God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
OM NAMO NARAYANA (Glory to God) !!
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Frequently Asked Questions
1.What is the sure sign of the end of a Yuga ? 

When violence is on the rise, then that is the end of the world, the end of the Yuga.

2.Why is man unable to believe that man can live without death (trusting God) even though God Himself has promised it in the Vedas ?

Because people always think about death and have the 'fear of death' in them, they are unable to believe in such a life eventhough God has promised it in the Vedas.

3.What is the 'substitute' that man has created instead of believing in life without death ?

Man has created the thought of re-birth and re-cycle because of his KARMA - not accepting the only way to have the KARMA removed (which is total surrender at HIS FEET.)

4.Why do we get old or become weak through ageing process ? 

Because we calculate our time by the SUN and believe that we are getting older and weaker everyday as days go by. This belief makes us totally old and weak.

5.When do we not get old or weak ? 

When we do not calculate our time by the SUN - but instead get INTO 'THE SON' - (LORD NARAYANA) - Then time has no effect upon us since we 'transcend' beyond time.

6.Mention certain of the things which God has given man to enjoy freely? 

Sunlight, Air, Water, Salt, etc.

7.Can God be present in any place or religion which collects money using God's name ? 

No, God can never be present in any place or religion where people collect money in the Name of God.

8.What are the two types of people living in this world today ? 

(i) One type of people living by working with their hands (and) 
(ii) Another type of people living by the mouth of God (believing God's Word).

9.What are all religions trying to do today ? Have these people found out God in their lives ? 

(i) They are trying to fight against each other. 
(ii) These people have not found out God in thier lives.

10.(a) Why has God come down to the earth today ? (and)  (b) How is God going to destroy the whole world today ? 

(a) For Judgment. 
(b) God is going to destroy the whole world by His Mouth - through His Word !

11.What is the 'special thing' which God gives to his people in this generation ? 

God gives his people OVERCOMING POWER to overcome death in this generation.

12.What is God not afraid of ?

(i) any trouble or 
(ii) atomic bomb or 
(iii) Cobalt bomb or 
(iv) Lazer beams or 
(v) the number of people joining together in union.

13.Was man created to die and perish like a beast ? 

No. Originally man was not created to die.

14.If we lose hold on the 5-senses, will that give us 'overcoming-power' ? 'What is the secret of 'Overcoming Power' ?

(i) No, even if we lose our hold on the 5-senses, that will not give us overcoming power. We have to GET INTO LORD NARAYANA who has overcome death. This is a great thing.

15.According to Shri Krishna who is the one who is worse than death ?

If anybody is after money and fame, he is worse than death.

16.For what type of people has Lord Narayana come ?

Lord Narayana has come for such people whom money or fame cannot buy.

17.What is the only thing which God wants from his people today ?

He wants the heart of His people - a loving heart for him. If you love Him then He will love you !

18.Did our IYYAH ( Bhagawan Shri. Lahari Krishna ) come only for Hindus, or Muslims or Christians?

No, He came for the whole world.

19.In the end-time when Narayana comes to the earth, what is the power which He alone possesses ?

When Narayana comes to the earth, only He has the power to give THAT 'LIFE' (Deathless-Life) to you.

20.Why cannot scientists photograph or capture that LIFE ( of Lord Narayana ) ?

That LIFE ( or Lord Narayana ) is the LIGHT which the Darkness ( of this world ) cannot capture or understand. That is why the scientists and the people or photographers, they can never catch that LIFE ( Light ). To catch any light you must have a shadow; but THIS LIGHT OF LIFE from Narayana can't be caught by any shadow. That is why, only from the heart, from THIS INNER EYE you can find out Light ( LIFE ).

21.What is the great event that is to take place very soon ( in this generation ) ?

Many people all over the world, who have got this LIFE of Lord Narayana IN THEM, will be taken in GLORY very soon ( without tasting physical death ).

22.Can man become God ?

Man can never become God. Man is full of Karma and this Karma has to be removed by God alone.

23.Who has improved or increased in greatness - The Scientists or God's Spiritual people ?

God's spiritual people have increased in greatness.

24.Why does man strive ( through self efforts ) to approach or reach God ? Is it possible ?

what did man start telling then ?
Because man does not know the great secret that God comes in search of man, he strives through self-efforts to reach God. This is impossible, therefore man started telling that Man can become God.

25.What does Rabindranath Tagoree ( the great poet ) say about God's coming ?

Rabindranath Tagore says: "We are waiting for HIM ( to come ) like a big king. But He is going like a stone breaker, like a coolie, like an ordinary man. He is going behind you or before, you can't find Him out.

