God has come down to earth in Human form.  This is for real.  His Original Name is "Shri. Lahari Krishna" ( commonly called as Shreeman Narayana (or) Allah (or) Christ-Jesus )

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The Book of Revelation

          I remember the time when I used to uread the Book of Revelation and thought it to be a story or Fairy tale since nothing could be understood as most part of it is expressed in symbols and animals etc.  Books, dictionaries and commentaries have been written and people write as if they have mastered the meaning, but certainly the mysteries have been sealed up to the end time.  Sometimes people ask "Are we living in a greater period than St. Paul or Daniel etc?"  God is not a respecter of persons.  His plans would be fulfilled anyhow and He knows what would become of the people of this world.  If the Book of Revelation had been written in plain language, it wouldn't have existed today; since its substance could not be understood, the enemies of the Bible considered it harmless for their domination of the minds of the children of God.  The so called Christian organisations had never known the meaning thereof.  The reason for keeping it a mystery is to make God's chosen ones understand the meaning through spiritual revelation at a time specified by God.  It is meant only for the real people of God and the false ones have no share in it whatsoever.  For this end time the light is clearer and so nothing could be hidden.  "Blessed is he that readeth and they that hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written therein; for the time is at hand" (Rev. 1 : 3).

          We know what a great blessing the revelation of the Seven Seals by Prophet Branham has been to the Bride at this end time.  God has carved us a wonderful way to walk which is becoming narrower as we get closer.  I remember the time when Brother Branham came to Bombay many years ago as an Evangelist.  He said "Love God, love everyone and love is everything; love everyone in all denominations and be friendly and co-operative".  He preached to the Jain Hindus a 'Love Message' without hurting anyone.  At this time I had already come out of all denominations and when I heard this sermon on love I ran again into the Angelican denomination without checking or rather relying on the Word of God.  Consequently, for years together I had to go through many heart-breaking experiences and God had to deal with me most severely in bringing me out of all bondage, and spoke to me audibly rebuking me.  So we have to grow.  In the same way Christianity is not a dead monument but is a movement.  So what we call backsliding is to go back, but we must go forward.  After the seven seals, we must go forward as revelation will come only when we go.  God is not dead as the present day youth seem to think.  Communists also say God is dead.  What is the difference between these people and the people who are supposed to be in the message but say everything is finished and start reading and publishing books contradicting the move of God.  Why do you bother about old meat when we should live on fresh meat ?  We must know how to interpret the Prophet's message correctly.  In one place it is said 'God will meet the Bride in SKY IMMORTAL'.  So some say 'Did he not say IN THE SKY?"  But brother, sky as we all know, is not immortal.  Jesus said 'Heaven and Earth will passaway but my word will not pass away'.  If the Word is settled between Heaven and Earth, the word of God must be the SKY IMMORTAL.  People are expecting Big Golden Trumpet Call and Jesus Christ coming and shaking hands with people in the graves.  The Lord Jesus who went down below Adam's position in Calvary to get the fallen human beings did not remain there forever.  Then why should people sing Calvary Songs for two thousand years nearly and yet say they are redeemed ?  The fallen man is not redeemed till Christ takes him out of the mire and places him in Adam's place, and then go to His throne with the Father.  Then only redemption becomes complete.  When we buy a house and pay an advance of Rs. 1000 we have an assurance of going to possess the house some time or other, but we can never possess the house till the amount is fully paid.  When we received the Holy Spirit, it was just the "Earnest" or Advance Payment !  But look how people jumped over and talked as if redemption was complete.  When the time is fulfilled then only comes the owner to possess it, i.e. we have access to the Tree of Life and New Wine becomes our birthright.  'To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also overcame and am set down with my Father in his throne' (Rev 3 : 21).  Why do you consider is incredible for the Bride to sit in Adam's lost position when Jesus Christ takes His usual and rightful position as God Almighty in the Father's throne ?  Until and unless the Lord Jesus Christ is raised to this position redemption is incomplete.  In the same way, man cannot fully understand Jesus Christ as the Lord and God Almighty of Heaven and Earth till such time as he is raised to Adam's original position.



