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It Is Possible to Overcome Death In This Generation


The Feast of the Tabernacles


          The tremendous strides of the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ, carried on through His servant Bro. R.P. Lawrie since 1961, are well-known throughout the world now.  I am one of those closely associated with the ministry from 1961.

          Being a man standing on the word of God one hundred percent, no one can excel or equal Bro. Lawrie in forthrightness in speaking out very boldly whenever a truth is revealed to him by God.  His latest messages are rather too true to be believed by any tradition-bound follower of Jesus Christ still clinging to one of the legion denominations.  The mysteries of God hidden in the Holy Bible for nearly two thousand years are now being unearthed by God Himself coming down to the earth and revealing the seven thunder mysteries which represent the voice of God.

          The truth about the "Son of Man" revealed through Bro. Lawrie a few months before was most exciting and could be understood only by the Bride by revelation.  All those who are bound by any form of denominational spirit and are members of the harlot denominations are blinded from receiving and accepting this truth.  The 'Son of Man' message containing this truth constituted the revelation of the first thunder mystery.

          The revelation of the Second Thunder mystery unfolded in the following pages would surely infuse in the Bride a deeper and firmer assurance of immortality and enhance her rapturing faith considerably.  This is the first time that death has been recognised as an enemy and not as a means of escape from the trials and tribulations of this world.  Further, to recognise it as the 'last enemy' gives an additional significance in that the Bride will conquer this last enemy and will pass on to immortality without tasting death.

          The interpretations in the latter part of the message on some of the important passages in the old and New Testaments are most revealing.  The close association and the Serpent's Seed with God's seed and the difficulty in discriminating the good from the bad except on the basis of the word of God are well-explained in the light of God putting the mark on Cain.  The explanation to the 'Tree of Life' clearly reveals that the path leading to it, hitherto hidden to the eagles (prophets), lions (Kings) and vultures (Satan and his hosts) during the Seven Church ages, is now kept open for the Bride to tread upon, to reach the 'Tree of Life' and eat the fruit thereof and attain immortality.

          Yet another revelation relating to the 'Feast of Tabernacles' as the type of the Bride Age is significant.  It brings home the fact that the Bride should have no attachments at all in this world, which is typified in the Old Testament by the Israelites living, not in well-built tents but, in booths which are temporary structures, to celebrate this feast.  Here again, the truth that there cannot be great outward manifestations in the Bride Age is clearly brought out by citing the attitude of Jesus Himself during the Feast of Tabernacles.

          The Parable of 'The Good Samaritan' puts on a new significance in the light of the new revelations.  The dictum "The Son of Man hath no place to lay his head" is rightly interpreted to mean that the Bride will have no connections whatsoever with the Denominations.

          The 'trump of God' is explained as constituting the Bride carrying the message of the Kingdom of God.  The ambiguity in the fourth chapter of I Thessalonians, which was originally thought to mean the mid-air meeting of the Lord and the Bride, is now cleared with reference to correct Translations from the Greek Bible which clearly states that the Lord will lead forth the dead and the living saints for a meeting of the Lord in the air.

          May this message go forth and further gather the 'Seeds of God' scattered throughout the world, is my prayer.

Bro. J.W. Arulanandham B.A.

83, Secretariat Colony


Thunder Series No. 2


It is Possible to Overcome Death In this Generation


The Feast of the Tabernacles

( 1 Cor. 15 : 26 )

          We are all quite aware that we should be on the word of God for basing our Faith.  We have heard so many messages of Faith Healing Preachers, but faith without God's Word as foundation is not permanent.  The three Hebrew children Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego did not fear king Nebuchadnezzar not just because of audacity, or fanaticism, or to show how big they were,but they had a definite word in the Bible to protect their stand, i.e. Isaiah 43 : 2.  "When thou walkest through the fire thou shalt not be burned: neither shall the flame kindle upon thee".  Therefore, the Hebrew children boldly stood before the King pinning their faith on God's Word and did not even fear death by fire.  God is not bound to honour anything which He did not promise in the Word of God.  Shadrach, Meshach and Abed - Nego were able to bring God down to the pit of fire for their deliverance and the fire had no power over them.  Don't you think that God coming down for the Bride in this age should take out fear away about Death by Fire like the Hebrew children !  They refused to bow to anything other than God and His Word and even defied Nebuchadnezzar, the greatest King of that period.  Although the King ultimately put them into the burning fiery furnace, heating it seven times more than its normal temperature, the fire had no power upon their bodies or it rather lost its natural ability to burn objects like the flames of fire which did not burn the Bush when God came down to speak to Moses.  Except for these three Hebrew children, all others failed God by worshipping the Golden image which Nebuchadnezzar had set up.  In these last days the Bride, being totally on God's Word, has brought God down to this Earth before it faces destructions by fire, and she has a definite assurance from Him that she will overcome everything this time.  So, let us remain courageous.

          Let us study from God's Word about the last enemy called DEATH so that we may get the necessary faith to overcome it.  How did death enter into this world ? - Is it stronger than God Himself, and what should be done to overcome the same in this Age when God overrules everything to take His bride ?  The greatest and oldest problem in the world is that of Life and Death which remains still unsolved by the natural and finite mind.  THE LAST ENEMY THAT SHALL BE DESTROYED IS DEATH ( I Cor. 15 : 26 ).  For centuries science has advanced in every direction, but when it comes to subject of Life and Death, the great scientists could do nothing but stop and submit.  Thus the pride of men ends at this point.  The reason is the Tree of Life is within our reach, but the way to it is known only to God.  God never gave Life into the hands of human beings and that is the only thing which is beyond human reach unless God himself condescends to grant it.  So man wants to find immortality in his own ways.  He intends to flee from the oncoming destruction by fire; that is the reason why he is attempting to shift over to another planet where he could protect his seed.

          The fleshy mind is always in conflict with the spiritual mind.  How often in our experience we have been under the conviction that one was believing in some spiritual truth but after all it was only a mental assent to the letter of the Scripture without any faith at all and for that reason there was no life and power in that supposed truth.  Consider also the great numbers of faithful Christians who stand week after week sincerely declaring their beliefs in creeds and doctrines unaware of the fact that they are only evincing mental assent to the truths which they mistake for faith.  Even when we suddenly lay hold on some precious new truth from the Word of God through revelation, the natural mind tends to oppose it and all too often causes us to relapse into temporary unbelief; the reason being, the powers of darkness will allow our natural mind to assent to the truth so long as the heart's affections are not touched by it.  On the other hand, when the heart of faith lays hold, the natural mind is immediately stirred up to doubt and oppose.  It has been always thus - the fleshy mind warring against the spirit and we feel it is impossible to lay hold on faith to victory.

