come into this world at the end time. Because there is one God and one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus. That Parama Purusha can only reveal the nature of God. So He had to come as Avatar. Every Avatar taught a New Truth of God. Shri. Krishna taught many truths.

In that age, he talked about rebirth. I am not coming to tell you that there is no rebirth. I want to tell you that you can overcome every rebirth. You don't have to have rebirth because Bhagavad Gita says how to overcome rebirth. If you know how to overcome rebirth, why do you want to have rebirth? That is not for you. That is for the worldly people to go under rebirth. If God has selected you before the foundation of the world, you'll never go by rebirth, you get into Krishna. You get into Krishna conscience, you get into Narayana conscience, you get into Christ Jesus conscience. Others cannot have that.

But God, when He did that (Sacrifice), He wanted to reveal the nature of God. So He wanted to reveal His love. Today, man talks about love. These are all futile love. Many people love girls and get disappointed. "The true love!", they'll say, but afterwards disappointment comes. Many girls love boys and they get disappointed. These five senses will not make you keep quiet. This is the reason for all our trouble. But who has given the medicine? If you go, they'll say, the reason is lust. But nobody says how to overcome lust. So, that is why, people today read and say all the reason is the five senses. but nobody knows the power to overcome that. That is why Sacrifice comes. Without sacrifice there is no remission of your sins. But the people changed this animal killing into putting ghee only. And they called it sacrifice. But actually Bhagavad Gita says, when a sacrifice is given, if you eat that balance of the Sacrifice, your sins will go. But when you put ghee, no balance is there. This is all made by man, but it is not true Bhagavad Gita. True Bhagavad Gita calls God to do the sacrifice. So God has to come down as a sacrifice. The same thing, that Narayana came as a sacrifice. But that is the medicine for Karma. He was sinless. Now see how your sin can go. Even today in some Hindu temples they sacrifice animals. There is a lamb there. They put the hands on that, so that their Karma will go away. And that animal is killed and burnt to ashes. So this sacrifice won't come to life. But in death of that animal, we get life. But animal blood cannot help us, Because we are in sin, we can't help. So we tried so many things, and God knew this. That is why He has to come as a Sacrifice. Only He can take that Karma away. That is in Bhagavad Gita; that is in vedas. But why did they change it?

That is why today many people in India are good people. But, they don't have that truth about the sacrifice. If they take it, the whole Indian Nation will be blessed and they'll get God's blessing. The Vedas say, if you don't accept the Sacrifice of Parama Purusha, you won't get even rain. That is a fact. If you go round countries....... I was going from country to country, Germany, Switzerland, England, everywhere sin is greater than in India. But they'll have all blessings. Even though they are bad they have taken the sacrifice, the Sacrifice of Narayana. But we in India, we are pouring only ghee and satisfied with that sacrifice. That is why sacrifice doesn't leave us.
* We have a Gayathry Manthram. You know Ganapathy means, making the body a flame and burning it. And God gave me eternal life. So to overcome all the devils and all the witchcraft, all the power of the enemies, we got the Gayatry Manthram. If they tell that no devil can come, no witchcraft can hurt you. That is why only in the camp meetings we tell that manthram so that the people can get blessings. It is a sacred thing. And many people today, get blessings from the evil power. Today when man gets angry, he does the witchcraft. With all our prayers we can't overcome that. I know that you are good people. But God sees not good people or bad people. His idea is, everybody is bad, no good man. Because, in this body we can't lead a good life. You may try to say that you are a good man. But when you take that Sacrifice, that is God's death for you, you take His life. That's the thing that Sacrifice, that is God's death for you, you take His life. That's the thing that you'll be 100% holy. With this your holiness you cannot go in glory. THAT IS WHY, GOD KNOWING OUR CONDITION, HE CAME DOWN AS A SACRICICE. Because these denominations made a rule, in condition, that also, the people made it a denomination. So that sacrifice came into my body. SO I AM CARRYING THAT SACRIFICE WITH ME. THIS PEACE NOBODY CAN GIVE YOU IN THIS WORLD. I AM GIVING YOU THIS PEACE AS NO OTHER MAN GIVES YOU. THEY MAY SHOW MAGIC AND TRICKS. THEY MAY DO MIRACLES. That will not give you peace. But in the name of Narayana, in the name of that one God Christ Jesus, in the name of Allah, HE CAME IN THE FLESH TO DO THAT SACRIFICE FOR YOU.

