God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
( I Jn. 2 : 15; 3 : 15, Math. 5 : 44, 45; 7 : 1 - 3 )
In the years 1960 & 61 there were few people in Madras who knew not Sri. Paulaseer Lawrie. People talked about him in nooks and corners of Madras because for more than a month he held a huge mammoth campaign of Gospel preaching and healing such as never was in the history of Madras and even in the whole of India. People having incurable diseases and demon possessions not only came from homes but left the hospitals to touch him and be healed. People admired and spoke good about him everywhere. But that was fifteen years ago. Many things have happened since then, which have completely changed the whole course of his ministry. But those who could not understand the why and how of the changes have resorted to evil speaking and mud slinging in the hope that Bro. Lawrie's name and his reputation will be gone. But so far nothing has happened as they have alleged. Even now Hindus, Muslims and Christians bring their sick people to be prayed for and healed by him. People who wear green glasses will see green everywhere. So also many wear red glasses when they look at Bro. Lawrie and his ministry and indulge in false accusations. Our desire is that people should know whether these allegations are true or not.

The first and foremost of the accusations, is that Bro. Lawrie has become a Hindu, because he has changed his name into Paulaseer Lawrie Muthukrishna, wears the sacred ash on his forehead, wears saffron clothes, and string of beads round his neck. We want to ask who has seen these things ? Can they prove them to be true ? Even so we say that light must shine only in darkness. It is better to seek people who are in darkness rather than go to these blind who say they are in the light. Real religion has no hatred towards others. If people have a holier than thou attitude ( Is. 65 : 5 ) esteeming themselves as good and others bad, it will breed only self-righteousness and make the religion dead. That is really what has happened and they do not know it. There is no one righteous ( Ro. 3 : 10 ) says the word of God. True righteousness comes by clinging to the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and in no other way. That righteousness will not breed hatred. Does not the Word of God say " he who hates his brother is a murderer " (1 jn. 3: 15 ).

In fact Bro. Lawrie does not have anything to do with institutions and churches which have no Christ in them. The reason why he is called Paulaseer Lawrie Muthukrishna is this : It was his baptismal name. A certain famous Lawrie Muthukrishna of Ceylon was responsible for elevating Bro. Lawrie's father to a good position and in gratitude when Bro. Lawrie was baptized. It was done with name Paulaseer Lawrie Muthukrishna. Many do not know it. It is not a new thing. One C. S. I. Bishop bore the name Samuel Subramaniam, was he called a Hindu by those people because of the Name Subramaniam ? How can Bro. Lawrie leave Christ ? Bro. Lawrie knows that the secret of a Victorious Christian life is to be under the protection of the blood of Christ and be anchored in Christ and how will he deny it ? He left a very remunerative job and his kith and kin to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and how will he turn his back on Him ?

And again they say : Bro. Lawrie used to conduct minghty healing meetings in many places and he has given them up now because he has fallen and lost all the power he had. Some have gone to the extent of saying that Bro. Lawrie is in hospital being treated of madness. Some even ask, is he not dead ? We heard so. We heard that his wife has left him and his children also they say. Is there any truth in all these wild fabrications ?? We ask. But Bro. Lawrie is hale and healthy but some of those who cruelly accused him have suddenly departed this life. His wife and children are with him. But this must be noted. It is good to heal others of their sickness but that is not the foremost thing in Christianity. It is only a secondary gift. It is only ignorant people who exalt healing as of prime importance. Bro. Lawrie has not lost the power of healing for which he was widely known. Even now scores of people are healed by him - those who have suffered for many years of leprosy, lameness and blindness - of Hindus, Muslims and Christians. But God has entrusted him with a greater ministry and a glorious one and that is to lead people to a deathless immortal life. All cannot be called for this special ministry. Morever you must understand that God has intended that in the present ministry, healing and mircles and wonders should remain hidden. There is no change at all in the promise God gave to him ' I will bless your right hand like Moses's rod'. Healing the bodies is a gift that pertains to this earth but leading people to immortality is an eternal gift. Now, which do you prefer ? The earthly gift or the heavenly ?