This is the real number of finality and finished work with God.  We read in the Bible about the sprinkling of blood seven times, the rotation of the living bird seven times before it is set free to fly and so on.  Silver and Gold had to be tried in a furnace seven times to determine their purity.  You cannot expect the gold to be pure before it goes into the furnace for the seventh time.  In the same way, before the fall of Jericho, the Israelites went round the walls seven times.  When they completed going round the seventh time, they had nothing to do but God made the walls to fall.  We see the same pattern in the Seven Church Ages also.  In each church age the church was tried and purified; the scum and dirt became the denomination of that particular age while the purified metal consisting of the true children was carried on to the next church age (preserved underground) and so on till the Seventh Church Age was over.  We are now at the end of the final lap- THE BRIDE AGE.  Even now all the dirt have gathered to form various denomination.  At the same time, the Bride or the Stone unturned by human hands has started rolling down and will knock off everything soon.  The Bride message is very difficult to understand because people, having wordly attachments and out of God's Word, are blind and jealous and without the patience to study the blinding message of the hour.  They do not want to come down to the valley sage of the hour.  They should be like Zaccheus who climbed on the top of the tree of his own righteousness but when Christ passed by he was asked to come down which he did at once and salvaion was asked to come down which he did at once and salvation was brought to him.  Come down from your tree of pride, education, qualification, talents, principles, wealth, ability, colour, caste, creed, nationality etc. and become humble to catch hold of immortality.  Humility is like a flower.  It fades off the moment you say you have it.  God puts stumbling block and the Jews stumbled at the first instance and we see before our own eyes what happend to them.  The Bride Mesage is supposed to be a stumbling block to the so call "Great People of the Gentiles".  Why did fishermen and sinners only come to Jesus Christ while others were just fooling around?  Don't you see the same thing hapening right now?  Nero was fiddling when Rome burned.  So also on the verge of immortality and glorification of our mortal bodies and the world burning with non stop wars and violence, the Christians are fiddling with their old stinking theologies and twice dead theories .  Thank God, the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ is taking shape already and very soon it will rise up to say "TIME SHALL NO MORE BE DELAYED".  Those of you people who are fasting and praying and weeping and crying for Bro. Lawrie thinking that I have lost the way and backslidden from a great ministry, it is time up for you to cry for yourselves and your loved ones who are to be slaughtered like 'Christmas Lamb or Fatted Calf'.  My heart breaks to ponder about what is going to happen to the majority who make fun of the Truth of God Coming Down to the Earth on Moon Landing Day to take the Bride to New Jerusalem.  What can this be other than the revelation of Thunder Mysteries ?  This Message is not spread by tent meeting, televisions, radios, leaflets, evangelism, house to house preaching, mass campaigns and crusades etc.  But it will be vindicated by 'Thunders' wherever it is preached.  Can any human being, even magicians, imitate heavenly thunders to occur in the sky?  Come on, you try it and see if thunders would respond to any of your old messages.    It is too late than you think, dear brothers and sisters.  Mercy Seat is down on the Earth now with the Bride into whom Christ has come or has rather started to penetrate gradually into the body members scattered all over the world.  When this is finished, Woe! Woe! Woe! unto the ones that are left behind.  If you people are died why do you want others to die with you?  I think perhaps that is what you call 'human fellowship'.  Why not live with those who going to live? (i.e. 'spiritual fellowship with heavenly beings').  Who are the enemies of the Bride Message at this time?  None but the christian believers and their leaders who, out of jealousy, think they have got it.  You blind vultures feeding on carrion, will any real Bride ever associate with you?  Come away my people, do not go near thier death trap.  Get ready, packing and disposing of everything that the world might entangle you or your heart is in, and save yourselves.  One year has passed since the Lord has come down to this earth to take His bride and His spirit is providing the asurance of immortality to the Bride.


God Coming Down to Earth


The Tree of Life


The Seventh Seal  or Seven Thunders

God Coming Down to Earth

          Man always wants to keep God far away beyond human reach.  It is something like when a person wants to gain access to another person, the latter runs away saying that the former is beyond reach.  Since time immemorial, God has been trying to reach man in His own ways but man and science always keep God millions and billions of miles away.  What should we believe ?  On July 2nd, 1970 the following news appeared in "The Hindu" of Madras.

14 Feared dead in Cloud Burst in Village near Leh

          Srinagar, Kashmir : 2 July.--- Fourteen persons are feared dead in the unprecended cloud burst over village Nimoo near Leh on Sunday.  The authorities had so far failed to trace 13 persons reported missing following the tragedy.  One body was recovered within hours of the tragedy.  The army, civil authorities and several private organisations including the Buddhist Association of Ladakh are jointly providing relief to the families of the victims.  Altogether 20 families have been badly affected.

          These are the days when we see the actual presence of pillar of Cloud and Pillar of Fire.  Hundreds have already seen them in India.  Rainbows around the sun and moon have become more or less a common feature nowadays.  What do the western papers say -- 'SUN DOG'?  What has a dog to do in the sun ?  Wasn't there moisture before, if so why this did not occur ?  Had it ever occurred in Granpa's time ?  At least for the past 50 years I have not seen, and my great grandfather also did not tell any such thing.  Science cannot give proper answer to such strange occurrences, but when scientists get caught in a dilemma they try to escape by telling some funny and blunt answers and forget it off as days pass by.  Like King David, I believe the whole Word of God to be true, and would call upon the Bride of God to publicly confess that the Heaven and Earth will pass away but God's Word will not pass away.  God's Word is the absolute truth.  The Covenant, which the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ should make in this age, being more important than Baptism and Communion and so on, is to agree with the Word of God and cut away all connections with people who do not bare their foundation on it and who are unwilling to meet each other on the Word of God which is our SKY IMMORTAL.