          To begin with, Death is called our Enemy.  Here again the Christians will immediately oppose.  They may accept the general statement that death is an enemy of human race, but their teaching often declares that death is friend.  It is not the teaching of the Church (I do not mean in the denominational sense) that death is the way to heaven and glory?  Is not death regarded as the Gateway to Eternal Life ?  No doubt Scriptures flatly deny this.  This, in fact, is one of the Satan's lies to deceive and blind us to the truth.  If death is the way to enter into glory, it would indeed be our best friend, and we should receive this great friend as our Only Hope with both hands.  But our human nature tells that this is our enemy.  All creatures say that they do not desire to die.  If death is to be regarded as a friend, then why should not we desire it ?  We wish to live as long as we can and die only when we could not possibly avoid it.  Man, of course, was not created by God to die.  It is only the fall of Adam that helped this enemy to overpower the creatues.  It is indeed a deception of this Evil One to make people think that there is blessing for mankind to be derived through death.  This is the delusion which works in people's mental faculties inciting them to put an end to their lives by resorting to suicide.  We brand such people to be of unsound mind.  Put what about us?  We, who regard death to be a friend to help us enter into eternity, are also of unsound mind.  Otherwise why should we call suiciders to be of unsound mind ?  If death is regarded as the most welcome friend, then we should highly esteem those who commit suicide.  Death is always been an enemy to mankind, as otherwise, our blessed Saviour Jesus Christ would not have come to destroy death and him that had the power of death ( Heb. 2 : 14 ).  God's plan of redemption was to bring back life and immortality to light through the Gospel ( 2 Tim. 1 : 10 ) and to deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage ( Heb. 2 : 15 ).  Jesus-Christ is the only way to life and heavenly glory.  He is the Life itself as well as the way.  He alone is the Door to the Kingdom of Health and Peace.  There is no other name given but Jesus Christ whereby we may be saved from sin, weakness, sickness, pain, disease and from death itself.  How can any saint think of death, in any respect, as a way to life and happiness ?  It is beyond our comprehension.  The Power of Darkness has insinuated the lie that we cannot have full salvation until death parts us from the body and that our hearts cannot be wholly cleansed from sin here and now but after death.  In other words, death is our best friend and not our enemy, as told in the Word of God.  It is something like the teaching with regard to healing of sickness etc.  In certain places in the Bible, it is said that God sends sickness and afflictions to people.  So we regarded them as friends and laid down sick on bed thinking that we were submitting ourselves to the will of God.  Later as we studied the scriptures diligently, the light shone on the subject clearly and through the general teaching of our Lord we were convinced that there can be no darkness in God and that sickness is an enemy of God.  With this conviction we began to resist sickness as being against the will of God and it had to flee.  We can never resist anything so long as we regard it as our friend and as the will of God, thinking that we become enemies of God going against His will.  May the light which has started to shine now in these last days make us believe that death should be resisted and overcome by the New Spirit of Immortality in this generation.

          Another important fact which we ought to consider is that this enemy called 'Death' is the LAST ONE and is to DESTROYED.  We have nothing more to tackle after that.  No matter whether we win or lose in this fight between death and life, it is the last enemy confronting us.  Satan can have no more power over those few fortunate people who win this fight; he cannot even touch them.  But for those who believe death to be the only Gateway to enter in heavenly bliss, it is certainly impossible to overcome this enemy.  If there has been no possibility to overcome death, we would rather gladly surrender and let it have the victory without a fight.  Is it possible?  This enemy 'death' is quite different from those previously encountered, and must not be confused with sickness, disease, doubt and unbelief, although it is closely associated with the one we are dealing now.  It runs jointly with mental and physical ailments and when they have run their course the last enemy claims the victim.  God's people have learned to use God's armour of faith to be victorious, over all attacks of sickness through the life of Christ and yet the last enemy has to be met sooner or later. 

          Now this last enemy 'Death' in not to be petted or given refuge and shelter but is to be destroyed.  This is God's Word.  It should be destroyed by some means or other.  There is some greater power which will destroy death.  But the question is when and how?  This indeed is a subject which confuses almost all the people of God.

          We as Christians, exhibit so much contradictions in our beliefs and actions that even the non-christians who have acquired some Bible knowledge point out that certain things we do in our day to day life are not in line with what we believe or profess.  Most of the saints seem to be content with death and what they talk does not sound like the way of faith, or it may be, putting in black and white, what our inward thinking is though we are ashamed to express.  Does not a small voice from your inmost being tell you that the argument is false, even though you may at present feel unable to grasp the whole truth of the word and follow it in faith.  There has certainly been an inward voice since 1960 when the Lord spoke to me on the shores of Los Angeles, U. S. A. that I would see His coming in this Generation and that a group of people who stand for God will not die.  After a prayerful study of God's word, I have come to a definite conviction that the glorious inheritance of the Lord in me is neither to be sought for through death nor is that the hope of my calling, and if the exceeding greatness of His power cannot destroy the enemy for me here and now, there is no other power in God's universe that can ( Eph. 1: 17 - 20 ).  I find also that many of the Lord's people in various parts of the world have begun to arouse themselves from sleep and inqure into this problem.  When man reached the Moon, his faith increased to conquer other planets as well.  When Jesus rose again, He was redeemed in body and soul, and spirit.  When one is freed from the mental attitude and has received divine understanding, what a flood of heavenly light takes the place of human darkness!  Hope is changed to sight and shadow to substance.  Every truth in God's Word seems to have an opposite, and a clever unbeliever can make the whole story of Redemption appear ridiculous as a fable or myth to the ignorant masses.  Even our Lord Jesus Christ was Himself a paradox and contradiction to most.

          In dealing with the destruction of the last enemy called death, we must not be surprised if we are opposed by mental reasoning or even if the letter of the scripture is used against us.  The last enemy will not be destroyed with out a stiff fight which is sure to prove to be the greatest of all fights, but in any case it is going to be the last, Hallelujah!! Is it possible for you and me to destroy death, and if not, why not ? Or who else will be able to destroy death ?  Of course, the present day Church might say that you and me canot do it; but it will be possible only for those who will be alive and remain at the Lord's coming again when the last trumpet will sound for them to be caught up by the Lord Jesus Christ.  Don' t you realize that we are now living in a period when the dead in Christ will rise and the living Bride will be glorified without passing through death since the Lord Himself has descended on 20th July, 1969 on the Moon Landing Day and within a few years from then, the Voice of Resurrection of the Archangel and the Trumpet of God will raise the dead and glorify the living saints?  The destruction of our last enemy is possible for everyone of us in this generation if only we can believe it, for we have on record in the scriptures at least two cases of human beings who did not see death - Enoch and Elijah, men of like passions as we are cumbered with human frailties.  What was possible for them is equally possible for you and me.  Human reasoning might say Enoch and Elijah were different from us.  Yes, even now things are different.  Perhaps you may not know that.  The dispensations have changed.  Why so?  Are we worse off in our dispensation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  Has God changed?  Does He refuse to us the privileges that were offered to those two men?  Their lives have been recorded to serve as examples for us to follow where they were in the way of faith and righteousness, and as warnings where they stumbled or fell.  We are told to be of the faith of Abraham  (Hebrews 11) and to carefully heed the cloud or witnesses who compass us about (Heb. 12: 1).  In Hebrews 11 is recorded of Enoch's translation by faith; the faith which enabled him to walk with God and finally claim translation by faith?  If so, what purpose is served by recording his example in the scriptures?  Enoch was translated faith in his Redeemer who destroyed death for him.  The same thing can happen to everyone of God's children.