26.Who alone can find out God in this generation ?

Only those who have got the Spiritual eyes can find Him and catch him wherever He is.

27.What is the main purpose of the advent of Bhagawan Shri. Lahari Krishna ?

Bhagawan Shri. Lahari Krishna has come to finish the Kali-Yuga and bring the Dharma Yuga.

28.Why did the Hindus join the Muslims or Christians all these years ?

Because they are not ordinary people whom money or fame could change. They are God's people and they are waiting for their Kalki-Avatar ( Lord Narayana ).

Message dated: March 24, 1986

29.At Hyde Park, London, how did Bhagawan Shri. Lahari Krishna open the eyes of the black-man who was receiving punches from the white-man ?

Bhagawan Shri. Lahari Krishna beat the white man asking them to show their other cheek to him (as told by Jesus) - which they refused to do. They said: White man will never show his cheek to others. This opened the eyes of the black man who then understood how the white people had enslaved everyone using the Bible and Jesus' words.

30.If anybody beats you on one cheek then show him the other cheek'. What is the real meaning of these words which Christ said ?

The real meaning is that you must be strong in mind and body so that nobody will beat you first.

31.a) What is Ahimsa ? b) Is it to get beaten ? c) Why did we lose Ahimsa ?

a) Ahimsa is waiting on the Lord to fight for us - making God our arm.
b) It does not mean to accept a beating or be enslaved by others.
c) We lost ahimsa, because we don't fight with God ( with the help of God ).

32.What is the only longing of the godly minded people in our country ?

The godly-minded people turn to God saying: God, when will be united ?

33.What is Truth ?

Truth is believing God's word - all things spoken by the mouth of God !

34.If we speak the true Bhagavad Gita, will the hindu-religion accept it ?

If we speak the true Bhagavad Gita, the hindu religion will not accept it.

35.What is 'Eternal Life' ? Who is the only person having Eternal Life ? How can you overcome death ?

Eternal Life means 'Life without death'. Only one person has Eternal Life - NARAYANA ! If you are INSIDE HIM you can overcome death, if you are outside Him you will die. That is the great secret in this world.

36.Why is man suffering from so many problems even though he talks much about God ? What can this be compared to ?

Because man doesn't trust God for his problems and tries to solve the problems himself ( through self-efforts ). b) This can be compared to a man carrying a bag of potatoes on his head, even after getting up on the bullock-cart.

37.If we really seek God and His righteousness, what blessings are added to us ?

When we first seek God and His righteousness, then all the earthly things that we need are added to us ( an extra blessings ).

38.What is the use of seeking God and what is the blessings of meditation ?

God talks to us and guides us !

39.Which is the 'rented house' given to us by God ? Who lives in that house ?

Our body is the 'rented house' given to us by God. 'Our Soul' lives in that house.

40.When will a person be the happiest person in the world ?

When God comes into a person, he will be the happiest person in the world.

41.When Bhagawan Shri. Lahari Krishna and his wife left their jobs at Vellore Hospital and want all over the place to tell the truth, what great thing did they realise ?

That man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth from the MOUTH OF GOD !

42.What could not Buddah find out ?

Buddha could not find out 'the way' or 'secret' to overcome lust .

43.a) Will a person leave a house before he is sure of another house ? b) What does this teach us ?

a) No.
b) In the same way, after this body of ours is dissolved, we should be sure of OUR GLORIOUS BODY in Lord Narayana. Otherwise our soul will not have a body or house.
(Based on the Messages given by Bhagawan Shri. Lahari Krishna at Jaipur.)
March 23, 1986
1. What are the three major religions ?

Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.

2. Did all religions start together ?


3. In the beginning what did the early man worship ? Give examples.

In the beginning man started worshipping everything what he was afraid of. Eg: Thunder, Fire, Water, Darkness, Light, etc.

4. a) Did man in the history or the world ever say: 'I'll go behind God' ?

    b) What is the truth of all religions ?

a) No, never in the history of the world man said: 'I'll go behind God !
    b) The truth of all religions is the secret of the search of God after man and not man's search of God.

5. When does God become happy ?

When man turns towards God. (voluntarily in reciprocation of God's Love, then God becomes happy.

6. What is the aim of the deveil or Kali ? And how does he accomplish this ?

a) The devil's aim is to take us away from the ONE GOD.

    b) He accomplishes this by creating divisions among religions (or) by making people believe that; Man can    
         also become God ! etc.

7. When we study the Bhagavad-Gita, Koran and the Bible, what common truth do we find in them ?

That they were all written and came from the lips of ONE MASTER.

