Narayana Consciousness
! Our Slogan !
God has come down to earth in Humble Human Form. This is for real. His original name is Shri. Lahari Krishna commonly called as Sreeman Narayana or Allah or Christ Jesus.
The Easiest and Best Way to Real Happiness !
Be Always engaged in "Lahari Krishna Consciousness"
"We are 'Lahari Krishna people" !
We have no religion or caste or nationality !
Our 'PARAMA PURUSHA" (Lord God Almighty) has come !
Very soon He will take us with Him 'IN GLORY' without death !
We, the disciples, devotees and bhaktas of GURUDEV SHRI. LAHARI KRISHNA throughout the whole country of INDIA and throughout the WHOLE WORLD openly declare this "Great-Truth" to all God's people all over the world (irrespective of any differences in religion, nationality, colour, caste or language).

In fulfullment of all Sacred-SCRIPTURES of all religions, the One Great ALMIGHTY GOD (called as NARAYANA or ALLAH or CHRIST JESUS) has directly come to this earth in this KALI YUGA in His own original "HUMAN-FORM" and in His own secret and personal Name "LAHARI" !

Gurudev Shri LAHARI KRISHNA who is the "ALMIGHTY GOD" or Lord Narayana Himself (according to all vedic-prophecies) was born as an ordinary human being on the 24th of February 1921 in South India. He has come to preserve and protect His true people (the hindus) from all the evils and dangers of the present world and to grant them "Jeevan-Mukthi" (life without death) !!

Gurudev Shri Lahari Krishna has openly declared to us "the great Secret Truths regarding HIMSELF" that has been hidden so far in all religious scriptures (like the BHAGAVAD GITA, BHAGAVATAM, VEDAS, PURANAS, UPANISHADS, BIBLE, AND KORAN) These great "Secret-Truths" preached by HIM for the past 40 years are quite "ASTOUNDING" and contrary to all our false ideas and wrong imaginations regarding God and His nature.

Gurudev Shri. Lahari Krishna alone has the POWER and AUTHORITY to remove all our "KARMA PAVAM" (Sins) and "JENMA PAVAM" (Sin). All of us are full of "Karma (Sins) and completely controlled by the desires of the five senses.

Therefore it is our first and fore-most duty to SURRENDER ourselves totally at the MOST HOLY FEET of Gurudev Shri. Lahari Krishna and accept Him as our Master, Guru and God. Gurudev Shri. Lahari Krishna grants the Great "MAHA SHANTHI" to all those who surrender their lives totally into His hands by removing all their JENMA PAVAM (Sin) and KARMA PAVAM (Sins).
We, the disciples, devotees and bakthas of Gurudev Shri. Lahari Krishna earnestly desire that the WHOLE WORLD may soon come into this "LAHARI KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS" voluntarily and willingly - and come under His Direct Protection in order to escape the great destruction that is to fall soon on all the wicked and ungodly people of this earth.

May the Supreme Lord Narayana Himself reveal to each and everyone of you 'this Great Truth' about His final appearance on earth (in His Own Human Form) as Gurudev Shri. Lahari Krishna who is our CREATOR GOD, ETERNAL GURU (MASTER) and SUPREME MASTER !!
Our Aim and Activities:-
(as guided by our Lord God Almighty - Bhagwan Shri. Lahari Krishna)
Conducting SCRIPTURE STUDY CLASSES (based on Vedas of al religions) for people of all faiths irrespective of caste, creed, language, religion or nationality:

Open minded research on all vedas and existing religions principles of all-faiths. (Comparitive  Study).

The common TRUTH OF GOD from all Vedas. Meditation on ONE-GOD.

Intensive Study of the Secret of "JEEVAN-MUKTHI". (or Immortal-Yoga) as given by Bhagawan Shri. Lahari Krishna.
Preparing for the great "LIFE WITHOUT DEATH"(Jeevan Mukthi) which Lord Narayana has promised in this generation for all His true-bhaktas -- and especially for the ONE-LAKH AND FORTY-FOUR THOUSAND People selected by God Himself from among THE HINDUS in India.
Spreading the MESSAGES of Bhagawan Shri. Lahari Krishna throughout the length and breadth of our country INDIA (and world-wide).
Declaring openly the Message of GOD'S DHARMA-RAJYAM thro:

Small tracts, pamphlets and bit-notices.

Printing and publishing of News-Letters and small book-lets regarding the Truth of God.

Advertisements through newspapers, magazines, etc.

Propaganda of God's Message through public meetings, village preaching, door to door visiting, letters and correspondence, etc.

Website Ministry :
  Promoting WORLD-UNITY and COMMUNITY LIFE under One-God.
Promoting AHIMSA-DHARMA and VEGETARIAN DIET among people, through love for all God's creation.
Dedicated to preserve "INDIAN CULTURE" and PATRIOTISM among the Indian people.

Upliftment of the poor and down-trodden people in our society by extending moral and physical support

Abolishing caste and religious differences among the Indian people under the Truth for ONE GOD -- ONE TRIBE !

Providing basic education for children and illiterates.

Early Morning Bhajans, Praises and Meditation (during Brahma-Muhurtha period between 4.30 and 6.00 a.m.)

Evening Praises and Meditation between 7.00 and 8.00 p.m.

Night Praises and Meditation between 10.00 p.m. and 1.00 a.m.
  SPECIAL PRARTHANA will be made (on request) for:

  the sick and disabled.

  all mental tensions and

  worries and
all sorts of problems in life.
SPECIAL SABBATH DAY OBSERVANCE (24hrs) ON ALL SATURDAYS (beginning from Friday 6.00 p.m. upto Saturday 6.00 p.m.) - called as LORD NARAYANA DAY!
Establishing like minded Praise and Meditation Centres ("SATH-SANGH") throughout the country and appointing elders in-charge.
LIBRARY (of religious books, vedas, printed books and Audio Cassettes of the Messages of Bhagawan Shri. Lahari Krishna).