          Let us now consider the teachings contained in the New Testament.  What does Jesus Christ say on the subject of life and death?  "Verily, verily I say unto you he that heareth My Word and believeth on Him that sent me hath everlasting life, and shall not come in condemnation but is passed from death unto life" ( John 5: 24 ).  "He that believeth on Me hath everlasting life.  I am the bread of life.  Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness and are dead.  This is the bread which cometh down from heaven that a man may eat thereof and not die.  I am the living bread that came down from heaven.  If any man eat of this bread he shall live for ever" ( John 6: 47- 51 ).  "As I live by the Father so he that eateth me shall live by me" ( John 6: 57 ).  "Verily, verily I say unto you if a man keep my sayings he shall never see death.  If a man keep my sayings he shall never taste of death" (John 8: 51 - 52 ).  The words relating to fathers make it more emphatic.  They ate manna and are dead, but a man may eat of this Bread and not die.  And plainer still the passage last quoted says, if a man keeps Christ's sayings he need neither see nor taste death.  Surely here there is no ambiguity and such language conveys plainly the truth that it is not necessary for a man to die, but that there is a way of escape in Jesus Christ, and that he can have victory over the last enemy by faith on Him.  There is no time limit put on these words.  The only requirements are faith to feed on Him, believe on Him, and to keep up His sayings.  This was all that was required of Enoch - Faith.  Then why should we have difficulty?  Since other passages seem ambiguous and contradictory, we have settled down to say it cannot be .  It has been the same in all regions of our Christian experience.  Because some people cannot accept the new birth in simple faith, they deny it and say it cannot be.  Others cannot lay hold of heart cleansing from sin and say it cannot be.  That way leads to sinless perfection.  Others refuse to believe that the Baptism of Holy Ghost with signs following is for our day.  Satan has bogey or scarecrow in every field and whenever there has been a true revival and a going forward in the Spirit, the liar has always brought scripture to oppose it and say it is error.  We know that there are spiritual death, soulish death and a physical death.  "The Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead shall also quicken (or to make to live) your mortal bodies" ( Rom 8 : 11 ) " That the life of Jesus Christ might be made manifest in our mortal flesh" ( 2Cor. 4 : 11 ).  Hebrews 2 : 9 says that Jesus tasted death for every man.  What death did He taste?  Was it spiritual or physical or both?  It was physical death only.  If His tasting of death was physical, why when He says He that keepeth my sayings shall not taste of death, do we interpret it as meaning spiritual death only and not physical.  About Enoch also it is said he was translated that he should not see death that is physical death.  So when Christ talked about death, physical death was included.  We are told that Jesus suffered death - that through death.  He might destroy death and him that had the power of death ( Heb.2 : 14 ).  "Our Saviour Jesus Christ hath abolished death and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel" (2 Tim. 1 :10 ) He hath abolished death.  I would assert with all heart that as long as we put off any benefit, which is ours in Christ Jesus, to a future time in history, it can never become ours in experience.  Faith lays hold for the present and claims, but  unbelief puts off to the future.

          Of course we have the Jewish dispensation, the Gentiles and Churches dispensation.  The question is: where are we in the dispensations with regard to the truth of redemption for the mortal body and why this truth has not been recognised earlier in the Church's history?  Luke 21 gives us the answer.  At the request of the disciples, the Lord there enumerated certain signs of the times for the guidance of His followers.  We need not explain them all but will refer to the times of Gentiles (Vs 24).  I can safely say that all who have any spiritual insight realise that the times of the Gentiles were over on 30th June, 1967, and at this point the dispensation is changing once again and a new era is about to be ushered in.  We see nations falling to pieces as the " stone cut out without hands" (Daniel 2 : 34,35 ) smote the image in the feet on the Moon Landing Day, and mankind from highest to lowest are in fear of those things which they see coming upon the world (Luke 21 : 26 ).  Jesus said when these things begin to come to pass then "look up and lift up your heads".  Why? " for your redemption draweth nigh" (Luke 21 : 28 ).  What is the redemption referred to?  The redemption of our bodies of a truth, that redemption which Paul said, all believers were to wait for (Rom 8: 23);  Redemption from the power of death and the grave through the life of Christ being manifested in our mortal flesh (II Cor 4: 11) there by swallowing up the mortality (2Cor 5:4; Rom. 8 : 19-21).

The Glory of the indwelling Christ in the power of the Tabernacles: Feast of The Tabernacles :

          The Feast of the Tabernacles typifies a spiritual blessing.  It is spoken of in the Word plainly as Passover and Pentecost, and as they each represent a spiritual experience such as Salvation and Baptism of the Holy Spirit respectively, Tabernacles also speak of some divine experience in advance of Passover and Pentecost.  Whenever a soul becomes conscious of a hope set before it, or a blessing held out to it in the purposes and promises of God, then, if the heart is right, that soul will give all diligence to lay hold of that hope and to seek the blessing till it is found.  All the spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus are first of all individual to the believer, i.e., they must be laid hold of and believed for and experienced by each one individually, before there can be any manifestation collective or otherwise.  We have each to lay hold of every truth ourselves.  Christ died for me and His precious Blood was shed for me.  I believe it because the Word of God says so.  No priest or denomination could do that for me, or give rest and peace to my soul which comes through my own believing.  So also with Pentecost.  The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is an individual matter.  When He fell on the one hundred and twenty at once, it was an individual faith and expectancy which brought them all together to receive this blessing.  Why many people oppose this blessed experience for the soul is only because they are blind and dead.  Why should one fight against something which is our very life in God ?  When we come to Tabernacles, this also typifies some blessing and spiritual experience (New Wine) which should be also individual.  When Jesus gave the New Wine in the Wedding of Cana after the natural wine was finished, it was the best.  Satan always gives the sweetness first and then death, but God gives the bitterness first and then at the end sweetness.  He has something great in store for His Bride in this overlapping period of seven years since June 30th, 1967 when Jerusalem came into the hands of the Jews.  The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation.  The Kingdom of God is within you.  The power of that Kingdom is from outward to the inward but the working thereof is from the inward to the outward.