8.  Why cannot people understand the Bible, Koran or Bhagavad Gita ?

Because people did not know that they were all spoken by ONE PERSON only.

9. What understanding will a person come to who reads the Bhagavad Gita ?

That there is ONE GOD for everybody.

10. Why should man worship God ? Can God live only by our worship ?

Man has to worship God for his own benefit and spiritual.

11. Is there any limit to the Glory of God Vishnu (according to the Gita) ?

According to the Gita, the Glory of God is INFINITE and UNLIMITED. Even the 1000 headed serpent whose back forms the couch of God Vishnu cannot depict the full Glory of God.

12. What does the Gita embody ?

The Gita embodies the Supreme Spiritual Mystery and secret of the God Head.

13.To what incident today can the Mahabaratha-war between the Kauravas and Pandavas be compared with ?

The Mahabaratha-war is similar to the state of the present time, just like how all the TAMILIANS ( Indians ) are killed in CEYLON by the Sinhalese.

14. Among the three sons of Noah (Nuha) which son was selected by God to contain THE SEED ROYAL ( The Lord's Own Body ) ?


15. How was God giving the blessing to Noah's three children ( Shem, Ham and Japheth ) ?

God was giving the blessing to Noah's three children ( through Noah ) giving them The End Time Vision ! So HE ( God ) is seeing where THE SEMITIC TRIBES were; how God comes down into that nation ( INDIA ) and ultimately how they are gathered.

16. Who are Japheth races ? Where do they have to come ultimately ?

The Japheth races are the present day Western world who are the developed countries in the world. Ultimately AT THE END-TIME these people (if they want to love GOD) they have to come down under 'the Tents of Shem'.

17. What does "TENTS OF SHEM" denote ? What is the only hope for JAPHETH ?

a) "TENTS OF SHEM" -- means all God's people (of the SHEMITIC RACE found in South India) who are totally consecrated for God by leaving everything in this world and

b) living in 'temporary residences' (tents) in this world.

c) All the other Japheth races have hope only if they submit themselves and come under this consecration and Life of the SHEMITIC RACES.

18. a) From which country did all the people scatter throughout the world and all over ?

      b) Why did they scatter ?

a) From INDIA only.

      b) In order to develop themselves and earn money and become a somebody in this world.

19. Which was the only tride that did not scatter like other people but were seeking God?

THE SHEMITIC TRIDE (of South India).

20. a) Which king was a terrible idol worshipper in India from whose kingdom Abraham (Avirama) was driven 
      b) Who was the captain of Nimrod's army ?

a) King NIMROD.
      b) ELEAZAR.

21. What punishment was imposed upon Abraham for refusing to worship the 'idols' of King Nimrod ? What was the out come ?

Abraham was bound and thrown into fire. But He did not die. So Nimrod got afraid and the captain Eleazar was converted. Both of them ran and came to a place called UR, from where they received instructions from God Himself to leave the Kindgom of Nimrod.

22. Who was the Special Person selected by God from UR of the Chaldees to develop into a big nation (Jewish Nation) following the ONE GOD (JEHOVAH) alone ?


23. How were the Jewish Nation scattered and spoiled ?

i) By their disobedience to the laws and statutes of God.

ii) By the false Jews (Talmud Jews).

24. a) Who are the people who came to India once again under the name of Aryans ?

      b) Where is the origin of the Aryans ?

a) When the Jewish Nation was scattered by God all over the world, the majority of the people who
           worshipped the cow and all other idols come to India again.

      b) The origin of the Aryans is only from SOUTH INDIA.

25. Are Aryans, the white people ?

No, the Aryans are actually DRAVIDIANS belonging originally to SOUTH INDIA. They are not white people.

26. When the Hindu religion was failing and went into total idol worship - leaving the ONE GOD, which is the religion that was started by God Himself ?


27. When the Jewish Nation instead of following and obeying what God said, went after the world and idol worship, etc., what did God do ?

He scattered them throughout the world, through King Nebuchadnezzar who destroyed all their temple worship and everything and divided them.

28. How were the good people (of the original stock of the Jews - JUDAH TRIBE - THROUGH PHAREZ) and the rebellious bad-people of the Jews scattered ? What was the privilege of the good people ( of Pharez line ) even after being scattered ?

Of the JUDAH tribe.

i) The PHAREZ line containing the good and obedient people of God went towards THE EAST COUNTRY ( INDIA ) in obedience to God's word. - These people always had the Prophetic Guidance !

ii) The ZERAH line who wanted to earn money, wealth and become a somebody, went to ENGLAND, EGYPT etc. - but they lost the Prophetic Guidance.