          First of all God created heaven and earth; this we all know from the scriptures.  There was an Age which is evident in the first two verses of Genesis (read Isaiah 14 : 12-17, Ezekiel 28 : 1-19 and Jeremiah 4 : 23-27).  However, we are only concerned with the period when God came down to create man.  Although the present generation claims itself to be civilised, do we actually believe like those earth dwellers of ages past whom we have branded as primitives ?  Our brain Might have developed but what and where this development has led us to ?  Man has started to destroy each other.  This is the ultimate result of what we call 'Civilisation'.  We have before us so many past eivilisations, each having its own merits.  But did the nations ever learn any lesson from the rise and fall of another nation ?  Man will never learn lessons on past failures but would rather want to try and fail himself.

          Bible tells us about God commanding 'Let there be Light' even before creating the sun and the moon which, we know, were created only on the fourth day.  The creation of earth and other things may be put in the following sequence :

(1) production of Light

(2) division of the mass of primeval waters into two parts, an upper and a lower by means of a firmament

(3) emergence of the dry land out of the lower waters

(4) clothing of the dry land with grass, herbs and trees

(5) creation of sun, moon and the stars

(6) production of fishes and birds

(7) appearance of terrestrial animals

(8) creation of man

(9) God's rest after His work of creation

There are thus eight distinctive works in creation which with God's rest at the close are adjusted with remarkable symmetry to the week of seven days.  The six days of creation fall into two sections of three days each, and the third and the sixth days have each two works assigned to them.

  Everyone talks about sun, moon and stars.  Astrologers and astronomers write books about them, but no one seems to have ever seriously considered the remark "God got tired and rested".  Why should Almighty God get tired?  Also no one gives thought to the LIGHT which came when God said 'Let there be Light'.  Bible says 'God is Light' and 'Jesus is the Light of the World'.  When this Light is not in the world, it is called Night "spiritual" and when it is in the world it is Day "spiritual".  Well, what is the secret deeply hidden here which the Intellectual person will never understand ?  This is the greatest mystery hidden since the foundation of the world and called the Mystery of the Thunders' i.e. GOD COMING DOWN TO THIS WORLD.  Some Hindus say there is only one God called 'Parameswaran'.  The Muslims call their God 'Allah' and so many other religions call God by different names, yet when you start telling about God coming down, it is turned down as 'Incredible'.  This is what the ordinary human brain says but not the predestined seeds under the foreknowledge of God.  When God said 'Let there be Light', it was not another God or Messenger sent but it was God Almighty Himself becoming the Logos and making the Earth Day Time.  God never gets tired.  Why should this LIGHT get tired ?  Why did God find evening and morning to be good ?  When he is tired, he finds the night to be good for rest.  Although I may sound foolish in this scientific world, I would boldly say that God is not a being far away from human reach.  He is very close to us not in an ethereal form but could be perceived by the Sons of God.  Why did Abraham give tithes to Melchizedek ?  People may say God created this world in millions of years.  I can tell so many things on this but I am not dealing with the evolution theory or the so called 'billions of years' theory.  I only want to deal with what the Bride would need.  King David was in God's standard and was a man after God's own heart (I Samuel 13 : 14).  Listen to what he says "by the Word of the Lord were the Heavens made and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth" (Ps. 33 : 6,9).  God had a mouth to speak !

          Now God rested on the Seventh Day and sanctified it.  Why should God rest unless He had taken the form of man ?  If man was created in God's image, it means he should look like God when He came down as a human being.  Does man look like God today ?  He appears and behaves worse than the devil and beasts.  When the Jews questioned Jesus Christ about not keeping the sabbath according to their thinking, Jesus claimed that He is Lord of the Sabbath.  It clearly shows that He was the one who actually started it at the time of Creation.  Thus you can infer certain things.  When God comes down to the Earth to make it a Heavenly Day time.  He comes like a human being, speaks the word to create, starts a covenant to be remembered till He comes again to destroy the wicked and to show that He came down ; He gives the laws for that particular age and comes with a specific NEW NAME to be carried by His fellowers.  And when God comes down to destroy by His Spoken Word, He breaks the covenant which He has made as it loses its significance thereof, and starts a new covenant assuming a New Name and proclaims a new set of laws for the next generation.  I know this statement is sure to make the heads of many people reel and call me blasphemous, but let us seek the Word of God for a more clear view.  Jesus Christ Himself claims to have started the Sabbath.  He was tired, rested and blessed it.  Apart from this what other significance is found in the observance of Sabbath especially in the matter of the salvation of mankind ?  People fight over the Issue of Sabbath as to whether it is Saturday or Sunday.  The real significance of it, O ! Bride of the Lamb, is that God (our Tree of Life) is able to come down as a human being and will come down personally to save us from destruction and that He is always near to His people.  Science may put God millions and billions of years and light years far away from mankind, but the Bride brings God closely to walk with her and achieve immortality.  Science can never give life to man because "Jesus was in the World and the World was made by Him and the World knew Him not.  In Him was life and the life was the light of men".  This Light, or God coming down, is the Tree of Life having Immortality and very rarely people have access to it.  Enoch and Elijah achieved it.  Science can never overcome death or find out the secret of life.  Also, man's search for the substance called 'Kayakalpam' (Medicine to live without death) or the secret of 'Immortality' has always been a failure.