          Christ's words mean that we are not to look for an outward observation of the Kingdom and then expect an experience, but there must first be a working and experience of the power of that kingdom within, which alone can bring about the outward manifestation.  I have to emphasise this point since so many of the Lord's people seem to have the mental idea that the work of total redemption yet to be manifested is something to come down to them from the outward heavens without the intervention of their faith or seeking or understanding.  Jesus died for the whole world, but unless people seek God and claim it individually, they can never realise the great work for God.  Many have become lazy and if they do not obtain anything from others they call them 'serpent seed'.  If people don't pay their tithes, they are called 'serpent seed'.  One man calls fate, another election; but they seem to forget that God has a foreknowledge and knows what you are made of, but yet you have to be stirred through the Holy Spirit.  It is like a mango seed.  It contains everything to grow into a full tree and give fruits provided water and heat and air are available, but it can dry out in the middle also.  Its roots have to draw water for all the parts of its branches.  Let us turn to II Kings - Chapter 8 Verses 12 to 15.  Here Hazael  is told by Prophet Elisha that he would be king over Syria.  Hazael says "what is thy servant a dog that he should do this great thing".  He denies himself to be considered as a dog to do what the Prophet says in verse 12; yet when he went back according to verse 15 he did not become king just by sitting quite at home.  He had to fulfill the responsibility of taking the thick cloth, dip it in water and then spread it over the face of his Master who then died and Hazael reigned in his stead.  The other day I met a Hermit and asked him about God.  He said that He was God himself and whatever he does is God.  Then I asked him whether he had committed sin and he said yes (He at least had the goodness to agree unlike the present day Christians who pretend to have passed the stage of any sin in their lives being in denominations).  He added that the God in him was committing all those sins.  He has no Saviour like Jesus Christ who bore away all our sins.  You can never know the serpent seed except by the test of God's Word as otherwise they look the same.  In olden days, God said that no garment mixed with wool and cotton should be worn.  The reason was wool happened to be Abel's dress and cotton was Cain's dress, and these were supposed to be distinctly identified from each other and not mixed at any time.  But when Abel was killed by Cain, God made Cain appear the same way in clothing as Abel; one was on God's Word and the other was far away from it.  If I show a chunk of meat to a hungry dog, I know it will come to eat; but the dog can and have power to go without eating also.

          There were three important feasts when the children of God were asked to present themselves i.e., Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles.  We know that Passover was the Salvation experience we enjoyed when we accepted the Passover Lamb, and Pentecost was the Baptism of the Holy Spirit which we received when we surrendered totally and received the second work of Grace.  It is like, first Seed dying in the ground (Passover), then the sprouting and flowering of the seed (Pentecost) and finally the harvest of fruits (Tabernacles); but the Seed contains in it everything to fruit and the fruit is sour and of the same shape till the last minute.  When it is ripe, the colour changes to gold which God alone can do.  Then Jewish feast was instituted under the Mosaic Law and ordained to be observed when the children of Israel reached the Land of Promise.  When we ask what does Tabernacles mean for us, the question has hardly had time to cross one's mind that one feels bowed in humility that it should have been lost to the Church for two thousand years.  I believe without doubt that the Book is as full of this blessing from the first chapter of Genesis to the last of Revelation as it is of Passover and Pentecostal teaching even though we never might have noticed it.  May this not be one of the things which eyes have not seen (1 Cor 2 : 9) ?

          This experience of Tabernacles is nothing short of the experience and manifestation of Redemption of the Body (2 Cor. 5 : 2).  You may say the Old Mosaic Law mentions nothing about this Feast in connection with the New Testament days.  Well, does it say about Passover as redemption and Pentecost as Baptism of the Holy Spirit with signs following?  When the Holy Ghost was poured on the Pentecostal Day, Peter did not  declare it was that which has been written in the 23rd chapter of Leviticus.  He said "This is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel".  This prophecy was not completely fulfilled at Pentecost since the Spirit was not poured out upon all flesh in manifestation except on those first chosen believers.  One wonders whether the disciples associated the blessing with the old Jewish feast at all or whether we would have done so if the Holy Ghost fell on another day and not on Pentecost Day.  Jesus also did not say 'wait on the Day of Pentecost' but said 'not many days hence'.  Leviticus 23rd chapter tells us the three great important feasts, i.e. Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles.  There were other feasts to be kept on various occasions, all typical of spiritual truths and experiences, but these were the three special feasts when all the males had to appear before the Lord, Passover was to be kept at the beginning of the Jewish year in the first month which was calculated from their coming out of Egypt, then seven weeks or 50 days later they were to keep the second great feast of Pentecost (meaning fiftieth), and finally in the seventh month they were to keep the Tabernacles.

          When we come to spiritual experience, we do not follow in similar manner.  Pentecost, we are not surprised to find, was fulfilled correctly fifty days after the slaying of our Paschal Lamb -- it could hardly be otherwise.  However, as regards Tabernacles, which according to the ancient ritual was celebrated in the seventh month after Passover, we find no such fulfilment of the spiritual blessing in the Church's experience !  If there was any correctness in the fifty days to Pentecost might we not reasonably expect there should also be fulfilment of the Tabernacle blessing in the seventh month of Church experiences ?  Has history forgotten to record and relate it or has the fulfilment not taken place for some reason ?  If so, why ?  The answer comes quickly to the mind that the feasts were associated in the Jewish economy with the ingathering of their crops.  They were to keep Pentecost at the beginning and the Tabernacles at the end of their harvest.  Similarly the fulfilment of the type of Pentecost should naturally come at the beginning of the ingathering of souls through the preaching of the Gospel after the Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension of our Lord.  But the Tabernacles, it would seem, cannot be till the end of the harvest of the world, for did not our Lord say the harvest is the end of the world (Matt 13 : 39) ?  The seventh typifies the Seven Church Ages.  So at the end of the Seventh Church Age the Tabernacle blessing should come to the Bride which is the harvest of the crop planted at Passover and sprouted at Pentecost, taking root through the twelve apostles.  The Seed, Lord Jesus Christ, which is the Wheat, was buried (Passover) and through the water, air and heat the two cotyledons split and the root went down.  Then the leaves sprouted out at Pentecost.  Finally, after the leaves of the Seven Church Ages and breaking through the Pentecostal Shuck, comes out the Grain as the Original Seed which becomes golden after drying up in the Sun.

          If we study the Old Testament, we will find the Israelitish experience to be of help to us at this time.  The Israelites did not keep the Feast of Tabernacles as they were directed in the Law.  The special feature about this feast is for the people to dwell in booths (temporary residence signifying leaving this world as strangers to this earth) to show they do not possess anything in this world, even houses to call their own.  Let us refer to the Book of Nehemiah; The Israelites after rebuilding Jerusalem, diligently tried to understand the word of the Law.  They realised that they should dwell in booths in the feast of the Seventh Month.  This had been discontinued since the days of Joshua, the son of Nun (Nehemiah 8:13 - 14, 17).  Well, why the Feast of the Tabernacles was not kept till then ?  Almost a thousand years had passed and all the times of Judges and Kings - Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David and also the prophets - but no feast of the tabernacles.  Solomon kept it in some manner and also Ezra, but they did not do according to the word of God i.e. to dwell in booths.  The Church also did not keep their spiritual feast.  This may be the reason that neither the earthly nor spiritual Israel ever went forward to possess the land fully which was their inheritance.  They did not reap their whole harvest.  Are we in a batter state than the Israelites were under Assyria ?  The few who remained in Jerusalem were poverty-stricken.  Another point is that, when they began to read in the Law about the Feast of Tabernacles, nobody understood it.  Apparantly it took a considerable amount of time and labour to make the people grasp it.  It needed distinct reading and teaching.  Hence the little Bible study.  Not only that, the people began to weep and mourn instead of rejoicing, not knowing that the joy of the Lord is their strength.  They had to be corrected on this point (Nehemiah 8 : 10-11).  Is there not a tendency among a certain class of saints even today, who have a vague idea of coming blessing, to think they ought to get down in the dust and mourn and repent under a sense of condemnation ?  This attitude comes owing to lack of proper understanding of the Word of God.  We are being called to keep the Feast of the Tabernacles in joyful gladness of heart.  God is about to pour out such a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it (Nehemiah 8 : 17 and Malachi 3 : 10).  At long last they understood the day they were living in.  What a rejoicing it would be if the Church can only understand the time of her visitation (Isa. 9 : 3).