So far we have not challenged those accusations or answered them for this reason. Our Lord Jesus said " Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you and persecute you and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake. Rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in heaven for so persecuted they the prophets before you " (Math. 5 :11, 12 ). Should we not heed it ? Therefore we have patiently borne those reproaches in a spirit of praise. Now we come forward to tell you the truth.

It is common among Christians to call one an antichrist if they were not able to understand him. Bro. Lawrie is also called an antichrist for the truth he stands for. We wonder whether the pwople who use the word antichrist, themselves know what it means. Antichrist is to be against Christ. This is made by the very people who were saved in the meetings of Bro. Lawrie and received the Holy Spirit through him. Such people are conducting meetings in many places and are held in high esteem. If Bro. Lawrie from whom they received the Holy Spirit has turned antichrist then what spirit do those who have received the spirit through him and served under him will have ? If Bro. Lawrie is antichrist then they must be also antichrists. We think of hundreds of followers in Tamilnad, Kerala, Andhra, North India, Burma, Malaya and indeed many countries of the world. Most of them have stolen the sheep who followed Bro. Lawrie. The many thousands of followers Bro. Lawrie had in India were snatched away by these poeple and even today they are bold to say they were converted in Bro. Lawrie's meetings and what they have today they owe to him. These meetings now being conducted are intended to give a call to the sheep wherever they are to think of the former days when they received the light. The sheep know the shepherd and very soon the great shepherd our Lord Jesus Christ will call them to be his own. When that happens where will these shepherds stand ? Morever Bro. Lawrie's minstry now has extened to more than fifty six centres in the Western countries. Our Ashram international Orcherstra having made an impact in South India in many places by it performances under the leadership of Bro. R. P. Lawrie, the Music Director being his youngest son Deva Dayavu Sanjeevi Lawrie is gaining momentum in terrific way in United States under the leadership of Bro. Samuel Haywood and our Associate Director Dr. M. O. Dobbins, U. S. A. Other such branches are opened in other countries also. The bride members who came form Amerca, Germany and Switzerland had to return to their countries because Government refused further extention of their visas and therefore they have returned to their countries and established centres for the propagation of this truth. Indeed people have thought since the Westerners left the Ashram everything has collapsed. No. On the other hand when they returned home they have established new centres and are standing valiantly for this truth and no power on earth can shake them. Because Bro. Lawrie is occupied with other things and is unable to visit those centres two of his sons have undertaken a tour of the West for meeting the Bride members and others and assist in the propagation of the truth. A movement is gaining ground in Andhra Pradesh under the Veteran evangelist Jeevaputran who knows about a dozen languages. Work is going on in five centres there. Shortly meetings are going to be held in many places in India.

God's people will never indulge in Character assasination. To do so one must be morally perfect. It is only those who indulge in some sin who will start a smear or character assisination Campaign. No one is perfect in this world. If people could not understand what Bro. Lawrie is standing fot they must inquire; they must either come to the Ashram and learn things for themselves or get many books he has put out to propagate the truth, study them well and find out if Bro. Lawrie has gone out of the word. They do not know what he has been teaching and in ignorance they make false allegations, which is a stupid thing to do. If any one has any doubt about these things, we invite them to come and examine from the word of God if what Bro. Lawrie says is contrary to the word of God. Some have alleged that Bro. Lawrie says is contrary to the word of God. Some have alleged that Bro. Lawrie has installed an idol of a Hindu God in the Ashram. Well, come and see for yourself if there has been any such thing. Bro. Lawrie will never forsake Jesus Christ; that he is not doing it even people of other faiths know very well.