"Wherefore the children of Israel shall keep the sabbath to observe the sabbath throughout their generations for a perpetual covenant.  It is a sign between me and the children of Israel for ever for in six days (not six billion years) the Lord made heaven and earth and on the seventh day he rested and was refreshed.

-- (Exodus 31 : 16 & 17)


          At this particular time, there was no ordinance or law issued by God.  When the generations observed the Sabbath, it only signified the coming down of God to create the world in six days by His Word and that by the same word (Spoken Word and not by bombs or anything else).  He could, in a short time, destroy what He created.  This significance of the Sabbath was somehow taken out by the denominational fowls of the air who insisted people on complete inactivity on that day.  Thus, when Jesus came again at the end of the Jewish dispensation, the very people who were supposed to observe the Sabbath to signify 'God coming Down', could not recognise Him as the Lord of the Sabbath.  Consequently, Jesus broke the Sabbath and introduced another covenant at Baptism and Holy communion; this again is to be broken at His second coming on Moon Landing Day, and a New Bride Covenant brought into effect.

          The 'Light' in the Old and New Testament applies to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Light flashing through space passes unimpeded through glass leaving no hole to mark its passage; and when one physical substance can pass through another physical substance leaving both unimpaired, it is certainly related to the Spiritual.

          The people that walked in darkness have seen a great LIGHT : they that dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the Light shined (Isa. 9 : 2).  That this light stands for Christ can be seen also in Isaiah 10 : 17 "And the light of Israel shall be for a fire and His Holy One for a flame and it shall burn and devour his thorns and his briers in one day ".  (Also read Isaiah 42 : 6, 49 : 6, 60 : 3).  In John first Chapter, Jesus Christ is described as the Light.  John 8 : 12 says "Then spake Jesus again unto them saying I am the light of the world : he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life".  "As long as I am in the world I am the light of the world" (John 9 : 5).  "I am come a light into the world that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness" (John 12 : 46).  "Awake thou that sleepest and arise from the dead and Christ shall give thee light".  We always talk of light in conjunction with heat and brightness like the Sun.  Physicists have been searching for a source of light without heat; the lightning bug, firefly etc posses that secret.  There is light without heat.  "For GOD who commanded the light to shine out of darkness hath shined in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ" (II Cor. 4 : 6).  It is indeed God who has caused light to shine through darkness at creation.

          If God does not reveal Himself to man in human terms, it is an absolute impossibility for man to have any conception of God and that is the reason why idol worship always sprang up.  The israelites, even after seeing so many miracles, made a Golden Calf and called it "These are thy Gods O ! Israel".  That is the reason why man built denominations (Idols of Christianity and all religions) having no perception of God and belief in the 'Seven Thunders Mystery of God Coming Down'; nor does he believe God's Word to be able to see Him.  If God reveals Himself to man in terms of angelic language,  He will remain perfectly  unknown to men, for we do not speak that language.  How useless would it be for God to seek to reveal Himself to man in a language common to dogs or cats !  That is not our realm; so that amazing grace of God is seen in His coming down.  For the sake of a contact with His creature,  He will stoop to express Himself in the terms which humanity can comprehend so that they may establish fellowship and communion with Him.  This is the Seventh Seal and Seven Thunders' Mystery.  After every seventh attempt comes the miraculous thing.  TREE OF LIFE (GOD), which man cannot easily comprehend, is only God Coming Down.  Naaman was healed at the seventh attempt miraculously, and Jericho walls fell at the seventh time untouched by human hand i.e. by the stone untouched by human hand (not controlled by any human efforts but the supreme control of the Holy Spirit when men follow the leader hidden in God).  Gideon's Sword was the Lord's Sword.  No more two leaders and two swords.  Joshua's Sword was the Lord's Sword.  God and heavenly hosts fought for the people of God united as one man under Joshua and they were able to destroy everything without human effort.  What does God want His people to do ?  He wants them to be still and know He is God.  He kills the snake and then He asks us to kill it !  We are all actually killers of dead snakes.  The Lord has performed everything and gained Victory for us.  Hallelujah !  We just march on.  "The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms : and he shall thrust out the enemy from before thee and shall say 'Destroy them' (Deut 33 : 27).  To whom does credit go ?  To Almighty God.  Just imagine what great soldiers we are !  We do not fight but the Lord fights.  The enemy is already destroyed.  Therefore, why fear death anymore ?  After the Seven Church Ages, the Church pure (Bride) overcomes death as God, who destroyed death, has come down to take her.  Wake up, people of God.  We are right at the time when God will straightaway glorify His people.  Do not miss it.