          If we turn to John chapter 7, we will find therein the season of the Feast of the Tabernacles.  The nearest and dearest to the Lord Jesus according to the flesh, his brethren, were in expectation to a great manifestation at this particular time.  They said "There is no man that doeth anything in secret, and He Himself seeketh to be known openly.  If thou do these things, shew thyself to the world".  There was also a great commotion in Jerusalem about Jesus.  They were wondering if He would come to the Feast.  The Jews in Jerusalem were like the Denominational Churches of today.  The priests and Scribes in those days were to the religious people just as the preachers, evangelists and leaders are to us today.  Was there ever a time in the history of Christian Church when there had been so much talk of the Lord's coming again as now ?  They are looking for a great manifestation.  They say, 'Fast and Pray, shake the Heavens, a great outpouring and revival is at hand'.  What about the many meetings held and the weeping and crying and sitting on ashes in sack cloth and talks about contrite hearts, all to bring heavens down.  This was not Christ's method at the Feast of the Tabernacles.

          Wonderful Mystery ! !  Glory, Hallelujah !  The word tells us "He avoided them all" the unbelieving and the crowds, and went up "not openly but as it were in secret" (John 7 : 10) into the Temple.  The Jews never recognised the Lord when he came to them two thousand years ago to the Feast of the Tabernacles as this is a type of the second coming at the Harvest time when, according to verse 37, on the last day of that great day of the Feast (Tablenacles), Jesus stood and cried saying "If any man thirst let him come (unto me and drink).  He that believeth on me, as the scriptures hath said out of his inmost parts shall flow rivers of living water".  Truly in a measure, the Lord poured His spirit on the Pentecost Day.  Rivers of Living water do not mean drying up in the middle or after 80 years.  So can't you see that this flow of living water (not seasonal) is meant only for this harvest time now when a group of people (The Bride) will get such an anointing that Death will be swallowed by the overflow of the Power of the Holy Spirit in super-abundant measure.  May the Lord open your eyes.  This is flowing right now in this world for the Bride to drink, during this Feast of the Tabernacles (The Bride Age).  Come on, drink of this water which is freely given (Isaiah 55 : 1).  God asks to buy this water without money and without price.  That means this water is not for rich and highly qualified, but only to the paupers.  Bride has to depend totally on God (Read the booklet 'Life that pleases God' by late Mr. Page, Mont rose: Copies can be had from Bro. L. D. Dale at 612 South Market Street, Troy, Ohio, U.S.A. 45373).  The Bride will have nothing of this world, and she' ll fetch this water.  It is like a pearl of great price and a treasure hidden which needs your forsaking all to get it.  Do not ridicule this because you will be ridiculed beyond hope shortly.  This happened to be the order in Jesus 'day and stands true for this day as well to get access to this never drying flow of water.

          The chief priests and rulers cursed the people who believed in Jesus at the Feast of the Tabernacles for Ignorance of the law.  So let us not be surprised if we are denounced by our great leaders and teachers as being in eror and ignorant of the Spoken Word books, if in seeking this blessing we appear to go beyond their knowledge and experience.  Pentecost was like a river flowing only at the time of torrential rain whereas the Feast of the Tabernacles is a river flowing with steady current of water from melted ice and continuing so when it rains it torrents and without any drying up even during summer-perennial.  Now here again the word 'Tabernacles' should not be confused with the 'Tabernacle' used as a place of worship in the wilderness.  When we talk about 'booth', it means a simple structure temporarily erected to serve a temporary purpose only, but there is a deep significance.  First this was to remember their coming out of Egypt (Lev. 23 : 42-43 & Deut. 8).  But here again, why was it observed at the Feast of the seventh month instead of the first or passover month when they actually came out of Egypt?  I believe that the booths' episode is made part of the Tabernacles Feast to type it for the redeemed body which is ours in Christ Jesus and should be claimed in this blessing (2 Cor. 5 : 1-5).


          "And as in the days of Noe so shall it be also in the DAYS OF THE SON OF MAN" (Luke 17 : 26).

          "Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; but the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them ALL.  Even thus shall it be in the day when the SON OF MAN IS REVEALED" (Luke 17 : 28 - 29).

          Here there are two points mentioned  - Sodom and Gomorrah, and Noah's days.  We all know that United States of America is regarded as the present day Sodom and the Prophet (William Branham) has said that America would be destroyed by fire totally, and that this world order would be finished in 1977 as per the vision he saw.  You must carefully note that U.S.A. will be like Sodom when the Son of Man is REVEALED (Unveiled or disclosed).  When someone discloses a certain hidden thing, that person cannot be the hidden thing.  A person while disclosing a hidden thing, which is important, is himself thereby disclosed.  Some Great Personality should have already revealed the Son of Man and gone, as we are very close to the rapture; already one year has passed since the Bride Age started.  Some at once would ask "Is Bride Age scriptural? "  Bride Age is the Seven Thunders' Mystery (God coming down and knocking at the door) which was never allowed to be written in Bible.  If this was not sealed by Daniel or Apostle John, then it would have been known or guessed.  Since John was forbidden to write what the thunders said, how can we know it ?  It is something like Nebuchadnezzar's dream which he forgot. If he had remembered the dream, then the meaning could have been correctly interpreted, or someone could have even guessed.  But this had to be clearly found by  Daniel himself as others failed to interpret the dream.  This again seems to have a connection with his age (Bride Age) as this is the time when the STONE untouched by human hands should have come to this earth to knock down everything and itself become a big mountain.  So you will understand that interpretation alone was not sufficient.  Daniel had to know even the dream which he was to interpret.  This had to be absolutely done by the Holy Spirit.  If the King had remembered the dream, then the Chaldean wisemen would have tried to guess something.  In the same way the revelation of the Seven Thunders' Mystery, since it is not written, could be entirely spoken only by the Holy Spirit to take the Bride off the earth.  At the same time it should not be something contradicting the Bible.  The seventh Seal, on the other hand, is found all along from Genesis to Revelation in the Bible.