The Ashram in which we live has older people, young men, and young girls and children. Children are admitted in good schools. The Ashramites have complete freedom to worship God. Every one whether young or old is expected to contribute their mite to the community living. No one can be lazy. Every one has his or her duties assigned. They take part in the common worship during day and night. Every one has to be fit in body, mind and soul. To the able bodied even physical exercises are taught. They live under complete discipline. In a community of over 200 no one can indulge in secret vices which will bring such people to the gaze of the public eye. Unmarried girls live in a sheltered home in the compound under careful supervision. The Ashramites are teetotallers.

Many have been saying that Bro. Lawrie is not doing anything nowadays and has quietly withdrawn. Bro. Lawrie has never been lazy. He has been very active in all affairs concerning the community living, but always doing what God had directed him to do. His mind has been concentrating on the wider ministry of the Kingdom and hence many have thought that he has become silent. What he has waited for has emerged. We see the green signal for a world wide ministry and in the wake of his sons tour of the West some more are expected to go carrying the torch of the new truth. What Bro. Lawrie cannot put up with now is hatred between groups and groups and institution and institution. The word of God says that "he that saith he is in the light and hateth his brother is in darkness until now" ( I Jn. 2 : 9 ).

Many left Manujothi Ashram like Demas ensnared by the love of this world and we know they are engaged in false propaganda to save their own skin. They have assumed a different form now. They like the isralites longed for the onions, cucumbers and the garlic. Porridge was not agreeable to them. The discipline of the Ashram irked them. What will their own people say, if they said they left because food was not good ? They will be asked in return, Did you go there for your belly ? Therefore they had to cook up some charges against Bro. Lawrie to save themselves and so it was convenient for them to say that Bro. Lawrie has become a Hindu, he has deviated from the Christian way and so on. And when they went back they wrote to missions in America and other places submitting false reports and got money. Some of them say that they know all about Prophet Branham and all of what he has said. We ask them when and where did they meet Prophet Branham ? None of them have a first hand impression about him. But Bro. Lawrie met him in America and Prophet Branham had a long talk with Bro. Lawrie and the photo taken of their meeting is a significant meeting of the East and West. It was Bro. Lawrie who introduced prophet Branham's name in India and gave wide publicity to his ministry.

Many of those who left Bro. Lawrie after a couple of years have alleged that they gave him a lot of money and when they returned were sent away with little or no money, even though he gets a lot of money from America. All this is false. Let them name the organisation which sends money to Bro. Lawrie. Those were the very Indians who having sold what they had and paid their own debts and came here almost empty handed. If a family consisting of five members gave him 1000 rupees when they came, after a stay of five years when they returned home have asserted falsely they gave 50,000 rupees and demanded more from him. Moreover they have gone home a few times getting money from Bro. Lawrie each time and they don't consider what they themselves have received in cash. Really if all this is taken into account they would have to give back to Bro. Lawrie and not he to them. Inspite of all this Bro. Lawrie when they returned gave them enough to start life again as a family and never sent them empty handed. Sometimes Bro. Lawrie had to give what he had not taken ( Ps. 69 : 4 ). Even in these circumstances Bro. Lawrie was very forbearing and never hard hearted. He was not affected by the reproaches heaped on him. When it is said of Moses "that he esteemed the reproaches of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt: ( Heb. 11 : 26 ), all these reproaches would bring for more exceeding glory to Bro. Lawrie. Seeking the praises of men many are afraid of the reproach and hence they forsake truth and the word of God. Jesus said to the Pharisees "that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God" ( Lk.: 16 : 15 ). But there is a day that is coming when these ungodly people will be judged and dealt with. The Word of God says, " the Lord cometh to execute judgement upon all ..... of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him " ( Jude v.15 )

Some say, Bro. Lawrie has brought the Westerners with their money and so he is able to carry on as he does. Bro. Lawrie never invited them, but they themselves have come of their own accord to be with a black man and to hear his message. Instead of taking pride, that the white people have come to be under a black man ( their own country man ) why are these people jealous and make false accusations ? Has there ever been such a thing in India ?