          This Seventh Seal Mystery is all over the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  This is like a drama; there are so many actors, but here the real person comes and acts (not somebody like prophets - that is what is meant by "Word of God comes to a Prophet;").  The Bride will find out when God comes to act His scene.  The mode of God coming down varies at different times as He is not subject to our way of thinking.  He knows best, and it has never been in the same fashion.  When Jesus came into the virgin's womb, people said it was impossible, but it happened; and because He came in a poor family before Mary was actually married, the Jews missed this light by billions of miles.  They called this 'Light' Bastard Child and with so many other names, but as many received this person we know it brought life to them.  Jesus said 'Before Abraham was I am'.  He could have gramatically said 'Before Abraham was I was', but the Greek word means 'breathe into existence'.  When God spoke to Moses and was asked the name, He said "I am that I am".  If you turn to Hebrew, the word is "Hayah, Hayah" meaning to breathe, to come into existence, to walk.

          Before Adam and Eve were created, God came down (which is the Tree of Life).  When they disobeyed, God chased them away from the Garden of Eden ; but the Tree of Life was never removed, which means God will always visit this earth in each dispensation but the way is guarded.

Tree of Life :

          "There is a path which no fowl knoweth and which the vulture's eye hath not seen : the Lion's whelps have not trodden it, nor the fierce lion passed by it" (Job 28 : 7, 8).  God prevented anyone reaching this Tree of Life by putting a guard over the route leading to it.  Man was chased away from that place and no one could ever find the way.  We know that the people of this world always seek wisdom.  Well, what is wisdom ?  Is it to study a lot, or earn money and become great and then DIE ?  What is the use if a man should die after attaining all these things ?  Job. 28 : 28 says "Behold the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding".  Real wisdom is to find the Tree of Life and this is God Coming Down.  You do not learn this in college.  God alone knows that path.  Destruction and Death say we have heard the fame thereof (Tree of Life or Overcoming Death) with our ears when Enoch was translated.  "When he made a decree for the rain, and a way for the lightning of the thunders : then did he see it (Tree of Life) and declare it; he prepared it, yea, and searched it out" (Job. 28 : 26-27).  What has rain, thunder and lightning got to do with the Tree of Life ?  When God came down on Mount Horeb with thunders and lightning, people of God were afraid and pleaded that God should not frighten them (children) like that.  God listened to their pleas and said that thereafter He would not frighten them with thunder and lightning but would come into a human form and speak through that man and whosoever did not listen to that person would be destroyed (Please read Deut. 18 : 16-19).  "And all the people saw the thunderings, and the lightnings, and the voice of the trumpet and the mountain smoking, and when the people saw it, they removed and stood afar off.  And they said unto Moses, Speak thou with us and we will hear; but let not God speak with us; lest we die" (Ex. 20 : 18-19).  Why should we fear God ?  It is because we should not sin (Ex. 20:20).  Also read Proverbs 8 and 9 chapters.  These chapters deal with Wisdom, but what was Wisdom ?  "Then I was by him as one brought by with him and I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him.  Rejoicing in the habitable part of this earth; and my delights were with the sons of men" (Prov. 8 : 30-31).  The House of wisdom is finished with seven Pillars which are the Seven Church Ages.  Wisdom is complete after the Seventh Pillar, and the House is ready for occupation by the Supreme Owner and His bride.  If you see Prov. 9 : 13-18, this foolish woman (the false church) also calls the passengers (not her own people) and says stolen waters are sweet.  What else can they do ?  They can only steal the people who have the living waters, by money and sheep stealing and they call it sweet ; they have no life to impart, and the bread which is not in tune with God's Word will always be eaten secretly as it will not stand the test; but the passengers do not know the dead are there and that her guests are in the depths of hell.  Come out of all such death traps.  "Come eat of my bread and drink of the wine which I have mingled" (not stolen) : Prov. 9 : 5.  Again read Proverbs 7 : 6-27.  Verse 19-20 says "For the goodman is not at home and he is gone a long journey (that is exactly what Jesus did.)  He hath taken a bag of money and will come home at the day appointed".  That is why the present day preachers beg for money, money, money and every item will talk about money as if the whole world will perish without them.  If the husband is angry with the wife, he does not send money.  So they beg but we have a never failing husband.  First of all, God is never pleased with all those works that are done without faith (Rom. 14 : 23).  If any man asks for money publicly, he is a beggar and not a Son of God.  For the past 28 years, without asking anyone for any money, we have seen God meeting all our needs.  He never failed even in one instance.  About a fortnight ago, having nothing in my hand to help the poor workers in unevangelised areas, who deserve to be encouraged since they depend totally on God, I came out of my room after prayer not knowing what to do but trusting God.  Just at that moment a person stepped into my house and I asked "Friend, what do you what' ?  He said 'Brother Lawrie, I have a great burden this morning to give you some help for the Lord's work'.  So saying he slipped into my hand an envelope, and walked off without asking for reports, accounts, photographs or credentials and recommendations.  I opened the envelope and found nearly Rs. 3000 (400 Dollars) which I sent immediately to those for whom God had put a burden.  See !  He never fails.  That is the faith life belonging to Abraham's posterity.  According to American dictionary, the word 'Natives' means 'Primitive, uncivilised non-white people'.  Now only I realise the trick they play with the term 'Native Evangelism' in order to collect huge funds.  Large sums are collected by these Saviours of Natives which never reaches them or only a modicum of the amount reaches.  They collect huge amounts of money and send at the rate of only 20 dollars or a little more for one poor evangelist in India towards Native Evengelism and the Indian Benefactors in turn actually pay only 5 dollars per month to the individual, obtaining receipt for 20 dollars.  This is how the so called Great Evangelists cheat the poor ones working under them and yet call themselves 'Father of Millions'.  Besides, the large quantity of milk powder gathered in the name of famine stricken people, never reaches their stomach to nourish them but is sent to blackmarket for sale in big lorries at midnight through the great religious heads, and police have caught many such people.  This is how the name of Jesus Christ is being blasphemed in India.  You can see the empty tins sold in the market by poor people.  Instead of getting milk, they get empty milk tins only; sometimes they are supplied drinking milk with water added.  This is all what is called Christan Social Service and Good Samaritan Work.  God by His foreknowledge knew the human nature and how His people would suffer and so for each dispensation changed the laws to perserve His seed.