29. a) Was Nebuchadnezzar a world emperor ?

      b) Was INDIA a ruling power from the beginning ?

   a) Yes, King Nebuchadnezzar was a world emperor.

      b) Yes, INDIA was a great ruling power from the beginning and through BABYLON, India was ruling the
           whole world.

30. Who are the 'Lost Tribes of Israel' - Who was the 'avatar' sent for them ?

They are the 'good-people' of the Original Jewish Stock who are now scattered throughout the world and the avatar Jesus was sent for them to bring them back to the ORIGINAL WORSHIP OF THE ONE-GOD ( NARAYANA ) ! from all their idol worship, etc.

31. After the Jews were scattered and sent to the EAST once again ( by the curse of God ), where are they NOW mingled and in what form do they now worship their God ?

The real true people of God are NOW mingled among the HINDUS IN INDIA and these people do not worship idols but instead worship the ONE GOD still in the form of THATHUVAMS ( symbolic representations ).

32. Why did Prophet Mohammed bring about a new religion ?

i) Because he saw the wrong things that the Christians were preaching - ( such as the crucifixion of Jesus, etc. )

ii) He wanted to show the way of salvation for the Tribe of Ishmael who were born through HAGAR the servant of Abraham.

33. According to the word of God, when will all the things of the world be added to us ?

When we really seek the ONE TRUE GOD and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS.

34. When do we have all our needs met by God direct ?

When we take THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD, then God is our Father who will directly supply all our needs.

35. a) How did Christianity start ?

      b) But what is real CHRISTIANITY ?

      a) When the Jews rejected the statutes and laws of the ONE GOD, CHRIST ( or NARAYANA ), came as 
           Avatar Jesus and a new religion called Christianity started 2000 years back.

      b) Real CHRISTIANITY is the 'Marga' ( or religion ) which says tha tNARAYANA, ALLAH and CHRIST JESUS 
           are all one and the same person.

36. When the early worshippers of nature, started building the TOWER OF BABEL, why did God scatter them ?

God scattered the people who built the TOWER OF BABEL because they brought all the 12 ZODIAC SIGNS on the top of the tower and started worshipping them as Gods.

37. Among the Christians, Muslims and Hindus, which is the group that believe the Supreme Sacrifice of God ( Adhi Bali ) as 'THE REMEDY' ?

Among the Christians, Muslims and HIndus,

i) Muslims do not believe in God coming as 'Sacrifice' - but they have 'BAKRID' - sacrificing of animals and
partaking of it among themselves.

ii) Christians believe in 'Sacrifice' as atonement for their sins - thusmaking God a sinner.

iii) But the idol worshipping Hindus of India worship the real animal 'COW' which is their God. - And they have the system of pouring of ghee as Sacrifice thus forgetting the Supreme Sacrifice of God.

But the truth of Supreme Sacrifice is found in all the three religious scriptures but they have been forgotten and blacked out by the enemies of God for their selfish ends.

38. Why did the Judah tribe come to India and suffer all hardships by staying at the same place ( South India ) and were not going to North or to Western countries ?

Because their fore-fathers ( who worshipped the one true God ) had told them that their king ( God ) will come only in the east. And they were asked to not leave their place ( South India ) inspite of any trouble or hardships and because they knew very well that is the place where God would be born at the end time.

39. What is meant by saying that the Hindus were on the word of God ?

The Hindus were on the word of God means that they believed totally that all what God told will surely happen.

40. What did the Hindus ( of Judah tribe ) leave ?

i) The Righteousness of God.
ii) The blessings of observing Sabbath. If they take these two things they will surely become a mighty power to win the whole world.

41. Why did not the true Hindus change their religion and why could no religion convert them so far even though they ruled India for so many years ?

The real Hindus ( who were scattered and brought into the curse of worshipping wood and stone in the form of thathuvams ) were very sure that God himself ( the very Lord Narayana Himself ) would come and be born in that place - South India. And they are all waiting for that great king ; that was why no Muslim religion or Christian religion could convert any of them all these years.

42. Do the true Hindus in India have the Prophetic Guidance to predict the coming of Lord Narayana in their land ?

Yes, during the past 300 years, God had been raising innumerable prophets and Messengers all over the country of India - in each state to ANNOUNCE the arrival of the long awaited PERSON ( LORD NARAYANA ) and regarding His Life and activities.

43. Why do the hindus believe that they lose God if they do not have a stone or image ?

Because ( until God comes ) they remind themselves of God's Nature and Form only through these symbolic images called THATHUVAMS. Therefore, they cannot leave these 'THATHUVAMS' until they have a revelation of their God ( NARAYANA ) who has come down in HUMAN FORM.
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