          If you take into account the verse "And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the DAYS OF THE SON OF MAN", you will notice another thing.  Here it is mentioned the DAYS OF THE SON OF MAN.  This clearly shows that the Son of Man will be revealed in a place like Sodom and Gomorrah and his actual presence will be in a country experiencing Noah's days of violence and only all those who listened to Noah went into the ark with all the beasts and birds while all others didn't heed his advice.  People who went in were safe, but those who made fun of Noah were totally destroyed.  The clean and unclean beasts, birds and all living creatures heard the Voice of God and came of their own accord and were not caught by Noah (Genesis 6 : 20).  So also harlots and worst sinners will hear the Voice of God through visions, dreams and audible voice, and come running to accept this message (marriage), while the invitees and children of the Kingdom will give false and lame excuses and refuse to come for the Wedding and ultimately perish (Matt 22 : 2-14).  About Abraham God says, "I know Abraham that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that which HE HATH SPOKEN of him" (Gen. 18:19).  God's Promise for Noah's also was fulfilled when Noah commanded his children, who also in turn obeyed him implicitly.  People of God follow the Lord not individually, but as a household.  So command your children to follow God so that God's promises will be faithfully fulfilled in your household.

          Many are under the impression that United States of America has not been mentioned by our Lord Jesus Christ.  O ! People of America, note the destruction predicted by Him for your country.  The whole system of Gospel Work in your country is based on Dollars as its foundation and not on faith which is founded on the Word of God.  If you have had the Word of God as your foundation, your country would exist but now it has passed redemption.  So flee and escape for your lives to God's Word and His place of safety, as destruction will come suddenly.  The present period is just like the time when the two angels Visited Sodom Gomorrah and warned the people of the oncoming destruction.  When they refused, the angels had to blind them and made them unable to find the door.  This being done, the angels went of with Lot and his daughters, his wife becoming a salt pillar.  Dr. Oral Roberts and Dr. Billy Garham, whom people have supposed to be the two angels, will not only make the people stay in Sodom and Gomorrah with their Babylonian systems, but they themselves will not be able to come out.  They are far deep rooted into the Soil of Sodom and Gomorrah.

          Before leaving this world Jesus said, "The Prince of this World cometh and hath nothing in me".  When you leave a country you are held at Customs Office; searched, questioned, and asked to declare the things carried by you.  You are then either allowed to pass through paying necessary customs duty or held up if any article or currency is found in your possession which you are not supposed to carry.  If you are to be qualified for the rapture, the Customs of the prince of this World will examine you and will have to pass you "finding nothing in you" in this world.  How many will be qualified to pass through the Customs of this World?  Do not be fooled by your "Circuit Riders" or "Prosperity Preachers of World Fame" who are not tested by God's word.  If you people would have tested everyone by God's Word, America will not be in this position today and other countries will not be in this sad predicament towards God's work.  When the two Angels finish their work, Sodom and Gomorrah will be ready for destruction by God of Heaven and Earth.

"Whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, Shake off the dust of your feet.  Verily I say unto you, it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of Judgment than for that city"

-- (Matt. 10 : 14 - 16)

         We all know the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was a past incident and not a future one.  Jesus was sending His disciples, and they were asked to go the cities of the lost tribes of Israel.  Many cities persecuted them.  He also said that they would not have covered all the cities till the Son of Man comes.  They were asked to shake the dust off their feet while leaving the cities that reject the message; such cities would be destroyed and the state of destruction would be worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  It is said "It shall be more tolerable".  United States, one of the foremost countries for the speard of Christianity, is kept unto the forthcoming day of judgment (that means they will see destruction earlier than the other cities which rejected Christ) as an example of how God's judgment will be.  Judgment begins at home (I Peter 4 : 17).  Now listen, people of God.  Was not Sodom Gomorrah destroyed in Abraham's time in which case the wording should be "Verily I say unto you, that it was most tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day when it was judged than for those cities which reject your words and whose destruction will be worse than that".  Did Christ's disciples preach in Abraham's time or thousands of year later ?  Which is this land of Sodom Gomorrah to be judged existing in this end-time ?

"Let them alone : they be blind leaders of the blind.  And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch"

-- (Matt. 15 : 14)

          Blindness means not being able to see.  There may be three reasons.  Firstly, the person must be blind in his eyes.  Secondly, there may not be suficient light, to make the objects bright to be able to see which means he sees alright and his eyes are alright but there is no light to see.  Thirdly, there may be light and eyes to see, but people may wilfully reject the light out of pride.  That's what Jesus Christ said about the blindness of Pharisees.  "For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not, might see; and that they which see might be made blind.  And some of the Pharisees which were with him heard these words and said unto Him, Are we blind also ?  Jesus said unto them, if ye were blind ye should have no sin; but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth" (John 9 : 39-41).  Now if the leaders are blind and the followers could see, the followers would either correct the leaders or would leave the leaders and go away to the place of light.  The pity is, the followers are also blind wilfully because of pride and lack of humility.  So they do not care to move an inch to know the truth even though it is brought to their very home.  They show wilful rejection for the move of God, because it does not come according to their taste and liking.  Since the Jews were blind and Jesus did not come according to their thinking, they rejected Him and did not want to advance from their standpoint.  Thus they were possessed of denominational demons and were ultimately destroyed.  "He that lacketh these things is blind and cannot see afar off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins" (II Peter 1 : 9) - NO PROGRESS.  Fellowship on God's Word is a movement and not a dead monument.  The leaders themselves are blind but they believe they are right and their vision perfect because they have some sheep following their blind walk and thus miss the way because they are on a wrong path.  The leaders, being under a false notion, presume that they must be right because they have a following, but the Psalmist says, "Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path" (Ps. 119 : 105 & Isaiah 8 : 20).  How can the people see without checking any book with the Word of God ?  If anyone says that they need not check with the Word of God, they are totally blind.  Did not the Jews say in the days of the Lord Jesus Christ.  "We have Abraham, we have Moses" and were not willing to recognise the move of God?  They sing and shoult "We are out of Babylon and are separated people" but what they actually do is just come out of one street of Babylon and walk on another street.  Well, what is separation?  Is it coming out of one denomination and getting possessed by another denominational spirit ?  When Moses talked of separation, he said "Wherein shall it be know here that I and thy people have found grace in thy sight?  Is it not in that THOU GOEST WITH US ?  So shall we be SEPARATED I  and thy people from all the people that are upon the face of the earth" (Exodus 33 : 16).  The real separation is knowing God's move and God going with us.  Are you in the move of God with vindication ?  Does the creation and nature vindicate your ministry ?  Does the Word of God agree with what you say and do the saints of God, filled with the Holy Ghost and on God's Word, receive vindication from God through visions and dreams about your work for God when God is moving  in your life ?  When Jesus was brought as a child into the temple, Simeon was filled with the Holy Ghost, recognised the Saviour and was glad.  What about other bogus "pretenders" who never were moved by the Holy Spirit; to begin with they had no Holy Ghost or the oil had leaked out.  If any group of people, however rich and big they are, do not understand the move of God for this Age, they do not have the Holy Spirit.  What will be the result of the blind following the blind ?  Both shall fall into the Ditch.  This clearly means that these blind ones, the entire lot, will not be able to walk with God and will fall into the pit of tribulation.  Wake Up, you blind leaders of the blind lest you fall into the pit of the impending tribulation, rejected by God in this Age, when people of God will be overcoming death.