When Adam and Eve were sent out and the way to the Tree of Life was shut, the land was cursed and so Abel took to being as shepherd.  The Cain and Abel bring offerings to God.  During these Periods God talks like a human being and not as an ethereal body or mist.  Here it is considering worth certain instances cited in the Bible wherein we infer God moving in a human form.  When God created man in His own image, man was talking to some gaseous matter in which case he, being created in the image of God, should also be an ethereal being.  It was not a being without form that took out a rib from Adam to create Eve.  Also the skin coats provided to Adam and Eve were not made by God coming in an ethereal form.  To kill an animal, skin it, and to tan it, God had to be in a human form.  God sends man to a cursed ground and so he becomes a shepherd to be blessed by God.  But Cain wanted to bring blessing from the cursed ground according to his thought. God accepted the offering of Abel as it went for beyond to Calvary and real repentance.  Cain wanted life without repentance, based on human thinking.  Jealousy crops up and then murder.  God talks with Cain and it is said He put a mark on him and supported him saying that Cain will be avenged sevenfold, which is only a law for the real children of God, and not a "Serpent Seed" i.e Cain was not punished for his crime as God punishes only His own children and not bastard children (Heb. 12:8).  Jesus knew that Satan was a murderer from the beginning.  Lamech also kills a young man and consoles himself.  So how can a child of God thrive amidst Violence? Therefore, God as a Creation had to use His marvellous wisdom in defending Cain - a real judge is God.  Satan cannot create.  The mark put on Cain is What confuses people.  This word is changed for another in the Bible.  The real Hebrew word "Uwth, Owth" means consented to appearing in such a way that no one will catch and kill him.  God cursed the land which Cain wanted to cultivate because he killed Abel, and he was made to appear like the Abel line So that no one could find the real children of God today.  The bogus and the real both appear to be the same ouwardly, but by the fruits we should assess them.  Jesus said 'Beweare of Wolves in sheep skin!' Cain wolf was dressed in sheep skin, without any repentance or obedience, and completely out of God's Word.  Not only this, Cain's children earlier were even name like Seth's children such as Enoch, Methuselah etc.  So that both the groups talk about God and have the same names but one has repentance and the other is not able to repent.  So from that time, the sptritual serpent seed were those out of God's Word; they do not repent for any wrong thing they do.  Thus from that time onwards, you could never spot out the 'Serpent Seed' (the term which people bluntly use) except through the Word of God.  O! ye Cobras that sing to the tune of music of this world, always crawling in a zigzag course and never knowing the straight path!! Your father was a murderer, your children crucified the Lord Jersus who came to save us, and your grand children martyred millions.  Now, you great grand children get ready for your heads to be crushed in your attempt to crucify the move of immortality - Death is your head, sting and Victory! praise be to Lord Jesus Christ who has now come down to take His bride.

          Abel's line took up name in Cain's line like Enoch, Methuselah etc. just as we take denominational proper name as God's, but let us get away from their death.  When we talk about Jesus Christ, they talk about other religious leaders not realising that there is no salvation from sin except 'God Coming Down' to fellowship with human beings.  Every religion tells man to do good things, but there is no saviour except 'God Coming Down'.  All talk about their religions but what have these religions done to us?  Even Christianity, with all its western touch, can never save us.  Since western christianity with all its pompous propaganda, failed to touch the hearts of people, they have turned to godlessness and violence in these days. See the ultimate result of every country where Christ was preached through missions such as in Russia and China.  As it was brought into every country with political motives, people lost the significance of Jesus Christ as an Asiatic leader born in Palestine and regard Christians as spies for western countries.  The communists want to kill all the christians.  The hindus and muslims also want to annihilate this minority in India.  When Gandhi, Buddha and others are called Lights of Asia, why Jesus Christ alone is not considered by the Indians as also Light of Asia or rather the Light of the whole world?  He was never a white man; therefore, why don't you Indians love Him as He is the Tree of life and the only one who rose from the dead and is able to give immortality to all those recongnise His move in this last generation?  The path to the Tree of Life was never known to the eyes of Eagles (prophets), the Lions (kings) or Vultures (Satan).  This is known only to God and to those to whom He would want to reveal.  This is known by revelation.  As a result of the fall of Adam and Eve, the curses on them and the Serpent are that the seed of the Serpent will bruise the heal of the posterity of Adam and Eve while the posterity of Adam and Eve will bruise Serpent's head.  The children of God will get revelation and bruise the head of the opponents of the Word of God.  The false anointed ones, being out of God's Word, will not get revelations and will only attack the children of God on worldly level such as make them lose jobs, kill their bodies, perecute them and so on, all which we should count as dung and dust trampled by the heel as they can bruise only the heel.