That rapture has not taken place as expected is another accusation against us. They say that since rapture has not taken place, we have uttered lies and deceived the people. Here we want to say that to be taken up is not the real meaning of 'Rapture'. In English 'Rapture' means 'ecstatic joy'. It indicates the boundless joy the Bride and Bridegroom experience at their first meeting. We know the Bride and Bridegroom have met and the bride has experienced the rapturous joy from the words of revelation which came from the lips of the bridegroom ' the Word ' and therefore it is only right to say Rapture has taken place and glorification is awaited.

In contrast to all this, Hindus, Muslims and other religionists welcome Bro. Lawrie with great enthusiasm and shower their love upon him. Bro. Lawrie sees in their scriptures Christian truths revealed here and there and asks them to live according to the best light in their scriptures. Why should people talk ill of him when he makes these contacts ? Did not St. Paul talk to the people in Lystra when they thought he was God Jupiter saying " God ........................... who in times past suffered all nations to walk in their own ways. Nevertheless he left not himself without witness ". (Acts: 17:23) Did not St. Paul tell the Greeks from Mars Hill, " Ye men of Athens....... as I passed by and beheld your devotions I found an altar with this inscription. ' To the unknown God ' whom therefore you ignorantly worship him I declare unto you " ( Acts. 17:23 )

Bro. Lawrie's messages to people of other faiths was totally based on the word of God and no one has come forward to contradict it. Does it not show that he acts on the guidance of God and revelation from God ?

Some have begun to say that Bro. Lawrie has amassed for himself much money in this ministry. Bro. Lawrie never asks any one for money either by appeal or collection in meetings which a fact the whole Christian world knows unlike modern preachers. How do those who left Bro. Lawrie live ? They take collections, make appeals and depend upon some earthly source, gather money, build big houses and buy properties and have raised their standard of living to that of worldly wealthy people. Bro. Lawrie on the other hand has not built any house for himself or his children has no property of his own. We know he has completely consecrated everything for God and His ministry. But how many today are slaves to western institutions and their money. We know that they are jealous that Bro. Lawrie stands alone and is able to carry on a world wide ministry attracting lot of westerners to him and therefore they make all sorts of false accusations against him. How can he carry on a ministry like this without foreign denominational support, they ask. Let them say from which denomination he gets money.

Many have also alleged that Bro. Lawrie has hypnotic powers and is using hypnotism to capture thousands & thousands wherever he goes, and is a wizard etc. It is true that tremendous crowds have been listening spell bound both in East West. He is not a hypnotist and he does not know the A. B. C. of it. The word of God says ' ye shall not use enchantments ' or ' seek after wizards to be defiled by them ' because they are an abomination unto the Lord ( Deut. 18 : 10 - 12 ).

Now before closing we want to say one more thing very definitely. Every age he had its revelation and that was manna for that age. Take Jesus' time. The Jews accustomed to worship in the name of Jehovah refused to accept the name of Jesus. Jehovah was old meat to the Christians after Jesus' time. Only when the revelation that belongs to the particular age is understood, the move of God in that day could be understood. You cannot be satisfied with the manna of another age which is old meat. In the same way only if your eyes are opened for the revelation today can you be in the move of God today ? The Jews rejecting the move of God in Jesus' day, says Josephus the historian were subjected to a whole-sale massacre when Titus, the Roman general laid seige to Jerusalem and blood flowed like rivers from Jerusalem in the year 68 A.D. Those who reject the move of God will have no escape, the more so to those who reject the move of God today. So don't take lightly the present move of God.

We have brought out these things because lies should not go unchallenged. What we have said is true. We want you therefore to eschew hatred, jealousy and evil speaking and be filled with the love of God so that you may escape blindness and God's judgement that may come upon you. Bro. Lawrie has so far not said anything contrary to the word of God.

" For if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ"
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