AND TODAY WE HAVE LIFE. IF YOU TAKE THAT SACRIFICE, YOU DON'T HAVE TO SACRIFICE. YOU GET RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD. Righteousness of God is not your holiness. We are bad people. When you take God's holiness, that is the holiness which God likes. If you read the book..... In the Bible there is onething. Many of the Hindus in India, they are people who are waiting for Krishna. But once they took this Sacrifice. But they left the righteousness of God and they loved the daughter of a strange god (Sakthi worship). They left God and became shakthi worshippers. I want you to faithfully take that sacrifice today, by accepting me. Then you get that holiness. Then God will regard you sinless. You won't have rebirth. And you ultimately get into Krishna, Narayana.

That is why if you go to your house, you meditate. And when you meditate on Narayana, He is your creator. You ask Him, who this man is, is He cheating us, whether He has come to fool you. Whether I have power to take away your sins? And sincerely you have to ask Him. I'll appear to you, then you believe. But before that if you today believe this, this message..... That is why in other countries they are bad people, but they have taken the sacrifice. You are very good people but without the sacrifice. So this disunity in this country. So the remedy for India is, nobody can solve this. Nobody can preserve this. Even R.S.S. cannot do that, even States can't do that. Only Narayana come down can do that. He is waiting for His 1,44,000 people. Then He starts fighting. No one can stand when He fights. Now He doesn't fight. Now He is like a man who is afraid, like a man who wants protection. That is why (for) your sake, come running to God without condition. I don't want to make you another religion. Whatever religion you have, worship the Creator and not the creature. Make that determination. Most of your sickness will go. Take the sacrifice of Narayana. He has come to you after the Moon-Landing-Day, bringing you that peace. You can be in any religion you want. But get this peace and get away from Karma.

So today, I am going to give you a mass prayer. Tell this prayer after me sincerely, I want every one of you to get up. Sincerely tell this prayer after me. And make this country a blessed country. You may belong to any state. God is not interested in these divisions. God believes in one India. He holds the destiny of India in His hands. So tell this Prayer after me. As I tell this, loudly tell it.

Our loving Creator.. Everybody tell loudly. I don't want you to come to a religion. At least tell this thing after me. Our loving Creator, we believe Shri. Narayana has come down, and living in Lawrie Krishna. We believe that He has come here to give us peace. We will worship only our Creator. We will not join any religion of this world. We throw out all our false practices. We surrender our lives to Shri. Narayana. We want you to bless our country. We want you to bless our home. We believe that we can overcome death in this generation. As Bro. Lawrie prays, let the Spirit of the Lord come into our lives, and bless us. In the new name of God...
Now I am going to pray for your healing and for your blessing. Close your eyes and put your right hand on the sick part of your body. Put your right hand on your heart if you have no peace. If you have any loved ones far away, sick, remember them now. If you want any transfer, you can remember now. If you want any job, every problem He cares for you. If your wife is separated, if your husband is separated, he'll come running to you today. God answers prayers. In the new name of God Narayana, I command all the sickness to get out of the body. Pour thy spirit on the people. Every demon power, every witchcraft I cancel it in the new name of God. Fill them with the Spirit of God. Heal their bodies. Bless their loved ones far away. Bless the relation of all the people who are gathered here. Bless all the people of this country. Let the power of God heal the people here. Let them get peace. Fill them with Spirit of God, fill them with the Spirit of God; Heal them. Every devil get out and stay no more. Every incurable disease be healed. Every cancer dry up. Every T.B. get out. Every twisted limb come forth to normal. Lord let everybody be healthy today in the new name of the Lord Narayana. Thank you Lord.
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