          We know God came down during the time of Abraham, but was it like wind or breeze or air or mist?  God talked to Abraham, ate with him, blessed and made covenant to multiply him exceedingly and instituted the Circumcision Covenant.  God commanded Abraham to circumcise all his household.  Abraham faithfully obeyed and circumcised all, but what about him?  Do you know who did the first circumcision? (Gen. 17: 9-14 and 23 to 27).  Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek, who was he?  That was God Coming Down to make a covenant, and everytime He comes down with a New Name, a new set of laws is given according to His foreknowledge and breaks the old covenant which is not kept with due meaning.  Now see the significance of Circumcision.  It was not just an outward manifestation as we used to think.  Like Sbbath it was instituted to make the people of God realise that God is very close and will come down in human form at different periods to make covenant with His children.  But did the Jews acknowlege Jesus Christ as the promise Messiah when He came?  No.  Therefore, Jesus broke the Circumcision and Sabbath Covenants and started the Baptism and Communion Covenants which again were to signify God Coming Down.  The Jews worshipped Jehovah God and their laws were eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, and divorce was granted.  They could marry many wives and multiply and they could even murder people in large number after possessing a country.  Just imagine, in such a situation, a carpenter's son comes and changes the name JEHOVAH, and asks His disciples to cast out devils in in HIS OWN NAME.  His name brought power and not Johevahs' Name.  He personally breaks the Sabbath, and even though He was circumcised, yet He broke that ordinance also and made His disciples to baptise the converts.  This clearly shows that the man Jesus Christ was himself the fullness of Jehovah.  Don't you think this would have appeared blasphemous and terrific for the orthodox Jews who stuck to dead denominational thinking, and kept Sabbath and Circumcision?  No wonder they killed their Messiah! Also don't you realise that prayers were never answered from that time in the name of Jehovah and so on, but power was manifest only in the name of Jesus Christ; not even in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit which indeed are not names but titles or common names.  There were new set of laws like going two miles, giving everything away, show the other cheek when beaten, looking at a woman with lust is sin, and calling one's brother a fool is worthy of hell etc.  Such laws, of course, made the disciples passive and look like a set of fools in the worldly sense.  But the disobedient Jews are still knocking their heads against the wailing wall at Jersualem in the name of Jehovah sticking on to old Law and Ten Commandments, and consequently their prayers have not been so far answered.  They were killed and annihilated all over for 2000 years.  If they had obeyed their God Coming Down and did what Jesus commanded, they would have been preserved today and be a blessing to the entire world (Ps. 122:6).  They are, however, the existing seen tribes of Israel who did not follow Jesus.  Jesus has blessed the lost tribes of Israel (hidden) who accepted their Messiah.  According to the Word of God, the seen Israelites' Covenant is only operative inside Palestine whereas the lost tribe's safety lies entriely in God Coming Down and their stand on the Word of God.  Jesus never came for anyone except the lost tribes of Israel and the Holy Ghost gave them a new fleshy and repentant heart filling them with the spirit of God. When the Bride realises that she is the fruit of the grafted gentile branch and that not even one of the grains will be lost (Amos 9:9), she will be convinced of the potentiality and power of keeping God's Word as He is always true to His Word and keeps all what is promised in the Word of God by Him.  Since the Jews stuck to their old laws and wanted prosperity at all costs and did not recognise God's visitation, they got into hot water and millions had to lose their lives.  All right, we gentiles were true to Jesus' teaching and absolutely obeyed God and stood on His Word.  But do we realise that in this Bride Age when God has come down (we are so blind and dead that we cannot understand God's visitation in this generation), the message of the kingdom has changed and the laws are changing?  People still continue to baptise in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ or other forms and faithfully administer the Holy Communion.  These ordinance were, in fact, instituted in place of Sabbath and Circumcision to signify that God came down in the Person of Jesus Christ.  (The Sabbath and Circumcision ordinances also signified God Coming Down but people faitled to realise this and hence when Jesus Christ came He had to break them).  The Holy Communion and Baptism ordinances also have lost their significance and become sort of a bait to catch people into denominations instead of making them realise that these were instituted to signify God Coming Down. Therefore, when God came down on Moon Landing Day, He made these ordinance null and void and instituted the New Bride Covenant which should be in the form given elsewhere in this message.  The Jews are still continuing the Sabbath and Circumcision ordinances since they are blind and could not recognise that the Promised Messiah has come and gone.  In the same way, the present day Christians are also blind to the new move of God and therefore continue to observe the Baptism and Holy Communion ordinances which God has made inoperative for this Bride Age and instituted the New Bride Covenant.  Well, no one is compelled to accept this.  You may disagree, wanting to continue in your old ways and cheerfully go through Tribulation!  But the Bride will get out of all the Harlot systems and be walking closely with God who has since come down.  You are at liberty to make your choice in this matter (My Sheep hear My Voice - John 10:27).  All this may sound blasphemous to you.  But wait and see.