Foxes Have Holes and Birds of The Air Have Nests

(Matthew 8 : 19-20)


          A certain scribe wanted to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and said "I will follow thee withersoever thou goest".  Jesus said "The foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of Man hath not where to lay his head".  Many times I have heard people say that Jesus did not have a pillow or bed to lie on and so His followers should also be like this and they seem to have a form of consecration over this kind of life.  Some say I must grow a beard, cut my hair short, wear only 'Jibbah' (an Indian dress), will not marry (supposing marriage to be sinful), will not eat eggs, meat etc, take only vegetarian food, walk like Jesus from place to place, will not wear shoes, will not take medicine (but will send their children to learn medicine or nursing, and take medicines secretly at home).  They become lazy lide drones and say' Oh we have left all' and go on begging from door to door and yet claim they are in Faith Life.  But Christ and His disciples never begged.  Jesus' reply to the Scribe did not mean like this at all.  He had homes to sleep and pillows and mattresses and so on,and Bethany was a place like that.  Then what does this mean?  A scribe is a Doctor or Teacher of the Law and Jewish religion was a well-organised denomination and so the scribe envisaged that working under Lord Jesus Christ and following Him as a head of another big denomination should be paying thing.  Then Jesus makes mention about the "Foxes".  Bible refers to Herod as a fox (Luke 13:32).  Now Herod was a political figure and was mindful of the world and Jesus says that wordly people are like foxes; they are cunning, wiser, and have their earthly homes built secure for them and have nothing of spiritual desire and are satisfied with their "holes" (Luke 16:8, Isa. 2:19).  In the parable of the mustard seed, He refers to the "Fowls of the Air" (Luke 13:19).  The Kingdom of God is like a grain of mustard seed which a man took and cast into his garden and it grew and waxed into a great tree and the fowls of the air lodged in the branches of it.  Again in the parable of the Sower, Jesus said that the fowls of the air came and devoured the wayside sown seed.  These are they by the way side where the word is sown, but when they have heard, Satan (the fowls of the air) cometh immediately and taketh away the word that was sowen in thier hearts (Mark 4:4,15).  So you will understand that almost all religions start with a fear of God and then later on become a huge denomination where God is pushed out totally and the satanic hosts pretending to have God roost in the branches of all these huge denominations.  Real people of God cannot get a place to lay their heads in any of these huge organisations since Christ Himself has no place there to lay His head.  Therefore, only worldly religious people (fowls of the air) have place to roost in these huge branches of the denominational mustard trees which started, no doubt, in perfect faith as Jesus alludes perfect faith to the size of a mustard seed.  Once it becomes a plant, that perfectness is gone and becomes an abode and nest for all wicked things and persons in the name of religion who profess to serve God, but at the same time deny the Power of God manifest in the Earth.  Thus Jesus Christ was rejected by all the worldly and political people and had no place to lay His head.  He came unto His own and His own received Him not.  So also the Son of Man who should take the Bride in Rapture will not have a place to lay his head in any denomination of the world or be received by those possessed of denominational demons, or politically acknowledged.  This shows that the Word of God is not in any organisation but only on the highways and by ways, especially in this Age.  God has been sending invitations through His messengers for nearly 2000 years for the great wedding but the invited people have been giving false and lame excuses.  So the call now is for harlots, murderers, godless people and drunkards who are asked by God to be rather forcibly brought from highways and byways by His servants.  The Jews thought they were holy people.  When Jesus Christ was in this world, they claimed that they were Abraham's children.  He told them that God is able to raise up children even from "Stones", which really means "unnatural branches" i.e, people who were out of the Commonwealth of Israel.  God is now taking a Bride out of these stones and this "Stone" will knock off everything sinful and devilish in this world.


Holiness and Righteousness of God

          While talking about 'Holiness', the whole world has a wrong idea over the 'Righteousness of God'.  Both are at variance.  We talk about the disease but God talks about the cause of the disease.  I have travelled throughout the world thrice and during the past 28 years of ministry, trusting only God, I have not great religious leaders and men in the limelight.  These so called great men and great denominational Overseers and Heads of huge unwieldy organisations always talk about the straw in other People's eyes but unaware of themselves carrying huge timbers.  They talk about holiness while they themselves have not been delivered of their sins.  They talk about "Heathens" and try to give false ideas to others that India is a dark continent.  But my dear friends, you ought to know that the Hindu women are true to one husband and most of them preserve chastity even though they are not Christians; whereas the so called Christians in the world talk a lot about Jesus' Sermon on the Mount but when a woman passes by, they look upon her with lust and indulge in so much of sinful acts.  (You can see such Christianity under the open sky in Hyde Park, London).  What is more pitiable is the fact that they do not seem to realise their own plight.  I do not write this as a great holy man; but I believe, as the Word of God says, that no one is good except God.  As was remarked once in Los Angeles, "They are angels from far but real devils at close range".  Their talks about holiness is mostly the different aspect of resultant sins of the society, but has nothing to do with the Standard of God.  The same thing can be said with offerings we give to God.  Man calculates the amount of money in figures which he gives, while God considers the ratio between the person's total earning and his offering, i.e. what he keeps for himself.  Let us ponder 'righteousness' as God considers it.  We say smoking, drinking, seeing movies, gambling etc. make one 'unrighteous'.  Abraham had no possibility of getting a child, but when God told him he would have a boy, ABRAHAM BELIEVED GOD and this was counted as 'righteousness'.  Abraham had his own human weaknesses, but inspite of that he believed that all things are possible with God.  Further, we as human beings, always seek our glory but he that is righteous seeks the glory of God.  If we seek the glory of God, we will magnify the Word of God as totally true and not attempt to twist it to our own convenience as what the world-famed false anointed ones usually do.  They seem to be God's chosen 'Men of the Hour', and see how we are deceived, dear Sheep of God.  Those who uphold God's word are righteous people.  That means we will be rejected by the World.

          Now we are waiting for the Rapture, to be transformed into glorious beings.  The usual talk is "When the press comes, phew !  we'll fly away".  Yes, you will not only be pressed but will be killed and annihilated.  You'll have to be righteous, according to God a Standard and believe that your body will be transformed.  You who gulp medicines in large quantities even for a small headache, cannot trust God even for a single day for everything and fool those who leave their jobs for faith life, trusting God for all their needs, you mean to say you will have faith to travel all through space with God in glorified hodies.  You will need to have a revelation of God's move after the Prophet is gone and know how He is taking His bride in the rapture secretly; otherwise you do not have the Holy Spirit needed for this Age.  Your oil has leaked out.  How can Sodom have any leadership at all.  It is condemned for destruction and are you still thinking that any leadership will come from a condemned country ! !  Come on Bride of Christ, look up in the skies, and the clouds following the Bride will show our redemption is drawing near, and to flee from Sodom and Gomorrah.  I couldn't help shedding tears to think of the so many wonderful and very very nice people in America who are sincerely wrong in their beliefs and expectations.  "I thank thee, O Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent and hast revealed them unto babes.  Even so, Father: for so it seemed good in thy sight" (Matt. 11 : 25 - 26).