          The sowing (evangelistic) period is over and harvesting work now is more or less only in the hands of the Bride.  You do not sow and reap at the same time.  People talk about great revivals and so many prophecies, but there is nothing in this age for others except the Bride.  Revival with great supernatural Vindications is already in full swing and people do not seem to realise that this Bride Message would blast the chaff away, make the hay bound in bundles, and the real grain personally taken by the Lord of Harvest to New Jerusalem.  The passive ordinance should cease as the Spoken Word Ministry is not a passive ministry.  When John and James wanted to bring fire from heaven, Jesus said " Ye do not know what manner of spirits you are of" (Luke 9:54-55).  They were only the friends of the Bridegroom or childern of the bride chamber; but now we are the Bride who speaks to the Bridegroom and it is done or granted immediately.  We do not do but Holy Spirit in its fullness is the DOER or God who has come down.  This is near about the time when even mountains would be moved and every thing we ask be granted which were never fulfilled during the Seven Church Ages.  It is like a seed dying and growing into a plant till harvest.  God's Spirit in fullness is available to the Bride who identifies herself entirely with the Son of Man ito whom Jesus Christ has come.  The Bride speaks and the Spirit of the Bridegroom available to her immediately reacts to the Spoken Word.  Others who do not have any revelation of the Bridegroom in these days may fast and pray and cry but will get no response like the Jews who vainly prayed in Jehovah's name having no revelation of the Messiah standing before them.

           Further, there is a New Name of God who has come down which will be revealed to the Bride only and that very name will bring terrific and frightful consequences at the very mention of it, and no one would be able to stand against that name.  The Christians today are like the Jews in Jehovah's period and the Bride is like the Disciples in Jesus' period.  Everyone who was baptised and took communion remembered the death of the Lord Jesus and was promised life only after death on the last day, but the New Covenant for this Bride Age promise life without death in the New Name.  Is it something which sounds blasphemous to the Christian World?  Well, wait and see, will you?  See what Job says "I know that my redeemer liveth and that He shall stand at the latter day upon the earth; and though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God" (Job 19:25-26).  Now I will leave this here for the Bride to ponder over, meditate and act for the time is short and the power is great.  According to Isaiah 61, Jesus came first to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord which He personally with His disciples, preached for three and a half years and secondly He should come to proclaim the day of vengeance of our God for another 3 1/2 years after Elljah prepared the way like John the Baptist at the first coming.   When do you expect this to happen?  O! you so called Believers of all walks of life and thought, forget your old thinking based on narrow sentimentalism and denominationalism.  Many of the things we have been preaching are not really the truth as we always preach something which is opposite to the ways of God.  God said 'My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways' (Isaiah 55:8).  This proclamation of the day of vengeance should take place during Bride Age when she gets ready to fly away in the repture before the onset of tribulation.  Isaiah 42 applies only partially to Jesus Christ's first coming and refers mostly to His second coming.  At His first coming, He never brought judgment to the Gentiles or rather He was judged by the Jews and crucified; He came for the Jews only.  Isaiah 41:2-3 has so far not been fulfilled but it clearly says that Bride... will pass safely and by the way that he had not gone with his feet.  This clearly shows there is no death, since overcoming power will be given.  Also Isaiah 46:11 should be fulfilled in the Bride Age as faith alone can take the people into glory.  Jesus compared Ravens among all the birds for true faith life and dependence on God (Luke 12:24).  So the Bride will be fully on faith lines living from what God supplies and resting from her own works.  This is called Sabbath because God has come down and He does everything for us (Heb 4:4-10).  People at once may say 'We should not take God's glory' while they themselves try to steal God's glory by being away from His Word.  Only those who stand on God's Word give the glory to God.  "I am the Lord that is my name and my glory will not I give to another, neither my praise to graven images" (Isaiah 42:8).  It does not say to ANYONE but ANOTHER which means other than the ones chosen by God who stand on God's Word.  Do not mix these two words.  The glory which is for Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Israelites, the Bride and Son of Man will not be given to others.  May the Good Lord choose His Elect and prepare His glorious body for the forthcoming rapture.  'Elect' means individuals elected from among the people according to the foreknowledge of God (Your Holiness or Righteousness has got nothing much to do here).  Jesus was born through a virgin as God planned and Mary was elected under the foreknowledge of God for that purpose, but Jesus came by divine right as King and no election was necessary for Him.  Dear God, we thank thee for this great and wonderful privilege you have given us to have your life and immortality by visiting us in this generation.

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