          O ye harlots, drunkards, murderers, godless and those who stand in the highways and byways and at crossroads of life without any religion, you have gold in you to purchase the righteousness of God without having to go through traditions and religious red tapism.  Wake up, the Lord God of heaven and earth, our Creator, will transform you if only you will submit.

 (Read Joshua 2 : 1 to 24)

          When Joshua brought the people into Canaan, there was Jericho condemned for destruction and Joshoua sent spies.  They came to the house of "Rahab the Harlot" indeed not a desirable woman in the modern sense.  They could have said just Rahab, but she was a notorious personality.  There were many good people, social workers, Lords and gentlemen, rich people, decent folks, holy fathers, philanthropists, and they might have even made remarks during their talks that their young people should not go near the House of Rahab.  She was rejected by the whole society (Amos 7: 17)- one of the curses of backslidden Israelites.  When people are rejected by Society, they have in them an inborn character i.e.  "Don't care for the World" which is also very much needed to stand for God's word and be rejected by approved religion.  When the news about Joshua's spies reached the King, he ordered his men to search Rahab's house.  Rahab, even though rejected by society, stood firm and was not afraid of the King's orders.  We are afraid of everything from school teacher to pastors and bishops and so on.  We are willing to do things even when we know they are wrong, but unwilling to stand boldly even though we are convinced it is right because of our social standing and colour prejudice all over the world.  Why did God choose only Rahab's family out of the whole lot?  What character had she and what holiness?  She was full of lies.  She told altogether five lies consecutively (Joshua 2: 4-5).  There came men unto me (one truth), but I wist not whence they were (Lie 1), and it came to pass about the time of shutting of the gate, when it was dark (2nd Lie) that the men went out whither the men went I wot not (3rd lie), pursue after them quickly (4th lie), for ye shall overtake the (5th lie).  Bible clearly tells liars will be cast out.  What is wrong with God on the Standard of Holiness?  Why was this liar qualified?  People of God, ponder over this truth.  She had faith to hide these men even when the King was against them.  How bold this lady was? O backboneless men !  Ladies and even harlots and drunkards have more backbone for truth than decent men.  That is why God lays stumbling blocks for people to stumble so that the unrighteous may get caught.  No decent people went to the home of Rahab.  Don't you feel that even now those who are on God's Word are rejected like Rahab the harlot and people are warned not to associate with them because they are standing true to God.  In any case, O People of God, who are walking lonely with God be caurageous to stand even against the kings and kingdom of this world if they come against the Word of God.  If the people are true to what the Prophet of God said they would know clearly how the Spirit of God would move after the Prophet.  It is so clear in the Spoken Word Books, but why they cannot see is becuase they are colour blind.  The Jews stuck on to Moses and when Jesus came they wanted to stone Him to death, pretending that they were true to Moses and Abraham.  But if they had been true to Moses and Abraham they would have known the Lord Jesus Christ.  O Power seekers and false leaders! Take all the tares with you, the chaff has to fly off at the blast of the message for this hour and all the grain will be gathered in the Garner of New Jerusalem.  Touch not the GRAIN anymore.  It will be very hard for you to kick against pricks (Acts 9:5).  You can only have the HAY to be eaten by the beasts.

          Now I have been wondering all along why God chose Rahab out of the whole lot and why God chose David, a sinner, rejecting Saul who was a better king in the sight of men.  The fact is, God is a human gold seeker and has the Stone to test the gold which He wants without any additions of alloy.  He is any Expert Jeweller (Mal. 3:17).  God has now revealed the answer.  Being a harlot, Rahab was able to follow the move of God  (Joshua 2:9-11).  She was following the movement of God for more than 40 years from the time of Moses' deliverance of the Israielites from Egypt.  How did she get this revelation?  When good people did not get this revelation, how did this sinful woman get it?  Will you please humble find out the reason?  Then you will find God in your lives; and at last see this harlot's declaration of her views.  "The Lord your God, He is God in Heaven above (this every one will acknowledge in a general way), and in earth beneath.  How did she get to know the God of Heaven in earth?  She got a revelation of how God came down in the bush, spoke to Moses and with a mighty hand led the people in the wilderness up to the border of Jordan.  She did not just beat about the bush of talking about Moses but also recognised that God had come into Joshua, son of Nun belonging to the tribe of Ephraim.  So, instead of stopping like the present day blind sheep she went on further to accept Joshua by hiding his spies because she knew that by treating them and receiving them she actually receives God and by accepting Joshua, into whom God came down, she really acknowledges the Creator of Heaven and Earth and everything therein.  O! see the knowledge and wisdom of the Almighty God  in opening the eyes of the most sinful woman in society.  By knowing God's move and God coming down to earth she became righteous, while the better women and men were totally destroyed (Joshua 6:17-25).  Not only did she make a convenant but was also asked to bring all her relatives, father, mother, brethren and so on.  This rejected house, where good people would not come, brought salvation.  Unless the people in Jericho agreed to come into the Harlot's house they had no salvation; not even if they just stood at the door or on the road.  It is not known whether her father and mother and brethren were godly, or whether they were drunkards, adulterers, or had led sinful lives.  Nevertheless just by coming into Rahab's house they were all made rigteous.  The whole country was at her mercy.  When Joshua' spies came to claim her, the people had to fall on her feet to get mercy, and she was able to save anyone in that city by bringing them into her home and recommending them to the spies.  The spies did not ask them which denomination they belonged to or whether they were holy etc.  They are the seed of Abraham while the fowls of the air are roosting on the mustard tree and caught in God's net.  Rahab recongnised the move of God, and thus became righteous in His sight.  Not only that; she later on married Salmon, a prince of Judah and became the mother of Boaz and thus fell in the direct line of David the King and our Lord Jesus Christ.  Also let us consider Ruth, a daughter of Moab, and born through Lot's Line through one of his daughters against God's law.  Ruth saw the move of God in Naomi and confessed like this:  "Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God: Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried: the Lord do so to me and more also if ought by death part thee and me".  (Ruth 1:16-17).  See where the fully ripened seed of God lies; outside the closed doors of denomination.  Ruth then married Boaz in the line of King David.  Likewise there are so many ripened seeds scattered all over in this Age, rejected by denominational people.  Come on, you Angels of God, gather these seeds quickly as you know where they lie now, so that they could be bound by the New Covenant and taken to New Jerusalem.  Let us aim at getting the righteousness of God and not our own righteousness which is nothing but filthy rags in the sight of God.  This does not mean that we should live loose lives.  After getting God's righteousness, a man will invariably live God's holy life.  This holiness emanates from the super-abundant love of God, and not by our own efforts.

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